Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Furious Fun

1 [theme song playing.]
Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride There's nothing we can't do Together we can't lose We're high above the world [Summer.]
Okay, Burp.
Little left.
Little left.
Little right.
Little right.
- Is it left or right? - My left.
Cutter's right.
Oh, right.
And left.
Nailed it.
Nice drop, Burps.
Don't forget about my incredible spiking skills.
[grunts and groans.]
Let's test the patch.
Awesome! No more rain getting in here.
Third hut we fixed this month.
We keep this up, they'll start calling us the Rescue Roofers.
- [woman.]
Help! Somebody help me! - That sounds like Mrs.
Finngard Braun Borgomon.
- Climb down from there! - I can't.
I only know how to climb up! [Leyla.]
Don't worry, we'll save him.
Thank Valhalla you're here.
Don't know how he got up there.
Save me! Save me! I got him.
Do a trick.
Flip or spin or shoot fire.
- Is this kid for real? - What do you say? Thank you.
I won't do it again.
You know, one of your stunts could get you into real trouble.
Bye, Aggro.
- Finngard sure does like adventure.
- Yeah.
Reminds me of a young oh, me.
All right, let's wing it back to the Roost.
Did anyone else see that? All I can see is my bed.
And it's calling to me.
"Burple, Burple, come sleep on me, but have a snack first.
" Wait, that last part was my stomach.
You guys go on, I'll catch up.
I know I saw something out here.
Whoa! [whooping.]
Firefuries! I knew it! Sorry.
Didn't see you there.
We were too busy being awesome.
Woo-hoo! - You okay? - I'm fine.
I'm Aggro.
- Nice to meet you.
I'm Laburn.
- I'm Cindarnanopusflickerstaff.
- Huh? - Cinda for short.
Where's your flock? You lost? No.
I live here.
You live in one place? We live everywhere.
We never sleep in the same cave twice.
We're on an endless quest.
An adventure that'll take us from the snowiest of mountains to the sandiest of beaches.
- What are you searching for? - What else? - Fun! - Fun! Whoo! - See you around.
- Do you have to go so soon? Sorry, the fun doesn't wait for anything.
- So, neither do we.
- Can't you have fun around here? I haven't seen another Firefury in a long time.
- Should we show her? - I don't know.
She's still young.
What? Show me what? All right, Aggro.
You wanna have some fun? Let's have some fun.
When I say go, shoot the biggest fireball you can.
You've seen what two Firefuries can do.
Wait till you see three.
Ready set go! [Aggro.]
Whoa! - Firefuries forever! - Firefuries forever! That was amazing! You gotta come back to the Roost, meet my friends.
- Got any fish there? - Yeah.
All kinds.
Buckets full.
- Huttsgalorian sea bass is my favorite.
- I thought yellowtail pike - was your favorite.
- It is.
I have a lot of favorites.
- Wonder where Aggro is.
- Yeah, she's been gone a while.
She's just out joy-flying.
We did a lot of work.
I think I hear her coming now.
Borgomon? I'm so sorry to bother you, Dak and Leyla, but I've figured out why Finngard is always getting himself into trouble.
- This is when I get blamed.
- It's because of dragons.
- Winner, winner, fishy dinner.
- Because of the dragons? I don't mean it in a bad way.
Here, look at this.
I found it under Finny's bed.
All about dragons.
He's got notes about every time we rescued him.
Oh, that is sweet.
He's made a sort of dragon diary like mine.
He keeps getting himself in dangerous spots on purpose? - For that book? - Yes.
I don't know what to do.
I have an idea.
Have a dragon day with Finngard tomorrow.
We can show him our moves, safely.
Oh, that'd be wonderful.
He's gonna be so excited, I doubt he'll sleep a wink.
See you tomorrow.
- Sounds like a big day ahead of us.
- Better fill our stomachs.
- [burps.]
- Huh? - Where'd you two come from? - It's okay.
These are my new friends.
Laburn and Cinda.
They're Firefuries.
Just like me.
I invited them to dinner.
Yeah, that was pretty obvious.
- Boney, but delicious.
- Sorry, we haven't eaten in days.
- Hard time fishing? - No.
We just forgot.
We spent the last week trying to set a new speed record.
We crossed five island chains to get here.
- Yeah! - Winger, we gotta try that.
- [grunts.]
- [laughs.]
Aggro said she was friends with humans, but we didn't believe her.
We're Rescue Riders.
