Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e03 Episode Script


1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world Okay, everyone, this is it, the moment of truth.
If Haggis emerges from his tent and sees his shadow, spring has officially begun.
What if Haggis doesn't see his shadow, chief? Oh, uh, well, yes.
Um I suppose we would get an endless winter.
An endless winter? When will I thaw out my tail? It's almost frozen solid.
I got you, Burp.
Thanks, Aggro.
Warm friends are good to have.
Come on, Haggis.
You can do it.
Take a wee little look outside.
Now, that's what I call stage fright.
Sometimes getting Haggis out of his tent is the hardest part.
Maybe we can help.
Come on, Wing.
Haggis, you're on.
Oh, there he goes.
Oh, I forgot to mention, he's a wee bit scared of his shadow.
Sorry, Haggis.
We didn't know.
Well, he definitely saw his shadow.
Which means it's time for spring and the spring festival.
Spring festival? This place sure has a lot of festivals.
Yeah, pretty soon they'll be having festivals to celebrate festivals.
Oh, that one's in August.
- What's with the lanterns, chief? - Oh.
Those are luck lanterns.
We decorate them and release them into the sky during the festival to bring us luck for the spring planting.
Chief, can we decorate some lanterns, too? Of course.
We can use all the good luck we can get.
Come on, guys.
Everyone pick a lantern.
We'll decorate them at the Roost.
It's a luck lantern, Burple.
We're supposed to decorate them, not blast them.
You decorate your way, I'll decorate mine.
I guess you could do it that way if you want it to look good.
Can you add a little water to the berry paint, Sum? It's drying out.
We need to get closer to complete the measurements.
I know that.
I'm the brilliant one, remember? How could I possibly forget? You remind me every day.
I wonder if I should paint daisies, or roses, or maybe sunflowers.
They're all spring blooms.
Don't tell me.
You have a flower diary to go with your dragon diary? No, of course not.
Although flower diary's not a bad idea.
And it's perfect.
What are you doing? Did you get the measurements? I think so.
Did you triple check them? Go back out there.
- Uncle - Don't uncle me.
- Go back out there and get - Get what, exactly? Uh A lantern.
I need to get a lantern.
What? I mean, yes.
They ran out of luck lanterns in the village, and I didn't get one.
I was hoping my old Rescuemates might be able to spare one.
That's right.
My poor little Axel.
Left out from all the spring fun.
Well, I guess we might have one or two.
You're very generous.
Thank you, Rescue Riders.
Bye-bye, now.
Axel wants to make a luck lantern? I doubt it.
If he does, it's probably a bad luck lantern.
Relax, Burple.
Bad luck lanterns aren't a real thing.
Yes, those last measurements did the trick.
Yes, it's finished.
It's finally finished.
But will it work? That's what you're about to find out.
Climb aboard.
Huh? Why me? You're young.
You're courageous.
You're replaceable.
That must be where we put the luck lanterns.
- What's Elbone doing now? - Falling over.
Need some help, Elbone? Thanks, Leyla, but I think I have it all figured out.
- Nailed it.
- Seeds? The spring festival has inspired me to become a land fisherman.
- A what? - You mean, you're going to be a farmer.
I prefer land fisherman.
More glamorous.
It's the same job, except now I'll pull food from the earth instead of the water.
The spring planting is pretty important, Elbone.
You want some help? No, I do not, but thank you for the offer.
How tough can it be? Just scatter some seeds on the ground and wait for crops to magically appear.
He has no idea what he's doing, does he? Does he ever? Fantastic.
The luck lanterns are ready for launch at moonrise.
Now it's time to finish preparing for the festival.
- Anything we can do to help, chief? - Oh, yes.
We need to clear away the winter gear, hang that banner, and those barrels of fish, we should move them to the center of town.
Why don't you let me handle all that, chief? Well, me and my latest invention.
Step right up, step right up! And witness the brilliance and majesty of Magnus Finke! Oh, boy.
What this time? People of Huttsgalor, brace yourselves because this invention is going to change your lives.
Let me guess.
An automatic fish descaler? Or maybe a very, very large mechanical nutcracker.
Or a machine that crushes up all his other machines that didn't work right? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's gonna be pretty silly.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and lizards, prepare to be amazed by my Mechano-Dragon.
A mechanical dragon? My Mechano-Dragon will revolutionize Huttsgalor.
How do I know this? Because I'm a genius.
Why do we need a mechanical dragon? We have real ones.
Because my Mechano-Dragon is better.
Okay, stop right there.
I'm getting mad.
Relax, guys.
None of his inventions ever work.
And that thing can't even fly.
Okay, it has wings.
Lots of things have wings that can't fly.
Name one, Burp.
Me after a boulder feast? You got me there.
And now, my young nephew Axel will take to the sky.
He's a lot braver than I thought.
You might want to be ready just in case this goes horribly wrong like most of Magnus' inventions.
- My thoughts exactly, chief.
- Rise.
Rise, Mechano-Dragon.
Don't know.
Pedal faster.
You're making me look bad.
Rise! But, hu? Wha? How? Must admit, you don't see that every day.
Except the days we do it.
We don't just fly around, you know.
We do a lot of things for Huttsgalor.
You did things for Huttsgalor.
But now, my Mechano-Dragon can do them instead.
Nice work, Magnus.
No, no, please, stop, please.
Okay, keep doing it.
I hate to say it, but that Mechano-Dragon works pretty well.
- Yup.
- It's a nightmare.
It must be a nightmare.
I wish it was, Burp, but you're awake.
That's what you always say in my nightmares.
As you can all see, my Mechano-Dragon is better than those Rescue Riders.
Better? How? It won't eat half the fish in town.
We also catch a lot of fish for this town.
We do things that that machine could never do.
Come on, guys.
