Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Summer Holiday

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world [grunting.]
Hang in there, gang.
We're almost there.
That's what you said ten minutes ago.
[breathing heavily.]
Is it me or has the nest gotten heavier? Maybe we're getting tired or Cutter! What? I needed a break.
We all do, Cutter, but now's not the time.
We've just been doing so many rescues lately.
I don't work well when I'm tired.
Or when you're well-rested.
I heard that.
- Don't worry, we're just about - I got it! [giggles.]
Finngard? What are you doing here? Helping.
We were so close.
Come on! Finngard, hold on.
Way ahead of you there! The eggs.
- Got them! - What about Finngard? - [Finngard laughing.]
- Working on it! - Wing? - I know, I know.
Whoa Thanks, Dak.
Nice catch, Burps.
I'll take it back to the top.
Um, why didn't we have him do that in the first place? [Finngard.]
Finngard and the Rescue Riders save the day.
When the Rescue Riders need a hand Who do they call? Their right-hand man, Finngard That was so awesome! We saved the nest and the eggs and - The Finngard.
- Again.
You have been showing up to a lot of our rescues lately.
I have? Yeah, like the time Haggis fell off the docks [Finngard laughs.]
and we ended up pulling both of you out of the water? Or when we were fixing the sheep fence and you showed up with a little fix of your own.
- [giggles.]
- [groans.]
And don't forget that time we found those two baby dragons in the woods Yeah! and they ended up in the Maze Caves instead.
Good times.
I forgot half of those.
Now I'm really tired.
Finngard, didn't we help you fill up your Dragon Diary on Dragon Day? You sure did.
But now that I have learned everything about dragons, I'm ready to help you guys.
Yeah, he'll help us.
If by help he means make every mission harder.
Three rescues, a nest save And lots and lots of Finngard.
What a week.
Felt more like a month.
Who's up for dinner? I'd raise my wing, but I'm too exhausted.
I'll check the fish barrel.
I'll get some supplies from inside.
I'll fill up the water trough.
I'll get the fire started.
Uh Maybe we don't need a fire after all.
Burp, you okay? Burp? Wait, are you sleep flying? [sighs.]
We have been doing a lot of rescues lately.
Dak? How are those fish coming? Dak? Dak? [snoring.]
Maybe we should call it a day and wait for breakfast instead.
Hey, guys, I've been thinking.
Oh, boy, here it comes.
No, no, you're gonna like this.
We've all been on some crazy adventures lately and I think we could use a break.
What if we went on a fun vacation to rest up and recharge? And get away from Finngard? I didn't say that.
It might be nice to see some sights, explore somewhere new.
Try some new rocks.
- Nap on some new - Nap spots.
Took the words right out of my mouth.
This is a great idea, Dak.
Do you have somewhere in mind? No, I do not.
[all sigh.]
You know something? I might.
There's this amazing island I visited when I was a young dragon.
It has cool, calm waters, sunny, sandy beaches, and plenty of soft, shady spots to nap in.
It has everything.
Does everything include tanzanite? It's a kind of rock.
Feels great in my third stomach.
- [Summer.]
Oh, yeah.
- Sounds great! I am so in.
If there's one thing I'm good at, it's doing nothing.
How about you, Wing? I don't know.
We're the Rescue Riders.
Excitement is in our blood.
We don't go on vacations, we go on adventures.
Right, everyone? [snoring.]
Again? Okay, okay, maybe a little vacation would be fun.
Great, and let's get some apples and fresh fish loaded up.
You don't have to worry about bringing fish.
This island is full of them.
But better safe than sorry.
I told Duggard we're heading out.
He said we deserved it and he'll be fine while we're gone.
Then he almost fell into a well but we caught him just in time.
Well, this fire dragon is ready for some fun in the sun.
No eggs, no nests And nobody to rescue.
- Are we there yet? - No.
- Are we there yet? - No.
- Are we there yet? - Yes.
- Really? - No.
I'm just trying to get you to stop asking if we're there yet.
So, we're not there yet? Don't make me come back there, Burps.
I can't wait to get there, too, and nap.
I'm an expert napper.
It actually might be the one thing I'm best at in life.
Me, too.
Give me some warm rocks to lay on and I'm out.
Warm rocks are my favorite, too.
And cool breezes.
You gotta have cool breezes to really get your nap on.
I love cool breezes, too.
But when it comes to napping, nothing's better than - shade from the hot sun.
- Shade from the hot sun.
- Huh.
I never knew we were so alike.
- This is gonna be great.
Are we there yet? Actually, Burple, we are.
Oh, it's just as beautiful as you said it'd be, Summer.
See? I told you.
You were right about the rocks, too.
Make room down there, guys.
