Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Nest

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride There's nothing we can't do Together we can't lose We're high above the world [Winger.]
This is Huttsgalor.
A little village on the edge of the Viking empire.
Not much ever happened here until we showed up.
We're the Rescue Riders.
And how we ended up here, now that's a story.
It all started about six months ago during the worst storm we'd seen.
We were trying to get a Wave Glider egg back to its nest.
Why would a dragon put a nest out here? Wave Gliders put nests on sea stacks so they can see an enemy coming.
Didn't count on a storm blowing one of their eggs into the sea.
- Good thing I spotted it.
- If we could just find the sea stack.
I'll go take a look.
Wait, Cutter, no! Stay down out of the wind.
Oh, no! We got it.
We don't got it.
Summer, go! H2 on it.
Whoa! Got it.
Way to go, Summer.
I'm a water dragon.
It's what I do.
While I was being tossed around I spotted the nest.
It's on that sea stack.
But how do we get it up there without dropping it? I have an idea.
Safe and s Aah! [grunts and groans.]
Thanks, guys.
No problem.
The momma Wave Glider will be so happy when she gets back.
What is it, sis? - I don't know, I was thinking - You miss our old nest? Yeah, we do, too.
I was thinking, let's get out of this rain.
Great idea.
Head back to the cave Cutter spotted.
Hold up.
I see something.
That Viking is in trouble.
We've never rescued a human before.
Human or dragon, we're not gonna leave him.
All for Valhalla.
I don't mean to alarm you, but we're surrounded by dragons.
- We know.
- So, they captured you, too? Not exactly.
I'll distract them.
You hide.
Or run for it.
Or one hides, the other makes a run for it.
Whatever, just tell my kin I went out fighting.
All right, beasties, why don't you come over here and meet Thor and, eh Other Thor? - [laughs.]
- Huh? You don't understand.
We're not their prisoners.
We're their friends.
- What's that? - I'm Dak.
- My twin sister.
- Leyla.
That's Summer, Winger, Cutter and Burple.
Um, my name is Duggard.
Duggard the Decisive, chief of Huttsgalor.
I suppose you've heard of it? No matter.
I take it you and your "friends" rescued me? That's right.
Winger and I grabbed you.
It's okay.
He's bragging about being the one who spotted you.
Cutter's a Relentless Razorwing.
Best eyesight in the dragon world.
Oh, right.
Might sound crazy, but Dak and I can understand what dragons say.
Sure you can.
When we were little, we were rescued from a shipwreck.
But by a mother dragon who raised us beside her own son, Winger.
- That's how we learned to speak dragon.
- Talking to dragons? A wee bit hard to swallow.
I'll close my eyes.
Hold up as many fingers as you want.
- Um, ready.
- Summer? One.
[gibbers, then growls.]
Now she says you gave up.
That was Was Amazing? Our mother also taught us how to ride dragons.
Whoa! Woo-hoo! Yeah! Magnificent.
Forgive my brother, sometimes he thinks he is a dragon.
I wish.
This is all so amazing.
I was taught to keep my distance from dragons.
But they're not so scary up close.
- Neither is he.
Sort of smelly, though.
- What'd she say? - Um - That you're sort of handsome.
Oh, well, thank you.
So, do you live in this cave? We don't live anywhere.
We're always flying around, rescuing dragons.
It's our way of paying back our mom for saving us.
Now you rescue people, too.
Yeah, I guess we do, don't we? I can't wait till the people of Huttsgalor meet you.
[Dak & Leyla.]
Um You are going to take me home.
Not much of a rescue if you leave me stranded in this cave.
- Right.
Of course we're taking you home.
- To Huttsgalor.
A town.
Full of people? Relax.
There's nothing to be scared of.
You ride like this all the time? Yup.
Sort of slippery.
No offense.
You get used to it.
Although, Leyla fell off once.
Right into the sea.
That's also how I met Summer.
She rescued me.
Right away they got into this discussion about how the moon affects tides [chuckles.]
That's how we knew we were going to be best friends.
So true.
I don't know what she said, but I do know love when I see it.