If we're not saving dragons, we're helping people.
Sounds like a lot of work.
- When do you have any fun? - Saving dragons and helping people is fun.
- Doesn't sound like it.
- Nope.
Any friend of Aggro's is a friend of ours.
Feel free to stay the night.
We have plenty of space.
- Oh, we don't wanna intrude.
- There's plenty more fish.
But if you insist Come on, we'll show you how Firefuries light the night.
- Ready? - To do what? Crash into trees? I can't see a thing.
Whoa! [grunts.]
[gasps, then chuckles.]
Yeah! [all giggling and whooping.]
- [Winger.]
Oh, wow! - This is great! - Aggro, I did not know you could do this.
- Neither did I.
Oh, yeah! This is awesome! Firefuries forever! Yippee! This is awesome! [yawns.]
Awesome and exhausting.
I need my beauty sleep.
We're giving Finngard a dragon day to show him our powers.
- I'll be there.
- Yeah, I better get some sleep, too, or my only power tomorrow will be super snoring.
- You guys coming? - No.
We're just getting started.
- Yeah, there's plenty of time to sleep.
- [Laburn.]
Stay up and have more fun.
Firefuries forever, right? [laughing and explosions in distance.]
- Yeah.
- How long are they gonna keep this up? - It is loud when we're trying to sleep.
- [Firefuries.]
Firefuries forever! - [yawns.]
Can we sleep here? - It's too noisy in the lighthouse.
Not much better in here.
[laughter and explosions continue.]
Might as well lie awake in my own bed.
None of us are gonna get any sleep.
Well, most of us won't.
[all groan.]
[rooster crows.]
[groans, then gasps.]
Whoa, what happened here? Haggis, too? [all snoring.]
What a beautiful morning.
- Oh, no.
- Wha The zip line.
Coming down! No, Dak! Don't! [whooping.]
Yeah! Whoa! Sorry.
We had a problem with the zip line last night.
That's okay.
It was kind of fun.
- Dangerous, but fun.
- Sorry about the mess.
- Guess we had a little too much fun.
- Yeah, we heard.
- I'll clean up and fix the zip line.
- Today's dragon day with Finngard.
He's gonna wanna learn about Firefuries, too.
I can't wait.
I'll clean up fast.
And I'm sure my new friends will help.
See you down there.
Hey, guys.
Wake up! I could use a little help cleaning.
- [yawns.]
Cleaning? - What's that? Does it involve breakfast? No.
It's what you do after you make a mess.
- That doesn't sound like fun.
- It sounds like work.
The faster we go, the faster we'll be done.
[Haggis brays.]
- There.
That's clean.
- Looks good to me.
Hey, Aggro, let's go.
- Adventure awaits.
- Wow! You clean fast.
Wait, I still have to fix the zip line.
But that's gonna take all morning.
Unless, we help her.
The torch? You know it.
Another thing I didn't know we could do.
We know tons of cool stuff like that.
- Can you teach me? - Totally.
But first, we cleaned your Roost, it's time to have fun.
But I'm supposed to I guess I have time for a little fun first.
[whooping and laughing.]
Firefuries forever! You think that's fun? Watch this.
Yeah! This is more fun than last time I was on the ice.
Stick with us, 'cause we're cool.
Make that really cool.
[all laughing.]
Very funny.
- Wanna go again? - You know it.
Strike! Whoa.
- Wow! [giggles.]
- Nice shot, Burps.
My turn! Sharpest tail in Huttsgalor.
That was amazing! - Having fun, Finngard? - Yeah! Where's Aggro? I don't have anything for Firefuries yet.
Aggro had work to finish up.
She'll be along any minute now.
- I hope.
- You don't think she likes her new friends - better than us, do you? - Better than me? No way.
She's a Rescue Rider, one of us.
It's taking her a long time to clean up.
Don't worry.
I'm sure she's headed down here now.
Oh, how I love a fish feast after ice-sliding.
These are so good.
- Told you this was a great spot.
- The best.
I could eat them all.
In fact, I think I will.
[Aggro grunting.]
- Still trying the torch? - It's such a cool move.
Nothing to it.
Like whistling.
Use your mouth to focus the blast.
Keep practicing.
You'll get it.
Whoa, it's late.
I gotta get to Huttsgalor for dragon day.
You guys coming? Come on, it'll be fun, too.
Thanks, you guys.
Finngard will be so happy to see us.
What's that? It looks awesome.
