Dragon Ball (1986) s03e16 Episode Script

Master Thief, Hasky

"Goku and Friends and Tons of Danger" Bulma! I'm here! Bulma! Hey, there's no need to shout so loud, there is an interphone, you know.
What's that? Um, hello? I believe a person by the name of Bulma is here, but It appears Bulma-sama is currently at school.
How come the pillar's talking? I see.
Come to think of it, school is still in session What will you?! H-hey! What will you do? Can you wait? Yeah.
You can go now if you want, "Police Officer".
I can't do that, I don't know who you really are, and if it turns out I brought a bad person here then I would be in big trouble.
It's okay, I'm not a bad person! I wonder.
In any case, seeing as the Capsule Corporation is one of the top class businesses in the world, I find it a bit hard to believe that you're an acquaintance of its owner's daughter.
Huh? I can smell Bulma Eh?! Smell? Bulma! Hi! Son-kun! If it isn't Son-kun! You were pretty smart to find my house! No, I had this old man called "Police Officer" bring me here! A-are you the daughter of the head of this Capsule Corporation? That's right.
So? Is there something you need? The Dragon Radar you gave me broke so I want to get it fixed.
Oh, is that so? Sure thing.
Come with me! T- that's odd Does she really smell that much? U-uh, sorry to ask you but do you think you could fix my scooter while you're at it? It's not in the greatest condition Yeah, sure.
Come on in.
By the way, is school out already? It was boring so I ditched.
But you mustn't ditch school! I'm home! Welcome back.
Weird Hey, where's Dad? I believe he is in the garden.
Ah, okay.
That iguana soup last night was good.
Make it again, okay? Thank you.
Your house is humungous! Huh?! We're back outside again! We're not outside, this is the 1st floor garden.
There certainly are a lot of cats and dogs and such Dad takes in lots of abandoned cats, dogs, and dinosaurs from all over.
Welcome back, Bulma.
Ah, here he is.
And who is this? I've talked about him a lot before.
This boy is Son-kun.
Oh! Is that so? I see! I heard you were really short but you're actually quite big! You don't look 12 at all! U-uh, I'm Dad! I'm Goku, Mister.
What? You are? - Hi! - I see.
You are short! T-this person is the Professor Brief who invented capsules? I hear you're quite strong.
Hi! We're going upstairs.
Take a look at this officer's scooter, Dad.
Let's go, Son-kun.
You two are at the kissing stage now? Of course we are not! You certainly are slow You really know a lot about complicated things like this.
Circuit A2 is almost entirely busted.
You must have really used it roughly.
I just had it inside here the whole time.
I'd like it if you used it more carefully this time.
- Alright, all fixed! - That's great! Huh? You've only got 2 of the balls.
You sure are lollygagging! Finding them is pretty tough.
If you had me with you we'd have all 7 balls in no time flat So why don't I help you out? No thanks! Your reflexes are slow so you'll just be in the way! In the way?! I'm one of the best girls there is! And you can't ride Kinto Un either Oh, but I can! You've become a good person now? I've always been a good person! I'm just guilty of being a beautiful girl! Tadah! Have a look at this! What's that? It's a Micro-Band that I made.
If I press this button I can shrink in size.
Amazing! You've turned small like a mouse! What do you think? Surprised, huh? Now you can easily carry me around! Now I can ride on Kinto Un! This is the perfect chance! I've always wanted to try riding on that cloud! I'll take you on a sightseeing tour around town on it!! Oh, so you're Goku-chan? What a pleasure it is to meet you.
I'm Bulma's mother! Oh, what are you doing under my foot, Bulma?! You stepped on me, Mom! It's because you shrunk down in a place like that It's your fault for suddenly showing up, Mom! Forgive my daughter, she can be noisy Here you are, Goku-chan, have some alcohol.
Don't be giving alcohol to kids! Going through that rebellious period Hey, where's Yamucha and Oolong? Weren't they all living here? That's right, they do live here.
But Yamucha-chan and Bulma are Don't say it, don't say it! They're having a big fight right now.
Mom! Mind your own business! Fight? The report says it's this one little boy.