- Cutter says he sees - Huttsgalor! [Burple.]
Uh Maybe we should land outside of town.
My people are the nicest, kindest, most accepting people in the world.
- [all gasp.]
- Yeah.
Fellow Vikings Ground.
These are my friends Dak and Leyla.
And their friends, Winger, Summer, Butter and Curple.
I mean, Cutter and Burple.
They rescued me.
- [gasps.]
They're dragons.
- Figure that out by himself? You have nothing to be afraid of.
Except their teeth.
And their claws.
And their fire.
Haggis, I've missed you, too.
Haggis? Our town's prize sheep.
You built a statue of a sheep? Not just any sheep.
He's won Best in Show at the All Islands Viking Sheep Festival four years running.
I have no idea what that is, but it sounds awesome.
You know what's not awesome? What? These wild beasts allowed to roam through our town, just waiting to pounce on one of us.
They're not gonna pounce on anybody.
Says the boy who flew in with these scheming, scaly, sky-lizards.
Who hasn't heard stories of their kind attacking towns, stealing their sheep, devouring all their food? [stomach rumbling.]
Stealing sheep, taking food! Oh, Magnus, those are old stories.
We see dragons flying past us, and they never bother us.
Keep it that way.
We've heard stories about people treating dragons badly, too.
Yet they still rescued me.
We believe you should judge a person by how they act, not by stories you've heard about "their kind.
" We can't risk letting them in.
Wild animals have no place in a civilized town like ours.
Proving my point.
Poor Haggis is doomed.
So cute.
If Haggis likes them, good enough for me.
You were saying, Magnus? [scoffs.]
Oh, look at that.
Huttsgalor is a wonderful place, though it sure took a beating in that storm.
This is the town center.
There are the docks.
We get boats from all over.
Now, Elbone came in on one and decided to stay.
Best fisherman I've ever seen.
- Hello, Elbone.
- Hello, chief Dragons?! Hey, thanks.
These are great.
Nice shot.
You've got a lot of repairs to make.
I know.
Luckily, we have a very good blacksmith.
Probably already hard at work fixing things.
Hannahr, why aren't you already hard at work fixing things? Oh, sorry, chief.
I cannot get my forge relit.
All my wood is soaked.
It'll be a few days until everything dries out - and I'm up and running again.
- We might be able to help with that.
Be my guest.
I'll dry it out.
I'll load it up.
And I'll light it up.
- Where did that coal come from? - Burple is a Rockspitter dragon.
He has four stomachs.
One for food and the other three for, well, just about anything.
Still don't know where I found this.
Thank you for getting me back in business.
I owe you one.
Our pleasure.
I'm beginning to realize you six are handy to have around.
I know you spend your days rescuing dragons, but if you wanted to stay here we could really use your help.
Winger and Burple could clean this mess.
Summer could help in the harbor.
Cutter could cut you lumber to fix some roofs and walls.
Just one moment.
We don't need these dangerous dragons.
My machine can cut lumber faster than these beasts.
And at a very reasonable price.
Top that.
Aah! [groans.]
- That was pretty fast, too.
- But at what price? Price? Free.
We just like to help people.
You hear that, Magnus? They just like to help.
Oh, log.
Come on, youse can stay at my place tonight.
It's bad enough to have wild beasts roaming our streets.
Wild beasts that take away my chance to make a lot of gold? They have to go.
And I think I know how to do it.
Help! Help! Disaster! Calamity! Disastrous calamity! What is it now, Magnus? Our beloved sheep, Haggis, is gone.
I went to share my usual hour with him, but his stall was wrecked and he was gone! [gasps.]
That repulsive reptile, Burple, must have eaten him.
Burple did not eat Haggis.
You saw him lick him, they were friends.
The licks weren't affection, they were a taste test.
This is ridiculous.
- It is ridiculous, right? - Of course.
- You didn't eat Haggis? - No way.
He was my friend.
Burple says he did not eat Haggis.
We are all so impressed you pretend to talk to these dumb animals.
- We don't pretend.
- And they aren't dumb.
