Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Treasure Riders

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world What are we thinking for lunch today? Maybe fly to the west side of the island for some speckled cod? Or rainbow trout could be good.
But we usually catch those on the east side.
I vote for whatever's closest.
I'm starving.
I can burp you up a snack rock on the way.
Thanks, but I think I'll pass on the slime stone.
Suit yourself.
Hey, why don't we stop for some delicious ice tail pike on the north side of Huttsgalor.
Great idea, Ley.
Sound good, Cutter? - Cutter? - Huh? He flew off as soon as you said ice tail pike.
- Are you gonna eat that tail? - Uh Not anymore.
Ice tail pike, mm, really hits the spot.
I could use some dessert.
- Wanna go pick some berries, Ley? - Sure.
Nothing like a stickleberry after some salty fish.
Dak, look out! Huh? Waldondo to the rescue.
- And just in the nick of time, no? - Uh You, lobos, why settle for these small snacks when you can have a full meal.
You are fast, but not as fast as I.
Wolves! And someone else.
Whoever he is, he sure is quick.
If by quick, you mean crazy enough to fight three wolves.
Oh, dear, it would seem you lobos now have the advantage.
Aha, but things are not what they seem, no? Did you see those moves? See them? I wanna see them again.
Who are you? I am Waldondo Del Mundo.
The first man to sail the seven seas without a boat, to tame a wild boar with the bridge of my nose, to live in a pit for an entire year.
- That doesn't sound too hard.
- A snake pit? Whoa.
You, you have not heard of me? - No.
- But all that stuff sounds amazing.
Amazing is my middle name.
I thought it was Del? You may not have heard of me, but I have definitely heard of you.
You must be Dak and Leyla.
The dragon-talkers of Huttsgalor.
And what amazing dragons they are.
Such beauty.
Such grace.
The others aren't half bad either.
I wish I could stay and chitchat, but I am on a spectacular quest and need to find an old friend.
Huttsgalor isn't that big.
Maybe we can help.
Oh, yeah.
You could not possibly know the friend I seek.
A hardened warrior, trained in the art of battle and a surprisingly good cook.
Eye patch? Mysterious past? Always pops up out of nowhere? Oh, I know.
Chief Duggard.
- Marena.
- Marena.
That was my next guess.
Careful, Waldondo.
We're up pretty high.
Ha! This is nothing.
When I climbed the peaks of Mount Athena, I had to look down to see the stars.
I didn't know Marena had any friends.
Other than us.
And Waldondo is so cool.
He's done everything.
These dragons, they have special powers, no? Did someone say special powers? Tell him it's not all about heat.
He liked the heat better.
All right.
Stop trying to show off, you two.
I can spit rocks.
That's extraordinary, too, right? Sorry.
I'm okay.
Waldondo Del Mundo.
I can't believe my eye.
I warned you what would happen the next time I saw you.
I know you did.
Sea Witch.
Is anyone else nervous and excited to see what happens? - Huh? - Aw.
How long has it been, old friend? Seems like forever.
Many moons.
Too many.
I didn't say that.
Why are you here, Waldondo? Can't an old friend just come for a visit? You know me too well.
I am here because of this.
Is that a treasure map? Not just a treasure map, Dak.
The map to the greatest treasure of them all.
Odin's Gem.
I can't believe it.
Odin's Gem.
Odin's Gem.
What's Odin's Gem? What is Odin's Gem, Waldondo? Only the shimmering jewel from Odin's crown, said to have fallen from the skies during a hundred-year storm, vanishing, never to be seen again.
Not this again.
We spent too many months, sailed too many miles, risked danger too many times for that thing.
It's a myth.
A legend.
But this map proves it's real.
Come with me, Marena.
It will be dangerous.
Just like old times.
And together we will finally uncover the greatest treasure this world has ever known.
- No? - No? Marena, please.
My days of searching for Odin's Gem are behind me.
But I cannot do it alone.
We'll go with you.
Right, guys? On a risky treasure hunt? For a long-lost gem? That no one else has been able to find? Because it might not even be real? Yeah! We're in.
