Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Home Alone

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride There's nothing we can't do Together we can't lose We're high above the world Yeah! Yes! Yeah! - All right, gang.
How are we doing? - Looking good.
- Looking real good from here.
- What are we doing with all this? Not that I don't love showing off my cutting skills.
We need supplies to replace training targets.
We're going through them faster now we're actually hitting them.
I don't need to train.
I have the instincts of a Threadtail, the strength of a Cavern Crasher, the reflexes of a Cutter, look out! Thanks, Cutter.
So smooth.
This one will make a great blasting rock.
- We filled up the sandbags on the beach.
- Weren't we gonna make paint out of the berries? What? I needed to do a quality test.
Quality taste test.
- And you were gonna leave me out? - Oh! Mm.
- Okay.
Everyone ready to head back? - Just one more rock for the road.
Is that sandstone? You okay, Burps? That rock I swallowed tastes not-so-rockish.
- Don't think that's a rock, Burp.
- Oh.
That explains it.
- Is that a dragon egg? - Two more over here.
Whoa! I wonder where they came from.
Is there a nest around here? Let's do a flyover, see if we can spot the mom around.
I'll come, too.
Spotting is my specialty.
Based on the mud on their shells, they must have washed up here the last time this valley flooded.
But it hasn't flooded in weeks.
- Means these eggs must be lost.
- Lost.
We didn't see any other dragons or nests.
- So, the eggs are out here all alone? - Momless? You're making me tear up.
Our supply run has turned into a rescue.
Let's get the eggs to the Roost.
Before Dak eats all the supplies.
Final taste test, I promise.
Don't worry, Lurke, we're not far now.
I spotted the eggs over - here? - Those don't look like eggs.
They look like grass and little bushes, that kind of look like grass Enough with the nature talk.
Where are the eggs you promised, Vizza? - I don't like to be disappointed.
- They were here a while ago.
- I don't know what happened to them.
- Hmm.
I think I know.
Dragon tracks and boot prints? That can only mean one thing.
The Rescue Riders.
I'm not seeing anything in the Dragon Diary - about blue and red speckled eggs.
- This is exciting.
- First eggs to take care of at the Roost.
- That don't have Magnus Finke - hiding inside of them.
- Who knows, they might grow up to be future Rescue Riders.
- Aw.
They're gonna grow up so fast.
- They haven't even hatched yet.
- Go out, meet other dragons.
- Not even a crack.
Watch, we're gonna be empty nesters before you know it.
Dak, Leyla, ready to go? - Go where? - Today's the day you promised to help survey the island to find a new grain storage cave.
Ah, I think.
Yesterday was the day I lost my calendar.
Scouting? Flight? Possibility for adventure? Winger and I are in.
- I should keep an eye on the eggs.
- They won't hatch for a while, right? I don't think so, - but who's gonna watch them? - Cutter, Burple, and Aggro.
- Can't you guys? - No problem.
Leyla, we could use your specific knowledge of, uh, everything out there.
I guess it'll be okay.
The three of you are in charge of the eggs while I'm gone.
You can keep this in case anything happens.
Climb aboard, Chief Duggard.
- No reason to walk when you can fly.
- Really? Fly? Are you sure it's o Ooh.
I could get used to this.
Keep those eggs safe, guys.
Comfy and thrilling! They'll be okay, right? Of course.
The eggs aren't going to hatch soon.
- I meant Aggro, Cutter and Burple.
- They'll make a great team.
I wanna be in charge of watching the eggs.
- So do I.
We can't both be in charge.
- Which is why it should be me.
Leyla would want me to do it.
I'm the most caring.
Hey! I'm pretty caring, too.
- But I did find them.
- Um, heh.
You found one egg.
I found the other two.
I should be in charge.
What do you think, Cutter? I wouldn't wanna hurt either of your feelings.
- Thanks.
- That's why I should be in charge.
I really don't want to, but if it helps my friends, I guess I have no choice.
It's just the right thing to do.
- Nice try.
- Nice try.
- Come on.
I never get to be in charge.
- Like I do? - Nap's more my speed.
- I wanna be the leader.
Not like I'm gonna miss anything exciting.
- No, that's enough.
- Please, please Oh, so this is where they live.
And look, they have three eggs in there.
What a coincidence.
- Why is he here again? - He's my cousin.
