Dream Corp LLC (2016) s02e09 Episode Script

Staff Infection

1 Dr.
Roberts: Do you read me, Randy? The priest is in the middle school.
POV cams are turned on and confirmed.
The priest is in the middle school.
We are a go.
Patient 30: Thank you so much for seeing me.
My last doctor, he was just no help.
- Are you taking any medications? - All Chinese organic.
And the pins? Oh, I told my acupuncturist to just leave 'em in, because, you know, it helps me to breathe.
Any other symptoms? My lung collapsed at my ex-girlfriend's wedding.
- Hmm.
- And I'm staying at my sister's house.
It's just so fucking dusty! My thyroid this thing's leaving this rash.
I looked it up on WebMD.
Maybe it's Gretchen's couch.
No names, please.
Oh, yeah, my sister's couch.
What do you think? I think you have what you think you have.
- Hypochondria.
- Hypochondria? Is that con contagious?! Let's calibrate you, shall we? Bea, sedation.
- Me? - Mm.
You know what? Can I go pee? I've had a UTI.
[Laughs] It's somewhere between like, fire and ice.
[Laughs] [Screams] - She's out.
- Ohh! - Nope.
- Mama! She Yeah, she's out.
God, I wish 88 would hurry up with those popsicles for the vending machine.
- The meat pops? - Mama's meat pops.
- Yeah, can't wait.
- Are they any good? Hell, yeah! They feel good on my teeth.
You have to suck through the dough to get to the meat.
Mama's meat pops, a circus in your mouth A circus in your mouth A circus in your mouth Together: A circus in your mouth Patient 88: Don't you need one of these masks? Nah.
Something happens, I just hold my breath.
Is that a "T" or an "F"? - That's a 6.
- Should be fine.
[Music] [Alarm blares] Ahmed? [Screams] [Gasps] Shit! [Alarm blares] Doc! Ahmed doesn't have a mask! Oh, God! Something's happening to him.
Something's happening to him.
Inflate your hazmats.
[Title music] 2x09 - Staff Infection That door actually worked.
Can I get a suit, please?! I don't even need my name on it! Please! Does yours guys's smell like ranch dressing inside? - Yeah.
- Mine smells like ranch dressing! I'm thirsty.
- So thirsty.
- Ahmed, here.
Water, water, water.
[Bottle thuds] Aah.
[Grunting] Bea, call down to the pharmacy, see what Ahmed was cooking up.
- Copy that! - Doc? Ooh, lived and died like a fool [Telephone rings] Bea here, over.
Louise here, over.
Ahmed spilled something in the lab.
Do you know what it was? Over.
I'll look at his notes.
[Exhales sharply] Oh.
Need some aspirin and a nap.
- Aspirin? - Yeah.
- Aah! - What? - My side.
- What? What is it? What? - Ooh! - Touch it.
- No! Ooh! - It's a fin! I don't want to throw up in this thing, Ahmed.
- I can't throw up in this.
- Is it bad? - Yeah, it's really bad.
- How bad? - It's a fin, Ahmed! - Aah! - Doc, Ahmed's growing fins in here! - Not now, 88.
I'm with a patient, and I'm making great progress.
[Ship horn blares, seagulls cry] [Music] Whoo-hoo! Yeah, hey! - Are you in line for the flu shot? - Oh! [Muffled] Help me, doctor! Oh! [Retches] Man: Everyone, down to the ground! [Gunshot] Doc, looks like 30's starting to panic! [Screams] Louise, just circling back.
Do you have any updates? Please? Louise: Hmm.
[Music] Water.
Here, here, here.
Oh, my God.
[Bottle thuds] Aah! [Deep voice] You! I need more water! I don't know, Ahmed! I don't know! [Objects clatter] Ahh! Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! [Telephone rings] That's Louise.
Bea, grab a pen.
Write this down.
Hello? Louise? Hello? Oh! - Aah! - Ahmed: Water! - Oh! - Patient 88: Doc! Doc! He's got gills now! Randy, hurry, I don't want to have to dig another grave! Get off my back, T.
! Keep her temperature down! - Ahh.
- Bea: Doctor, we need to focus on the pearls.
I didn't hear a thing you just said.
But I need you to make an antiserum.
- Doctor, her vitals are spiking.
- T.
, do something! T.
: Don't worry, Randy, I'm on it.
Um, no, I'm not actually.
It's a It's a touch screen.
