Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e02 Episode Script


1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world Pumpkin one, pumpkin two, pumpkin one, pumpkin two, pumpkin one, pumpkin two, pumpkin one All right, set me up, guys.
Woo-hoo! Here you go.
Okay, I think we've got everything we need.
Potatoes, pumpkins and Cutter, weren't you supposed to get the apples? I did get them.
They were delicious.
- I'm sorry.
- [laughing.]
That's okay.
I'm hungry for some fresh fishies.
Behold! The last fish I'll ever catch.
Don't tell me, working on another new business? Even Rocky thinks it's a great idea, and trust me, he is tough to impress.
See what I mean? Anyhoo, it's my best yet.
It's a Watch out, Rescue Runts.
Rocky! On it.
Fishing business is harder to quit than I thought.
Come on, little guy, let's get you back in the water.
Whoa! Aah! Okay, someone needs a lesson in manners.
- Building a new invention, Magnus? - Wouldn't you like to know.
Uncle, I found some great parts for that new invention we're building.
Absolutely not.
Next time, leave the shopping to me, Axel.
Iron never tastes as good as it looks.
- Magnus, I think you forgot something.
- Oh, I don't need those.
It's all garbage.
So, maybe you should clean it up.
Picking up trash? Sounds like the perfect job for the Refuse Riders.
Refuse Riders.
Oh, Magnus.
Refuse means garbage.
Now I'm mad.
Now, now, Magnus, we all must do our part.
Huttsgalor's been cleaner than ever lately.
I'm not tripping over things around town anymore There I go.
I blame my feet for that one.
I'll clean it up.
Axel, clean this up.
We should head back to the Roost.
- [chattering.]
- Huh? Trouble! Look! Dragons? Attacking a ship? Riders, let's fly.
Good luck, Rescue Riders! Wherever you're going.
Seriously? I'm just too good.
I'm okay.
- What kind of dragons are those? - Really angry ones.
- [screaming.]
- Help us! They're trying to sink that ship.
Aggro, Burple, Cutter, get the crew to safety.
Summer and I will try to stop those dragons.
On it.
Help us, Rescue Riders! Got you.
Over here! I totally meant to do that.
Deep breath.
Wait! We just want to talk.
Is that a human on your back? We're here to help.
We're the Rescue Riders.
Humans who speak dragon? Do you hear that, Gill? If they can speak dragon, maybe they're different, Fathom.
They're not.
Humans are all the same.
Whether you can talk to dragons or not, we don't want anything to do with you.
[Winger squeals.]
I got your back, sis! Come on! [Cutter.]
Let's get up there and help.
Thank you, Rescue Riders! - Kind of seems like they don't wanna talk.
- Or listen.
Or be chased, which is fine by me.
Not a huge fan of chasing.
Huh? They just disappeared.
Oh, well, time to go home.
Burple, we have to find out why they were attacking that ship.
Do we really? Yes, we do.
Come on.
Those were Divewings.
They're usually very peaceful dragons, and they like to be left alone.
Something must've made them pretty mad to come out of hiding.
Look! A whirlpool.
Divewings create whirlpools to travel at high speed through the water.
They must have gone down there.
What do we do? Wait for them to come back up? So they can attack another ship? Nope, I've got a better idea.
You guys wait here.
Wait, Leyla! Is it safe to go down - there? - Hey! I thought I was the one who did the crazy stuff.
[both groaning.]
We made it.
Yeah, but made it where? A place you never should have come.
They've been down there too long.
Someone needs to go down there after them.
Someone who's fast, fearless and probably named Burple? Oh, all right.
I'm not that fast or fearless.
I was thinking Winger.
Really, anyone other than me would work.
Swimming's not really my thing, but I can try.
All right, then I'm trying, too.
I can totally hold my breath as long as Leyla.
I hope.
Whoa! Phew.
Saved by the sister.
- What happened down there? - Did you find the Divewings? I think you guys need to come see for yourselves.
Uh I'm not a very good swimmer.
Better at sinking, actually.
You won't need to swim.
The crazy whirlpool thingy those Divewings made will pull you to where you're going.
But you might wanna take a really deep breath.
[all screaming.]
I already can't wait to do that again.
I can.
What is this place? Some kind of secret cave you can only get to from the water? Exactly.
I was totally just guessing.
What a mess.
This trash is the reason our friends, Fathom and Gill, are so angry.
I told you, we're not your friends.
