Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

Charged Up

1 Everybody needs a hero Someone to save the day We've got a wing to ride on We are the bold and brave Look to the sky and you will find us High above the world Racing through the sky High above the world We rescue and we ride - There's nothing we can't do - Oh, yeah Together we can't lose We're high above the world Nice shot, Burps.
You knocked that target really far.
I hope so.
I used up all my best blasting rocks.
And all my strength.
My turn.
I'm gonna pass you, Burple.
A tie.
This blast-distance contest is really heating up.
I think you mean cooling down.
And Summer takes the lead.
For now.
Okay, step aside.
Step aside for the most powerful blast of all.
- Wha? Eh - Hey, thanks, Cutter.
You knocked me right into first place.
I meant to do that.
You know, to help my best pal Burple.
That was a close competition.
Kind of nice to know all your powers are pretty equally matched, huh? [gasps.]
- Oops.
- You were saying? I really tried to hold back.
Um, we should probably get that target.
Oh, yeah.
You know what? I think we need a rematch.
My spikes were just having an off day.
You just want to beat Winger.
You know what they say.
If you can't beat him, join him.
And I've already joined him, so now I want to beat him.
That makes no sense.
[fire blast.]
Whoa! - [Leyla.]
What was that? - I don't know, but it sure was pretty.
Whoa! Pretty dangerous.
I bet it was my lovable but irresponsible Firefury friends Laburn and Cinda.
Come on.
Laburn? Cinda? Come on, Firefuries forever, right? There's no one here.
Maybe they're playing Blaze and Seek.
That's not a thing, is it? - Mm-mm.
- Mm-mm.
This is weird.
Is that a bad weird or a scary weird? Or a good weird, like breakfast for dinner? Hmm.
Some dragon started these fires.
And then disappeared.
Good morning, everyone.
So, what crazy, wild adventures do we have planned for today? We don't have anything.
- Really? - A nice quiet day's fine by me.
Maybe we can do another target-blasting game.
Give it up, Cutter.
You're never gonna beat Winger's power blast.
You don't know that.
I might.
Right, Burps? Maybe.
If you had the wind behind you.
A really big wind.
Like a hurricane.
Rescue Riders.
What is it, Chief Duggard? Have an exciting adventure for us? Or an exciting mission? Or even just an exciting errand? No, but I do have this.
I found these dragon spikes in town.
They were stuck in the side of the Great Hall this morning.
I almost snagged my beard on one and I'm not due for a trim for months.
[door slams.]
- They're not mine.
- Let me guess.
Because Relentless Razorwing spikes are way more awesome than those? No.
Because these are made of metal.
Mine aren't.
Another mystery dragon? Yes.
Something to investigate.
Woohoo! What could be going on? First those fireballs, now these spikes.
And our targets, too.
Targets? What happened to our targets? [Summer.]
Where'd they all go? Oh, no.
My rock supply is gone, too.
These are all I have left.
That was a snack for later.
There's definitely something fishy going on now.
And I'm not talking about Burple's snack.
- [all gasp.]
- Now what was that? Another mystery, coming from the village.
Let's go check it out.
Hey, our targets.
Hey, my rocks.
Magnus made a Mechano-Dragon that can burp rocks like me? Should I feel good about that or mad about that? [gasps.]
Fireballs? I choose mad.
Spikes, too? We gotta be dreaming this.
Strike that.
This is a nightmare.
Oh, Rescue Riders.
I was hoping you'd show up.
Allow me to introduce you to your competition.
You mean replacement.
My latest invention.
He means our latest invention.
No, I don't.
My Mechano-Multi-Dragon.
As you can see, it has all the powers of, well [chuckles.]
all of you.
I guess now we know what started those fires.
And where those metallic spikes came from.
At least that thing can't do what I do.
Actually, Sum H-2 oh, no, he did not.
Okay, that's pretty impressive.
So impressive that no one even noticed the brand-new Haggis statue I unveiled today.
Crafted it with me own hands.
Took me months.
What? Being chief is my job, but sculpting is my passion.
People of Huttsgalor.
