Dream Corp LLC (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

88's Weekly

1 Dr.
Roberts: Exciting.
Exciting day, 88.
- Hmm? - Yeah.
It sure is.
I think I've been making some really great progress recently.
- Mm.
- I don't want to jinx it, but I'm pretty confident this could be my - last session.
- Mm.
He's going with the gown.
Wise choice, 88.
- Morning, T.
- Very much a A-ha.
Ahmed, you remember 88.
Oh, my God.
Philadelphia I died.
You saved my life.
- No.
- Oh Well, it was definitely an Italian guy.
I'm not Italian.
I work with you every day.
- Va bene.
- Va bene.
So I see you've been journaling as I prescribed.
- Uh, yeah.
It's really nice.
- Good.
It gets out some real private thoughts.
Bea Uh, Bea - I don't want - Could you Could you please take that? Put this in his file, please? Why don't you just borrow my copy? I have all the juiciest bits underlined.
- You read my journal? - Oh, frequently.
Yeah, for medical purposes.
"Sometimes I go to the farmers market and fondle the fresh produce.
I imagine that it's the warm, soft flesh of a woman.
" [Chuckles] Pathetic.
I like this one "Love, pain and sadness: three ripe fruits, the seeds I swallow.
" - That's one of my haikus.
- That's a very good haiku.
[Chuckles] Doctor, Patient 88's inability to obtain or sustain erections seems to be linked to lack of approval from a parental figure.
Thank you, Bea, but none of this humiliating private information is important today.
Take a walk with me, 88.
Oh, oh.
Watch your feet.
Broken glass.
Oh, we have no concerns or cares today, for we are venturing into the unknown.
We're pioneers, 88, you and I, hmm? Our axes are ringing in the woodland [Music] The fuck is this? [Title music] 2x08 - 88's Weekly Hi, I'm Dr.
Smell is a well-known trigger of sense memory.
The right smell can immediately transport you back to a moment in time.
Nurse Ahmed has worked for months in our apothecary, developing a wide range of carefully-perfected tinctures for just that purpose.
These unique scents will guide the patients to their past, revealing their earliest memory and healing issues they didn't even know they had.
Let's begin.
[Feedback] You're a wonderful volunteer, Patient 88.
I didn't volunteer.
[Chuckles] Yes.
You did.
Use the word "volunteer" in a sentence.
[Clears throat] [Distorted] After a tense standoff, the hijackers killed the volunteers.
- Yeah.
- That's hostages, Doc.
You mean hostages.
Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the AMPL 1000! Ahmed, fresh cut grass, please.
[Music] You're gonna want to put your visor down, Bea.
[Beeping, whirring] Oh, this is gonna be fun.
[Music] Tell me what you're feeling, 88.
What do you smell? I smell fresh-cut grass.
Its my 10th birthday! [Lawnmower engine starts] Eugh! [Spits] Yeah.
It's grass.
[Laughs] This is working! It's working! Woo-hoo-hoo! [Laughs] [Music] I'm 10! [Music] [Laughing] Great job, everyone.
Let's go on to the next scent, Ahmed.
Ahmed: Christmas ham, coming up.
[Whirring] [Vocalizing] [Screaming] [Vocalizing continues] Hi, Mom.
[Groans] [Retches] [Music] [Laughs] [Glass clinking] I just want to make a toast to my son.
Thanks, Dad.
- That means every Ow.
- Not you! [Laughing] He thought you were talking about him! [Laughter] Franky, Jr.
IV congratulations on your promotion, your beautiful wife, that expensive car and the five grandchildren you've given us because of your incredible potency.
- But, Dad, what about me? - Will you stop interrupting?! Ash, shut up! You made Dad spill his wine.
[Laughing] God! Idiot.
[Laughter] Idiot.
[Laughter] - You're so stupid.
- Idiot.
[Laughter] Idiot.
[Laughter] [Indistinct chatter] [Monitor beeping] [Music] [Beeping continues] [Camera chime] [Music] Shoot.
I thought it was a blank tape.
[Music] What What What'd you tape over? I should have checked.
I should have double checked.
- Bea - I'm so sorry, Randy.
- I taped over one of your cyst videos.
- Damn it! Come on! I know! I know! I'm so, so sorry! Shit! What [Sighs] What volume? - Tape two.
- You're so careless sometimes! - I'm going in.
- Sorry, Randy.
- This is our moment in the sun, our road to victory.
- You're so fired.
There's going to be plenty more cysts, Randy.
[Groans] [Groaning] All right, son.
I want you to go in there and whack him hard.
[Laughs] Show him what you've been saving! - What? - Yeah.
You're not to pick favorites.
Come on, 88! Stand up for yourself! Now is the chance you have to vanquish those deep-seated feelings of humiliation and inadequacy.
- Right.
- Confidence.
I got it.
Just, please, don't watch.
I will do it.
I promise.
[Laughs] Yeah! Dad! I am your son, too, and I deserve love as much [Screams] [Cracks] [Chuckles] [Breathing heavily] [Grunts] [Monitor beeping] T.
: Doctor, 88's temperature is dropping.
His chance for survival is 26%.
Oh, well, that didn't work.
[Feedback] Ahmed, next smell.
[Whirring] Where are you now, 88? [Distorted] Where are you now? - I'm in middle school.
- Who is this? It's Laura Brackensmith.
She was my first kiss.
She would make sandwiches for me.
- Peanut butter.
- And I'd eat them, 'cause I was trying to put on a little weight.
- Mm? - Yeah.
[She screams] [He screams] [Both screaming] [Screeching] [Shouting indistinctly] Clear his breathing way, please, Ahmed.
- Work his windpipe.
- If he needs CPR, I've got dibs.
I'm gonna give him a little peroxide rinse.
Thank you, nurse.
[Coughs] - Doc! - I never knew how funny you were.
Really? [Coughs] Watch this.
[Chuckles] Oh.
[Music] Ew.
[Laughs] It just burns a little bit.
[Laughs] [Laughs] Doc! [Screaming] Doc! Doc! After some very simple, yet successful tests, we are now going to attempt to send 88 into the womb.
Ahmed, are you ready? - Ja.
- Good.
Apply 1 liter of amniotic fluid to the to the AMPL 1000.
We are now going to send him back to the gestational sack.
[Music] - Ahmed, are you ready? - Ja.
[Grinding, engine starts] [Siren wailing] [Thunder crashes] [Wailing continues] [People screaming in distance] [Indistinct shouting] Run! - No, Laura! - No! - Laura, no! - No! Save yourself! - No! - Just run! Please! No.
[Sound distorts] [Vocalizing] [Music] Randy? We've done it.
[Vocalizing continues] [Beeping] Bellissimo.
[Music continues] [Heart beating] Shit! What happened? No! No! [Explosions in distance] [Beep] [Music] [Screaming] [Music] What happened? [Screaming] Pulling him out! [Screaming continues] - Aaah! - Dr.
Roberts: Cut the camera! Cut the camera! [Feedback] - 88, are you okay? - Aaaah! God! Oh! - Ohhhh! Why?! - What a day.
All the evil in the world! - Aaaah! Why?! - I'm glad everyone's okay.
Aaaah! Why? [Screaming continues]