Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

Grumblegard Part 2

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world - Dak, who's Grumblegard? - Let me take a guess.
That giant, angry dragon coming right for us? Good guess, Cutter.
You got it.
Why is he coming here? And why does he look so mad? Well, we kind of tricked him out of the Crimson Pine Bark on Hazard Island.
- You tricked him? - Apparently, he didn't take it so well.
Yeah, he's like that.
Get the babies inside.
We'll try to hold him off out here as long as we can.
- Any idea how we're going to do that? - I'll think of something.
I'll handle this.
He doesn't look so tough.
No, Cutter! Hey, Grumble-goon.
Nobody wants to hurt you, so just back Whoa! Please.
Stop! It's a little late for "please.
" - Why didn't you tell me he could do that? - We tried.
You didn't let us finish.
- Next time, finish faster.
- The babies are safe.
What does he want? You invaded my island.
Now let's see how you like it when I invade yours.
- Guess that answers that.
- Oh, no.
No wind today.
Guess I won't be going anywhere.
Why did you lie to me? I trusted you! It's a hurricane! Or is it a dragon? It's both, chief.
Take cover! - We have to do something, Wing.
- I'm about to.
Hold on, Dak.
Stop attacking the people of Huttsgalor.
- You really wanna play this game with me? - No.
I wanna play a different game.
Dak, prepare for a Mega Blast.
Yes! I was hoping you were gonna say that.
He's gonna do it.
He's gonna do it! Winger! He didn't do it.
Know any other jokes? I mean, seriously, I haven't laughed that hard in about a century.
Hey, it's not nice to laugh at someone like that.
I think it's pretty obvious he's not nice, Burple.
Stealing from my island isn't very nice either.
That's my home.
We just needed some bark.
Well, now you got some bite.
You dragon riders don't leave this island before sundown tomorrow, I'll be back and I'll blow this entire village and everyone in it, into the sea.
Thanks, Rescue Riders.
The only problem with living on a boat is that your house can float away.
Or rock back and forth.
Or sink.
Or Actually, there's a lot of problems with living on a boat.
Sorry about the mess, Chief Duggard.
That was one angry dragon.
What did he say to you before he left? Grumblegard said if we don't leave, he's going to come back and blow Huttsgalor into the sea.
What? I told you these so-called Rescue Riders were nothing but trouble.
- Now wait just a minute, Magnus.
- This is what happens when you invite dragons to live on your island.
But now, now.
They've also done a lot of good for this town.
We've seen it with our own eyes.
That is true.
Oh, yes, of course, chief.
If by "doing good," you mean bringing an angry dragon to our shores bent on revenge, I think the answer is clear, the Rescue Runts must go! Magnus is right.
I agree with him.
Go? I don't wanna go.
This is our home.
There won't be much of a home left if Grumblegard comes back and finds us still here.
I hate to say it, but for everyone's safety, - I think Magnus Finke might be right.
- Forget Magnus Finke.
I welcomed you to stay before, and that offer still stands.
- It was the best decision I've ever made.
- Only decision he ever made.
But what about Grumblegard? If there's one thing I can say about Huttsgalor, we are a proud people.
We will never be bullied, by Viking nor dragon.
The chief is right.
You're a part of this village now.
And nothing can change that.
Yeah, and if you leave, who's gonna rescue me every other week? We want to stay, chief, but we don't know how to stop Grumblegard.
No matter.
Huttsgalor stands with the Rescue Riders.
We will go prepare our defenses.
We can't let the town fight this battle for us.
There's gotta be something we can try.
- Something we haven't thought of yet.
- Like what? We were barely strong enough to save the village from Slinkwings.
How can we stop a giant dragon like Grumblegard? That's it.
I have an idea.
But I don't think you guys are gonna like it.
He was right.
I don't like this plan.
You seriously wanna ask the Slinkwings to help us, Dak? Think about it.
There are three of them and only one Grumblegard.
And they're invisible.
So, they can sneak up on him and blast his mouth closed with their sticky goo.
But why would the Slinkwings ever help us? Because if Grumblegard blows away the island, the Slinkwings will be blown away, too.
