Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

Hot, Hot, Hot

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world There they are.
Do you think you can handle it, Burps? I would but Leave it to me, Winger.
Burple to the rescue! Burple! Yeah! - Help! - Huh? Help! Help! On it! Burple? - Oh, perfect shot, Burp! - As usual.
Dak, hold on! I'm gonna fall! Not today.
I'm saved.
Burple, you're great.
You're great.
- You're great.
You're great! - You're late.
You're late.
Burple, you're late.
Uh huh? You and Aggro were supposed to do the breakfast fishing.
Oh, sorry.
But I'm still great, right? Never mind.
Where is Aggro? Aggro already has the fire started? She's usually the last dragon out of the cave.
- Morning, Aggro! - Oh! Oh, uh hey.
Is it morning already? I must have dozed off.
You've been out here all night? Yeah, well, I just, um, wanted to get some fresh air.
Sometimes that sleep cave can be a little stuffy.
And you kept this fire going all night, too? Yeah, I guess.
Hey, what's for breakfast? Let me see what they're serving in Huttsgalor.
Breakfast looks like a serving of Magnus Finke with a side order of another terrible new invention.
I just lost my appetite.
Yes, yes, come in closer.
- Not that close.
- Um People of Huttsgalor! Feast your eyes on my genius, my brilliance Our newest invention.
My newest invention.
Mechano-Dragon Version Two! Another Mechano-Dragon? Didn't he learn anything from the last time? Magnus learn something? I'm gonna go with no.
- Now - Ladies and gentlemen, I know what you all must be thinking, the last Mechano-Dragon was a slight disappointment.
Thanks for reminding them.
But this model is new and improved, right, Uncle? Of course it is! Steam powered.
Belzium body.
And these claws are specially made for rescuing! - Wait, wait.
Did he say rescuing? - That's our job.
It'll be a nice change from the last Mechano-Dragon.
That one, we had to rescue people from! Go ahead, laugh.
Axel, if you please.
This Mechano-Dragon will prove once and for all that we don't need you pesky Rescue Runts.
Mechano time! Okay.
Now, who needs to be rescued? Everyone looks safe here, Magnus.
What about Elbone? He's always one bad idea away from everlasting doom.
He's got a cold.
He's staying on his houseboat.
Hey, I don't see Chief Duggard anywhere.
He must be missing! No, he's visiting his mother up north.
They like to knit.
There must be someone in danger! Finngard? Come on! Wait, where's Haggis? Drat! You ruined our chance.
But don't worry, somebody will need a rescue sometime and when they do, we'll be there! Oh, great.
Just what we need.
You know what I need? Breakfast.
And then a couple of lunches.
And then maybe three dinners.
Burple, quiet.
I knew I shouldn't have stopped at three dinners.
I'll go grab a snack.
- Want anything? - Sleep? Right.
- Want anything, Summer? - No, thanks.
- Winger? - I'm good.
Aggro? Aggro? Hey, where's Aggro? So, she's just gone? Yeah.
Must have snuck out.
Where would she go in the middle of the night? I hope she's okay.
I think I see her! At least I thought I saw her.
She was right here! Over there! Aggro! Huh? - Axel? - Oh, hello.
What are you doing out in the middle of the night? Well, it's such a nice night, I thought I would take a moonlit flight.
I don't suppose you're all headed out on a rescue? So you can follow us to it? - Pfft.
Nice try.
- Me? I would never.
Come on, guys! Guys! Okay.
Now that we lost Axel, we gotta find Aggro.
I see her.
Or at least a little red glow that looks just like her.
Is that Boiling Springs Valley? - Aggro? - Huh? - Are you okay? - What are you guys doing here? - Looking for you.
We were worried.
- What's going on with you? Nothing.
Can't a dragon take a night flight without everyone freaking out? To Boiling Springs Valley? It's not dangerous if you don't get too close.
I'm just catching some steam.
You guys should try it.
Me, I'm gonna get some sleep.
She's hiding something.
First she sleeps all night by the fire, now she sneaks off to Boiling Springs Valley? It's getting stranger and stranger.
And more dangerous.
We better keep an eye on her until we can figure out what's going on.
- I can see you, Burple.
- No, you can't.
- Are you guys following me? - No.
Why would you think that? Because you're following me.
Must be all just going to the same place.
But we'll stop.
