Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

High Anxiety

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world Good morning, morning.
Yeah! [yawns.]
Morning, Burps.
Morning, Dak.
All right, time for some breakfast.
All right.
Uh [grunts.]
You okay, Burps? Of course.
Just starting my day, you know? Mm-mm! I think Burple's up to something.
Burple, are you eating a cooked fish with your claws? Trying to.
Hey! Burple, what's going on? Well, Dak and Leyla are always up in the air with the dragons.
So, I just wanted to see what it feels like to be a human for a day.
Humans only have one stomach, Burps.
Think of all the rocks you're gonna miss out on.
They're gonna miss out on me, too.
Well, this human was thinking of going to town this morning for supplies.
- Anyone in? - Yeah, let's go.
- Sure.
- I'm in.
I'm coming, too.
But like a human.
It's a beautiful day for a walk.
Um Whoa! Somebody save me.
Burple, you could still fly, you know.
Oh, right.
Being a human is scary.
How are we going to fix this? I think I know who can help.
These wooden slats need some reinforcing with metal, that's all.
Gotta say, blacksmithing is pretty cool.
And hot.
Hey, I could use a hand over here.
- Can someone pass me that mallet? - I got it.
And hold this in place? Now the next one.
All done.
Every plank now has a metal support underneath.
Much stronger.
Who would like the honor of being the first to cross our new dragon-safe bridge? No dragon over here.
Just a big purple human today, remember? [laughing.]
Great work, Hannahr.
I can't take all the credit.
Dak pitched in, too.
- Couldn't have done it without me, huh? - Sure I could.
But thanks for the help, anyway.
Did you see me out there? I could totally be a blacksmith.
We saw you hold some planks and hand Hannahr her mallet.
I've got a knack for this.
- Watch it, Dak.
- Oops.
Sorry, Cutter.
Hannahr, can we give you a ride back to Huttsgalor? Yeah, hop on.
No, no, no, that's okay.
I can walk.
I've got I mean, I've got feet, right? I mean, I might as well use my feet.
- And plus it's a beautiful day for a walk.
- That's what I said.
At least let us fly your gear back for you.
You know, blacksmith helping a blacksmith.
That'd be great, Dak.
See? She thinks I'm a blacksmith.
Coming, Burps? Uh-huh.
Like a human.
Thanks again, Hannahr.
Dak, if you really want to learn more about blacksmithing, just stop by.
Really? Awesome.
All right, let's head back up to the Roost.
Already? Being a human is exhausting, and slow.
Wait, I know.
I can ride a dragon home.
Winger? Gee, you could've just said no.
That wasn't me.
Is that one of the Ironclaw babies? No, it's four of the Ironclaw babies.
What are they doing all the way down here? And where's their mama? No idea.
But these little guys are out of control.
Time to round up some dragon babies.
Oh, this will be easy.
Ha, ha! Ow.
Ow! Or not.
Oh, my Thor.
Where did she go? Hey, little girl.
Don't move a muscle.
So many stairs.
I have an idea.
You baby Ironclaws stop right now and pay attention! - What? How did you? - Less talking, more grabbing.
Let's get these little guys back to their nest.
I think you're gonna have to fly this time, Burp.
Okay, okay.
But how would a human fly? Help, help! This is so scary.
Somebody get me down to the ground! Summer, how did you know talking like that to the babies would work? I just imagined what their real mom would say.
That Mama Ironclaw's pretty tough when she wants to be.
She's gonna be so happy to see her babies returned to the nest.
Well, she would, if she was in her nest.
I don't like the looks of this.
Aggro and Burple, stay here and take care of the babies.
- The rest of us will look for their mom.
- Wings up, everybody.
Okay, now what? I think we need to find these little guys some food.
What makes you say that? I'll go find food, as a human.
So many rocks.
Sure you don't want me to go, as a dragon? No, I totally got this! I'm okay! [Summer.]
I think we know why those babies came to town.
They were looking for their mom.
Mama Ironclaw wouldn't leave them alone for long.
Which means she must be around here somewhere.
On the left.
It's the Mama Ironclaw.
This isn't good.
Rescue Riders.
That's us.
We're here to help.
- [Winger.]
