Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

Double Finked

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world [bleating.]
Go, Leyla, go! These rescue vines Hannahr made for our saddles work great.
Glad I don't have to use those.
Just watching you practice makes me dizzy.
You think rescuing an egg is good? Wait till you see me rescue an Elbone.
I thought that was supposed to be Chief Duggard.
Definitely Elbone.
See? He's screaming.
Oh, right.
Very lifelike.
Watch and learn, everyone.
Hi-yah! Whoa! [Winger.]
I got him.
- You forgot Elbone.
- I know.
Dak, maybe next time you should use your arms to get more balance.
Hey, I just got a little tangled up, that's all.
Don't worry, Ley, I can rescue vine as well as anyone with my eyes closed.
Doing it with your eyes open sure didn't work too well.
- [chuckles.]
- [groans.]
Whoa! [laughs.]
- Yes! - Well, you got part of him.
Dak, maybe we should call it a day.
I'm getting sort of hungry.
Are you just saying that to keep me from hurting myself more? Yeah, I'm good with that.
Let's head home, Rescue Riders.
Quite a big shipment today.
Shields, blankets, lanterns, and one giant mysterious crate addressed to the Rescue Riders.
Nothing for me to worry about.
Where is that stowaway? You there! Did you see anybody just come off this ship? Me? No, I didn't see anybody come off that ship.
- Excuse me, Dockworker.
- That's Chief Dockworker to you.
I mean, Chief Dock-ard Duggard.
No, no, Chief Duggard.
Of course.
Now that I get a better look at that handsome, chiefly beard, it's so obvious.
Why, thank you.
Fish oil.
Gives it extra sheen.
And smell.
Fantastic, isn't it? So, what can I do for you, lad? My name's Axel.
I'm looking for a Magnus Finke? Oh, you're in luck, because we have one.
- And where might I find him? - Wherever there's trouble, usually.
He's my uncle.
Let me finish.
By trouble, I meant not trouble? Oh, just take the north path out of town.
You can't miss his place.
And with just a few small modifications, an automatic sheep shearing machine becomes an automatic hay baler.
[device whirring.]
Come on, you gangling jangle of busted bolts.
- Work! Work like I designed you to! - [clears throat.]
- Excuse me.
Are you Magnus Finke? - If you're an unhappy customer, or someone I owe money to, the answer is no.
Someone else, maybe.
Don't worry, uncle.
It's me, your favorite nephew, Axel Finke.
Axel? I haven't seen you since you were a much smaller and smellier infant.
Why are you here? "Dear third cousin Magnus Mm-hm.
Eleventh relative we've tried.
Hoping a genius like you could help him.
" Well, they got the genius part right.
Wait, me? Take care of you? - Oh, I'm far too busy.
- That's what I told them.
An amazing inventor like you doesn't have the time to deal with me.
He's too busy changing the world.
So very true.
You're smarter than you look.
But I have enough trouble with the children on this island, what with those pesky Rescue Riders flapping around.
Did you say Rescue Riders? There was a crate addressed to them on the ship.
A crate? What kind of crate? Oh, a large crate.
Some might say huge.
What could be in there? Raw materials? Supplies? Tools? Probably all of the above and more.
I wonder if they could be getting into the inventing game? [gasps.]
But that's my game.
What are those pint-sized pests up to? If only you had some way of finding out.
A young person, maybe, who could fit in with the Rescue Riders.
Gain their trust.
Learn their secrets.
Axel, my boy, your Uncle Magnus has a job for you.
- Where did it come from? - I don't know.
All Chief Duggard said was it came on a ship this morning and was addressed to us.
I wonder what's inside.
Ooh! I hope it's a rock.
I hope it's a new hay bed.
Those baby Slobber Smelters ruined my last one.
Only one way to find out what's in there.
- It is a rock.
- Burple, that's a dragon egg.
It is a dragon egg! A very large dragon egg.
- Who would send this to us? - A Viking on a nearby island.
He found it on the beach, heard about us, and thought we'd know what to do with it.
- How'd you figure all that out? - I read the note.
This is exciting.
An egg this size and color could be lots of different species.
A Whooping Whifflewing, Gigantic Grumplumper, even a Roaming Ramblefang.
What I do know is it will be hatching soon.
Was that written on the note, too? No, but the egg feels very warm and the shell is starting to thin.
- You learn something new every day, Burp.
- [Axel.]
See something new, too.
- Uh Hello.
- I've heard about the Rescue Riders, but I don't know if I really believed it until now.
You really all live here together? And can talk to each other? That's right.
I'm Leyla, and this is my brother Dak.
- Hey.
- I'm Axel.
That's Winger, Summer, Cutter, Aggro, and Burple.
It's gotta be amazing having your own pet dragons.
All the places you can go, no one can tell you what to do, not to mention how much gold people would pay you to fly them around.