- I'm gonna go check on the fire.
- Good idea.
I'll go with you.
Then again, maybe I'll get a drink from the well instead.
You know me, I could always use some water.
You know what? I'm just gonna go to bed.
It's been a long day.
Well, us, too.
- You want first shift watching her, Burp? - Leave it to me, guys, I got this.
No way she's getting past me.
- You going to sleep, Burple? - Oh, yeah.
I just need to get comfy.
Sometimes I'm comfiest with my eyes open.
Hey, um, can you grab me a blanket? It's getting chilly in here.
One blanket coming right up for the chilly fire dragon.
Night, Burple.
Night, Aggro.
- So? - She didn't make a move all night.
- Nice work, Burp.
- But why is she so lumpy? Aggro? Oops.
- Where could she have gone this time? - Probably somewhere even more dangerous.
- Uh-oh.
- "Uh-oh"? How did we get from oops to uh-oh? First she was at the fire pit.
Then Boiling Springs Valley.
Not just more dangerous places, hotter places.
So, what's hotter than Boiling Springs Valley? - Nothing.
- Nothing on this island.
But what if she went to the hottest and most dangerous place near here? Volcano Island? Yeah, we're definitely at uh-oh now.
Why would Aggro ever come here? Hopefully she didn't.
We're checking to be sure.
- Thankfully, I don't see her anywhere.
- Great! Let's go home.
Guys? Look down there.
Aggro, are you okay? Yes! I'm fine! Stop following me, all right? No! Enough is enough, Aggro.
What are you doing in a volcano? Nothing! I mean, I just Fine.
I didn't wanna tell you this, but I'm molting, okay? Molting, of course! What's molting? Firefuries shed their old scales as they grow.
- The hotter it is, the faster they molt.
- But why didn't you tell us, Aggro? Because I'm embarrassed! Guys, can we talk about this somewhere else? Really don't think this is a safe place to be right now.
Dak's right.
Aggro, just come out, we'll find a better place for you to molt.
Okay, okay.
It is getting pretty hot in here.
Maybe a little too hot.
That's strange.
Whoa! What's the matter? My wings, they won't flap.
I can't fly! Oh, no, you overheated! Overheated? Fire dragons can overheat? Any dragon can overheat in a hot enough place.
And a volcano is pretty much the hottest place there is! Is there something worse than uh-oh? 'Cause I think we're there now.
- We gotta get her out of there! - We gotta get me out of here! Don't worry, I got this.
Cutter, no! If it's too hot for a fire dragon, it's definitely too hot for a Razorwing.
Fire dragon, schmire dragon, I could do this in my sleep.
Hot, hot, hot! You were saying? Okay, okay, it's a teensy bit hot.
I can beat the heat.
I'm the fastest.
Come on, Winger! You got this! Really wish I did! Sorry, Aggro! Winger can't rescue me? Now I'm really getting worried.
It's okay, Wing.
We'll figure something out.
- Thanks.
- I have an idea! Told you we'd figure something out.
What did we figure out? Come on, we're stopping by the Roost, and then we're heading north! Be right back, Aggro! Why is Burple going in after Aggro? Rockspitters like Burple have the toughest hides, and he can carry all the ice and snow we collected to keep him extra cool.
I'm definitely extra cool.
What's the pile of snow for? He needs to stay cool on the inside, too.
Come on, Burple, eat up.
We need four stomachs full.
I gotta see this.
He's gonna turn into a Burpsicle! Anything for Aggro.
Oh, brain freeze! Guys? Is someone gonna try again? Anyone? I'm coming for you, Aggro! Okay, did not expect to see that.
This is hotter than I thought.
You can do it, Burps! Keep coming.
Almost there.
It's too hot! Sorry! I was right there.
Then I wasn't.
I think volcanoes are too hot.
For any of us.
Wait a minute! This buckle is made out of Belzium and it didn't melt.
What are you thinking, Ley? The unthinkable.
Absolutely not! My Mechano-Dragon will never rescue a flappy lizard.
Please, Magnus.
Our friend is in trouble.
Your Mechano-Dragon is the perfect thing to save her.
It's made of Belzium, right? So, it can take the heat.
And its extendable claws can reach right down and grab her.
I could do it.
But the answer is still no! You know, sis, it's actually a good thing Magnus won't help.
If his Mechano-Dragon saved one of us, imagine what people would think.