I've been testing my amazing new Mechano-Multi-Dragon all over the island until I knew it worked perfectly.
And now, Huttsgalor officially doesn't need the Rescue Riders anymore.
Definitely a nightmare.
- [crowd cheers.]
- Thank you, thank you.
I deserve it.
This Mechano-Multi-Dragon is way better than Magnus' first two tries.
Come on.
It might have good aim, but look how slow it is.
It's even slower than me.
I don't know how I feel about that.
It appears he designed it for enhanced accuracy instead of speed.
Behold the future, Rescue Runts.
Anything your dragons can do, my Mechano-Multi-Dragon can do better.
You mean slower, don't you? Oh, please.
Speed is overrated.
Exactly what a slow dragon would say.
- [laughs.]
Winger said - I don't care.
My Multi-Dragon is better than your dragons.
And I'll prove it to you.
Boiling Springs Valley? What are we doing here, Magnus? We're here because Elbone has gotten himself into terrible trouble.
He knows it's just a doll, right? Let's have a race to his rescue.
Magnus, this won't even be close.
We'll see, won't we, Axel? [cackles.]
You know it, unc.
I'll go.
Me and these geysers go way back.
Chief Duggard, would you do the honors? Certainly.
Ready? Three, two, - [laughs.]
- one, rescue! Huh? If you can't take the heat, get out of the valley.
[Aggro grunts.]
You were saying? Every single part of my new Mechano-Dragon has been reinforced with belzium, inside and out.
Which means it's indestructible.
Okay, so it can rescue a doll.
But I bet that thing can't do a [Axel.]
Woo-hoo! Victory loop.
Okay, that thing is good.
I had no idea.
That my Mechano-Multi-Dragon would so easily replace the Rescue Riders? No, I had no idea there was a place as dangerous as Boiling Springs Valley so close to town.
Anyone could just walk on in here.
Ah! You see? Someone should really block this area off with a sign.
Or a fence.
Or a banner.
Or a fence with a sign on it.
Under a banner.
Or a rockslide? That could work, too.
Take it away.
No, try the spikes.
A water blast.
Use rocks on the rocks.
- [whimpers.]
- Hey, Magnus, why not try a power blast? A power blast? My Mechano-Dragon can't do a power blast.
Oh, no? Well, I know someone who can.
That's perfect.
What? Looks like that Mechano-Dragon can't replace us yet, huh, Magnus? Power blast? We'll see about that.
Axel! There must be some way to get my Mechano-Multi-Dragon to do a power blast.
- [thunder crashes.]
- [gasps, then groans.]
Can we pick this up tomorrow, uncle? We've been at it all night.
We will not stop until we figure this out.
We need more power.
[thunder crashing.]
That's a lot of lightning.
That's it.
- What's it? - That is it.
Lightning is going to be our power blast.
That should do it.
Now, we wait.
Wait? For what? That.
[Mechano-Dragon powers up.]
That's the kind of power we need.
Axel, pull the lever.
Now my Mechano-Dragon has everything.
Even a power blast.
You did it, uncle.
You actually did it.
I finally have something that's better than the Rescue Runts in every possible way.
Except for the fact that it's slower than they are.
Can't you ever let me have my moment? [groans.]
I'm going to get some sleep.
I want to be wide-awake when I seal the fate of those Flying Failures.
[powering up.]
Oh, it's a beautiful morning to Lose the most important invention of my career.
Axel! Axel! Hey, what did you do with the Mechano-Multi-Dragon? I didn't do anything with it.
Someone must have stolen it.
Uncle, I think there might be another explanation.
- [whimpers.]
- [electricity crackles.]
Burple, come on.
Tell your stomachs to go back to sleep.
That wasn't my stomachs.
If it wasn't your stomachs, then what was it? Guys, we gotta go.
The village is in trouble.
See? It wasn't my stomachs.
Just the village in trouble.
Oh, that's not good.
What is it? What's going on down there? Oh, no.
It's Magnus' new Mechano-Dragon.
But why is Axel using it to attack the town? Uh, Summer? [Cutter.]
