Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Deep Trouble

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride There's nothing we can't do Together we can't lose We're high above the world Missed me, Summer.
- Hey.
- You're mine, Winger.
- Look out.
- What? Refreshing.
I guess I'm it, huh? Come on, Rescue Riders.
It's time.
Dak, what training do you have planned for us? - I'm hoping it's a race.
- No, rock eating.
Please say rock eating.
Just once, rock eating.
- Fast blast drills.
- Oh, man.
- Maybe next time.
- All right.
Everyone turn around.
When I call your name, spin and hit the red target.
- Got it? - You kidding? Piece of cake.
Then you can go first.
- Uh, blue is the new red? - Nope.
Blue is just blue.
As in, you blew it.
Red, only the red, only the red.
It's too much pressure.
- Did I hit it? - Depends on what you mean by "it.
" - You mean the ground? - No.
- The blue targets? - No.
- The red target? - Yes.
That you missed.
Next up is Leyla and Summer.
A lot of variables to take into account.
Target's at the other end of the yard.
I'll need to hit it with everything I've got.
Not to mention, the ground under seems uneven - Uh, it's called a fast blast drill.
- I know.
And this is called making a plan.
- You'll have to arc your shot.
- About 45 degrees.
- Adjusting for the - Slight northeasterly wind.
- Or maybe - Time.
Time? You didn't say there was a time limit.
Hey, I don't make the rules.
Maybe I did make the rules on this one.
- The point is to make a quick decision.
- No reason to make quick decisions if you can't be accurate.
- If it's so easy, you try it.
- Thought you'd never ask.
Go on, feel free to make it a challenge.
No way he's hitting this.
Ready, set, go.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
Huh? But how did you? And that's something I call trusting your gut.
- How did we do that? - No idea.
That's lunch.
Let's see if Elbone caught any new fish today.
It's Elbone.
Where is he off to with all that stuff? I'll ask him.
Huh? Oh.
We didn't mean to scare you.
Are you okay? Huh? Oh, I wasn't scared.
That was my greeting shriek.
- Where are you headed? - About to embark on a dangerous adventure.
The danger part has started.
What's this for? Doesn't look like fishing gear.
I'm not going fishing.
If my plan works, I'll never have to fish again.
Brace yourselves, for I'm off to do the impossible and map the famous Maze Caves under Mount Huttsgalor.
Map the Maze Caves? I've heard tales told of a shortcut through the mountain.
A map would save hours on a trip to the north side.
Awesome idea.
I'll bet people will love having that map.
- I hope enough to cough up gold for it.
- Don't wanna stick to fishing? Maze Caves could be dangerous.
You're the best fisherman.
I know, but I don't like fish.
They're stinky and scaly - and stinky.
- You said stinky twice.
That's how bad they smell.
They're slippery, squirmy and slimy.
Anyone else getting hungry? I've been searching for something else to do.
With this, I have a feeling I'll be mapping my way to a new life.
- Have you mapped anything before? - No.
I'm filled with blind confidence.
That's never a bad thing.
Wish me luck.
We'll do you one better, Elbone.
Cutter, light him up.
Light the lanterns before entering the dark caves.
Excellent idea.
Going through the dark cave Nothing can go wrong - Dak, he'll be okay down there, right? - Sure.
Maybe? Boy, I hope so.
Come on, Burps.
We're going to town for supplies.
- Breakfast supplies or non-breakfast? - Come and find out.
Well, keep an eye out.
Eh? Oh! Dak.
I was just about to come looking for you.
Something wrong? - I do hope not.
You haven't seen Elbone? - Not since yesterday - when he headed into the Maze Caves.
- He could still be down there in that dark, unexplored labyrinth, filled with miles of twisting tunnels, dangerous dead ends, and untold perils.
I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.
- Maybe he did get lost down there.
- He won't be lost for long.
We'll have Elbone before you can say, "Maze Cave Rescue Mission.
" Maze Cave Rescue Mission.
Sorry, I didn't mean to say that so fast.
Good luck.
The cave entrance is just up ahead.
Come on, let's wing it.
- Huh.
We're winging it slower than usual.
- Shouldn't we get the others to help? Get the others? We don't have time.
- Elbone could be in trouble now.
- You're probably right.
Of course I'm right.
It's just a cave.
My gut tells me nothing to worry about.
- Last one inside's a rotten dragon egg.
