Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Boo to You

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride There's nothing we can't do Together we can't lose We're high above the world [Burple.]
Help me.
Help me.
Oh, please, help me.
In today's exercise, we have a dragon stuck in a tree.
- Played by Burple.
Good call.
- Talk him down out of the tree.
Not every mission has to involve blasting stuff.
The fun ones do.
Am I right, Wing? - What? - Leyla's right.
It's okay to talk your way out of trouble.
Sometimes a few calming words are all you need.
- Who would like to talk our dragon down? - I got this.
- Okay, Burple, you're on.
- Oh, my.
The ground is so far away.
- You have wings.
Fly down here.
- Okay.
No, no! Stay there.
[clears throat.]
You're missing the point.
Try to convince him to come down.
I bet if I cut the tree down he'd be convinced.
- [laughs.]
- [grumbles.]
- Come on, he was kidding.
- He's right, I was.
A little.
Allow me to demonstrate proper technique.
- Stranded dragon, may I be of assistance? - I am caught in this tree and I'm scared.
Your fear's reasonable.
A fall from that height could be painful.
It could? - I was pretending to be scared before.
- [groans.]
[people shouting.]
- Sounds like real trouble.
- Yes! It's coming from Huttsgalor.
- Rescue Riders, let's fly! - Wait, what about me? - Seriously, Burps, you have wings.
- Oh, yeah, right.
Whoa! [screaming.]
[screaming and clamoring.]
- Cutter, Burple, protect the kids.
- [growls.]
Whoa! - Scary pumpkins.
I must run away! - What's going on here? [festive music playing.]
Look, the flying fun stoppers have arrived! - Happy Hoogenboo! - Hoogen-what? Oh, uh, right.
[clears throat.]
You're new around here.
It's the annual Harvest Festival.
We didn't mean to spook you.
My Automatical Pumpkin Hoogenbooster has masterpieces to create.
- [Magnus.]
- That looks good.
Listen to the renowned art critic who It looks good.
How could you doubt it? What does this have to do with Hoogenboo? I play Hoogenboo, the spirit of winter.
The pumpkins scare me and my cold weather away.
That's how the festival started years ago.
- We all try to scare each other for fun.
- Hoogenboo! [laughing.]
- Hoogenboo! - [yelps.]
None of you will spook me.
- We'll see about that.
- It's okay.
Hoogenboo is just for fun.
Or is it? - Classic Marena entrance.
- Have you been hiding? That's a mystery that will never be solved unlike the true meaning of Hoogenboo.
- Now, Marena - The purple one is right to be afraid.
Hoogenboo is about scaring away something more dangerous than the Spirit of Winter.
I don't like the sound of that.
Marena, what do you mean? I have been many places and I have seen many things.
And? All right.
But remember, you asked.
The reason for the scariness at Hoogenboo is to keep away The Phantom Fang! [scoffs.]
Marena, everyone knows The Phantom Fang is just a myth.
- Don't worry.
- I'm sure Duggard is right, it's a myth.
A myth, you say? Well, I've seen its handiwork.
Entire villages wrecked overnight by an invisible thing.
The only traces it leaves behind, a sticky green slime.
Green slime? What kind of monster Not a monster a ghost.
What? [all laughing.]
- Come on, ghosts? - We aren't scared by your Hoogenboo story.
It is not a story.
The Phantom Fang is real.
So far, Huttsgalor has been spared its wrath, but someday it will choose us, make no mistake! - She's not letting this one go.
- What did he say? We'd love to hear more, but we've got training.
Rescue Riders, let's fly.
Suit yourselves.
- A ghost? She thought we'd fall for that? - Yeah.
Who would believe that? [snoring.]
[mumbling and groaning.]
Pumpkin Bucket! - Pumpkin? - Bucket? - The Phantom Fang had it and - You were dreaming.
It seemed so real.
- But it wasn't.
- Your yelling was.
Sorry, guys.
Are you going to be okay? Yeah.
Gonna take a walk.
Maybe have a midnight snack.
[thunder crashing.]
It was just a dream.
Just a dream.
That's probably just the wind.
[branches cracking.]
[owl hooting.]
That's probably the wind stepping on a twig.
Oh! Where did the fish go? I'm pretty sure I didn't eat all of them.
[cracking continues.]
[sighs, then laughs.]