You know, I'm starting to think that Dak's idea just might be crazy enough to work.
Just wanna point out, it's also crazy enough not to work.
I hadn't thought of that.
Okay, Slinkwings it is.
But like you said, Dak, they're invisible.
- We're never gonna find them.
- I think I found them.
- On the other hand - This looks fresh.
Slinkwings? Hello? Aggro, light it up.
It's empty.
Rescue Riders.
You can't sneak up on Slinkwings.
Yeah, we're the sneaky ones.
That's our thing, right? Blast them! Come on, Dak.
Do something.
This was your idea.
We're not here to fight you.
We need your help.
Really? Hold your fire, Slinkwings.
Did she just say they need our help? If they need our help, we should probably help them.
It's the nice thing to do.
I mean, whatever you say.
Why would we ever help you? There's a big, angry dragon coming and he wants to blow us into the sea.
Us? That sounds like a you-problem.
He's gonna blow the whole island into the sea.
That would include you, too.
What do you mean, "blow the island into the sea"? He has a wind attack like nothing you've ever seen.
- Grumblegard? - You know him? No! I mean, we've heard stories.
We've seen him up close.
We can't save the island without your help.
He was here? And he's coming back tomorrow.
In that case, we'd be happy to help you save the island.
In you go.
I know you don't wanna, but we gotta keep you safe.
- No sign of him? - Not yet.
He's coming.
I can feel it.
It's a good plan, Dak.
I must be rubbing off on you.
I hope you're right, Ley.
But if it doesn't work Then we'll leave Huttsgalor forever to save our friends.
Maybe it won't come to that.
Or maybe it will.
Grumblegard! We don't wanna fight you.
I'm sure you don't.
So, what's it gonna be? Are you leaving or am I flattening your island? - Neither.
- Now! Really? Haven't you learned your lesson yet? Yeah! You were saying? Nice shooting, Slinkwings.
Now maybe you'll let us explain ourselves? Yes, please do.
And while you're at it, we'll go take over Grumblegard's island.
What?! Oh, yes.
We know all about his island, with its steep cliffs and bountiful food.
We've been trying to take it away from him for years.
But we could never get close enough.
Thanks to you, it's ours now.
But you can come and visit anytime.
No? Never mind.
Goodbye, Rescue Riders.
You were right, helping you did help us to his island.
Didn't see that coming.
Okay, we probably need to talk.
If we take this off, promise not to blast us? Is that a yes nod, or a I'm-gonna-blast-you nod? - They kind of look the same.
- It's a yes nod.
I think he said yes nod.
I can't believe you trusted a Slinkwing.
- Don't you know anything? - For the record, I never liked the plan.
For the record, you never had a better one.
What were we supposed to do, Grumblegard? We were trying to save Huttsgalor.
Hm? It's a baby stampede! Will you get off of me? Sorry.
They're just excited.
They've been cooped up all day.
Who's nibbling on my tail? Doesn't anyone teach manners anymore? Even I heard that, and my hearing's been shot for half a century.
This is why we needed the bark from your island, to feed the baby Shriek Scales.
- A hungry baby can be a bit demanding.
- That's one way to put it.
These little guys are barely hatchlings.
What are they doing here? They're orphans.
They don't have anyone else to take care of them.
That's what we do.
We're the Rescue Riders.
- You never let us explain before.
- Oh, yes, well Hmm.
You have Shriek Scales, Slobber Smelters, even a Hideous Heatwing.
Do not let him get into the Crimson Pine bark.
- Why? - Two words, lava poop.
Yuck! You sure know a lot about dragons.
Yeah, well, when you're 275 years old, you've seen a few things.
You're 275? - Oh.
Still look pretty good.
- You must be a Foreverhorn.
That's right.
Distant relative of the Foreverwing and the longest living dragon.
We know everything.
Except how to share.
Perhaps I've been living alone for too long.
I'm not used to trusting humans, or dragons, or humans flying dragons.
- When did this start happening? - We're kind of a special case.
Yes, well, taking care of all these orphaned babies, I should say so.
Would you mind freeing my wings, they're getting a bit stiff.
This is gonna take a while.
Look at that.
Playtime, I guess.
