Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Grumblegard Part 1

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride There's nothing we can't do Together we can't lose We're high above the world Now! [laughing.]
Now, that's an inverted diving barrel roll.
I call it awesome.
I think my stomachs prefer other mo mo mo moves.
- Good job, Burps.
You're really improving.
- [squealing.]
[barking and growling.]
- Let's go help those little guys, Wing.
- You know it.
- That's right, wolves.
- Find yourselves a less adorable snack.
I don't see any mom or dad dragons.
Let's get these babies out before those wolves come back.
Come on.
Goo-goo, gaga.
What? They understand me.
So, who wants to tell Leyla we found more baby dragons? Oh, me.
I do.
What? You don't think she'll be happy to see more babies? Come on, guys.
Time for your bath.
[Leyla groans.]
- No.
Don't touch that.
That's my - I got it.
Thanks, Summer.
Come here, little guy.
[grunts, then gasps.]
Seriously? Summer.
It wasn't me.
Sorry about that.
Bath day is the worst.
Especially when I'm not the one who's supposed to be taking a bath.
- Whoa, look out.
- Sorry, Heatey is practicing his aim.
[loud crash, sheep bleats.]
Practice harder.
I did not think taking care of four baby dragons would be this difficult.
Uh, how do you feel about six? More the merrier? [both squeal.]
- [gasps, then sighs.]
- [gibbering.]
- What are they? - I don't know.
If you thought we had our hands full before Oh, don't worry, sis.
We can handle it.
- Heh.
Sure, we can.
- [babies squeal.]
- [screams.]
This isn't how nap time works.
- [loud crash.]
- I didn't say it was gonna be easy.
- [chuckles.]
You think it's hard now? Wait till they start to develop new powers.
- New powers? - Dragons get new powers as they grow up.
You should have seen our mom.
She had a power blast like Winger but also had a Mega Blast.
- What's that? - One giant blast instead of three small ones.
It was so cool.
- You can do that? - Not yet.
I've never even tried.
- But if I Ow! - [chomps.]
I think the new guys might be hungry.
Here you go.
Silver snapper.
- Huh.
- Oh! Giant scrugfish? [squealing.]
Maybe not.
Whoa! [grunts.]
- [sniffing.]
- Oh, they seem to like vegetables.
- [gibbering.]
- [gasps.]
Just not to eat.
If you're not gonna finish that This is so weird.
They're obviously hungry, but they won't eat.
If I could figure out what dragon they are, maybe I could - [squeals.]
- [all groan.]
- What was that? - Wait a second, I recognize that call.
Now, how do we get it to stop? "Piercing Shriek Scales.
" That's what they are.
So, I take it we're gonna hear this a lot? [Leyla.]
Adult Shriek Scales make that sound to chase off predators.
As babies, - they make it When hungry.
- Pretty much all the time? I get it.
Sometimes I cry in public when I miss a meal.
If they're hungry, why won't they eat? [squealing.]
Because baby Shriek Scales only eat the bark - of the Crimson Pine Tree.
- So, let's go get some of that.
Well, it's super rare.
Of course it is.
Chief Duggard.
If there's Crimson Pine, he'll know where to find it.
You came to the right man.
We have a few Crimson Pines, they are right up here.
They're shorter than I remember.
Isn't this where Magnus' log-cutting machine went wild? Great.
There have to be Crimson Pine Trees somewhere else.
Not on Huttsgalor.
Try the other Obscure Islands.
There are a few options.
A lot of options.
I've seen pine trees on this island.
I can't remember if they're crimson or not.
This island could work.
Ooh, this.
I just like the shape of this one.
[Summer & Aggro sigh.]
- What about this one? - Hazard Island.
Why, yes, I suppose there might be some Crimson Pine Trees - on Hazard Island.
- Sounds nice.
Let's go there.
- You know hazard means danger, right? - Yeah, we do.
You don't wanna go to Hazard Island.
It's earned its name.
- No one who's gone there has come back.
- That's a bad thing, Dak.
What? I know.
Don't worry, chief, we have plenty of other islands to try.
Okay, guys, load up.
It might be a long trip.
- I can't believe I have to stay behind.
- They wouldn't let you leave - even if you try.
- Neither would we.
We need all the help we can get.
