Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e11 Episode Script

Belly Flop

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world Woo-hoo! And that's how you do an inverted fin dive.
This dive training is awesome.
What's next, Sum? It's time for the super looper dive.
I love anything that starts with "super.
" Then follow me! Am I upside down? Or is the world upside down? I'm glad I didn't eat too much breakfast this morning.
Tuck your wings! I don't have wings! What should I do? Duck and take a deep breath.
That was the best one yet! Except for all the water in my nose.
Hey! Oh, that did the trick.
Thanks, Aggro! What's next? Spin dives? Backward super flips? All that and more.
I just wish Leyla was here.
She's missing all the fun.
Swimming probably isn't the best idea if she's coming down with a cold.
I just hope she feels better for my birthday tomorrow.
- I should probably go check on her.
- No! Hm? I mean, you can't go until you show us that backward super flip.
And Burple's with her anyway.
Nothing to worry about, right? I guess you're right.
She probably needs her rest.
Okay, for the backward super flip, you have to really arch your back.
That was close.
This is so exciting, Leyla.
I can't believe we're on a secret birthday mission.
Summer is gonna be so surprised.
She always guesses her birthday gift.
But not this year.
We're almost ready to start.
Wait, what are we starting again? We need to catch Rainbow Pike, Speckled Bluefish, and some super rare Deep Water Cod for Summer's surprise birthday gift.
On it! Wait, you guys are giving her fish for a present? Not just fish, I'm making her the best meal ever.
It's called "Seven Spice Seafood Surprise.
" Three kinds of fish.
Two kinds of seaweed.
All rolled up with seven secret spices.
Take my word for it, Elbone.
It's an explosion of flavors no living creature can pass up.
I don't know what he just said, but I think he wishes it was his birthday.
My hat! I feel kind of bad tricking Summer.
Hopefully this won't take too long.
Ah! Got the Rainbow Pike! Not bad, Elbone.
You sure are a good fisherman.
Speckled Bluefish.
Wow! Make that really good.
I think this last one is gonna be a real challenge.
The Deep Water Cod is almost impossible to Boom! One Deep Water Cod, as fresh as it can get.
I know.
I'm good.
It's a curse.
- Whoa.
Did you see that? - Must be a whale! A whale? I've never seen a real whale before! Or even a fake one.
You know, I bet a lot of people haven't seen whales.
They might even pay money to watch them up close from my boat! Nobody ever pays money to watch me.
Elbone, not another crazy business idea.
You're so good at fishing.
This would be like fishing.
Except we'd be watching fish, not catching them.
And instead of fish, it would be a whale.
So, it's not really the same, but it is.
Good luck with that, Elbone.
Whatever "that" is.
And thanks again.
We're off to make some Seven Spice Seafood Surprise.
And I'm off to find that whale.
Hey, my hat.
Burple, are you keeping an eye out for Summer? I'm on the job.
Nothing could possibly distract me.
Oh, pretty.
Burple? No sign of Summer now.
Or now.
Or now.
Or Burple.
You can just tell me if you see her.
I see her.
Say it just like that.
I see her.
Yes, that will be great.
- I see her.
- Ugh.
Burple, I know that practice makes perfect, but No, really, Leyla.
I see her! What? Oh, I'm not done yet! Stall her! Hey, Burp.
How's Leyla feeling? Um, Leyla? She's, uh Uh She's still sick.
Really, really, really sick.
Oh, come on! - I should check on her.
- No! I mean, she's sick of feeling sick, so she's actually feeling better.
Why do I feel like you're hiding something from me? Because I'm a terrible liar? That's okay, Burp.
Being a bad liar is actually a good thing.
Gotcha! Oh, hey, Summer.
Back already? What? Oh, uh, how are you feeling, Leyla? Much better.
In fact, so much better, I think I'll head into town to do some shopping.
That's a great idea! We'll go, too! Shopping for something special for someone's birthday perhaps? - I have no idea what you're talking about.
- Mm-hm.
Well, shopping sounds like fun to me, too.
It's under the bucket.
Hide it somewhere safe.
Okay, there we go.
That should keep it safe.
Perfect! Great! Now we can practice our super dives.
Super dives? I like super dives.
Dak, shouldn't we guard Summer's gift until Leyla gets back? Yeah, I guess we should.
But nobody's even here! What's gonna happen to it? Cutter makes a good point, Wing.
Come on, some quick super dives and then we rush back.
Wing, you know you wanna nail that super spin flip! What? You just wanna see me do it so you can copy my awesome moves.