[Bell tolls] [Screams] [Gunshots] She needs to focus on one issue at a time.
[Feedback screeches] Patient 30, observe your conflict.
[Deep voice] Move to the back and watch.
[Screams] [Wind whistling] Doctor, a wedding.
That must be her ex-girlfriend.
This is the fulcrum, 30.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Just listen to what she has to say.
[Birds chirping] Listen.
[Alarm blaring] [Screams] [Blaring fades] [Gas hissing] [Normal voice] It's okay, 88.
It's just me.
Yeah? Well, you hungry, little guy? Look.
Look, look, look.
Yo-ho, look.
You want a Mama's meat pop? Here.
Oh, you're pretty nice.
Thanks, man.
[Deep voice] No, I don't want a fucking meat pop! Does it look like I want a fucking meat pop?! - Okay.
- I've got gills coming out of my neck! I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what frogs eat.
- Sorry.
- [Normal voice] Actually - yeah, I'll do a meat pop.
- All right.
I'm sorry.
I don't I don't know what came over me.
- I'm just not myself, obviously.
- It's all right.
[Hisses sharply] Oh.
Aah! Somebody gonna help me?! [Music] Louise: Bea, these darts have a counter-phibian amino.
I mixed in some horse tranquilizer and some 2ccs for good measure.
Wonderful work, Louise.
[Normal voice] All right, let's finish up with Patient 30 as fast as we can and take out Ahmed before he destroys the place.
I'm running out of meat pops in here, guys! - Randy: You'd better not be! - 88.
My serum works.
[Sinister music] Oh! Aah! Aah! [Hisses] [Music] Help me! [Deep voice] 88.
[Clears throat] - [Normal voice] 88? - Yeah? Sorry.
Had a frog in my throat.
[Chuckles] Doc.
Doc?! I'm walking on the wall! Fuckin' awesome! - Doc! - [Screeches] You see this shit? [Hisses] Aah! Aah! [Hisses] [Screams] Calm down, Patient 30 Receive this water in your face Bea: Doctor, Patient 30's covering her eyes.
She's not open to anyone's perspective other than her own.
- Start with her eyes, Doctor.
- All right, let's do it.
Patient 30 [Deep voice] take a breath and remove the [Speaks indistinctly].
Whoa! I'm afraid of heights! [Screams] - [Normal voice] Randy, keep her steady.
- Copy that.
We're running out of time.
I'm going in.
Doctor, can we really afford to expose the patient to the contagion financially? Pretty sure you passed on the malpractice insurance again.
- Total scam.
- What do you always say to us?! "Don't look at the laser"? - No.
- "You smell like vitamins"? No! "Go with the fundamentals.
" Talk to her, guide her to the root of the issue.
The ailments may only exist in her head, but they still exist to her.
[Music] [Ahmed screeches] I'm not gonna die.
I am not gonna die.
I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die! None of your symptoms have killed you.
[Deep voice] In fact, they have made you stronger.
Focus on something outside of your body.
[Music] [Exhales sharply] [Answering machine beeps] You're not sick, sweetheart.
I love you, but I can't watch you do this to yourself.
[Dial tone] Dr.
Roberts: Time to start over.
Let yourself go.
But I'm scared of heights.
Randy: I'm not buying that at all.
- [Normal voice] Randy, give her a nudge.
- Copy that.
A little nudge in the fudge, coming right up.
[Screams] [Deep voice] Trust yourself.
You are not sick.
[Music] Hold on to that trust, Patient 30, before now and after forever.
[Normal voice] All right, one down, one to go.
- Tranqs are locked and loaded! - T.
, seal up all the doors! We're going in! Already on it, Randy! Let's do this.
[Door buzzes] [Dramatic music] Thank God.
You've got to save me! 88, here! - Aah! - I thought you were looking! Oh, it's in the bone! - I'm so sorry! - Doc, that's it! - This is my two weeks' notice! I quit! - Not now, 88! [Screeches] Over there! [Body thuds] [Groans] That was awesome.
He's still breathing.
[Gun cocks] No! Don't waste the tranqs.
You guys were using tranqs? I've been using live rounds.
[Bullets clatter] [Laughs] Can you imagine? Whoa! Meat pops! Mama's! - Randy! - No! Why? It was barely on the floor.
I'll be Mama's meat pops, a circus in your mouth A circus in your mouth, a circus in your mouth Mama's meat pops, a circus in your mouth A circus in your mouth It's a circus in your mouth [Children laughing]