- Now my gut is telling me - we're going in.
- Dak didn't give us choice.
No, I did not.
- Come on.
We've got a friend to save.
- I don't know.
It's really dark down there and spooky and And I kind of thought you were gonna stop me at spooky.
Dak, Cutter and I can handle this.
I could handle it solo with my super-sharp eyesight.
But I'll bring Dak and Winger along just to be nice.
I've got a bad feeling about this.
Wait, maybe it's just something I ate.
Nope, definitely a bad feeling.
Elbone, you in here? - No sign of him.
- He's gotta be in here somewhere.
It really is a maze down here.
Oh, right.
That's why they call it the Maze Caves.
- Where'd you go? - Burple wasn't kidding when he said - it was dark.
We should've brought - Lanterns? We can use that.
- Is that one of Elbone's lanterns? - Not a good sign.
- Come on.
Let's try this way.
- Didn't we already try this way? So, we'll try this way instead.
Elbone, have no fear.
The Rescue Riders are here.
Dak, we won't find him down this tunnel.
- Why not? - We've been down this.
There's the mark.
I know where we are.
- Really? - The same place Elbone is.
Totally, seriously lost.
Still trying to figure out how Dak and Winger made that trick yesterday? No.
I'm making a note in my diary that Winger is the luckiest dragon.
No way trusting his gut could've worked out that well.
It was an amazing blast.
You say amazing, I say lucky.
- What do you think, Burple? - About what? - About Dak and Winger.
- What? I don't think anything.
I don't know anything either.
About Dak and Winger.
Or where they went with Cutter.
Can we please change the subject? Is there something you're not telling us? - What makes you say that? - Dak, Winger and Cutter didn't go - somewhere they shouldn't have, did they? - Um, depends if you put Maze Caves - in the "shouldn't have" category.
- The Maze Caves? They went to find Elbone.
He never made it out.
I knew it was a bad idea.
It's okay.
Don't get too worried.
We'll be able to find them - Worried? I'm not worried at all.
- So, we're not going after them? Nope.
Dak followed his gut in there.
He can follow his gut back out.
That's not a rescue plan you're drawing in the dirt? No.
Don't worry, I'm sure we're going the right way now.
Not back to the same place we've been 50 times now.
Ooh! Ah! What's that? Doesn't sound like a dragon.
Or a wolf.
Maybe some cave creature? Cave creature? Well, that really nails it down.
We need to find it before it finds us.
- Hang on.
- Always hanging on, Wing.
Brace yourselves, everyone.
Get ready for Elbone? You scared the living daylights out of me.
Or night-lights.
I've lost track of time.
Were you crying? No, I I was location-wailing.
So, you could find me.
Which you did.
- Yeah.
We followed the sound of crying.
- What did he roar? - Cutter? He said, "Great plan.
" - I'm so happy to see you all.
Now, let's get out of here.
Uh, yeah, about that - Oh, no.
You're lost, too? - Yep.
Pretty much.
- Pretty exactly.
- Hey, you were mapping as you went, right? - Your maps can give a clue to the way out.
- They're not very good.
How bad could they be? - Is that tic-tac-toe? - I had to pass the time somehow.
- I played Rocky there, best out of seven.
- Rocky beat him four to nothing.
If we went into the entrance, it'd increase our chances of finding them, - but we might get lost.
- If we went into a different cave opening, we'd probably never be able to pick up their trail.
- Exactly.
- Where does that leave us? Back to the drawing board.
Ah, Leyla, hope I'm not bothering you.
I want to congratulate you on rescuing Elbone.
- Um, wait.
I don't see him.
- Because we're still in planning mode.
We have to get this just right.
Dak went after him - and now he's probably lost, too.
- This is not how I thought - this conversation would go.
- Don't worry.
I'm working on a plan.
- A plan? - Okay, more like 17 of them.
I have to pick the perfect one to prove planning isn't a bad thing.
I'm not sure which one that is yet.
Maybe you could help me.
Sounds like you got quite the decision.
I wouldn't want to get in your way.
But keep in mind you have a few hours until full moon.
- What happens at the full moon? - Full moon means higher tides, means rising waters underground, which means the Maze Caves will be flash flooded.
- Did you say flash? - Flooded? Already tried this.
Or maybe that one there.
Or both, or neither Any of this helping? - Not really.