This beach is so peaceful and calm and Perfect for a game of beach volley rock.
All right, who's in? Oh, a gray rock.
And another gray one.
And another gray one! - Huh? - Save one for the game, Burp.
You in for beach volley rock, Cut? Maybe later, Dak.
This warm rock looks perfect for napping.
Hey, I was gonna nap in that spot.
Competitive napping.
That's new.
How about you, Leyla? Sorry, Dak, I've got something even more fun in mind than volley rock.
Updating my Dragon Diary.
I just haven't had the time lately.
All right, Winger, sounds like it's just you and Uh, Winger? [sighs.]
Uh, Wing? What are you doing? Just getting our travel training course set up.
It's not as good as the one at home but it'll have to do.
- Wait, where did you pack those targets? - Burple carried them for me.
And stomach number three was not happy about it.
Winger, we don't have to train.
We're on vacation.
But we're on a new island.
Who knows what we might find.
At least let me do a quick safety scan.
Don't worry, everyone.
The coast looks clear.
There's a decent clearing we can set up camp in over there.
Winger, it's okay.
You can relax.
And play beach volley rock.
What do you mean relax? I am relaxed.
I'm just gonna do one more flyover of the beach.
[all laugh.]
What? You don't know how to take a break, do you, Wing? [chuckles.]
What? Of course I do.
I'm having a very fun time.
Should we run escape drills now or after lunch? Winger, I told you.
This island is perfect.
Just look around at all the warm sand, delicious fish, giant eels.
Wait, eels? So much for beach volley rock.
Just a minor setback.
Hey, don't mess with my friends.
Especially when they look so cute sleeping.
You guys really ought to wake up! And this one.
And Not this one.
Bye, new gray rocks.
I'll miss you.
Our supplies.
Hey! Your power blast interrupted my What happened to you two? - Eels.
- Eels.
[both laugh.]
- [both scream.]
- Okay, we believe you! See? It's a good thing I was on guard or those eels could have gotten even more of our stuff.
I had to use all my new rocks.
At least it went to a good cause, Burp, saving our scales.
All right, gang.
I think it's time we headed home.
What? No.
Those eels weren't here when I was here before.
Trust me.
Well, they've really made themselves at home now.
Listen, this island has way more than just beaches.
Follow me.
Can't forget our travel training gear.
[both groan.]
We can have a fun camping adventure instead.
Eels can't get us here.
At least, I don't think they can.
No such thing as land eels, right? - I think those are called snakes.
- [yelps.]
Where? [exhales.]
This is prime napping grass.
Which is why I'm napping here.
Looks like when it comes to napping we are too alike.
All right.
I guess we can give it a go.
Forest volley rock? - Yeah! - Sure.
Just let me set up a perimeter first, and do another safety scan, - and I should probably find another - Winger, this is supposed to be fun.
I guess I can check what supplies we have left.
Oh, great.
Now you got Leyla being all sensible, too.
Winger, you're gonna miss out on all the fun.
There won't be any more surprises.
- Surprise! - [all.]
Finngard?! Dave? I mean, Finngard? What are you doing here? I heard you and Leyla talking about going on a fun trip and I figured it wouldn't be that fun unless I came along.
I can't believe this.
We're taking you home.
I wanna stay here with you guys.
Finngard, I'm sorry, but Dak is right.
You can't stay on this island with us.
But you already fought off the eels.
Super cool, by the way.
And there's no way there could be anything else dangerous on this island, right? [growling.]
Please say that's just Burple's stomach.
I wish it was just me, too.
Finngard, look out! [Winger.]
This is why you always set up a perimeter! [Summer.]
Aggro, Cutter! Wha? What is it this time? [barking and growling.]
Wolves? Seriously? [panting and grunting.]
We gotta go Huh? You okay? That was awesome! Technically, yes.
But it was also very dangerous.
Why did those wolves just stop chasing him like that? Maybe they finally recognized me and figured they were beat.
Okay, Finngard, now do you see that it's too dangerous for you here? Vacation is over, climb on.
Come on.
We just got here.
We can't go back now.
Dak, I think Finngard is right.
I knew that Leyla would back me Wait, what? It's getting too dark to fly back to Huttsgalor now.
The wolves seem to stay away from this part of the island, so I think we should camp here for the night.
Yes! I love camping.
Almost as much as I love dragons, and the Rescue Riders, and my birthday, and mutton, and sweaters, and Haggis - and my mom's birthday, and - Oh, brother.
Brother? Me? - No, I meant - This is such an honor.
Never mind.
Let's just go back and get our stuff.
I'll grow into it.
Now, this I like.
That roar means these berries are good, right? I'll get more.
Look how helpful I am.
Apples for everyone.
Or just for Burple.
