Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Puff Enuf

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world [Dak grunts.]
Go! - Got it! - It was definitely me who got it.
You both got it! Another round? [chuckles, then grunts.]
Winger for the win! [groans.]
Until you let me try.
Throw two at once.
Summer's aim is H-2-on target.
Oh! My turn! Throw three.
Three? You sure, Burp? [grunting.]
Sorry, Elbone! That was breakfast.
And lunch.
Whoa! Never come between dragons and their target practice.
Or their dinner.
What can we do for you, Elbone? Well, I was up on the far side of the island when I heard strange dragon-y noises coming from one of the other entrances to the Maze Caves.
They sounded a bit like: [screeching, growling and babbling.]
Sound familiar? Nope.
Never heard anything like that before.
And never want to again.
When I poked my head into the cave, there was a huge dragon inside! It looked scared.
Or in trouble.
Or both! But not neither.
I didn't wanna check it out alone.
I learned my lesson about going into the Maze Caves.
- Never eat the moldy green rocks? - Bring dragons! [Dak.]
We better check it out.
Burple, you got Elbone.
Huh? [Elbone screaming.]
All right, we're here.
What were you doing way up here on this side of the island, Elbone? If you can believe it, I'm working on a new business venture.
That's a shocker.
Shell jewelry! I'm calling it Shellbones by Elbone! I've been collecting shells from beaches over the island and turning them into gorgeous custom-made jewelry.
I think that was supposed to go around your neck, Burps.
I might let that one dry out for a while.
Come on, the cave's this way.
There it is.
Good luck, Rescue Riders! I'm going back on my shell hunt.
Come by the stand tomorrow and check out my jewelry selection.
Ha! If I haven't sold out by then.
[squealing continues.]
Guys, you just ate.
That didn't come from your stomachs, Burps.
It came from in there.
- Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go! - Dak? If we're going in the Maze Caves, we better be prepared, right? Of course! I was thinking the exact same thing.
Uh, can I borrow one of those ropes? So, we're on the lookout for a big, scared dragon.
The word Elbone used was huge.
Not huge.
Huge! No, it was more like huge.
Or hu Ugh! We get it.
It's a big dragon.
And close! There's nothing this way.
[faint squealing.]
Okay, maybe not big.
Are you okay? Uh Is that human talking to me? I really must've taken a wrong turn.
We'll explain later.
How'd you get in here? I landed to take a little rest on my way home to my island.
Some wolves spotted me, so I hid in here and, well, I got a little lost.
Okay, a lot lost.
It's okay.
The Maze Caves can be confusing.
Let's get you out of here, what was your name? Zeppla! But all my friends call me well, Zeppla.
Well, I guess we're friends then, Zeppla.
Oh, yay! I love making new friends.
Especially when they're saving me from dark, scary Maze Caves.
Friends, friends, friends Friends, friends, friends We heard there was a huge dragon lost in these caves.
- But you're not really all that huge.
- Well, I am.
I mean, I was.
I'm a Puffertail.
I puff up when I get scared to look big to attackers.
- Boo! - [screams.]
I guess I deserved that.
- But cool trick.
- Thanks! It's really nice to meet you all.
Especially people who can talk to dragons.
You all live here on this island together? We sure do.
That's our home down there.
- It's called Huttsgalor.
- [Zeppla.]
Wow, it's so cool.
That's the Great Hall.
Over there is Hannahr's blacksmith shop and that is a sheep named Haggis who's about to fall off the docks.
Be right back.
Wow, again! First you save me, then that sheep? Sure seems like you do a lot of rescuing.
Well, we are the Rescue Riders.
Rescue Riders? Yep, dragons, sheep, people, we help them all.
- [screams.]
- Excuse me.
- It's usually not this busy.
- I wish I had another word other than wow.
- Try amazing.
- Thank you, Cutter.
You are amazing.
- Thank you.
- I think she meant all of us.
If you think we're amazing, wait till you check out our Roost.
This is our home base, the Roost.
It's where we do all our planning, training.
Not to mention where you'll find all the state-of-the-art practice equipment.
The dragon cave is awesome, too and Zeppla, what's going on? Is something wrong? No, nothing wrong, I I wanna do what you do! With my friends back on my island! Do what we do? You mean? Help other dragons and save sheep and help people do, well, people-y things.
I wanna start my own Rescue Riders.
Could be cool.
Really cool.
But you can't call yourselves the Rescue Riders.
You'll need a different name.
Maybe Dragon Squad! The name doesn't matter.
It's the teamwork and the rescuing.
How about Wing Savers? Cool! So, what do you think? Could you teach me to do what you do? We've never trained anyone before.
Except ourselves.
But I guess we could try.
Do you know what your strengths are? Oh, I have lots of strengths.
On Puffertail Island, I'm known for my singing, and dancing, and naming new kinds of fish.