Axel's not riding it.
So, it's driving itself? That's impossible.
- Except, there it is.
- [all gasp.]
Whoa! Make that double-whoa.
Was that supposed to be a power blast? Okay, now I really don't like that thing.
[gasps, then groans.]
Magnus, what did you do to it? I used lightning to give it a power blast.
[baby crying.]
It might have gotten a little overcharged.
[Winger growls.]
- Lightning? - A little overcharged? [crashing.]
Still, that is an impressive power blast.
Am I right? [growls.]
Dak, Winger, you two try to get rid of that thing while we save the villagers.
Get rid of it? With pleasure.
Wait, wait.
Don't you dare damage my precious [squeals.]
Make room for me! Find your own barrel.
Oh, all right.
Yes, yes.
That's right.
Hide under the market stands.
Or in the Great Hall.
Or behind the new marvelous, yet strangely underappreciated Haggis statue.
Not again.
I've got you, pal.
We got you, Chief Duggard.
The Rescue Riders are here.
We're saved.
We are saved, right? Working on it.
Let's show this thing our power blast.
- Huh? - Uh, try the other side.
[Dak gasps.]
If we can't blast it, how can we stop it? I have no idea.
[all shouting.]
No one gets spiked on my watch.
I think this guy already got spiked, Cutter.
Hey, there's only so much of me to go around.
Power blasting won't work.
They just bounce off.
We need everyone's help.
I got this.
Take that, you metal meanie.
It took that pretty well.
Looks like it's time to turn up the heat.
Yeah! [grunting.]
Need more heat.
The belzium is too strong for any of us to blast it.
Wait, I didn't get to try yet.
Oh, no! What kind of battle cry is, "Oh, no"? I'm working on it.
Now I've made it angry.
Why is it chasing me? Wait a second.
Burple, empty everything out of your stomach that has metal in it.
But then I'll have nothing to defend myself with.
Just try it.
You're still my snack for later.
Hey, it worked.
I did it.
What did I do? You had a lot of metal in your belly and that Mechano-Dragon is Made of belzium, and belzium is highly magnetic.
Oh, I get it.
- I don't really get it.
- Neither do I.
I just nod my head so I don't feel left out.
We can ask her to explain later.
So the Mechano-Dragon is drawn to metal? Phew.
Good thing I got it all out of my stomachs.
At least I thought I did.
Looks like you still have some metal in there, Burps.
Oh, why didn't I pack light? [yells.]
Oh, no.
Hey, metal-head.
Follow us.
[groans, then exhales.]
All right, Wing.
Let's get rid of this thing.
Sounds like a plan to me.
- We can't power blast it - But we can out-fly it.
How are we doing? Agh! Good.
- We could be doing better.
- Hold on! Huh? I have an idea.
Fly as fast as you can, making as many twists and turns as you've got.
It's falling apart.
My stuff.
Of course.
The Mechano-Multi-Dragon wasn't built for speed.
So, Wing is flying so fast it's actually falling apart as it tries to keep up.
We're gonna need some help in a bit.
Yeah, get ready to blast.
I can't fly this fast for much longer.
But we need something as strong as a power blast to destroy that.
Maybe not.
Magnus designed that Mechano-Dragon to be as strong as all of us.
So, maybe all of us are strong enough to destroy it.
- You really think that'll work? - I have no idea, but it's all I've got.
Ready for that help, guys.
Come on.
We did it.
- Winger sets him up - And we knock him down.
What they said.
You guys were amazing.
Turns out there is something stronger than a power blast.
- Teamwork! - Belzium! I mean teamwork.
People of Huttsgalor, we are safe.
The Rescue Riders saved us again.
Our pleasure, Chief Duggard.
Real results from real dragons.
[blows raspberry.]
- Axel.
- Yes, uncle? Maybe it's time to just pick up the pieces and move on.
Yes, absolutely.
Total new strategy time.
No, I meant it literally.
It's time for you to pick up the pieces of the Mechano-Dragon, and I'm going to move on home and lie down.
Failure is exhausting.
Tell me about it.
[all cheering.]

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