Hands off the spikes.
I would love to buy one from you.
Does the small red one cost less? He did not just say that, did he? Um, buy one? That's not really how it works.
We don't own these dragons or use them to get gold.
We're all one big family.
Phew! What a relief.
That's exactly what I wanted to hear.
I was just testing you with all that "buy a dragon" stuff.
Hey, is a new dragon gonna hatch out of this egg? Yeah, and very soon.
It just came in on a ship for us this morning.
So, that's what was in the crate.
An egg this large will probably hatch a pretty big dragon, huh? Big enough to ride? Well, it will be a baby, but, yeah, some infant dragons do immediately take to the air.
Okay, I think it's time for me to be honest about why I'm really here.
I'm here to join the Rescue Riders.
- Did he just say what I think he said? - I think so.
Unless you think he said something else.
You want to join the Rescue Riders? Oh, yes, I love dragons.
Gee, we never thought about anybody wanting to join us.
- We're gonna have to talk about this.
- That's okay.
I'll just find a cold, damp cave to sleep in till you decide.
You don't have a place to live? Hang on a second.
We're not really letting him join the team, are we? - All that buying a dragon stuff - [Axel coughs.]
If he doesn't have anywhere else to go, we can't just let him leave.
Sure we can.
Aggro, you're on my side here, right? - I agree with Dak and Leyla.
- See? I knew Aggro would Wait, what? You guys took me in after I basically fire blasted all of you.
Tugging on a spike and calling me little doesn't really seem so bad.
He could be a trainee.
Another set of hands around here wouldn't be such a bad thing for a little while, right? As long as they're not pulling on my spikes.
It's settled.
Welcome to the Roost, Rescue Rider trainee Axel.
Thank you.
You won't regret this.
[all grunting.]
Shouldn't be long now.
Who wants to take the first shift watching it? Why don't you let me watch the egg tonight? I am the new guy, after all.
Works for me.
We'll be right inside.
Wake us if it starts to hatch.
You coming, Cutter? You know, I think I feel like taking a shift watching the egg, too.
Watching Axel, you mean.
Something about this just doesn't smell right.
That might be me.
I back-burped a little while ago.
Not really what he meant, Burp.
Cutter will take the first shift with you, Axel.
He is? Wonderful.
- [growls.]
- [chuckles.]
Hey, I'm really sorry about the whole spike thing earlier.
But I only tugged on your spike because I think they're amazing.
Can you do anything cool with them? [growls.]
Just one target? I guess that's sort of cool.
Kind of cool.
Getting there.
Very cool.
[sighs, then grunts.]
So, spikes are your thing, not being fast like Winger? [squeals.]
Didn't mean to offend you.
I'm sure you're sort of fast.
Hey, that looks very fast, [whispers.]
and very tiring.
You don't have a fire blast, do you? [chuckles.]
[chuckles then whoops.]
Did all that showing off wear you out? [cackles.]
Now to get to work.
- [Axel.]
Help, help! - Rescue Riders, let's move! - Something terrible has happened.
- The egg, it's gone.
- Huh? What? - I don't understand.
What happened? [Axel.]
I wish I knew.
One second the egg was here, the next second, it was gone.
Hey, it's not your fault.
Could've happened to any one of us.
It actually did happen to Cutter.
Don't blame Cutter.
This is my fault.
I volunteered.
- I'm the one they stole the egg from.
- What'd they look like? - Who? - The egg thieves? I don't know.
It happened so fast, I never saw them.
I agree.
Sounds like Slinkwings.
Slinkwings? Sneaky dragons that can pretty much make themselves invisible.
They've tried to steal our eggs before.
Come to think of it, I did hear something that sounded like wings flapping away.
- Which direction did they go? - North.
Definitely north.
Sit tight, Axel, we'll be back with the egg before you know it! Good luck, Rescue Riders! I hope you find that egg! But I'm pretty sure you won't in that direction.
And now, version seven.
Hay goes in that end and comes out this end, perfectly baled.
- [Axel.]
Oh, Uncle Magnus.
- Ah.
The boy has returned.
So, young Axel, did you find out what was in that crate? Oh, I did better than that, uncle.
I brought it to you.
A dragon egg? I'm trying to get rid of the dragons, not invite one to stay here.
Now, take that thing away before it starts to [crackling.]
Uh Sorry, uncle.
I couldn't possibly take it anywhere now, could I? Mm.
- [yelps.]
- [dragon squeals.]
Good dragon.
That's a good boy.
How to train a dragon.
No! Don't feed the beast! Axel, be gone with you, and take that slobbering sack of scales with you.
On second thought, you can stay.
Over there.
No sign of the Slinks so far.
Axel did say they flew this way, right? Maybe we saw them and didn't know it.
They're invisible, after all.
Yes, but the egg is not.
If it's here, we'll see it.
Hold on, let me get a closer look at the ground.