Of course, it's just you.
There's no such thing as The Phantom Fang! - [bleating.]
- Put down Haggis! Attack! Attack! - We're under attack! - Attack? Summer, wake Dak and Leyla.
Burple, cover the door.
Cutter, with me.
Who's there? - The thing is - I have a bad feeling about this.
It's The Phantom Fang.
Another dream? No.
I saw it.
- What's it look like? - Well, it's invisible.
- How did you see it? - It had Haggis.
He was just floating in the air and Haggis, tell them.
Another nightmare.
You were scared by that Hoogenboo story.
Relax and get some sleep.
- [bleats.]
- Thanks for nothing.
Rise and shine, everyone.
- Did you stay up all night? - Not on purpose.
- Because of your dream? - It wasn't a dream.
It was real.
A ghost? Flying sheep? Sounds like a dream to me.
A fun one, too.
- But it wasn't.
- You believe you saw something? Uh-huh.
Let's check it out.
- Really? - Absolutely.
[door closes.]
Maybe it was real.
Maybe The Phantom Fang is still here.
Now he's outside.
Getting closer.
Not falling for it, Winger.
You can't trick me.
Winger, you can stop.
- We didn't scare him? - Not this time.
It was a good try anyway.
Don't give up.
We should come back after fog clears.
Or never, that would work, too.
We've got your back.
Point out where you saw Haggis floating.
Right there.
[crow cawing.]
What do we expect to find? Nothing.
If it makes Burple feel better we looked, it's worth it.
- I guess maybe it was a dream.
- Sorry, I don't see anything.
Not so fast.
- Grass is trampled down.
- Exactly.
Something was here.
Hard to say what.
The Phantom Fang? Ghosts don't leave footprints.
Trail goes this way.
Coming? - I'll stay here.
- Okay.
[rustling, then cracking.]
Leyla? Summer? [gulps.]
Help! - What is it? - The Phantom Fang! He's there.
- Where? - Wait.
He threw a pumpkin at me.
You probably saw a wolf.
We found tracks over there.
It wasn't a wolf, this had scary red eyes! Dak or Winger trying to play a joke on you.
- Whatever it was, it wasn't a ghost.
- Marena said Marena was trying to scare you.
For Hoogenboo.
Or maybe she was trying to warn us.
You know what? Best way to find out, let's go ask her.
Um, are you sure about that? Of course.
Once she tells Burple the truth, - he'll calm down.
- Okay.
There she is.
- Marena? - Ha! - Oh.
It is just you.
- Were you going to fight us? Not if I didn't need to.
These aren't great fighting fish.
Give me a pair of ice tail pike, I can take down a ship full of pirates! Ha, ha! I know, because I already have.
Something I can do for you, Rescue Riders? Yes.
Would you explain to Burple there's no such thing as The Phantom Fang? Sorry, that, I'll not do.
I get the "it's Hoogenboo, so let's scare everybody" thing.
- But Burple here, he's sensitive.
- Yes.
I can see that.
- And he really believes you.
- As he should.
If you could tell him the truth about Phantom Fang But of course.
The Phantom Fang is very real! - [Leyla.]
Hey! - Lo siento, but you asked for the truth.
A village-destroying ghost that fears only one thing! The light.
It cannot stand to be seen.
But do not worry, purple one.
The Phantom Fang is nowhere near here.
- Really? - See? There's nothing to worry about.
- I'm relieved.
- Thanks, Marena.
No problema.
That red-eyed demon wouldn't dare come within a hundred miles of me! - [cackles.]
- [Burple gasps.]
Did she say "red-eyed"? Watch it, you lavender lout! Sorry, Burple is building a bonfire to keep The Phantom Fang away.
He fell for Marena's fake story.
- Fake? I wouldn't say it's fake.
- You don't believe in The Phantom Fang.
Of course not.
But I am making gold selling my pumpkins, so you will never hear me say it's fake.
- Here he comes again.
- He could use a hand.
- Hey, Burps! - [shouts.]
Of course.
Oh, no.
What have I done? Sorry, Burps.
We're very sorry.
It was an accident.
Could've happened to anyone.
Wow, he took that well.
Duggard! I need to talk to you! - Or not.
- That's it.
I doomed the town.
Marena said The Phantom Fang feared the light.
Now it's gone.