What happened? - I was gathering food for my babies when a gust blew me into the side of this mountain.
Hard enough to cause an avalanche.
Don't worry.
We'll have you out of here fast.
Ah! How about really fast.
My babies can get a bit wild.
We know.
They were running all over Huttsgalor.
Don't worry, we took them back to your nest.
- Aggro and Burple are watching them.
- Phew.
[all grunt.]
There you go.
Thank you.
Ow! My wing.
Nothing feels broken.
Maybe just a crack or a strain.
Either way, a splint should get you up and flying.
Now, we'll need something sturdy to stabilize the wing.
That tree should do it.
Cutter, we need a groove in that log.
Got it.
- Summer? - H-2-on it.
Got it.
Here goes nothing.
Hey, it's working.
I'm going nowhere.
A wood splint's not gonna be strong enough.
Don't worry.
The Dragon Diary always has the answer.
There's nothing in the Dragon Diary.
Uh The Dragon Diary sometimes has the answer? Come on, Rescue Riders.
Let's see some rescuing.
Wait a second.
I know who can help.
You do? Who? [Dak clears throat.]
Hannahr, how would you like - to be a dragon doctor for the day? - A dragon doctor? Yeah.
There's a dragon with an injured metal wing.
- Ever fix anything like that before? - Never.
But I'd be happy to try.
It's not every day a blacksmith gets to fix a dragon's wing.
Bring on my patient.
Listen, I sound like a dragon doctor already.
Actually, she can't fly, so we'll have to go to her.
No problem.
Where is she? Up there.
Don't worry, it only looks far.
We'll zoom up there in no time.
Oh, my Thor.
Really, it's no big deal.
We can get you there fast.
Actually, I don't think I can help you after all.
But you can make anything.
Surely you can make something to fix a wing? It's not that I can't make something.
It's that I can't go to the top of that mountain.
Because you're too busy? No.
- It's your day off? - No.
Because you hate mountains? - No? Not it? - [Hannahr.]
Because I'm afraid of heights.
That's why I didn't let you fly me back here earlier.
I'm a blacksmith.
My feet belong on solid ground, not up in the air.
And not up on the side of a mountain.
I'm sorry, Rescue Riders.
- Then I'll do it.
- Huh? - You? - Yeah.
I helped Hannahr before, right? - That you did.
- And I'm pretty good with a mallet.
Oh - Okay, I gotta work on that.
- That you do.
Be right back.
This is crazy, right? Yep.
But it's our best idea? What? Only idea.
Hannahr, do you have any blacksmithing tips you could show my brother? [chuckles.]
So, not a bad spot you picked to crash, huh? I mean, just look at that view.
My nest has a view, too.
Right, of course.
But, I mean, nice to get a break from the kids, am I right? [snarls.]
Okay, I'll stop talking.
Oh, thank goodness.
Hannahr will have you out in no time.
At least she would've, if she was here.
Dak's gonna make the repair.
He's gonna fix me? Hannahr showed him some tricks.
He'll have you fixed in no time.
- Has he ever done this before? - Don't worry, I totally got this.
I'll get it.
Seriously, I've got this all under control.
I'm gonna make you a metal splint that'll let you fly while your wing heals.
All right, Summer, would you pass me the purple shiny metal? - You mean Belzium slats? - [Dak.]
Right, right.
And, Cutter, can you hand me those grabby metal thingies? - You mean the tongs? - Yeah.
Names aren't important.
Now [joints cracking.]
time to blacksmith.
I feel good about this.
Sort of.
Almost done.
Not bad, Dak.
Of course it's not bad.
I made it.
Feels pretty good.
- Actually, feels great.
- Give it a try.
- Oh, no.
- Come on.
We gotta slow her down.
Don't move, or the whole cliff will collapse.
We're not gonna be able to hold her here for long.
Cutter, we'll take your place.
Go get Burple and Aggro.
- We need their help.
- On it.
I guess blacksmithing is harder than it looks.
Come here, little guy.
Oh, no, you don't.
You're back, finally.
Find any food? [groans.]
Sure did.
Burple, I don't think humans carry food in their stomachs and then spit it out to feed babies.
What am I supposed to do? I don't have any pockets.