- Gotta be some way to find our way out.
We're getting somewhere.
I hear something.
It sounds like water, just up ahead.
Water? We're saved.
- Is that coming from up ahead? - Or down below? - Uh-oh.
Not a full moon tonight, is it? - It might be, why? Remember when I said we're saved? I take it back.
We could split up, devise a system of high-pitched sounds to communicate from far away? Wouldn't have worked anyway.
- We still haven't settled on a plan.
- You sure we have time? - How many are we down to now? - You mean up to.
Twenty-two if you count the one that blew away.
My brother and our friends are in there.
It's not about proving my point.
It's about saving them.
We only have one shot.
I need to get it right.
- I can help you choose.
- You can? How? - One way to narrow it down.
- Was that telling me I was overthinking? Little bit.
Uh, tie ourselves to a tree at the opening so we can find our way back.
- My first idea.
- Your best.
Over here.
Maybe over there? Let's try this way.
I never thought I could get so lost being lost.
Sorry, Rescue Riders.
- I can't help but feel this is my fault.
- Uh, that's because it is his fault.
- I have no idea what those roars meant.
- Uh, he said My fault, too.
We never should have come in here without without ugh.
A plan.
Ha! I can't believe it.
He actually said the P word.
- What did he say that time? - He was rubbing it in.
Don't worry.
We're gonna stop running around and put a plan together.
I'm liking that.
What do you have in mind? - I have no idea.
- Oh.
I like the sound of that less.
- We better figure something out.
- How does that keep happening? Wait.
We keep passing through the same tunnel because we keep seeing that same singe mark.
- And how is that a good thing? - If we make more singe marks as we go, we'll know which tunnels we tried and won't go in circles.
- A plan I can get behind.
- Behind, in front of, - as long as it gets us out, I'm in.
- Always mark the right side so we'll know which direction we're going.
Come on.
Good plan.
We won't lose our way.
We can use the ropes to find our way back.
- You did help me pick it.
- Hey.
What are friends for? I think something's got me.
Go on without me.
Save yourselves.
You've reached the end of your rope.
I'm afraid we all have.
You have a plan for what to do - when your first plan doesn't work? - Not yet.
Come up with something faster this time.
Now, down this way.
Nope, tried that way.
How about over here? Which way now? - I don't know.
We'll try them both.
- Mark it.
Uh, I would if I weren't out of fire.
- I need time to recharge, Dak.
- Time? We're out of that, too.
Winger, mark the wall.
- Careful.
Just a little blast.
- I'll try.
Did you hear that? Sounded like Winger's power blast.
You're right.
And it was close.
- Dak? Winger? - Dak? Winger? You guys out there? Dak? Winger? Wait.
Did you hear that? - Dak.
- Is that Leyla? We're saved.
Unless your sister is lost, too.
A lot of that going around today.
Leyla, we're over here.
Where? Sounds like you're on the other side of this wall.
- Which tunnel will get us to you? - I don't know.
- I can barely hear you over the water.
- Right with you.
Any idea which way to go? Impossible to tell.
It's your call.
Left or right? Neither.
Burple, barrel roll ahead, now.
What? Why? - Just trust me.
- I sure hope this helps.
Come on.
- Empty.
- Anytime now.
- Burple, again.
- If you say so.
- Dak.
- Leyla.
- Glad to see you.
How did? - Talk later.
Let's go.
This way.
We can use these to find the way out.
Ropes? Why didn't I think of ropes? Or think of anything? Just come on.
Huh? Huh? We're out.
We're finally out.
Thank you.
I don't know what I would've done without you.
- Stayed in there forever? - Yeah, that's probably it.
- Awesome idea knocking those walls down.
- It was Leyla's plan.
Actually, it wasn't a plan at all.
I went with my gut.
And just in time, too.
Told you, planning is totally overrated.
We never would've been close to hear them if you didn't plan to mark the walls.
- Shush.
- Wait, Dak made a plan? - A little one.
- So, we both learned something today.
I learned something, too.
Next time I try mapping the Maze Caves, bring dragons.
Can we go home now? I'm a little mazed out.
- Wait, where's Rocky? - Rocky? Is Rocky a small rock? Two eyes? Slightly salty taste? Uh-huh.
Um, oops.
Sorry about that.
Rocky, let's head back to my boat.
You can be my first mate or my anchor.
We can decide later.

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