Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Crash Course

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride There's nothing we can't do Together we can't lose We're high above the world Got it! Whoa! Double got it! Huttsgalorian sea bass? Elbone must be back from fishing.
And they're all inside.
This is my chance.
- I'm getting the first pick this time.
- Out of the way! - Yeah! - Sea bass! Aw, really? If only I could fly like Winger.
I wouldn't be last for dinner or lunch or everything.
Made it.
Is there any sea bass left? - I thought you were gonna save him one.
- I thought Cutter was saving him one.
- I never save any for anybody.
- There's one left.
Sorry, it's the best I could do.
Some dragons ate more than the rest of us.
Hey! I'm on a very strict diet.
- I only eat things that are delicious.
- Thanks, Summer.
Uh, guys.
Storm's rolling in.
- Fast.
- Gang.
Let's get back to the Roost.
- Please don't say quickly.
Not quickly.
- Quickly! Oh, no.
- And they're back.
How was the sea bass? - Delicious, heavenly, life-changing.
- I have no words.
- We just beat the rain flying back.
Well, most of us.
Oh, Burps.
Come here.
Don't want you getting - the dragon flu again.
- Thanks, Leyla.
Hey, Winger.
I was wondering if you had any tips for, uh, flying.
- You're a great flier.
- I mean for flying faster.
Like you.
Well, I'm a Swiftwing.
This is just how I am.
- Oh.
Have any tips to be more like you? - Wish I did.
But dragons can't learn to be like other dragons.
That'd be like Aggro trying to have a water blast - or Summer trying to grow metal spikes.
- Or me trying to be less awesome.
That one's a work in progress.
Meant to do that! - You get what I'm saying? - Yeah, I guess so.
Sorry, Burps.
I My dragon hatchery slash research lab! - Huh? - I know.
I'm working on a better name.
No one move.
I'm kidding.
I don't have to sneeze.
Close call.
Slinkwing goo.
Would've made some mess.
We have to find a safe dry place for this stuff until the storm passes.
- The sleep cave.
- The sleep cave.
This should work.
You sure, sis? It'll be fine until tomorrow.
- Even awesome has a bedtime.
- There you go.
Sleep tight.
- Good night, everyone.
- Almost everyone.
Being last to bed isn't so bad, I guess.
What do you know, a perfect morning for - Joy flying! - Joy flying! Yeah! I can't feel my face! - I wish I couldn't feel my face.
- Morning, Burple.
- Is all my stuff okay in there? - I don't know.
Are you still bummed about missing the sea bass? Bummed about missing everything.
I just wanna be able to fly like that.
But I'm not a Swiftwing, so I guess I'll never be able to.
Winger's right.
He is a Swiftwing.
You're a Rockspitter.
You can't change that.
That doesn't mean you can't learn new things.
Really? Guess I learned copper ore doesn't agree with my third stomach.
Maybe there are some new flying moves you can learn that'll make you the fastest Rockspitter - you can be.
- Thanks, Leyla.
Dragons! Rise and shine! - Herring for breakfast.
- Yeah.
Uh, I can shine, but rise? Not so much.
What do you mean? I'm stuck! - In Slinkwing goo! - How could that happen? I put it down here to keep it safe.
Sizzle! Uh-oh.
- Yeah! - Oh, wow! Yeah! Guess who wants to do that again.
Burple? Uh, no.
This guy right here.
No, look! - Is he really trying to do your moves? - Looks like it.
Let's give him one he'll really like.
Awesome! Huh? Ha, ha! Yeah! - Nailed it, Burple style.
- Not bad.
Let's give him another one to try.
Here's one I call Swiftwing spin spiral! Whoa! Uh, Winger? How about that, huh, Dak? Dak? Dak? That was awesome! Where's Burple? - Look at him go! He's actually going fast.
- Maybe too fast.
- Is he gonna be able to pull up? - Burple, no! Whoa! That wasn't so bad.
I'm safe.
Or not.
Okay, now I'm safe.
Aah! But stuck.
Come on! The Slinkwing goo seems to have hardened overnight.
Well, he's definitely stuck.
Maybe I shouldn't have put that goo down here.
You didn't know it would spill.
But now I'm stuck here.
Forever! The outside world, already a fading memory.
Oh, we'll get you out.
I promise.
I have some ideas.
Pfft! Not working.
Still not working.
None of those ideas worked.
I wish I knew what to do.
And I wish I wasn't stuck and wet and thirsty.
- I can get water for you.
- Really? - Thanks.
- And are you hungry? - I can see if there's any herring left.
- That would be great.
And, you know, my neck is starting to cramp a little.
What? - Ow! - Okay, okay, take my extra hay.
Just don't, you know, cut it up.
This is the life.
Maybe being stuck isn't so bad after all.
- Burple! - Where is he? - I thought he went down right around here.
- Look! - Burple definitely went that way.
- Sure did, but he wasn't the only one.
Okay, easy does it.
Slow and steady gets it done.
Hm? On the other hand, fast and frantic works, too.
That's right, find someone else to growl at.
Look at me, laughing in the face of danger.
My wing! Just to be clear, I was laughing at danger.
Not you guys.
Come on, I know you're small, but you're better than this.
That's right, there's plenty more where that came from.
Four stomachs more! Oh.
You have more, too.
Stop! Or run, that works, too.
- Dak! Winger! How'd you find me? - We saw you go down.
I'm real sorry, Burps.
I saw you back there trying to fly like me.
I didn't mean to pull a crazy move like that.
- At least you didn't get hurt.
- Well - Oh, no.
Now I feel even worse.
- I don't think I'm able to fly out of here.
- I can barely fly with both wings.
