Dragon Ball (1986) s03e17 Episode Script

Danger in the Air

1 "Watch Out! A Mid-Air Trap" The stairs are moving! Watch it, Goku! Knock it off! So pretty Welcome.
Tickets please.
Where's our tickets? Hold on, I'll get them out Huh? Now where did I put them? Welcome.
Tickets pl Um, tickets Oh, so you're Tickets? I'm Goku! Nice to meet you! He's a countrified hick, that's for sure.
Um, do you have tickets? Welcome.
Huh? My ticket's gone! M-mine too! Um No! Amazing! What an awesome technique! A master thief indeed! Stealin' the Dragon Ball from the kid'll be a cinch with that technique alone! That brat may have some skills but he's not the brightest guy around! I wonder A walnut What's the matter, Goku? Hey, was there anybody up there just now? Dunno.
Oh well! Looks like this be will the first challenging job in a long time.
Just what technique are you going to use to snatch the Dragon Balls from him? What I'll use is here.
Got it? Do exactly as I say.
This is fun! Goku, wait for me! Man, guys with no troubles sure are lucky She still won't say a single word to you? Nope.
Shouldn't you try harder to make up then? If only I had the skill to do that, I wouldn't have to go through all this.
Hmph! I'm not going to speak to you at all until you apologize to me! So hungry What's that food?! You can't have any.
- None for you.
- That's not fair.
- Come on! - No! Help! What's that? Let's go check it out! Hey! What're you doing?! Hey, you guys! - Oh no.
- Let's get outta here.
Are you alright? Please, say something! Hey, you, get up! Thank you so much.
Now she's my type I was suddenly attacked and found myself in that dreadful predicament You! She has a booger here! Idiot.
N-no, Goku, that's a mole.
A mole? Huh? Where did they all go off to?! So you do fortune telling? In appreciation of your rescuing me, shall I read your fortune? Fortune telling? What's that? I know everything about you all.
You know about me?! Yes.
Goku, have her read your fortune.
Okay! You came here from the north A cold, cold land where you had a difficult adventure A very large tower Inside the tower, right? Muscle Tower! You sure do know a lot! Is she getting these things right, Goku? Exactly right.
Can you tell anything else? Wait, I can see something.
Two of them Round Round? Balls That's it! You have two balls inside your clothes, do you not? Eh?! Amazing! How did you know?! I sense some sort of bad portent.
Could you show them to me? You wanna see them? Sure.
Kid! The instant you take out the Dragon Balls the lights will go out in 0.
1 seconds and I'll switch them with fakes See! That's amazing! You know everything about me, huh?! Everybody knows about balls.
W- why you Did you do that on purpose? Goku, when she says two balls, do you think maybe she's talking about the Dragon Balls? Oh yeah! These? Oh, crap! Get the lights! Who's there?! Oh no! Let's get outta here! So you guys came to do bad stuff again! Come back here! What's the matter? Hold these.
What the heck is going on?! Let's go check it out! Perfect.
This man is more Wait a minute There's something important I want to tell you.
How naïve and innocent This job looks like it'll be easy.
Who are you guys?! It really is boring when you're fighting I suppose I should make up with him After all, that Yamucha has probably felt bad long enough W-what is it you want to tell me? I want you to kiss me.
It couldn't be Hey, do you hate me? No, uh, um Hey T-t-this woman's a fake! Y- Yamucha! I have no idea what just happened but things look like they turned out well.
W-who are you?! Master Thief Husky.
You, that brat, and this amusement park itself are going to be blown into smithereens now.
I've planted a bomb in a nice little spot.
Wait! W-why would you do that?! 1 million Zeni for stealing the balls, another million if I kill the kid.
More money this way.
6 minutes should be enough for me to escape Later then.
Have lots of fun on your trip to Hell.
Hey! These guys said they'll apologize! Goku! The Dragon Balls have been stolen! That woman's a bad person! Destroy the gadget on her hip! This place is gonna blow up in less than 6 minutes if you don't! Eh?! The gadget on her hip! Hurry and go after her! Kinto Un! Come back! W-what?! Give up already! Who, me?! And anyway, the amusement park's gonna turn into a rubble heap in 10 seconds! What?! You're the one who should give up! Look out! Hey! Let go of the Dragon Balls! Never! Hmm, okay.
Tickle, tickle Cut it out! So that happened? We came so close to being blown up! I I guess I'll go look around again at the amusement park.
Don't you think Bulma's probably back home already? She's got some nerve Oh, it's Bulma.
Bulma I really hate you, Yamucha! I'm going to go get all the Dragon Balls again and ask Shen Long for a man much better than you, Yamucha! Son-kun, let's go! Oh well! Go, Kinto Un! Go! She fights just as much as she is friendly, nevertheless, Bulma and Goku quickly leave Metro West behind.
However, an unexpected adventure lies in wait for them.