I have to bring him.
But don't worry, we're going to get those eggs.
And those Rescue Riders will never see us coming.
Follow my lead.
But watch out for the purple one.
He's the one that caught on to me last time.
He's cunning, fearless.
Obviously the leader of the group.
- Rock, fire, hay.
Go! - Rock, fire, hay.
Go! Hay covers rock.
I win.
Which means I'm the leader.
I thought you were gonna use fire that time.
Best of 27? Come on.
Let me be in charge for once.
Hey, careful.
You'll warm the eggs too much.
- I'll warm them enough.
- They're sensitive.
Like me.
I see a lot of myself in them.
We like to keep cool.
Go for that window.
As leader, I decided the temperature was right.
Oh! Please, I'm trying to sleep.
Okay, fine.
But they at least need some sunlight.
It helps them grow.
- Sunlight? They're not plants, Burple.
- Oh, right.
I always mix that up.
Forget sunlight.
You're at least gonna sing them a lullaby.
They don't need a lullaby.
Sure they do.
Everyone loves being sung to sleep.
It worked on those baby Silvertailed Ironclaws.
Baa, baa, black sheep Have you any wool? Come on.
A lullaby is supposed to put you to sleep, not wake you up.
It wasn't me.
Talk to Burple Huh? Burple, did you open the shutters again? - What? I don't think so.
- Well, then how did it get open? Ooh! Maybe something's out there.
Like what? I'm kidding.
It was probably just the wind.
I got it.
I don't think that was the wind.
Why is this not working? Can they see us? It's the purple one.
Probably trying to trick us.
Well, two can play that game.
Yeah! Whoo! - Can we go faster? - Oh, we can always go faster.
Wing? Actually, we're here already.
Cave number nine.
Hopefully this one will work to store grain.
Sand! This cave is on the south side.
It'll protect the grain from the winds.
Oh, yes, I see that, but it's too close to the sea.
Could get damp in there.
Wouldn't want the grain to spoil.
- The last one was too far from the sea.
- You mean the last six.
What'd she say? She was just wondering if there's anything specific - you're looking for in a storage cave? - I'll know it when I see it.
This is taking longer than I thought.
I'd love to get back to check on the eggs.
Too small.
Too big.
Too much echo.
Now, this one just not cave-y enough.
Okay, I have an idea.
You two start opening all the shutters.
But we've tried that.
- They'll just close them again.
- Exactly.
But this time, I'll be going in through the door.
That's why you're in charge.
It's been quiet.
Think whatever made that noise is gone? I sure hope so.
- What was that? - That was me.
It's past second lunchtime.
- Whatever's out there is still out there.
- And trying to get in! What is happening? Careful! Watch my rocks! We've got bigger problems to deal with now! The door, it's opening.
I got it! Slinkwing? We meet again.
What are they doing here? Slinkwings steal food.
- So, what if they're after? - The eggs! Too many of them.
We need a plan! - The training supplies.
- It's a little late to train for this.
No! What if we moved all the supplies in front of the windows and doors? Oh.
That could work.
That'll hold them off for now.
Once Dak and Leyla get back, - we'll have them outnumbered.
- Hope they get back soon.
Oh Absolutely not.
Too narrow.
Way too narrow, I'm afraid.
Narrow? Narrow we can fix.
- How about now? - Well, now it just feels too wide.
Back to the skies? I mean, on to the next cave.
There might be something else going on here than cave scouting.
Yes! If you have an idea, I'm all for it, Sum.
Follow me, Winger.
- It worked.
Sounds like they're gone.
- Good thing I was put in charge.
Huh? You were not put Guess they're not gone.
I need to have a word with your leader.
- Talk to me.
I'm the leader.
- Aggro.
You don't sound like the purple one.
Purple one? That's me.
I'm the leader.
Does someone else wanna be the leader right now? Would somebody just talk to him? Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Lurke.
I just want to talk.
Please, hear me out.
It's the right thing to do.
That sounds like something I'd say.
Actually, that's something I did say.
- Yep, it's a trick.
- Hmm.
Hi, again.
Ah, yes.
First, I should apologize for all the sneaking around.
- For sure.
- Apologize all you want.
- No way we're trusting you.
- I know, I know.
People don't trust Slinkwings.
And, yes, I stole food from the town during Hoogenboo.