Don't worry, we'll be back with the Crimson Pine Bark.
Let's fly.
Dak, remember what Duggard said.
Don't go to Hazard Island.
Don't worry.
Does that sound like something I'd do? Yes.
I'll try the other islands first, I promise.
He's going to end up at Hazard Island, isn't he? Yep.
- Are you heading us toward Hazard Island? - More or less.
Mostly more.
You promised you'd check other islands first.
We are, as we fly over them on the way to Hazard Island.
- Haven't seen Crimson Pines yet.
You? - Not from up here.
Hazard Island is the biggest, we have the best chance to find Crimson Pine there.
I don't think it's a good idea.
Unfortunately, I don't have a better one.
Yes! Hazard Island it is.
There it is.
Tall trees at the top of the island.
They're - Crimson Pine.
- Oak.
Oh, right.
Crimson Pine.
Hazard Island doesn't seem so hazardous.
Not to us dragons.
I take it back.
Where did this wind come from? I don't know.
- But it's getting stronger.
Whoa! - Whoa! Fall back.
We fell back, all right.
That was weird.
Weird and embarrassing.
We got our butts kicked.
By wind.
Hazard Island was a good name after all.
What is it? Look at the trees blowing the opposite direction the wind was.
That doesn't make any sense.
If the wind is blowing the trees that way - What blew us this way? - Good question.
There has to be a way to get them to stop! What? I can't hear you over the screeching.
There has to be a way to get them to stop! That's what I just - [squealing stops.]
- said.
- [sighs.]
Thank goodness.
- I thought that couldn't get any worse.
I take it back! The Shriek Scales are starting to upset the other babies.
- We need to calm them down.
- You're telling me.
I don't remember what silence sounds like.
- Maybe they need a distraction.
- Not a bad idea.
Come on, let's distract.
I call these the dragon swings.
- [crying.]
- [groans.]
Baa, baa, black sheep Have you any wool? - [squealing.]
- Come on.
I wasn't that off-key.
I hope the others find that Crimson Bark soon.
- I'm out of ideas.
- A change of scenery would help.
- Take them to the village.
- It can't hurt.
- See you when you get back.
- Nice try, Cutter, - but you're coming.
- It was worth a try.
All right, gang, round two.
Wind's picking up.
- Commence Operation Windjammer.
- Burple, you're up.
It's working.
Who knew I was a good wind blocker? Burple, can we go any faster? I'd love to.
Just let me ask my wings.
Yeah, they said no.
Ugh! This is taking forever.
Aggro, no.
Stay in formation.
- Whoa! - Aggro! - Get us as close as you can.
- I'm trying.
I'm also getting tired! Go on without us! He got us close.
We might make it.
Beautiful day to be hanging on for life.
Hang on longer.
We're almost there.
- I love crash landings.
- Because you have my body - to break your fall.
- True.
- Look.
There are the Crimson Pines.
- The wind has stopped.
Something feels off, Dak.
Let's grab the bark and go.
Don't worry.
We're totally safe.
Don't you dare touch my trees.
You were saying? You made it through my wind blast.
- Getting rusty in my old age.
- Sorry to show up on your island without an invitation.
- What is this small ugly dragon saying? - Uh, I'm not a dragon.
I mean, I wish I was.
I'm a human.
A human? My eyesight must be getting worse.
My hearing, too.
- Did you just talk to me? - Pretty amazing, right? My sister and I were shipwrecked.
A dragon rescued us - Not interested.
- What? Everybody loves that story.
- Sir, we're here on an urgent mission.
- I don't care.
This is my island.
Grumblegard's Island.
I've had humans come before, dragons, too.
Invaders, all the same.
I don't care why you're here, where you're from.
I want you gone.
I'll be fair and give you to the count of one.
Time's up.
Look out! You wanna play it that way? Feel the heat.
Whoa! What heat? Your battle cry should be "feel the mildly warm" - or "here comes the tepid" - It's Burple from above! [screams.]
- That all you got? - [Dak.]
Got something else, too.
Power blast! Are you trying to tickle me, son? That's right.
And don't come back.
They won't eat anything at the Roost.
- [squeals.]
- [groans.]
Elbone sure picked the wrong day to start a glass-blowing business.
What is all this noise?! I was awoken from my siesta.
