Dream Corp LLC (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

Pickle Trip

1 - Looking sharp, 88.
- Thank you.
- Going to court? - No.
Got a date, actually.
- Date with a judge.
- Nope.
Real date and it's been a while, so I'm hoping to break my dry spell.
Or, you know, just not have a panic attack.
- Did you eat that pickle? - [Gulps] Why? [Title music] 2x10 - Pickle Trip - Where are we going? - I pickled that pickle.
You pickled a pickle? - With mescaline.
- What? - And a little DMT.
- What? - And two tablespoons of plant lettuce.
- Wait, what? My My mouth is really hot.
It's probably just the habanero.
: Hey, 88.
Good luck in court.
- I'm not going to court.
- Not anymore, you're not.
- Hey.
88 lookin' spiffy.
- Thank you.
[Chuckles] A wheelchair.
Good move can't convict a cripple.
88: It's not true.
[Mutters indistinctly] Man: [Echoing] Hi, 88! [Music] [Distorted] Hi, 88! [Music continues] Have a nice trip.
[Echoing] [Music] - Feel kind of inside out? - That's the tequila and rum, mescal.
Did I say mescaline? What else did I put in there? MDMA, THC, Ritalin, Salvia, Old Bay Seasoning, dill, peppercorn no, not peppercorn.
Horse tranquilizer.
What else, what else? [Distorted] Deer hooves.
Hoov Hooves got four female deer hooves, but [Normal voice] It's mostly just LSD, mushrooms half a pound a dab of some vintage quaaludes.
I said dill, right like, fresh dill.
[Distorted] Fresh dill from the farmers' market.
- I'm gonna die.
- Hope not.
[Warbling] - Can you hear that? - What? My heart.
[Elevator bell dings] Man: six hands, six feet, and wings.
He was red and his strange red cattle excited envy.
[Music] Heracles came and killed him for his cattle.
The dog, too.
The dog, too.
[Distorted] The dog, too.
[Music] [Grunts] [Grunts] [Clicks tongue] [Indistinct conversations] - You play the lotto? - I love lotto.
We got keno, horse, dog, chicken, and rat races.
You name it, we bet on it down here.
- And that's Kodi Kwan.
- What? Kid crushes it at spelling bees basically paid for my sauna.
Welcome to the Pharmacy.
[Sizzling] [Music] This is Louise.
[Distorted] She's a badass mother fucker.
She's a boss bitch.
[Normal voice] 88 took a half a pickle down by himself.
- Am I right, 88? - I'll prepare the Cocoon.
She'll prepare the Cocoon.
Kwan, Kwan.
Kwan [Thud] [Music] - I got to text my Denise.
- Mm.
[Music] [Echoes] Sent.
[Normal voice] It's so cold in here.
I think my soul is leaving my body.
Hopefully it comes back with some snacks.
[Music] [Music] [Music] [Pounding] Hello? [Nailing] Ahmed? [Music] [Music] [Indistinct chanting] I will call you "Moonrise.
" Beautiful Moonrise.
Beautiful Moonrise.
Woman: [Distorted, echoes] There's [Music] [Music] It's hard partying with a little bit, but the pressure is too much.
Taking away everything I don't like well, except for the milk.
Feels good, doesn't it, 88? There we go.
Kodi Kwan Kodi Kwan - Kodi Kwan - Kodi Kwan Kodi Kwan - Kodi Kwan - Aahh [Music] Now we're getting somewhere.
Wake up, 88.
Wake u Woman: You're summoned to the Dream Chamber.
[Clatter] You're summoned to the Dream Chamber.
[Beeping] Hey, Louise.
Louise? Louise? Oh, you scared me.
Still with me? [Music] [Music] [Panting] Norf: You are lost.
You are lost, bringer.
[Laughs] Bringer.
I'm pretty sure you should have taken a left back there.
Why did we go the right way? Ask Dr.
You're a good listener, Norf.
But you're a shitty navigator.
[Laughs] Bringer.
[Laughs] I'm Norf Norf.
And you are lost.
[Timer dings] It's time.
Wake up.
Wake up.
[Echoing] [Yelps] [Music] [Screams] [Sighs] Ah.
[Beads rattle] [Rattling] [Music] [Music continues] Woman: Wake up, 88.
[Music] [Music] He's hatching! Come on.
He's doing it.
How long was I out? - Eight minutes.
- What? What'd you see? Everything [Sobbs] Thank you.
[Music] [Music] - Only 14 hours to go.
- That's fine.
[Echoing] I am Moonrise.
[Music] Moonrise.
[Music] A-Am I gonna die? You will die many times.