- Fathom.
- What? We don't make friends with humans, Gill.
Never have and never will.
I'm kind of hoping to change that.
This is my brother, Dak.
That's Winger, Cutter, Burple, Summer and Aggro.
You wanna be our friends? Then stop dumping your trash on us.
Wait, did all this stuff wash up into here? I'd be angry, too.
Well, not enough to attack a ship, but, you know Your village is dumping all this into the ocean.
And endangering our eggs.
The people of Huttsgalor wouldn't do this.
- Well, someone is.
- Fathom.
We Divewings don't meet a lot of other dragons, let alone humans.
- We pretty much keep to ourselves in here.
- Not anymore.
Until trash stops flooding into our home and endangering our eggs, we're going to keep attacking those ships.
I'm sure whoever's doing this has no idea the damage they're causing.
What if you stopped attacking our ships long enough for us to figure out who's doing it? Some of us will stay here and help you clean all this up.
- Like I said, we don't trust - Maybe we should give them a chance.
And we could use some help with all this.
- You have one day.
- That's all we'll need.
Come on, Wing, let's fly Eh, swim.
Let's swim.
Actually, I'm a better swimmer than Winger.
I should take you.
She has a point.
Summer, you sure? We need to figure out who's causing this.
And if there's anything I love, it's a good mystery.
And helping other dragons, of course.
Okay, then Winger can help us down here.
Me? Fly on Summer? I guess I could do that.
I mean, it can't be that different, right? Okay, maybe a little different.
- You okay there, Cutter? - No, I am not.
I say we start by asking Chief Duggard if he knows who might be dumping trash into the ocean.
Or Hannahr.
She uses a lot of metal.
I agree with whatever plan gets us away from that whirlpool the fastest.
You guys are kidding, right? I'm usually kidding, but I don't think I am right now.
[Cutter retches.]
Come on, we know who dumped that trash.
Magnus and Axel.
They don't care about cleaning up after themselves.
All Magnus cares about is keeping his super top-secret inventions to himself.
Got to say, this does seem like a Magnus move.
And when in doubt, blame Axel.
Hold on, we shouldn't jump to conclusions here.
We're not jumping.
We're flying.
Lies! Trash into the ocean? That's a false accusation if I ever heard one.
Guys, this hurts.
You know how much I love nature.
We do? Now, move along.
I'm far too busy with my newest invention to continue this ridiculous conversation any further.
Come on, Magnus, just admit it.
We all know the junk is coming from your workshop.
Oh, you do, do you? Well, I'll have you know that it would be a waste of my time to throw junk into the ocean when I can just make Axel throw it into the backyard.
Huh? Axel, how far can you throw, anyway? It was here yesterday.
See that? Case closed.
I don't know.
He seems genuinely surprised.
Nice try, Magnus, but we got you.
This feels even better than I thought it would.
You and your dragons can roar at me all you'd like, but you did not "get me.
" I'm sure there's a perfectly simple explanation for this.
Axel, come up with a perfectly simple explanation for this.
- Uh - Don't bother.
Magnus, you're not gonna be throwing any more junk into the ocean on our watch.
It's okay, see? I'm just moving this away from your nest.
So, Divewings don't really like any humans? Why do you think we live down here? Humans aren't bad.
Sometimes we just Ruin our nests? Endanger our families? I was gonna say make mistakes.
Fathom, they're here to help.
Having humans, or any other dragons, down here with us is new.
- And sometimes new can be good.
- Sometimes.
My brother and I care about dragons.
We're sorry this happened to you, but we'll fix it, I promise.
[Axel grunts.]
- Are you going to follow us all day? - Pretty much.
- [bleats.]
- [yelps.]
This is outrageous.
Axel, let's go home.
I'd say his trash-dumping days are over, now that he knows we're keeping an eye on him.
- [Gill.]
You have to admit - It looks better.
A little better, but the real test is whether it stays that way.
It will, and when our friends get back, we'll find a way to cart this junk out of here.
- If you like, we can give you - Breakfast? Brunch? Lunch? Supper? Dinner? Dessert? Snack time? A ride to the surface? I was hoping you'd say that.
Hop on.
Huh? Oh, right.
I guess we're all saddle swapping today.
Okay, this feels weird.
- No offense.
- It's okay.
Kind of feels weird for me, too.
You're actually holding on and not trying to do anything crazy.
You never know.