Guess we won't be shopping at Elbone's.
Looks like he's closed.
Yeah, he's out whale watching.
How do you know that? Um He told me yesterday.
Or this morning.
Or maybe it was last week.
Either way, here he comes now.
Something's wrong.
He's heading right for that little boat.
- Summer! - H-two-on it! Elbone? Elbone? If he's not on his boat, then where could he be? Knowing Elbone, just about anywhere.
- Whoa! - What is it? Elbone's room is a mess.
We better go look for him.
Come on! Totally nailed that spinning power dive! I'm starting to wish I was a water dragon.
All this diving has made me hungry for lunch.
You're not the only one who's hungry! Haggis! Who knew sheep loved Seven Spice Seafood Surprise? Everyone loves Seven Spice Seafood Surprise! Oh, no.
What are we gonna do? - The whale was right around here.
- Hm? I mean, right around here would make the most sense.
Hm? There! Leyla.
That's not a whale, it's a Giant Sea Gronckle! Look at the size of that guy.
And I thought my Uncle Belchy was big.
I know a few things about Sea Gronckles.
They're known to be very slow swimmers and eaters.
They scoop up a bunch of fish in their mouth and swallow them bit by bit over several days.
They take days to eat something that's already in their mouth? That's slow, all right.
Maybe he saw Elbone and knows where he is.
Only one way to find out! Uh, hello? Is he sleeping? Maybe we should knock.
It's not a house, Burple, it's a dragon.
A dragon the size of a house.
Hey! Mr.
Sea Gronckle! Name's Gludge.
Can't you see I'm trying to enjoy my lunch? We were wondering if maybe you'd seen our friend.
I can barely see you with these tiny little eyes.
Now, if you'll excuse me Might wanna add to your diary that Sea Gronckles aren't very talkative.
Or helpful.
Come on.
We'll find Elbone on our own.
Help! Rescue Riders! Help me! Wait.
Did you guys hear that? Hear what? I only heard Elbone calling for help.
Yeah, Burp, that's what we all heard.
Then, yeah, I heard it, too.
He must be around here somewhere.
Let's do a fly check.
Elbone? Elbone! Come out, come out, wherever you are! That's so weird.
I'm in here! In where? In here! Um, Elbone? Yeah! It's me.
- Uh-oh.
- He's in his mouth? Get me out of here.
Okay, okay, we have to think.
What would Leyla do if she lost Summer's birthday present? Leyla would never lose Summer's birthday present.
I know.
That's the problem! Wait, maybe we can make a new one before they get back.
You know how to make Seven Spice Seafood Surprise? Nope.
But how hard can it be? Three kinds of fish, two kinds of seaweed, and seven secret spices.
Do you know what kinds of fish, what kinds of seaweed, and which secret spices? Nope to that, too.
But we can just try different combinations until we get it right.
And Haggis can be our taste tester.
It's fresh on his tongue! If we're doing this, we're gonna need to fish fast.
Hopefully, they're not fast fish.
Elbone? Are you okay in there, Elbone? Well, I was swallowed by a giant sea dragon, so I'm not sure "okay" is the word I'd use.
What happened? I was trying to watch for whales, but my ship hit something and I fell overboard.
Now I'm in here! At least there's plenty to eat.
Hey! Has anyone seen Jorgen Redboot recently? No.
Why? Never mind.
Don't worry, Elbone.
We'll get you out of there.
Right, guys? And how exactly are we gonna do that? Yeah.
Gludge isn't the most helpful dragon in the sea.
We're just gonna have to convince him to open his mouth.
Come on, Sum.
Uh, Gludge? Hmm? It looks like you accidentally ate our friend.
Would you mind please opening your mouth? Unless you're friends with a school of Ice Tail Pike, I didn't eat anyone.
Maybe you did, but you didn't mean to.
You said yourself, you have small eyes.
Not so small that I can't see you trying to trick me.
You just wanna steal my fish.
What? No, we just Not happening.
Not opening the mouth.
Not now.
Not ever.
No way.
No chance.
This mouth is staying closed forever.
Chef Dak to the rescue.
- This should be fun to watch.
- These look pretty good.
Cutter, you mind slicing and dicing? You mean the best part of cooking? Sure! Okay.
Seven Spice Seafood Surprise, here we come.
One part red fish.
One part bluefish.
A little of this greenish fish.
A dash of spices.
Dash, dash.
Dash, dash, dash.
Some seaweed.
And done! Okay, who wants to be the first to try my Seven Spice Seafood Surprise? I think the chef should go first.