It is hard to believe, but this boy took out not only all of Silver's unit but White's unit as well, and made off with 2 of the Dragon Balls.
So where is he now? Please take a look at this.
According to our army's Dragon Radar, it has been determined that he has presently returned to Metro West.
Metro West? Yes.
Which means he's jumped straight into the headquarters of a genius thief.
I've quickly prepared 1,000,000 Zeni and commissioned Husky to steal the Dragon Balls.
Husky A thief about whom it is said there is nothing in the world she cannot steal.
The owner of a brilliant mind and technique who steals jewels, money, and anything else without leaving so much as a shadow behind.
With her running the show, stealing the Dragon Balls will be nothing at all.
No money at all today either It's all that monkey kid's fault Everything's gone crazy because of him H- Husky! Looking glum, as usual Husky err, Husky-sama, what brings you here today? There's something I want you to help out with Which would be? I'm looking for a kid.
A kid? Fighting? How come? - That would be because Bulma's - Yamucha-san! Hello! What's that? Yamucha-san! What's going on? Oh, they're here.
The girls from Yamucha-san's fan club.
We baked you some cookies! Are you there, Yamucha-san? Please let us just see you! They sure are noisy! Hey you! Yamucha isn't here right now! - What's with the weird kid?! - Darn it! Are they foreigners or something? Eh? They don't understand what I said at all! Yamucha-sama! Shut up! Can't you take a hint?! Yamucha isn't here! Let's go, Son-kun.
I'll take you sightseeing around town! - She sure is ugly! Rude too! - What relationship does she have with Yamucha-sama?! You see? Yamucha-san is handsome and hip, so he's really popular with the girls! Bulma just can't stand that.
Leave me alone! Going through that rebellious period There.
Now it should drive much better.
Thanks a lot.
This really is an honor! Where are you going Bulma? Don't ask me where I'm going! Rebellious period, indeed Alright! I'll take you to places more fun than you can imagine, Son-kun! Kinto Un! Okay, now I'll shrink down! Okay! Let's go! Let's go! R-rich people make no sense at all I'll be going now Hey you! You weren't watching the traffic light even though you're an officer?! I- I'm very sorry.
Awesome! Of course it is! Look! There! That's the busiest street in the city! Okay! Let's go take a look! This sure is a lively place W-was that! What's that?! It's Mid-Air Amusement Park! I heard that they opened just the other day! Hey, why don't we try going there?! Let's have fun at Mid-Air Amusement Park today! Okay! It's Yamucha! Kinto Un, go back! W-wait! Not Yamucha! Yamucha! I'm here! - Goku! - Lf it isn't Goku! Oolong! And Pu-erh! What are you doing here? Have you seen Bulma yet? Yeah, Bulma's right h What's the matter? I dunno.
Hey, did you hear, Goku? Yamucha and that Bulma are having a huge fight right now! I know! Bulma said just a little while ago that she really hates him.
Eh?! R-really hates me? That Son-kun and his big mouth! Yamucha-sama! I see I guess she really does hate me now Don't be disappointed, Yamucha.
Get over that spoiled brat! Yeah! This is just between us, but I think Bulma-san is really selfish! Everybody's saying how you did really good to put up with all that hysteria.
Well, Bulma does get mad easily, she's careless, and really hard to deal with But, you know, she is Well, excuse me for being a spoiled brat! B- Bulma! I'm sorry, Bulma! I was just, uh Okay, let's go, Son-kun! I told you we're going to Mid-Air Amusement Park, didn't I? Oh yeah! Oh, you're going to Mid-Air Amusement Park?! What a coincidence, we were just thinking of going there too Weren't we, Oolong-kun, Pu-erh-kun? Guys who talk bad about girls behind their backs are the lowest! H-hey! Bulma-san Sounds like they're headed to Mid-Air Amusement Park.
Actually, I've always wanted to go there and see what it's like.
Not bad, is it.
Yahoo! What's wrong? Son Goku Even if you are skilled, your mind is still that of a child Have fun and be as cheerful as possible.
I will steal them from you the Dragon Balls.