Let's show him that we can decorate for the spring festival better than that thing ever can.
Wow, Ley.
I thought Winger and I were the super competitive ones.
Well, we can't just stand here and take it.
Leyla, it's doing a pretty good job, right? If Magnus wants to help, maybe we should let him.
Let him? Uh, Leyla? What's wrong, Elbone? Well, is that offer still good to help me with my land fishing? 'Cause I think I could use it after all.
Can I help, too? Please? I am so over the Magnus show.
Of course, Elbone.
Anything to get us out of here.
- So, what's the problem anyway? - Well It looked so easy, until I tried to actually do it.
Land fishing is a lot harder than it looks.
You need straight rows, sunlight, and the right amount of water.
Guess you learn something new every day, right, Rocky? Oh, you stop it.
Let's see what we can do.
Cutter, lead the way.
Wow, you guys are great at this.
It's nice to be appreciated.
But we used up all the seed you had left.
We need to get more.
Cutter, you stay here and keep digging rows.
And Rocky and I will supervise.
And by supervise, I mean stand here and watch.
That's right, yes.
The Mechano-Dragon finished all the festival preparations by itself.
It's like it never gets tired.
It's a machine, Burple.
They don't get tired.
Almost feels like Huttsgalor doesn't need us anymore.
Don't worry, Aggro.
Chief Duggard is smarter than that.
Even though the Mechano-Dragon works, he still knows Magnus Finke is bad news.
Gather round, Vikings and Rescue Riders.
The time has come to crown this year's Spring King.
Magnus Finke! Oh, yes.
Thank you, thank you.
Here we go.
Thank you, good people of Huttsgalor.
I never could have done it without my Mechano-Dragon.
All this time, Magnus has been trying to get rid of us.
But instead, he just replaced us.
Stop right there, Rescue Runts.
As Spring King, I order you to drop that corn bag.
Uh, Magnus, it's an honorary title.
You don't have that kind of power.
What I mean to say is, Huttsgalor doesn't need you anymore.
Listen, Magnus, your Mechano-Dragon may be able to move some barrels around, but planting is a whole different thing.
Oh, I beg to differ.
Axel, grab that seed and use the Mechano-Dragon to plant the fields.
We never tested it for farming, uncle, just for lifting and dropping and Then consider this a test, and you better not fail.
Oh, it is on.
Oh, boy.
I don't know what you're saying, but wow.
This is amazing.
But what if they all went the other way? That was Rocky's idea.
He's hard-headed.
Here come Leyla and Summer now.
- That's not Leyla and Summer.
Look out! - Huh? Thanks, Cutter.
I thought that dragon was making a funny sound.
Having some trouble with that machine? No trouble at all.
The seeds have to go in the rows.
Leyla? We're not really dropping the seeds in the rows, either.
We're going too fast.
We can't let him beat us, not at this.
Now everyone wants to be a land fisherman.
As usual, I have a great idea and everyone wants in on it.
Don't you lose to that beast, Axel.
Plant like your happiness depends on it.
Because it does! Just admit it, Magnus.
That machine isn't as good as us.
Oh, you're so right.
It's better.
Give it everything you've got.
Leyla, the Mechano-Dragon.
Axel, slow down.
You're pushing it too hard.
Yeah, right.
Like I'm gonna fall for that one.
Not good.
Stop pedaling.
And that's even worse.
Oh, no.
That thing's out of control.
Rescue Riders, let's wing it.
Easy, now.
Oh, no.
What's happening? Look out below! I'll go after Axel.
You guys protect the town.
Huh? Now that you're safe, you faint? What has that boy done to my Mechano-Dragon? I'm not doing this! Whoa! Axel, quick, jump on.
Jump? That sounds danger Hey, I made you.
How dare you chase me? After all we've been through.
It's heading for the lanterns.
- Get away! - Stay away! No, keep away from our luck lanterns! Winger! Go after them.
I'll be fine! Axel, you have to jump now.
We'll catch you.
I can't.
My arm is stuck.
If I'm gonna stop it, I have to ride it.
Get in front of it.
Got it.
Nice! Leyla, look.
Ugh! Why won't the claw open? Because the lever is broken.
Over there, to your right.
Cutter, spike me.
Coming right up! Cutter, Burps! Catch him! Whoa! - We got him.
- To the left, Burp.
My left or your left? Hm.
Guess it was your left.
Leyla, the Sea Stack, hurry! Axel, let go! - No way! - Axel, just Whoa! Summer! It's gonna crash.
This is gonna be terrible! This is gonna be awesome.
Seriously? It's headed out to sea.
That's the last we'll see of that.
Are you here so I can thank you for saving my life? Nope.
I'm here to say sorry for making you push that Mechano-Dragon thingy too hard.
Yeah, whatever.
Next time, stay out of my way.
If we're lucky, he'll stay out of ours.
Speaking of luck, we should head back.
There are still lanterns to light.
Where is my Mechano-Dragon? What have you Rescue Rodents done with it? What they've done is saved your nephew and the town from certain destruction.
Yes, oh, yes.
The new Spring King, or Queen, if you prefer, is Leyla.
Yes, that's right.
You can't stop my genius.
Make no mistake, Mechano-Dragon will make a comeback! Look out! Oh, well, that was unfortunate.
Come on, Axel.
We should be going.
Axel? Axel! Oh, no! The luck lanterns! Without our lanterns to light up the sky, looks like there will be no luck for our crops this year.
Actually, chief, when you've got dragons on your side, you can make your own luck.
Ready? Let's show them what real dragons can do.
- Can I do the countdown? - Sure, Burp.
Three, two, one That's one way to light up the sky, eh, chief? Indeed.
Who needs luck lanterns when you have the Rescue Riders? Right, Haggis? Whoa! Looks like somebody's seen his shadow again.

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