- Don't worry, I should be able to fly us both home.
We just need to make a towline.
Dak? - Dak? - Already on it.
- Can I get a refill on water? - Of course.
Just let me finish your sponge bath.
Wouldn't want you to overheat.
I was thinking, to get Cutter free, - maybe we could try - Summer, could you open the door - to get some fresh air in here? - Whatever you need, Cutter.
You name it.
Okay, I have pickerel and trout, and mackerel.
Just like you requested.
Hopefully my delicate stomach can handle one of them.
Or all of them.
Hey, I'm free.
- Finally.
- Cutter, how do you feel - about northern lobster for second lunch? - Northern lobster? My favorite.
And so hard to catch.
On second thought, freedom is overrated.
Uh, Northern lobster sounds great, Leyla.
Poor guy.
I feel like this was my fault.
Yeah, it looks like I could be here for a really long time and Oh! Uh I have this itch on my left wing.
Would you mind? Anything, Cutter.
That should do it.
Just need to double-check Winger's end, - then we're ready to go.
- Maybe we should go now.
- They're back.
- With friends.
Here goes nothing! Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Coming through.
Oh, that must've hurt.
- Yes! - Can't match us, and you can't catch us! Hold on, we can ride this wind current home.
It'll be faster.
Faster is amazing! Maybe a little too amazing.
Can we slow down a bit? - Winger! - You have to fly steady, Burple! I'm trying! Winger! Go! Whoa! Burple, flap your good wing! Come on, lefty! Going down! Winger, can you get us to that sea stack? I can try! Didn't hurt - as much as I thought it would.
- You're welcome.
Going that fast was so much fun.
Until we, you know, crashed.
Towing you is out.
Only way to fix this is leave you here - and fly home to get help.
- Don't worry, Burps.
We won't be long.
I don't mind.
I'm great at not going anywhere.
Ow! - Wait, now you have a bad wing? - It's just a sprain.
I'll be okay.
- Looks like I'm grounded, too.
- Welcome to the club.
And the timing couldn't be worse.
First wolves, now eels? Look out! They can't get to us from down there, right? The tide is rising, which means they won't be down there for long.
We've gotta get off this sea stack.
How? Neither of us can fly with only one wing.
- There's gotta be something we can do.
- Wait.
What if one wing is enough? Uh, it's pretty clear that I need two wings to fly.
- Me, too.
- Exactly.
A dragon needs two wings to fly.
What if we hooked your saddles together right next to each other and then you both flew as one dragon with two wings? Whoa.
That kind of blew my mind.
I don't know, Dak.
Will we be able to fly at the same speed? I'll try my best.
Leyla said I could learn to be a better flier.
I did learn a lot when I was watching you.
- You did? - Yeah.
Keeping the wind behind for loops, riding the air currents.
When you're crashing from the sky at a terrifying speed, - close your eyes.
- I don't do that last one.
- You do.
- You do.
Might be our only hope.
This is the life.
Here's that spring water you like, from the other side of the island.
Little softer on the nail bed.
Little harder on the shoulders.
- Seriously? - We need to take a break.
Yes, yes, of course.
I'll just be here with my legs cramping, my neck aching, and my fish basket being totally empty.
Happy to bring you more fish.
Wait, did you feed him any fish? - Mm-mm.
- You? - Mm-mm.
- Neither did I.
If he can't move, how did he get the fish out of this basket? I can't believe it.
He's been faking? Well, two can play at that game.
- All right.
How's that feel? - Like it's time to go.
Ready when you are.
Here goes something new.
I knew it wouldn't work.
Sorry, but you just can't fly fast enough.
Maybe Burple doesn't need to fly faster.
- Maybe you need to slow down.
- Huh? - Fly more like Burple.
- That doesn't make sense.
I'm a Swiftwing, I can't fly slower.
If I can try to fly faster, maybe you can try something new, too.
- You know, maybe you're right.
- He better be right.
Look! We gotta go now! - Flap harder! - You have to flap softer! Flap harder.
Flap softer.
Flap harder.
Flap softer.
- Flap harder! Flap softer! - That's better, I think.
I flew more like a Rockspitter, you fly more like a Swiftwing.
- I don't know how.
- Try straightening your tail - so the wind doesn't catch it.
- Like this? And keep your head low.
See? - Ooh.
Swiftwingy! - We still gotta go higher! I'm trying, but for some reason Wait a second.
Almost forgot about those.
- We're getting lighter! - And higher! Wait.
One more.
- Burps, you were pretty great back there.
- I know.
I mean, you, too.
You proved me wrong.
Dragons can learn new things.
Well, thanks to your tips, I don't feel like the slowest dragon - on the planet anymore.
- I learned a new trick, too.
How to ride two dragons at once.
Hey, how's that northern lobster coming? I'll take a southern clam, too, if you got one.
Cutter, I think we finally figured out a way to get you unstuck.
Uh, you did? The Slobber Smelters can burn you out with their acidic drool.
I mean, you might lose a spike or three.
But you'll be free.
And that's the most important thing, right? It's a miracle! Must be all that food you fed me.
- Gave me the strength to break - Don't bother.
We're onto you.
Wait, you knew? Spike massages? Really, Cutter? I'm sorry.
You guys did such a good job taking care of me, I didn't want it to end.
I'll make it up to you someday, I promise.
And that day is today.
I'll take some water.
Three buckets full.
From the other side of the island? I could go for that lobster.
And a wing massage.
Ooh! I wanna try that fish.
What's it called? Huttsga Huttsgalorian sea bass? Did Elbone catch more? Winger and I will race you to town.
And I thought we had the crazy day.
I can't feel my face!
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