Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Bad Egg

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride There's nothing we can't do Together we can't lose We're high above the world What a magnificent day.
The sun is shining, clouds are puffy.
Finke 3000 Super Driller Extraordinaire is ready to drill the new well.
Will you hurry up, Haggis? Nobody likes a lazy sheep.
Ooh! Duggard and the villagers have gathered at the drill site to view my masterpiece at work.
- Stand by for genius.
- Whoo-hoo! [groans.]
Not those flappy lizards again.
It's a Cutter-gusher! [whooping.]
- Amazing! - Awesome! Didn't know Cutter could do that.
I found it in my Dragon Diary.
"Some Relentless Razorwings can spin fast enough to drill holes using their spikes.
" - Cutter just never tried it before.
- Your diary sure knows a lot.
It does.
I've spent years writing down everything I've learned about dragons in here.
Wonder if that diary knows how to get rid of them.
But how to get my hands on it Why am I talking to you? You never have any good ideas.
This stuff looks gross.
Slinkwing slime, gathered during Hoogenboo.
I've been meaning to add it in my diary.
It's super gooey.
Very smelly.
And incredibly sticky.
- [chuckles.]
- [gasps.]
Slinkwing goo! - Careful, Cutter.
- Relax, I got this.
See? [yelps.]
- Cutter! - You almost got Slinkwing goo on my diary.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to do it.
- Sometimes you just take things too far.
Guys! Guys! [grunts.]
- What is it? - I was coming back from my daily trip to the rock quarry when I spotted a giant dragon egg all alone in the woods.
Sure it's a dragon egg? If it's not, there's a big chicken on the loose.
- I'm thinking dragon egg.
- Rescue Riders, wings up.
Looks like Burple was right.
But it doesn't smell like any dragon egg I've run into.
Does it smell like a huge chicken? It must have fallen from a tree.
An egg this big would be in a giant nest.
Wherever it came from, I've never seen anything like it.
- Leyla, check your Dragon Diary.
- Hmm.
- Nothing here that even comes close.
- It's not safe here.
- We better get it back to the Roost.
- I got this.
Little heavier than I thought.
Lift with your wings.
Almost got it.
My muscles must've finally kicked in.
- A little left.
- Little right, little right.
A little softer.
Sorry, Aggro.
It's okay, guys.
Whatever laid this metal egg deserves a medal.
I say we call it a day.
Get some sleep.
- I'm with you.
- I'm gonna stay up and document - this new discovery.
- Aren't you tired? - Why don't you wait till the morning? - [yawns.]
Maybe morning is better.
Fresh eyes, fresh ideas.
Those rescue runts are so predictable.
I knew they couldn't resist bringing a poor, abandoned egg back home to their roost.
Now, if I were a blubbering dragon do-gooder, where would I hide my precious diary? Hm? Mmm.
- [cackles.]
- [yawns.]
Got a case of the late-night tummy rumbles.
Let's see what I can find.
Leave it to Burple to have his midnight snack before midnight.
Leave it to Cutter to have hidden backup snacks.
Hmm? Huh? Magnus.
I've gotta tell the others.
Or maybe I could have a little fun first.
Oh, no.
It looks like this giant egg has a crack in it.
What's he doing? Better fix that with some super-sticky Slinkwing goo.
I bet this giant egg with a baby dragon inside could use some fresh air.
[Magnus yells.]
Good night, giant egg.
See you in the morning.
Cutter, you are hilarious.
That dastardly dragon glued me inside.
Oh, why didn't I listen to Mama Finke? Always bring your winter coat, even when hatching brilliant plots.
Little fun, little fish.
Perfect night.
Looks like it's getting cold out there.
Maybe I should roll him back inside.
Huh? Magnus? Okay, did not see that coming.
- Magnus was in the egg? - Would explain the large size and weight.
And why there was nothing in my Dragon Diary about it.
Why didn't you get us? Magnus was up to no good.
- I just put him outside for a few minutes.
- Guess he climbed out and went home.
And I also kind of glued him inside? - [all.]
Cutter! - How was I to know - the egg would just disappear? - No footprints.