No, no, no.
It would be far too dangerous for you.
We're the Rescue Riders, Waldondo.
Danger is our middle name.
I don't have a middle name.
I don't even have a last name.
Well, if you insist.
Dragons surely would come in handy.
- Yeah! - All right! Okay.
If they are going then I will go, too.
Under one condition.
I knew she'd come with us.
The purple one stays here.
That seems fair.
That's me.
But Burple has to come.
He's one of us.
Yeah, I'm one of us.
We can't just leave him behind.
Yeah, we can't leave him, I mean, me.
Perdóneme, perhaps I can explain it to him.
Marena's right.
I'm gonna stay here.
What? Why? Someone needs to be here to protect Huttsgalor.
You sure, Burp? It's been pretty quiet around here.
I did hear Elbone say something the other day about starting a wolf petting zoo.
See? They need me here.
He has a point.
I suppose four dragons are better than none.
Shall we go? We have a treasure to hunt.
I can't believe we're on a hunt for a lost treasure.
Don't forget searching for a secret island.
- I wish we could do this every day.
- Or at least twice a week.
According to the map, it shouldn't be far now.
How many adventures have you two been on together? Too many to count.
Ah, querida, remember when we set off to find that giant black pearl? We spent two days stuck inside a giant clam.
But the chowder was glorious, no? Yes, but as I recall, that pearl vanished before we made it back.
Oh, right.
That was strange.
Don't know how that happened.
What else can you tell us about Marena? We barely know anything.
When I met her, the eye patch was on the other eye.
There! The Isle of Lost Vikings.
Just like on the map.
Wow, it's amazing.
Look at those waterfalls.
Bet those lagoons are full of fish.
Do not be fooled by its beauty, Rescue Riders.
An island like this can hold many secrets and dangers.
According to the map, we need to find a cave.
The entrance to the Tunnels of Valhalla.
Allow me.
Aha! One cave coming up.
This is it.
What are we waiting for? The gem must be inside.
Not so fast, Dak.
Danger could be lurking around every corner.
And I would not have it any other way.
These caves are even mazier than the Maze Caves.
Except I don't think we're gonna find Elbone and Rocky in here.
Actually, knowing Elbone, we could.
Watch your step.
There could be booby-traps.
How soon you forget, Marena.
I am Waldondo Del Mundo.
Professional treasure hun - Oops.
- Look out, Rescue Riders! - Leyla! - Aah! Ha! Blast them! You weren't kidding, Marena.
Danger is around every corner and even over our heads.
That was close.
Very close.
Yes, well, accidents happen, no? Onward to Odin's Gem.
As fun as this is, I wish Burple was with us.
Spooky cave, giant Thor hammers, untold danger? Not really his thing.
Yeah, you're right.
But it sure is mine.
To Odin's Gem! Okay, that's a letdown.
A dead end? Did we take a wrong turn? No, this cannot be.
The map says the gem is this way.
But how do we get through this wall? H-2-on it.
Amazing? How about we feel the heat.
This is very impressive, too.
H-2-out of my way.
Feel the heat.
Aggro, Summer, wait.
- Whoops.
- Sorry.
Now we can't see anything.
True, but it is very pleasant.
And good for the skin.
What? Querida, you are a genius.
How did you know that would work? Did it remind you of something you did on another adventure? No.
I guessed.
Classic Marena.
We must be getting close.
I smell treasure.
All I smell is musty cave moss.
Whoa, what is this? Behold, the Hall of Titans.
Odin's Gem is not far now.
Come on.
What is it, Marena? Okay.
Did not see that coming.
Treasure good.
Spears bad.
There has to be another way.
Check the map.
This is the only way through.
And it is far too dangerous.
Looks like the treasure hunt just came to an end.
I have an idea.
What if the dragons blast the statues to trigger all the spears, then we can safely move through.
That's a great idea.
Come on, guys.
That's how we do it dragon-style.
All this shooting is making me tired.
Yeah, who knew treasure hunting would be so exhausting? Now what? According to the map, the gem should be right here.
- Ha, ha! - It must be on that boat.