Think we got it on the first try.
It's a surprise, all right.
But not the good kind.
It was terrible.
But it was just the first try.
If at first you don't succeed, slice and dice again! Better? Aww.
Here you go, Haggis.
One Seven Spice Seafood Surprise.
He likes it! He really likes it! I think we finally got it right this time.
I don't understand.
What am I missing? The recipe or any idea what you're doing? We're running out of fish.
- And time.
- And taste buds.
You still okay in there? I'm good.
Figured I should get comfortable.
Make the place a little more homey.
Gludge, please open your mouth.
Our friend is in there! I've had enough of this.
Maybe if I heat up, I can get him to open up.
Too hot.
Any other ideas? Let me handle this, water dragon to water dragon.
How about a trade, Gludge? All this soft, tasty, delicious fish for one tough and chewy fisherman.
Smells good.
It's more than fair considering you didn't even know you swallowed Summer! Oh, hey, Summer.
Look, Rocky, Summer's here.
Summer! You okay? I've just been eaten by a dragon, so, what do you think? You just ate another one of my friends! No, I didn't.
Yes, you did! I didn't see anyone.
That was just a big pile of juicy fish.
Just 'cause you have small eyes, doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Yes, it does.
I don't know what to say to that.
Have it your way.
Summer! Elbone! It's time for you to fight your way out! Did she say fight our way out? Okay, you big, mean dragon.
Time for the old Elbone knucklers! How's my form, Rocky? Guess I'm a fisher, not a fighter.
You feel that, Gludge? Those are our friends in there.
No, it's not.
My mouth's just full.
Which means it's time to swallow.
Did he say swallow? Eww! You gotta brush better, big boy! Dental hygiene is important for your overall health.
Rocky! Rocky.
Oh, it sounds awful! I'll never swallow again.
We need Winger's power blast.
It might be the only thing that can blast that mouth open.
Hang in there, guys.
Trying to! Aggro, try to get him to stop swallowing! We'll be back as soon as we can.
Get him to stop swallowing? How? Try distracting him.
Distracting him? Hey, Gludge! Ever seen a Firefury do this? Is that it? I can't believe I'm doing this.
No! Watch this! More.
Huh? He stopped.
This has to be it.
I've tried every combination I can think of.
No more.
Haggis? Oh, just forget it.
You're a great Rescue Rider, but a terrible cook.
Dak! Winger! Cutter! Oh, no.
It's Leyla.
Quick! Elbone and Summer are in big Wait, what's going on here? I just thought maybe I would take up cooking.
Great idea, Dak! Not a great idea? Okay, the truth is, I didn't guard Summer's gift very well and, well, Haggis ate it.
Why is everyone eating everything today? I tried to make a new Seven Spice Seafood Surprise but each one was grosser than the last.
My four stomachs agree.
We couldn't even swallow.
We had to spit them all out.
Wait a minute.
That's it! What's it? We can worry about Summer's gift later.
Grab that barrel of fish rolls and follow us! Where are we going? To feed a hungry dragon.
Do another one! Sorry, I'm out of tricks.
Show's over? Time to finish swallowing my meal.
Wait! Whoa.
That is a giant Sea Gronckle! That guy swallowed Summer and Elbone? Not yet! I tried to distract him as long as I could.
Winger, power blast his mouth open! Hold on.
I have a better idea.
Guys, lower the barrel.
Oh, Gludge.
I brought you a special surprise.
Come on.
How can you turn down such a yummy meal of fresh fish wraps? Well, I guess I have room for a little more.
I don't feel so good.
We've got spices! What's happening? I think he's about to Rocky! Summer! Elbone! Are you guys okay? I will be after I take a bath.
That was terrible! But I think I have a new business idea.
I'll be a dragon dentist! Whoever made those fish wraps was a terrible cook.
You're welcome.
Sure was a crazy day.
I hope my first giant Sea Gronckle sighting was my last.
At least you only saw it from the outside.
You know, Ley, in a way, it's actually a good thing that Haggis ate Summer's birthday surprise.
Otherwise I wouldn't have made all that gross food! Did you say birthday surprise? Oh, man.
Sorry again.
We made you a Seven Spice Seafood Surprise as a birthday gift.
Haggis ate it.
Totally my fault.
Thanks, everyone.
But after being in that Sea Gronckle's mouth, I'm not really hungry for fish.
Come on.
Let's go home.
- I can bake you a cake.
- No! Ack.
My boot! Jorgen Redboot isn't Jorgen Redboot without my red boot! Now I just have to find my red boat.

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