And no one wakes Marena from a siesta.
- Sorry, Marena, these baby dragons are - Babies? That sound came from babies?! Yes, babies that will be far away and back in the Roost immediately.
Flee if you want, but Marena is still coming for you.
We need that bark, but Grumble-Blarg or whoever - doesn't seem to care.
- Oh, he cared.
He cared that we got off his island.
We could try other islands.
Maybe some safer ones? We attack him head-on.
Or I should.
No one blows my fireballs back at me.
We don't have time to check other islands and we're not powerful enough.
Even Winger's power blast did nothing.
No offense, Wing.
Only a little taken.
Maybe a Mega Blast is strong enough to back him off - for us to get the bark.
- I can't do Mega Blast.
- Mom could.
- But I can't.
- How do you know? You've never tried.
- Actually, I have tried.
A lot.
What? When? I've been sneaking out at night to practice.
- You didn't tell me? - No.
Because every time I try, this happens.
- Hey, that's how I usually land.
- See? I'm not old or strong enough or not as powerful as Mom.
- I don't know.
- Wing, it's okay.
You'll get it one day.
Know how many times I've tried tricks - and fallen off your back? - Four hundred and twelve.
Huh? Point is, I don't let it get me down.
I keep on with the crazy.
Besides, you're awesome even without a Mega Blast.
- Thanks, Dak.
- But without a Mega Blast, how can we beat Grumblegard and get that bark? Wait.
Maybe we don't need to beat him.
To get the bark, we need to lose to him.
Sure about this, Dak? You know what they say, if you can't beat them, get beat by them.
- Nobody says that.
- They will after today.
What part of "get off of my island" wasn't clear? All of it.
We can't go until we get what we came for.
Well, if you came for pain, you can have plenty of that! [Dak.]
Our turn.
You think an old dragon can't see you, huh? I'd never think that.
- [Winger.]
Dak! - I got him.
We'll just have to find Crimson Pine on another island.
Kids these days.
Kids these days are awesome.
Nice job, Burps.
That was such an awesome plan.
I got to save Dak and use a little sleight of paw.
If I didn't do it, I would've thought I couldn't.
Let's hope Dak can get that bark.
What do you think of this? Huh? - [squeals.]
- [grunts.]
Well, I'm out of moves.
- What if we swaddled them in blankets? - Already tried.
It didn't work.
- What if we got the cart? - Didn't work either! [banging on door.]
Huh? What? That's the best thing I've seen all day.
How did you do that? Old trick I used on a baby tiger once.
[speaks in Spanish.]
- Can you teach me how to do that? - I just did.
- [door closes.]
- [gasps.]
Classic Marena exit.
You do have that clap down, right? Sure.
Seriously? It's trickier than it looks.
Sure hope this stuff works.
[wind gusts.]
You thought I'd fall for the replace-the-human-with-a-log trick? Uh, maybe.
My eyes may be weak, but my brain is not.
No more Mr.
Nice Dragon.
You'll pay for trespassing on my island.
You really should have left when you had the chance.
[Dak groaning.]
We gotta find a way to shut off his wind.
You need to try that Mega Blast.
I told you, I can't.
No rush or anything, guys.
I'm totally fine over here.
Just, uh Unless you've got a better idea, that Mega Blast might be our only hope.
Wait a second, I might have a better idea.
All right, cover me, guys.
- [Burple groaning.]
- [Aggro spits.]
- Missed.
- Did I? [Grumblegard groans.]
Nice move.
You should've left my island alone.
- You've made an enemy today.
- I'm not trying to make enemies.
I'm just trying to feed some dragons.
- [squealing.]
- I hate to complain, but it's hard to enjoy the quiet without the quiet.
I've gotta be able to do this.
There goes any hope of quiet ever again.
Actually, don't count on that.
- You found the bark? - Of course.
It was no trouble.
- [Winger clears throat.]
- [Aggro.]
Maybe it was kind of a lot of trouble.
[both squeal.]
- Found it on Hazard Island, didn't you? - I don't care where you found it.
I'm glad I can hear my own thoughts again.
- I'm so hilarious.
- Down to one problem.
- What's that? - How to take care of six baby dragons.
We may have another problem on our hands.
He followed us.
Uh, Dak, who's Grumblegard?
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