Dak, are you sure you don't just want me to fly down to This doesn't really seem like the time [groaning.]
It's always time for rescue At least let me give you some pointers, Dak.
Leyla, seriously.
I can do this.
Rescue Riders! Rescue Riders, down here! I thought I saw you flying by, and then you bouncing by.
I'm working on it.
I've been dying to know, what was in that huge crate you got yesterday? It was a dragon egg, but we seem to have misplaced it.
A dragon egg? You don't say.
An egg and a Finke.
Only Thor knows what else will show up this week.
Did you say a Finke? Haven't you heard? Magnus' nephew arrived yesterday on the very same ship your egg came on.
- His first name wasn't Axel, was it? - Why, yes, I think it was.
Axel is Magnus' nephew? That explains why we couldn't find any trace of the Slinkwings.
It sure does.
How, exactly? Because Axel stole the egg himself.
Come on! Okay, then.
Not sure what that was all about.
Lots of angry roaring.
But I am just going to assume it's nothing for me to worry about.
Good boy.
That's a good boy.
What are you planning on doing with that winged menace, anyway? Anything I want.
Now, how about we go for a little ride? Would you like that, boy? Would you? Yes, you would, yes, you would! - [Leyla.]
Axel! - [Magnus.]
Oh, wonderful.
More dragons coming to visit.
I can't believe it.
You really took the egg? Me? Take the egg? I would never! Then what is that baby dragon doing here? He's here because my uncle Magnus was the one who took the egg.
What? Lies.
It's true.
I was just about to fly back to the Roost to tell you.
You really don't wanna do that, Axel.
Baby dragons are not used to having humans ride them.
My brother is right, and I see now that it is a Roaming Ramblefang.
They're very rare and are known to be incredibly protective! - Whoa! - No, no, no.
Come back.
- Put him down! - Or keep flying him away.
Far, far away.
Cutter! Wings up, everyone.
I appreciate the flying lesson, but I was kind of hoping to be riding up there? Hey, you want this, boy? Take me back down to the ground and I'll No! Bad dragon! Bad dragon! - I can't stay mad at you.
- [Dak.]
We got you, Axel.
At least, we will soon.
What's the plan here, Ley? Plan? We don't need a plan.
That thing's just a baby.
How hard can this be? Wait! Baby Ramblefangs are born with a - An awesome fireball blast? - Exactly.
Whoa [squeals.]
Let me try something.
No sudden movements.
Hey, little dragon.
I know you're scared and are trying to protect your friend.
But you don't have to worry, we're only here to help.
It's too young to understand me.
It just wants to keep Axel.
What do we do? I vote we wait a few days.
See if they get tired of each other.
Talking it down didn't work, but maybe dropping down will.
- Dak, you're not really thinking of - You know I am.
Winger, we glide in over Axel and the Ramblefang.
Far enough above their heads so baby fireball doesn't think we'll attack.
Dak, are you sure you shouldn't let Leyla try this? Don't worry, Wing, I got this.
Oh, boy.
Perfect! Not perfect! [Dak screams.]
- Sorry, Wing.
Next time, I'll do better.
- Dak.
Okay, Leyla, you're slightly better at this than I am, so looks like you're up.
Okay, Dak, but I'll need to get one thing first.
Be right back.
Gotta say, boy, it's kind of nice being this wanted for a change.
And painful.
Here they come.
We should get the Ramblefang's attention.
Keep it distracted.
Good idea.
Hey, dragon! Look over here! - Hey! Look at us! - Hey! Here we go for real.
- You can thank me later.
- Huh? [squeals.]
Be right back.
Wow, Dak.
She is way better at that than you are.
She sure is.
Boy, what a great team we are, huh? Me rescuing that dragon that my uncle stole, you rescuing me from that poor, confused animal.
I can't wait for our next mission.
Hey this isn't the Roost.
And you aren't going to be a Rescue Rider.
I wanted to be the one to say that.
Wait, what's gonna happen to that baby Ramblefang? Uh, not that I care or anything.
I'm just curious.
Don't worry.
We're dropping him off with a friend who will take good care of him.
- [gasps.]
Is it me? - Burple, he's talking about Grumblegard.
Oh, right.
Yeah, much better choice.
I Wait [sighs.]
Plan didn't work out, eh? It should have, but somehow those do-gooders ruined everything.
Tell me about it.
Well, I guess I'll be going.
Now, why would you do that? I just figured.
I mean, after I tried to blame everything on you.
A rotten scheming move if ever I saw one.
I liked it.
Plus, now we have a common enemy.
You can stay, on one condition.
You agree to help me get rid of those twins and their flappy lizards.
- With pleasure.
- Excellent.
Your first act as my new assistant? Flip that switch.
- This one? - Mm-hm.
[device whirring.]
Wow, uncle.
You are a genius.
Was there ever any doubt?
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