I'm more of a rock guy, but those are pretty delicious.
You have to admit, he is being very helpful.
Yeah, he even helped me set up the travel training course again.
Until we have to rescue him again.
Hey, guys, look.
You guys sleep in nests, right? - These are actually not bad.
- And I'm very picky about nests.
- This one's mine.
- This one's mine.
Try these on for size.
What kind of leaves are these? I've never seen them before.
I don't know.
But they're all over this part of the island.
They're so soft and silky and itchy? Make that really itchy.
Oh, no.
Wait, I have seen these leaves before.
They're, unh, Wood Nettles.
The itchiest plants around.
What? Why couldn't they be the nicest, or the softest? Or the tastiest.
My tongue itches.
I don't remember the island being this itchy.
This is new, too.
I promise.
You can have that nest.
No, thanks.
All yours.
Come on, there's a pond over there.
The water will help the itch go away.
[water splashes.]
[all exhale.]
Okay, Summer.
I think we're all officially done with this island.
Worst vacation ever.
This island wasn't like this before.
Yeah, you know what's different? Finngard's here.
Uh, Dak? Wherever he goes, trouble follows.
Oh, Finngard, I was just Wait.
Finngard, come back.
- [Dak.]
Finngard! - [Leyla.]
Finngard! Finngard! Finngard! - Where are you? - Or where aren't you? That's helpful, too.
This is what we train for.
Aggro, time to light the night.
You got it.
I feel awful, Leyla.
It'll be okay, Dak.
We'll find him.
I didn't mean to hurt his feelings.
I was just upset.
I shouldn't have said those mean things.
Don't worry.
He can't be far.
[Finngard singing.]
When the Rescue Riders need a hand Wait.
What's that? I hope that's Finngard and not some singing wolves.
When the Rescue Riders need a hand Who do they call? Their right-hand man Finngard Oh, hi.
Listen, Finngard, I No, it's okay.
You were right.
This is all my fault.
I didn't mean to ruin your fun trip.
You're all so awesome.
I guess I just wanted to learn how to be awesome, too.
- No, you didn't - [wolf cries.]
This island never quits, does it? [growling.]
Rescue Riders, protect Finngard.
Stay close, Finny.
And don't worry, we've got this.
Man, those wolves are hard to hit.
Fall back.
- We're gonna run out of shots.
- I think that's what they're trying to do.
Not only are they wolves, they're smart wolves.
At least they're not singing wolves.
Have you ever heard a wolf sing? It's howl this or awroo that.
I think we're trapped.
Not if I have anything to say about it.
- [screams then grunts.]
- [growling.]
I guess I don't have anything to say about it, after all.
We're trapped! There must be another way out.
Wait a second.
That's it.
I'm out of water.
And that was my last boulder.
Knew I should have packed more rocks.
Maybe this wasn't such a great vacation spot, after all.
Oh, you're admitting it now that we're in danger, completely surrounded, and about to be attacked by wolves? I appreciate that.
Uh, guys.
Anyone have a plan? We could really use a Surprise! [yelling.]
Back, wolves.
What is he doing? I think he's saving the day.
So, how did I do? I couldn't have done it better myself.
And I don't even really know what you did.
How did you know the wolves would be afraid of those plants? They stopped chasing me when we ran to the side of the island with all those itchy leaves, so, I gave it a try.
Well, it sure looks like you were right.
Finngard, I'm really sorry about all those things I said earlier.
We've just been on so many rescues recently and, well Yeah, a lot of them have been to save me.
Something like that.
I know you've just been trying to help and to learn how to be awesome but don't worry, you already are.
I am? Sure.
You rescued the Rescue Riders.
What could be more awesome than that? Uh, going home? Thanks, Dak.
But from now on, no more rescuing for me.
That's good to hear.
So, I can start on Volume Two of my Dragon Diary.
So much new info.
Here we go again.
Wow, even Leyla isn't up to Volume Two yet.
So, can I jump in that pond now? These Wood Nettles are so itchy.
Yeah! [laughs.]
Well, this was quite the trip.
I'll be glad to get home and have a vacation from our vacation.
Bye, island, hope to never see you again.
What is it, Summer? Uh, well this isn't the island I visited when I was young.
I think that's the island we were supposed to go to.
So, anyone up for another vacation? That island really does have beautiful beaches, cool forests, and fish I'm in.
We fought eels, wolves and itchy leaves.
We deserve a break.
[Finngard humming.]
When the Rescue Riders need a hand Who do they call? Their right-hand man Finngard Who dressed like a bush To save us from wolves? Finngard Who's the kid who got you trapped By those wolves? Finngard Who's gonna be good And stay out of your way? Finngard Who believes he'll really do that? No one
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