Doesn't look like the egg - rolled away either.
- It didn't just fly off.
Maybe it did.
The giant chicken? No.
A dragon.
What if a passing dragon saw the egg and flew it back to her nest? That would be a really big dragon.
Any idea what kind? Not offhand.
I'll go get my Dragon Diary.
If a passing dragon did grab the egg, - Magnus could be in danger.
- [Leyla.]
No! What now? What's wrong? My Dragon Diary is gone.
I left it here.
That must be what Magnus was after.
Okay, I'm hot.
Nobody comes in our house and steals our stuff! What will I do? We have to get it back.
We have to.
- Don't worry, we will.
- How? Without it how can I figure out - what dragon made that scrape? - But you wrote in the diary, Leyla.
I know.
I wrote it so I wouldn't have to remember it all.
That makes sense.
The information must be in your head, somewhere.
Too thin to be a Hobblegrunt and too wide to be a Scuttleclaw.
- A Scuttlegrunt! - That's not even a dragon.
- I was just trying to help.
- Whatever it was, it must lay metal eggs.
Without my diary, I just I don't know.
A Shivertooth? - Mm, a Prickleboggle? - Silvertailed Ironclaw! That sounds right.
They're silver.
Their eggs look metallic.
How did you know? - I know a lot.
- Mm-hm.
And I thought I saw one flying near the cliffs a few days ago.
Maybe there's a nest there.
I've met some Silvertailed Ironclaws.
They're tough.
- If she's protecting her nest, whoo, boy.
- She won't let Magnus go for years.
All right.
As soon as the sun comes up, and I never thought I'd say this, - we're gonna rescue Magnus Finke.
- And get Leyla's diary back.
Where am I? I smell lizard breath.
If I ever get out of here I'm stealing their glue next.
It's extraordinary.
How are my little ones doing? You'll all be hatching very soon.
Even your new adopted brother or sister.
You smell funny.
But don't you worry, you're safe with me now.
And I'm gonna raise you as my very own and never let you out of my sight.
Come on, guys.
We have a lot of ground to cover.
- Someone's feeling a little guilty.
- I'm just feeling a little tired.
- I'm talking about Cutter.
- Oh.
Let's split up to find the nest.
- Cover more ground.
- I'll find it with my super vision.
I promise.
All right, gang.
Let's wing it! Here, Magnus, Magnus, Magnus.
All right, gotta fix this.
The egg's gotta be around here somewhere.
Aha! Hey.
Who's out there? What's happening? [groans.]
Man, I forgot how heavy this thing is.
What are you doing in my nest? Oh, hi.
- It's a funny story - There's nothing funny about this.
- You're trying to steal one of my eggs.
- I'm not.
Because that's not a real egg! Don't worry.
Never mind.
Leaving! [huffs.]
It's okay, little ones, Mama's here.
She's there.
But I wouldn't go over there - if I were you.
- Did you see my diary? It must still be inside with Magnus.
- Can't we wait for her to leave the nest? - After Cutter tried to snatch that egg, - she's not going anywhere.
- Magnus will have to live the rest of his life as a Silvertailed Ironclaw.
Maybe he'll be happier.
There's something in my diary about Silvertailed Ironclaws that might help.
- I can't remember what it is.
- It will come to you, Ley.
- Look, she's going to sleep.
- Ha! See? I tired her out.
You tire us all out.
I have a plan.
But it's gonna take all of us being very, very quiet.
Ha! - That was not part of the plan.
- [whispering.]
We got this.
Roll it out.
- Stop the egg! - Quiet, Magnus.
I'm being, oh, scrambled in here.
Ow! Push, Aggro.
Leyla, little help? It's about time to make a roll for it.
- The egg! - Huh? [Magnus whimpering.]
We're safe.
I think you spoke too soon.
- What do we do? - Start by getting me out of here.
- I'm losing feeling in my tail.
- I got you, Agg.
- Thanks, Burp.
- No problem.
When in doubt, chomp your way out.
- [cries.]
- Shh! Quiet.
[Magnus laughs.]
If she wakes up, we're toast.