I'm sorry I attacked you and your village.
I didn't know what was going on.
And we're sorry we tricked you on your island.
We should've figured out another way to get the bark.
Well, apparently, it's not my island anymore.
Those tricky Slinkwings have finally taken it over.
Maybe if we work together, we can fix this.
All right, then, first thing tomorrow, we're gonna get your island back.
Your cave! They sealed it shut with Slinkwing goo.
And a whole lot of rocks.
They're hiding in a cave? - What cowards.
- They're not cowards.
They're smarter than I thought.
That cave is the key to holding the island.
Then that's where we'll focus all of our firepower.
Now you're talking.
All right, Rescue Riders, let's wing it! I'm totally not scared! Rescue Riders Look out! Oh, look who came to visit.
We've made a few improvements since you left.
I'm a Fastfin.
Their goo doesn't stick to me.
What? That was a perfect shot.
Their goo is a lot stronger than usual.
Leyla! - Our turn, Cutter.
- Right with you.
- Whoo! - Yes! Whoa.
No, no, no! I'm still totally not scared! Hi, guys.
Take this! What's going on? Why is that wall so strong? Eww.
This stuff's gross.
This island is full of medicinal plants and untold mysteries.
There must be something here that strengthens Slinkwing goo.
You're outmatched, Rescue Riders.
You'll never get in here.
Guess it's up to us.
My power blast didn't even dent it.
There's nothing else I can do.
You're a Swiftwing.
What about your Mega Blast? You've seen what happens when I try a Mega Blast.
I can't do it.
Remember what I said about this island having untold mysteries? Yeah.
This is a Wonderwood Tree.
The root will give you the power you need for a Mega Blast.
Just take a bite, then fire away.
Trust me.
Can you feel the power? It's strong, isn't it? I think it's working.
I feel powerful.
Now do it! Look! Huh? Hello.
I did it.
I shot a Mega Blast! Yes, you did.
Now it's my turn.
No hard feelings! Remember to take plenty of Crimson Pine Bark.
- We will.
- I want some of that Wonderwood root, too.
Might come in handy when I need a Mega Blast.
Oh, right.
About that Wonderwood doesn't have any special qualities.
- Except it's terrible in a campfire.
- What?! - But you said - You were overthinking it.
You just needed a little confidence.
So, I gave you some.
I knew you had it in you, Wing.
Thanks, Grumblegard.
For everything.
You really wanna thank me? - Get off of my island.
- You got it.
- And take care of those babies.
- Don't worry.
We will.
You don't think he's going to be lonely, do you? No, Grumblegard's used to being alone.
Come on.
Fetch! What's wrong with you guys today? You love this game.
Everything okay, Burps? I don't know.
For some reason, they don't wanna play.
- They always wanna play.
- They finally calmed down.
Let's just be happy.
They don't look calm as much as they look sad.
Why would they be sad? We have tons of food for them now.
- Look! - Grumblegard? You left this on the island.
Figured I should return it.
I don't think that's mine, I I brought a few things for the little ones.
You know, to make them a little less annoying.
Those are Speckled Spice Peppers.
The little Shriek Scales might like them even more than the Crimson Pine Bark.
And a Slobber Smelter cannot turn down the leaves from a Dunderbush.
You know, Grumblegard, the Roost is pretty small for all these babies.
They could use more room to really stretch out their wings.
A place with tons of awesome food.
That's safe from invaders.
With someone there who knows everything and can help them develop.
You know, that sounds suspiciously like my island.
Yeah, it does, doesn't it? I suppose it would help for them to be raised by someone who knows enough to not trust Slinkwings.
How many times do I have to say I'm sorry? Hard to say, but I'm guessing the number's in the hundreds.
Take the babies, huh? Sounds like a lot of work.
I'm not sure I'd like it.
But I suppose I could make some room for them, I mean, if they wanna come over and give it a try.
I'd say that's a yes.
Okay, wee dragons, prepare for takeoff.
- Goodbye! - We'll miss you! - Bye! - Goodbye! - I'm gonna miss them.
- They're going to a good home.
You know, I don't think Grumblegard is as tough as he puts on.
You wanna tell him that to his face? Uh, no.

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