That's Boiling Springs Valley.
We never go there.
It's pretty dangerous.
You said pretty dangerous, but what I heard was pretty awesome.
- Let's go! - But wait, what about dragon day? Laburn? Cinda? Wow! [Dak.]
Here we go, Winger! [whooping.]
- Yeah! - Yeah! Let's show Finngard what a Swiftwing can really do.
- Right with you, Dak.
- Prepare for a triple blast! Wow, that was sweet! It wasn't that great.
- Okay.
It was pretty great.
- That was so cool! [growls.]
Winger only has three power blasts until he has to recharge, so it's important to never miss.
That wraps it up.
I hope you had a fun dragon day.
I guess so.
- Sorry Aggro didn't make it.
- Yeah.
Something must have come up.
- That's okay.
- She'll come tomorrow so you can finish that chapter of your diary.
Okay, thanks for everything.
I better get home.
- I can't believe Aggro didn't make it.
- Finngard was really disappointed.
She's excited to have other Firefuries around.
I hope she's okay.
Laburn and Cinda do seem a little wild.
Try to get a blast all the way through.
- My turn.
- Be careful.
- Those geysers can pop up anywhere.
- Relax.
We're experts.
- At having fun! - That one was a little too close.
- But still fun! - I don't know about this.
- Firefuries forever! - Firefuries forever! [explosion.]
Firefuries! Finally! Yes! Made it! - That was fun.
- You know what'd be more fun? - Flying through ourselves.
- Flying through ourselves.
Or just heading home.
[Laburn & Cinda laugh.]
Oh, you're serious? - Come on.
Those geysers are super hot.
- Yeah? And so are we.
Yeah! - Help! - Hang on! [laughing.]
- Epic moves, Aggro.
- Thanks for the rescue, rider.
Firefuries forever.
Forever or until we get boiled.
You guys can stay here if you want, but Finngard? What's he doing here? Finngard! No! Go back! It - [growling.]
- Aggro! I found you! [screams.]
Aggro! Help! Oh, thanks, Aggro.
Oh, no.
Not good.
- We've gotta do something.
- What? We're not rescuers.
We're totally irresponsible! This is gonna be close! She came after me.
We have to go after her.
Firefuries forever! I'm starting to think this wasn't the best idea.
- Don't worry.
We'll get you out.
- No! Don't land or you'll get stuck.
This stuff is stickier than it looks.
- I'm out of ideas.
- What about your friends? - The Rescue Riders.
- They don't even know we're here.
But maybe there's a way we could signal them.
- Aggro! - Aggro! - She's not here.
- Not here either.
- She did fix the zip line.
- I wonder where she is.
Haggis? - [Dak.]
Not the best cleaning job.
- You always just sweep the trash behind the Roost, too.
- I'm not the best cleaner.
- Looks like Aggro and her new pals - were in a hurry to get done.
- If they didn't come to Finngard's dragon day, where did they go? [explosions.]
I think that mystery is solved.
We know where Aggro and her friends are.
Three blasts, all from the same spot.
- It almost seems like - A signal of some sort.
- Could be a call for help.
- Isn't that over Boiling Springs Valley? [grunting.]
I like a hot bath as much as the next dragon, but not this hot.
They're coming back! This is it.
What - Go, Rescue Riders! - Hang on, we'll get you out of there! Wow! [Cutter.]
Timber! That's how you do it, Cutter-style.
It's gonna blow! Look out! Nice move, Winger! These rocks aren't gonna hold for much longer.
Get us out of the mud! Did she say mud? Wow, that's so coo [Finngard giggles.]
- That was awesome! - That was close.
Never thought I'd say this, but maybe I've had enough fun for one day.
That makes two of us.
Well, we should probably be moving on.
We are Firefuries after all.
- Wanna come with us, Aggro? - Firefuries forever, right? I'm a Firefury, - but I'm also a Rescue Rider.
- No worries.
We'll catch you - next time we're passing through.
- Save me some fish.
No, all the fish.
See you around.
Whoo-hoo! [Laburn.]
Thanks, guys! This isn't the last of us! - Show me another move! - I'll show something cooler.
And by cooler, I mean hotter.
Oh? Ah! Yeah! Wow! - My gosh! - How did you do that? Nothing to it.
Just like whistling.
[blows raspberry.]
- Yeah.
Now add the fire and you got it.
- Hey, let me try.
Yeah, I can't really whistle either.

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