We need to quiet these baby dragons.
I know.
We should sing.
Sing? Yeah.
A lullaby.
Always puts me right to sleep.
I'll do it.
I'm a great singer.
[clears throat.]
Rockabye dragon on the cliffside - [Cutter scatting.]
- [crying.]
I think he's making it worse.
[clears throat.]
Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full One for the dragon, one for the yaks And one for Elbone to sell woolly hats [all gibber.]
Don't stop.
You had them right where you wanted them.
Baa, baa, brown sheep I'll tell you what I wish Please go to sleep Before we'll all be squished [Magnus whimpering.]
Aha! Time for this hatchling to leave the nest.
No one in the village will ever snore 'Cause we are sleeping tight in Huttsgalor It worked.
A little too well.
- Grab the egg and get out of here now.
- Sounds like a plan.
Where did he go? Looking for me? - Give me back my Dragon Diary.
- My turn to sing.
No, Magnus.
No, no, no.
Wake up, wake up, you in the nest Time to deal with these flying Pests [growls.]
You? Again? [chuckles nervously.]
We have a really good explanation for this.
I told you to leave my eggs alone! [all shuddering.]
Follow me! - What about my diary? - Let's survive this first! - Where's my other egg? I want it back! - It wasn't a dragon egg.
It was [yelps.]
Help! I'm hit! That was really not nice.
Head back and help Burple.
[Ironclaw growling.]
This is all a misunderstanding.
Oh, really? Let's see if you understand this.
You can't reason with an angry Ironclaw! Show Magnus to her.
It's the only way to prove we didn't steal one of her babies.
Help? Let's go get him.
You're not going anywhere until I get my egg back! Now is a good time to remember something - about Silvertailed Ironclaws! - I'm sorry, I'm trying! I Huh? [gasps.]
That was weird.
Almost like She was afraid of you.
You're a water dragon.
If Silvertailed Ironclaws get too wet, their wings rust, and they can't fly.
Which means they hate water.
Come on! [growls.]
Now's our chance! [Summer.]
We're not trying to steal your babies.
- There was a man inside that egg.
- Yeah! Keep it coming, Summer! Huh? [grunts.]
- Uh-oh.
I'm out of water.
- That is the opposite - of keeping it coming.
- I saw you, in my nest! You never get between a mother and her babies! She's gonna blast us off the island! This is all because of me.
I have to stop her.
No, Cutter! She's too strong! [screams.]
See you! - [bubbling.]
- [shouting.]
It's a Cutter-gusher! All right! - Yeah! - Whoo! [groaning.]
- No! Don't feed me to the beast! - We never wanted to hurt your babies.
- This man was hiding in that egg.
- Oh, you don't want me.
I'm tough and boney.
- [sniffs.]
- [whimpers.]
- He smells like the egg.
He was inside it! - That's what we've been trying - to tell you.
- So, this man tried to trick me and steal my babies? He didn't.
It wasn't his fault.
It was mine.
I played a joke on him.
- That's how he ended up in your nest.
- A joke? - Your joke went too far.
- That's what we keep telling him.
[gasps and groans.]
Sorry again for the trouble! - Your babies are really cute! - [Ironclaw.]
I know! Not sure what all that roaring was about, but it's his fault.
All his.
I was an innocent bystander, glued inside an egg.
I'll be going now.
[Leyla clears throat.]
Oh, all right.
Let's go home, Rescue Riders.
Wait, what about me? You can't leave me.
I'm miles from home and my feet easily blister! [grumbles.]
[Burple cawing.]
I'm the giant chicken! [dragons laughing.]
- I'm really sorry.
- You didn't mean for that to happen.
You did stop Magnus from stealing my diary.
I guess I did.
You're so smart.
You know everything in that diary anyway.
That's not the only reason I was upset.
This was my mother's diary.
It's the only thing I have from her.
She drew these right before the shipwreck.
It's a really cool book.
Can I help? Sure.
Anything else about Relentless Razorwings? Do you have down that we're handsome? And brave, and funny, and smart, and heroic, and easygoing, and patient.
And you're probably gonna need more paper.

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