My stomachs almost enjoyed it that time.
We found the garbage dumper, and don't worry, we've been keeping an eye on him.
You won't have to worry about any more trash hurting your eggs.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe they're not so bad after all.
What? Dak, I thought you said you found out who did this.
I thought I did, too.
I knew it.
You said you'd help us, but you didn't.
And now our eggs are in danger again.
I don't know what happened.
We were watching Magnus and Axel all day.
Look! Dak, fly up the coast and find out where the trash is coming from.
All right, Summer, guess it's still me and you.
Better hold on.
Oh, I'm already used to flying a water dragon! I just can't believe it wasn't Magnus.
- I mean, who else would? - Elbone? Elbone, no! Well, hello to you, too.
Elbone! Stop! What are you doing? My new business, what else? Trash collecting.
I'm doing it for free right now, but once people get used to it, I'll start charging.
Trash collecting? Duggard did say the town was looking pretty clean recently.
Because of me, and oh, boy, did the town need it! Have you seen Magnus' backyard? It was filthy.
Elbone, you can't just throw trash into the sea like that.
I can't? How about like this? No.
All this junk is floating around the island and hurting some dragons that live underwater.
They're really mad.
Oh, you mean those dragons? [growls.]
They don't look mad.
Maybe disappointed, or annoyed, or hungry, or - Actually, you were right the first time.
- We knew humans couldn't be trusted! I thought you said they didn't want trash in the ocean? Stop! You're only making things worse.
Fathom, wait! This was all a big misunderstanding.
He didn't know what he was doing.
That's true.
I never know what I'm doing.
I'd never hurt dragons.
They're my friends.
They save me all the time.
Well, who's gonna save our eggs now? There's too much trash.
Our home, it'll be destroyed.
Not if we can stop that stuff before it hits the whirlpool.
Wait, maybe I can help.
I'm good at fishing, knitting and positive thinking! Need any of those? Elbone, are you willing to get back into the fishing business one more time? 'Cause we're gonna need nets.
Lots and lots of nets.
- [Leyla.]
There's so much trash.
- [Aggro.]
And it just keeps coming.
You know, I hate to sound defeated, but I think we're being defeated.
By a pile of wet trash.
H-2-On it.
Yeah! Coming in hot! Let's hope this works! Great idea, Dak.
Trash fishing? That actually looks kind of fun.
I really am just too good at fishing.
Case closed.
For real this time.
Oh, no, you don't.
That was awesome.
We make a pretty good team, huh? H-2-Oh, yeah.
Rocky? Rocky? He must have fallen overboard, and he can't swim.
He mostly just sinks like a rock.
I knew you couldn't quit me, buddy.
I know we don't know much about humans, but that's weird, right? Yep.
We're sorry again about the trash.
Yeah, I really, really, really never meant to hurt anyone.
And I really, really, really mean that.
It's all right.
Thank you for saving our home.
Maybe Uh Oh, just say it.
Maybe humans aren't so bad after all.
I knew you'd come around.
Goodbye for now, Rescue Riders.
So, what are we gonna do with all this stuff? Burple can't fit all of it in his stomachs.
Was that a dare? It really sounded like a dare, Burp.
I have a better idea.
We should take it to Hannahr.
Maybe she could melt the metal down And make newer and cooler stuff out of it.
Now, there's a great business idea, Elbone.
Think of all the gold you could make.
I don't see it, and neither does Rocky.
Wait, you do see it? Maybe I should reconsider.
But what would we call it? Junk transforming? "Re-use-ifying"? What? Recycling? Ha! What does that even mean? Well, there's just one more thing left to do.
And it might be harder than anything else I've done today.
Need a ride? Actually, Wing, if you don't mind, I think Summer's gonna want to see this.
Magnus, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have blamed you.
Or followed you around all day.
Go on.
That's actually all I was gonna say.
So, no hard feelings? How very touching.
Too bad the only feelings I have are the hard kind.
Axel, didn't I tell you to fix this door? Thanks for dropping by.
Always a pleasure seeing my former Rescuemates.
- Well, at least you did the right thing.
- And we helped some dragons, too.
Not bad.
Now, come on, let's fly home.
Whoa! You'd really think I'd be getting used to this by now.
An apology.
Obviously an attempt to spy on our new invention.
Nice try, Rescue Runts.
I think we're finally ready to reveal our masterpiece.
- Axel! - Sorry.
Oh, Magnus.

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