The ultimate prize is within reach.
All right, dragons, let's find some treasure.
I don't see any treasure.
Nothing here, either.
Maybe the map's wrong.
Over here.
I found something.
One part iron, two parts Belzium.
Very strong.
To protect a treasure.
Odin's Gem.
What are we gonna do? Perhaps the dragons can break through.
- Do you think you guys can do it? - Belzium is tough.
And we're pretty tired from all that crazy stuff in the caves.
It's not pure Belzium.
If we give it everything we have left, we can break through.
You might wanna stand back.
- Ready? - Ready.
Almost there.
Mega Blast, Wing.
We did it.
All right.
It would seem that Odin's Gem is finally ours.
- Look! - A treasure chest.
Empty? There's no treasure in here.
Oh, but there is.
Waldondo, what are you doing? Let us out.
Why would I let you out when you are the treasure I've been hunting all along? - What? - Marena.
I don't think Marena can help.
I am sorry, old friend.
But when I heard about these magnificent dragons in Huttsgalor, I realized they are more valuable than any treasure, even our friendship.
At least someone recognizes my value.
- Cutter! - What? Come on, Marena.
You must admit, leading them on a fake treasure hunt to use up all their powers was brilliant, no? Waldondo, it is you who are a fake.
You always have been.
Eh, true.
But I am a fake with a ship full of dragons.
Don't be a sore loser, Marena.
I'm sure the next time we meet, we'll have a good laugh about this.
Fare thee well, querida.
Fare thee well.
I can't believe Waldondo double-crossed us.
I never liked that guy.
Oh, right.
You weren't showing off your fire blasts at all.
Me? Help me remember, was it "H-2-out of my way," or "H-2-oh, look at me"? It was Oh.
Could we focus on getting through that hatch? I haven't had time to recharge.
I can't blast.
- And I'm out of water.
- I don't have enough fire left to melt it.
Hey, I still have some spikes.
Never mind.
Let's ram it.
It's too strong.
I think I pulled something.
No, make that everything.
We're never getting out of here.
Oh, giving up so quickly? No way.
Classic Marena entrance.
How did you get out of the net? I had a little help.
Hi, guys.
Yeah, Burps.
Marena didn't really leave me behind.
She had a secret plan all along.
Can you believe it? She picked me.
I'm the hero.
I asked the purple one to follow us in case something went wrong.
I never really trusted Waldondo.
Why not? Maybe she could explain that after she rescues us? Good point.
See you in a sec.
Bang all you want, Rescue Riders, you are all Waldondo's dragons now.
I don't know about that.
Ha! Really? You thought I would fall for that twice? Okay, old friend, we shall do this the hard way.
Ha, ha! Come on, Burp.
You almost got it.
Try more than one.
You did it.
I guess I did.
Would you please stand still.
You are not the only one who can tire out your opponents, Waldondo.
You were right, Waldondo.
The next time we met, I did have a good laugh.
Come on, guys.
Let's fly.
Not so fast.
It is too late to escape.
Ha, ha.
I will be getting a dragon after all.
Your fire, plus her water.
- Just like in the cave.
- In the cave.
Feel the heat.
H-2-on it.
This mist I do not find so pleasant.
But still, good for the skin.
No! Impossible.
Shall we go, amigo? Fare thee well, Waldondo.
Fare thee well.
Okay, now can you tell us why you didn't trust Waldondo? Because I knew that map to Odin's Gem was a fake.
That's why I refused to go with him at first.
Of course, once all of you agreed to go, I had to go, too, to protect you, and see what he was really after.
Thanks for that.
But wait.
How could you possibly know Waldondo's map wasn't real? Simple, because I know the real location of Odin's Gem.
- You do? - You do? Where? Right here.
It's amazing.
Wait, you keep the most hunted treasure in the world in your belt? You have a point.
I think I know a place that would be much safer.
What are you doing, Burps? Rearranging a few things.
Nobody will find it down there.
Nobody would want to.
Leyla, tell Marena I'll keep Odin's Gem safe and Huh? - Classic Marena exit.
- Marena exit.

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