But I was only trying to feed my family.
We were so hungry.
I was so hungry I ate things I'm not proud of.
- And now you're coming to eat our eggs? - Eat? The eggs? We would never.
In fact, quite the opposite.
We came here to rescue them.
They're Slinkwing eggs.
They belong to Vizza here.
We've been looking for them for so long after they fell out of our nest into the river.
- Really? - Why didn't you tell us that in the first place? For all we knew, you were going to eat the eggs.
We would never.
It's just been so hard, wondering if we'd ever find them again.
Oh That must've been awful.
And it would be terrible for those eggs to grow up away from their own kind.
Wondering where their family was all that time.
- I know what that feels like.
- That's enough.
Nice try, - but you can't trick a trickster.
- Yes.
Is that what they call you, too? It's hard, isn't it? Being so misunderstood.
Uh Actually, it can be kind of hard.
So, I guess you and I aren't that different after all, are we? - We should give them back the eggs.
- Me, too.
As the caring one of the group, I understand how they feel.
I can't believe I'm saying this, maybe these guys aren't so bad.
Do you have to leave so soon? Oh, yes.
We need to get the eggs home in time for dinner.
- I'm gonna miss those little guys.
- Me, too.
We should tell Leyla what Slinkwing eggs look like - so this doesn't happen again.
- She could put it in her Dragon Diary.
Uh Aggro? Burple? Slinkwings don't have red and blue eggs.
They have green eggs.
So, we just gave the eggs to hungry egg eaters? It's my fault.
I was in charge.
- No.
It's my fault.
I was in charge.
- It's my fault.
However we got into this mess doesn't matter.
We need to do - what we should've been doing.
- Listen to Aggro? - Listen to Burple? - Forget who's the leader.
If we want those eggs back, we need a plan and work as a team.
I think I might know how to do it, too.
I'm sorry, Rescue Riders, but this one definitely won't work.
Too dry, huh? Exactly.
That's funny.
When we showed you this same cave an hour ago, you said it was too damp.
I did? I did, but it was a dry kind of dampness.
A damp dryness.
A drampness.
You understand.
- Is there something you'd like to tell us? - Tell you? What would I possibly want to Okay.
You got me.
I do need to find a new grain cave, but it's just been so much fun flying with you all, - and I didn't even want this day to end.
- It's okay.
- No worries.
- Flying is the best.
- I get it.
- If you ever wanna fly, all you do is ask.
- Really? How about tomorrow? - Give us a day or two to rest.
Thank you.
Perhaps that cave over by the edge of town will work after all.
I think number 17.
Can we fly back to it? Hang on, chief! Yes! Lurke, that was brilliant.
You fooled them into believing these were our eggs.
I almost believed they were our eggs.
- Wait, they're not, right? - Wait, Slinkwings.
I have a question.
Hang on, let me catch my breath.
Hurry up, dragon.
We need to get our precious cargo home.
A couple of things about these eggs.
Keep them warm, but not too warm.
Do you know "Baa Baa Black Sheep"? Baa, baa, black sheep Cutter, do it now Hey, that's not how that song goes.
Always the purple one.
Get him! Cover Burple! Go, Burple, go! It's up to him now.
- I think I lost them.
- Think again.
- Give us those eggs back.
- I Well Cough them up now! Now.
You call yourself leader of the Rescue Riders.
Oh, I'm not the leader.
We're a team.
Not the leader.
You can't fool a Slinkwing.
Especially not this one.
Or this one.
Or that - Team.
- You can't fool most of us.
Until next time, "not the leader.
" There he is! - We did it! - Our plan worked like a charm.
I guess you can trick a trickster.
Four stomachs beats three Slinkwings every time.
I'm so hungry I could eat, well, an egg.
- Hmm.
- Or three.
Wait! These are painted rocks! That purple dragon did it again! They aren't half bad.
A little too well-done.
But really not that - Aggro, flame on to keep them warm? - On it.
Will you open a window - so they don't get too warm? - There we go, teamwork.
Now I can nap.
See that, sis? The eggs are fine.
Nothing to worry about.
Not that she was worried you couldn't handle it.
You guys took great care of the eggs.
- Of course.
We kept them warm.
- Made sure they were safe.
Got them back from Slinkwings after they stole them.
That's great.
Wait, what?
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