But they are wild.
And this one ate our prize sheep, Haggis.
[all chattering.]
I didn't eat Haggis.
We know, Burps.
I don't like backing down when I know I'm right.
But maybe dragons and people just don't mix after all.
Those don't sound like happy roars.
- What are they saying? - It's time to go.
Sorry we can't help you fix your town.
We'll just get our things and be on our way.
So long.
Fare not-well, I don't care.
My machine and I have some profitable lumber to cut.
- Burple, what are you doing? - Getting souvenirs.
I liked it here.
I hear you, buddy.
In fact, I sort of thought Yeah, me, too.
We were just here for a day, but Seemed like a place we could have called home.
It would have been kind of nice to have a nest again.
Maybe we'll find a place to stay on another island.
I know we will.
Dak! Leyla! Hannahr? Ah! Glad I caught you.
I have a little something for you.
A saddle.
I padded the bottom, so it'd be more comfortable.
- Better than your butt on my back.
- Let's try it.
It might make riding a little easier and I even added storage for you.
He says it tickles a little.
I was going to make you all saddles as a thank-you, but since you're leaving so soon I was only able to get one done.
Yeah! Wow! This is great.
Winger likes it, too.
Kids and dragons, it's none of my business, but I wouldn't let anyone, least of all Magnus Finke, chase me out for something I didn't do.
Thanks, Hannahr, but our minds are made up.
Thanks for the saddle, Hannahr.
Come on, team.
Time to wing it out of here.
Magnus, one, flying beasts, zero.
I'm going to be rich.
But this is taking too long.
Time to set it on maximum power.
Much better.
Oh! Maybe not.
[grunting and groaning.]
This is not good.
[all shouting.]
Run or take cover! Which one is it? Both.
Duck! [bleats.]
Goodbye, Huttsgalor.
I'll miss your chief, your sheep, your ample supply of granite.
Oh, and your flying logs.
- Wait.
What did you say? - "Flying logs"? Something you don't see every day.
It must be Magnus' auto-lumberjack thingy.
It's going crazy! Villagers are in trouble.
- Dak and Winger, stop that machine.
- On it.
Everyone else, protect the people.
Oh, my! [screaming and yelling.]
There! [Dak.]
Whoa! That's three shots.
I'm out.
Be right back.
Huh? [grunting.]
When are you gonna learn to stay on my back? Probably never.
Well, that was a close call.
Now you have plenty of lumber to fix your town with.
Guess we should get going.
You cannot leave after that.
You saved my house.
You saved my boat.
You saved my boat, which is my house.
I don't think anyone wants you to go.
- Oh, yes.
- No, don't go.
- Please don't go.
- It's true.
Just one moment, chief.
Did you forget what these lizards did to poor Haggis, our noble, departed town sheep? [Haggis bleats.]
This noble, not-quite-departed sheep I found behind your house? [scoffs.]
What? I have no idea how he got there.
Must have wandered there.
And tied himself to a tree? [giggles.]
That settles it.
You lot are welcome to stay in Huttsgalor as long as you like.
Are you sure? As sure as I am that the sky is blue.
It's sunset, so now it's pink.
At night it's sort of black.
Don't forget about the northern lights.
All sorts of colors.
[clears throat.]
No matter.
I say, let's give it a try.
- We accept.
- We accept.
[all cheering.]
Only one thing.
You cannot stay with me, the snoring.
- Ah.
Burple? - Leyla.
- [scoffs.]
- [laughs.]
But I know just the place.
The old abandoned lighthouse.
- Sturdy design.
- Good sightlines.
Oh, it's so cool.
Can Haggis sleep over? It does look pretty great.
It's decided.
The lighthouse is the new home of the Rescue Riders.
"Rescue Riders"? Well, you keep riding to my rescue, so I thought Rescue Riders.
I like it.
Come on, Rescue Riders, let's go check out that lighthouse.
We've been here a while.
Made the lighthouse our base.
We call it "the Roost.
" We still rescue dragons.
And Vikings.
And sometimes even sheep.
But best of all we finally found our nest.

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