Guys! Mama's in trouble! Nobody move a muscle.
The slightest movement could cause her to - do that.
- [Aggro.]
We got you.
My babies.
Reunions get me every time.
This is great.
Isn't it? I meant it's great that the weight of the extra dragons is keeping the Mama Ironclaw counter-balanced.
Oh, right.
That's great, too.
Well, that's the good news.
The bad news is that.
There's too much weight on this cliff.
We have to get Mama back into the sky.
Yes, we have to get Mama back into the sky.
But how? She still can't fly, and she's too big to carry.
- There's only one person who can fix this.
- Yup, absolutely.
Wait, we're not talking about me this time, right? We wouldn't ask again if we didn't really need your help, Hannahr.
Mama Ironclaw's in big trouble.
Oh, I want to help, Dak.
Really, I do.
But I'm just too well, scared to fly.
I know, but we Dak, I've got this.
Hannahr, everyone has something they're afraid of.
Burple was terrified of the Phantom Fang during Hoogenboo, but he still saved the town.
Summer? Eels.
I was even afraid I'd never find my Mega Blast.
My point is, we all looked fear in the eye and said: "You're not gonna beat me.
Not today.
" And you can, too, because the Rescue Riders have your back.
[clears throat.]
Hannahr doesn't speak dragon, remember? Oh! Right.
Can you just tell her what I said? Winger says he knows you're scared, that we've all been there, and you've gotta look your fear in the eye or something.
I'm just not as good at those big speeches as you are.
He also said we've got your back.
Look fear in the eye? I can't even look at that mountain without being scared.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
I just have to take a look in this barrel for something.
Can't see anything in here.
Is there something I'm not getting? It's so dark in here.
Someone could definitely fly me up a mountain and I wouldn't see anything, especially how high we were flying.
Okay, I think I'm catching on.
Yeah, me, too.
- Now, come on, let's - [Winger clears throat.]
Okay, we need to stop the cliff from cracking.
Maybe if we put a little less weight on her? But then Mama Ironclaw will slip.
Maybe we can find the perfect balance.
Burple, can you burp some stuff out of your stomachs to make yourself a tiny bit lighter? It's not a human thing to do.
But I'm good with that.
[growls, then gasps.]
I'm too light now.
I'm slipping.
Now you tell me? Oh, my babies.
Don't worry, this will be over soon.
Here come Dak and Winger.
Dak, I thought you were going to get Hannahr.
Well, I guess since I'm already up here, I might as well try to help.
- Huh? - I'll tell you later.
Okay, we'll need to bend and reshape those metal strips so they fit properly, which means we need to heat up the metal.
But I don't have my forge up here.
No, but we do have a fire dragon.
Aggro? Way ahead of you.
Metal, feel the heat.
Okay, now we have to cool it down.
- All right.
- [roars.]
Aye, they'll be a good fit now.
But if I'm going to fix the wing, I'm going to have to go out there.
You mean we'll have to go out there.
[whimpers, then screams.]
- Um? - You're good.
But the cliff's not.
Hurry! Just don't look down, Hannahr.
I looked down! Okay, well, just don't look down again.
Dak, I could use some help.
- That's why I'm here.
More tapping coming.
- Just do what you gotta do.
Told you we had your back.
She still can't understand you, Wing.
Whoa! Dak! Hannahr! Done.
It's working.
[all cheering.]
- Yeah! - This is amazing! I'm sure it is! Hey, look at me.
I'm riding a dragon.
Just like a human.
Thank you, Rescue Riders.
My wing works better than ever.
Thanks to Hannahr.
I know you're excited that Mama's okay, but you babies stop right now and pay attention.
And I want to thank the two of you.
I couldn't have done it without you.
- Any of it.
- Hey, after that adventure, I guess you're not afraid of heights anymore, huh? Are you kidding me? I never want to do that again.
Well, look at that, I've fallen in this barrel again.
I surely won't see if someone wants to fly me home now.
That girl look crazy.
- All done being a human, Burps? - Well, I did ride a dragon.
Don't think there's anything more awesome or human than that.
Except this.
[dragon squeals.]
Okay, someday I'll get it.
Was that my hammer?
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