Burple, building a fire to protect the town is very heroic.
- But The Phantom Fang is not real.
- Uh, Leyla.
- Marena made it up.
- Seriously.
- Don't be scared.
- Leyla! I'm trying to convince him there is no such thing Never mind.
[all screaming.]
- What just happened? - It's a ghost.
It went right through us.
- Not through us.
- Over us.
My thoughts exactly.
One way to be sure.
Whoa! Whoa! I'm not that easy to shake! - What was that? - Trying to prove a theory.
The Phantom Fang is no ghost.
Ghosts don't have scales.
It's a dragon.
Isn't this awesome, guys? A new dragon right here in Huttsgalor.
It would be more awesome if this dragon wasn't trying to destroy Huttsgalor.
Wait, it's just a dragon? We can take a dragon.
Phantom Fang, if that is your real name, stop immediately.
- This village is under the protection of - [snarls.]
Winger! [Phantom Fang growls.]
Hyah! I told you The Phantom Fang was real.
There must be a reason he's here.
Most dragons avoid humans.
Don't think this guy's like most dragons.
Rescue Riders, spread out! Let's show how we protect our town and our friends.
- See if you can get that fire restarted.
- The fire? Why? The legend of The Phantom Fang is about this dragon.
- On it! - I will help the purple one.
Anything? Nope.
You have the best eyesight, what have you got? I don't see him.
Maybe he ran for it.
- Cutter! - Look out! My wings are stuck! Marena was right about the green slime! Green slime! That's it! We're up against a Slinkwing.
They have chameleon-like powers.
Oh, fascinating and gross! Can someone get this stuff off me? - Gotcha, Cutter.
- But who's got you? [Dak.]
We do! Hey, that's cheating! - Any luck with the fire? - Too wet with paint.
We could use help up here.
- Get back, I'll protect your friends.
- On our way.
Aha! Sorry! This dragon is starting to bug me.
Finally, we lost him! Spoke too soon.
Slid right off.
- Because you're a water dragon? - Maybe.
They don't stand a chance up there.
What? I'm just stating the obvious.
You can't fight what you can't see.
That's it.
Eat my inventory, you've already ruined my machine anyway.
What's he doing? - Did he freeze? - Burple, you're an easy target! I hope so.
In fact, I hope he's sneaking up on me right now! - Really? Was that supposed to hurt me? - No.
It was supposed to mark you.
What? Why you [growls.]
Oh, no, you don't! Not so tough when people can see you.
Who are you? - The Rescue Riders.
- Who? We're telling you to leave Huttsgalor alone! This isn't over.
You haven't seen the last of me.
- We barely saw the first of him.
- Until Burple marked him.
Good job, buddy.
[people cheering.]
Happy Hoogenboo! [growls.]
[children laughing.]
Oh, that feels good.
Thanks, Summer.
Water beats slime every time.
So, I was right.
The Phantom Fang was real.
- Well, it was a dragon, not a ghost.
- But I was right.
Oh, yes.
You were right.
Very right, always.
- I told you.
- A Slinkwing.
Don't know why I didn't figure it out sooner.
It's here.
Slinkwings are dragons who steal their food.
Fits with the legend.
Slinkwing shows up at Hoogenboo because He loves pumpkins? Among other things.
It's the harvest festival.
So there's a lot of foods in one place.
Easy for him to steal.
Including pumpkins.
He doesn't love pumpkins anymore, thanks to you.
- He saved the whole town! - Ahem! Oh, he and Marena, of course.
I'm sorry.
Even if we didn't believe in ghosts, we should've believed in you.
Uh, that's okay.
There was a time I didn't believe in me.
Aren't we missing the bigger picture? I made it through Hoogenboo, no one scared me.
Cutter is pretty much scare-proof.
Oh, so he would not be scared by the tale of the Giant Eels of Tortuga.
Dragons are afraid of eels.
Everyone is afraid of these eels.
Biggest I have seen.
Could swallow you whole.
They broke through my ship's hull like paper.
- What did you do? - My ship was sinking.
What could I do? I swam for it.
The hungry eels right behind me.
Snapping at my feet with their razor teeth! Getting closer.
Closer! - Suddenly - Boo! [Cutter screams.]
You got me, Burps.
[all laughing.]
Not so scare-proof after all, eh? [closing theme playing.]

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