I'm an excellent fish namer.
- Do you have good aim? - Um, maybe? Are you fast? Well, I'm a fast learner.
And my mom says that's all that matters.
Do you eat rocks? Not on purpose.
Don't worry, we'll find what else you're good at.
Besides, all you really need to be a Rescue Rider is courage and heart.
You seem to have a lot of that.
Let's do it! This is so exciting! I can't wait to start! I can't [Cutter.]
Ow! I thought you said you puffed up when you got scared.
Actually, I puff up when I get scared or excited.
This might be harder than I thought.
Don't worry, Zeppla.
I'm gonna help you get up to speed on stuff we do.
Like daring cliffside egg rescues, close encounters with Slinkwings, and crazy trips through Thornbane Valley.
Well, we're gonna start a little slower than that.
We've set up a rescue obstacle course for you.
Yes! I love obstacles.
Let me at them.
Down there at the other end is a Viking that needs to be rescued.
Technically, an Elbone.
All you have to do to get to him is follow Aggro.
Without hitting anything.
I've got this.
Yikes! [grunts.]
Sorry! Sorry again! Don't worry, she just needs some coaching.
Try tucking in your wings, Zeppla.
[grunting and groaning.]
How'd I do? I did that last part with my eyes closed.
That's how I focus best.
Didn't go so well for Elbone but if it was a knock over all the targets practice, you would have aced it.
Hey, it's okay.
Maybe fancy flying just isn't your thing.
Which is why we're gonna try a little target practice.
That was amazing! Your turn.
Whoa! Did I get it? [chuckles, then groans.]
Maybe the moving targets are too tricky.
Let's try some regular target practice.
All right, Zeppla, just focus your energy and fire.
Let's move it a little closer.
Okay, a little closer.
Guess my aim is a little off today.
Yay! You hit the target! And me.
Okay, so I puff up when I get scared or excited or embarrassed.
Let me just try to de-puff before the wind gets me.
- [screams.]
- Huh? Whoa! Sorry, sorry, sorry! Hey, maybe you'll have more power when you're bigger like this.
Yeah, try your blast again.
- Uh, I'm not sure that's a great idea.
- Why? What could go wrong? Zeppla, fire! [screaming.]
I think her blast lit the gas she uses to inflate herself.
[all groan.]
I should probably just stay down here from now on.
Yep, you were right.
That was not a good idea.
Okay, let's try something simple.
Tilt your wings like this.
This is how you do a power turn.
Whoa! - [loud crash.]
- [Cutter.]
You know, I think everyone watching might be making her nervous.
Watching her is making me nervous.
I'll take Cutter and Summer to town to check out Elbone's new shell jewelry business.
Great idea, sis.
I can't wait to see what Elbone has.
Hope he has the same shells as yesterday.
But to wear this time.
Not eat.
Uh Where is he? Maybe he sold all the shells and went home.
Oh, you're serious? We should check his houseboat to be sure.
Elbone's not here.
And neither is Rocky.
I hope he's okay.
Hope Elbone's okay, too.
Do you think it's possible that something happened to Elbone when he was looking for shells? Not only is it possible, when it comes to Elbone, it's likely.
Missing? We couldn't find him anywhere.
- Sounds like we have a rescue to go to.
- [Zeppla.]
A rescue? Can I come? Please, please.
What better way to learn about rescuing than a real-life rescue? I don't know, Zeppla.
We've just started your training.
And it's already paying off.
Look! [groans.]
Sorry! Sorry again! She did leave a few targets standing.
I guess an Elbone rescue is a pretty good starter mission.
Do you really think she can handle it, Wing? I'll keep - Uh, was that wall always there? - I'll keep an eye on her.
I can't believe I'm going on my first rescue mission.
Oh, I'm nervous.
No, I'm excited.
Hold on, definitely nervous.
No, wait, excited! I got another team name for you: Puffer Patrollers.
Think about it.
I could see more if we went a little higher.
Higher it is! Coming, Zeppla? Uh, I usually don't fly that high.
But I guess I could try.
- Trying is super Rescue Rider-y.
- We're all here for you, Zeppla.
We're really high up.
Really, really, really high up.
I'm getting nervous and scared and Oh, no! Whoa! See? Flying high just isn't my thing! Phew! Finally dodged one.
- Unh! - Whoops.
Sorry, Cutter! [grunting.]
I love land.
Why don't we split up to look for Elbone? It'll be quicker.
And safer.
Burple, Summer and I will check all the beaches on the east side of the island.
Cutter, Dak, and I will get a dragon's eye view from above.
Aggro, you and Zeppla fly low along the coastline, - scout the beaches and the lower cliffs.
- Lower works for me.
Let's go! Zeppla? This way? Oh.
Let's go! [Zeppla.]
Don't see anything over there! Hmm.