Yeah, we sure would look bad.
People might wonder if they even needed us anymore.
Wait just one moment.
Perhaps I could have a change of heart.
What are you waiting for, Axel? We need to save our dear dragon friend Aggbo! It's Aggro.
Hm? Him, too! - Uh, she's a girl.
- Her, too! Okay, Axel.
It's super-hot in there, so just go low enough to use those long rescue claws to grab Aggro.
- Got it.
- I need you back in one piece.
Thanks, Uncle Magnus.
I was talking to the Mechano-Dragon.
And hot! - Hey, Aggro! I'm here to rescue you! - Axel? Now I know the heat is getting to me.
I'm seeing things! - Look! It's working! - Of course it's working.
My Mechano-Dragon is perfect in every way! Huh? Whoa! That can't be good.
- Ahh! Whoa! - Whoa, now I'm hot and dizzy! - They're in trouble! - I thought you said it's made of Belzium? The outside is.
- And the insides? - And the claws? Not so much.
Phew! - Whoa! - Aggro! No! She's right by the lava now! Aggro! Don't worry, Aggro.
We're gonna figure this out.
I'm not going anywhere! My Mechano-Dragon! My beautiful Mechano-Dragon.
I'm fine, Uncle, thanks.
You did this on purpose! You wanted to destroy my masterpiece.
Well, you can't sink a Finke.
I'll just invent another, and another, and they'll be even masterpiece-ier! Come, Axel.
What are we gonna do now? We've tried everything and Aggro's even deeper in the volcano than before.
Oh, I don't know.
I'm out of ideas.
Too bad there's no such thing as a real live Belzium dragon, huh? - Cutter, you're a genius! - I am? I mean, of course I am.
How am I a genius? What if we took the broken Mechano-Dragon and used the Belzium pieces as armor? And make a real, live Belzium dragon! - That's a great idea! - You're welcome.
So, who wants to give it a try? Where some see danger, I see my destiny.
Where some see risk, I see reward.
- Where some see Huh? - I'll do it.
What? I mean, I don't want to.
I really, really, really don't want to.
But like Leyla said, I have the toughest hide and I got the closest last time, right? Okay, then.
But how are we gonna get these chunks of Belzium to stick to Burple? I have an idea.
Burple, eat this iron ore.
Aren't we supposed to put the metal on the outside of me? Just trust me.
Okay, now what? Whoa! How did you do that? Belzium is highly magnetic.
As long as that iron ore is in your stomach, the Belzium should stick to your sides.
What do you think, Burps? Well, it's purple.
I'm purple.
So, it should probably work, right? - Of course.
- Yeah, sure.
- Good luck.
- That makes no sense.
- Do you think you can handle it, Burps? - Leave it to me, Winger.
Hello? I'm ready to see this crazy new idea you're working on.
Armored Burple to the rescue! Okay.
Did not expect to see that either.
Awesome move, Burp! Call me Armored Burp! Or maybe Belzium Burp.
How about Maximum Burple? I'll call you whatever you want, just get me out of here! Yeah! Go, Burp! Come on! - Yes! Yes! - Yes! I'm gonna fall! Not today.
Flap, little wings, flap! Higher, Burps, higher! Too heavy, can't make it! Where are they? - I can't see them down there! - That's because we're up here.
- Look how much brighter she is.
- And bigger.
I think she finished molting! Yeah! You made it! I'm so glad you guys are okay.
Thanks for coming to find me.
And never giving up.
Luckily, Burple flew me high enough for my wings to start working again.
Right when mine stopped.
I'm really sorry I didn't tell everyone what was going on.
- I was just - Embarrassed? But you didn't need to be.
You're not the only dragon that molts, Aggro.
I'm not? I thought shedding old scales and growing new ones was a Firefury thing.
I molt.
Me, too.
I just didn't know what it was called.
It's part of growing up.
After a Firefury molts, they're usually bigger, brighter, and stronger.
Stronger? Whoa! Hey, I'm more powerful, too! I have new armor.
I never wanna take this off.
You know, with all that iron in your stomach, you probably won't have room for dinner.
Well, it was fun while it lasted.
All right, let's head home, Rescue Riders.
Aggro, now that you're bigger and brighter, why don't you lead the way? Whoo! Hope you guys can keep up with Aggro version two! - Yeah! - Yeah! Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! I said, stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!
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