Or over there.
Or here.
Still nothing to report.
It's okay, Zeppla.
You don't need to update me unless you - [groaning.]
- Wait a second, what's that? Come on! Nothing in here either.
You see anything, Aggro? Uh, Aggro? Oops.
Nothing yet.
He's gotta be somewhere.
Wing, you really think Zeppla will get the hang of it? She'll figure out what she's good at.
She sure doesn't give up.
I'm about to give up.
I don't see Elbone any Wait, wait, wait, I've got something! It's Oh, it's just Zeppla.
What's she doing? She looks nervous.
Or scared.
Or excited? I don't know, I'm terrible at reading Puffers.
Zeppla, what's wrong? Where's Aggro? I I can't find her! I was so focused on finding Elbone that I lost Aggro.
What a horrible way to start as a rescuer! It's okay.
Let's just go back to the last place you saw her.
I'm sure Aggro is fine.
She's a big dragon, she can take care of herself.
Well, she's technically a little dragon.
But, yeah, she can definitely take care of herself.
Huh? Huh?! Hm? [groans.]
I don't know what happened.
We were flying along these cliffs, and Wait! She's down there on the beach.
And Elbone's down there, too? What are you two doing? Playing in the sand? Do I look like I'm playing? We're stuck! I don't know what Aggro just roared, but be careful.
This is no ordinary beach.
It's made of quicksand! Quicksand? Okay, I puff up when I get scared or excited or embarrassed or when there's quicksand! We can still see you.
It helps not to move.
Or talk.
Or breathe.
I love doing all three of those things.
Luckily, I was able to throw Rocky to safety before he could sink.
Too bad he's not doing anything to help us right now! I'm so sorry.
I've made everything worse.
I'll get help.
Leyla and Summer will know what to do.
There's no time.
We're heavier than Elbone, and we're sinking a lot faster.
Knew I should've skipped breakfast.
By the time you get back, we'll be under.
- You have to get us out all by yourself.
- All by myself? Zeppla, you wanna be one of us? Well, now's your chance.
- And our only chance.
- You can do this, Zeppla.
- I know it.
- I wish I knew it.
- Oops.
- It's okay.
Stay calm, and try again.
I can't look.
I have to look! It's too much! Look away, Rocky, look away! [panting.]
I'm sorry.
- I can't do it! - What? This was all a big mistake.
What was I thinking? I can't form my own team.
I'm not a good shot, or a fast flyer, or even a fast learner.
All I can do is this.
Which I also do when I've completely blown it and let everyone down.
Wait, Zeppla.
I know what you have to do to save us, and only you can do it.
But you're going to have to fly up high while you're puffed up.
But the wind will catch me.
Exactly! And help you pull us out.
Fly over and grab onto me again.
Now everyone grab on.
Oh, thank goodness.
My mouth was almost in the sand! All my brilliant jokes would have gone unsaid! See, Rocky? This is how you help your friends.
Don't give me that look! Here comes the wind! [grunts.]
- It's working! - You're doing great.
Keep going! I'm doing it, I'm really doing it! Oh, no! You're gonna have to flap those wings harder! I'm trying! We're too heavy! The wind's not strong enough! Maybe the wind isn't strong enough, but I might be.
Everyone, hold on! [Elbone.]
Awesome! Less awesome! [chuckles.]
I did it! I actually did it.
- I rescued the Rescue Riders.
- Yeah! And Elbone.
And even that rock! There's nothing I can't save.
Thanks for getting us out of there, Zeppla.
That was pretty great.
See that? I knew you'd find out what your thing is.
Look at how high you flew.
Yeah, it wasn't that bad.
In fact, I wanna do it again! [all.]
Huh? Hey, you found Elbone! That was easy, huh? [all groan.]
Uh, did we miss something? Sorry you lost all your shells in the quicksand, Elbone.
Not all of them.
Meet Shelly! [whispers.]
Just don't tell Rocky about her.
Aah! Thanks for the rescue, Rescue Riders! And Rescue Riders' awesome inflatable friend! Enjoy your first rescue, Zeppla? Yeah, but it's a lot harder than I thought.
I really appreciate you training me, but I think I might not be quite ready to do what you do yet.
Some days I don't know if I'm ready to do what we do yet.
But when I get home, I'm gonna keep practicing.
I know you'll be out there rescuing before you know it.
Thank you, from me and my future team.
That is not named Rescue Riders.
I think I really got it this time.
Inflato-Force Five! Awesome name.
Wait, what if we have six members? I'll get back to you.
Well, time to go.
What is it this time? Scared? - Excited? - Embarrassed? All of the above? I think I know.
Of everything I learned from you.
Especially this! Later, Rescue Riders! I really wish I could do that.
Oh, wait, I can! [burps, then grunts.]
Kind of.
Oh, come on!
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