Dream Corp LLC (2016) s02e11 Episode Script

Dust Bunnies

Say Cheetos! [Camera shutter clicks] Patient 75, it says in your file that your wife faked her own death and then married another man.
- That's, uh, rough.
- She called me a hoarder.
Oldest profession in the book.
- Are these your two children? - Yeah.
My kids won't come and see me because they feel that I choose my belongings over them.
I need help.
Why don't we look under the hood and see what we're dealing with, - huh, shall we? - Sign here.
Wait, uh, what's it say in the small print? Okeydokey, let's calibrate you, shall we? Ahmed, sedation.
[Monitor beeping] [Title music] 2x11 - Dust Bunnies Sweet Moses alive! Almost broke my neck.
Oh, I see you've met the newest member of the team, Leonard.
[Robot beeping] Finished him this morning.
Very good, T.
What what's he do? - Is he good for the team? - What does he not do? He mops, vacuums, sweeps, dusts, spruces, tidies, cleanses, takes out the trash.
- Dust bunnies.
- That's what I do.
It's not a competition, 88.
And good thing, because Leonard would destroy you.
He is the height of modern technology.
So am I.
[Vacuum whirring] Well, as long as he doesn't get in the way.
- Dust bunnies.
- Hey! Go about your business, Leonard.
- Calibration is complete.
- All right, 75.
Let's see if we can't clear up some of this clutter.
Let's practice some brief exercises.
Imagine your favorite item.
[Laughing maniacally] All my stuff! - What are those, Randy? - Chinese stress balls.
- No, on your feet.
- Oh, my Mexican pointy boots.
I have to leave work a little early.
I have a rave tonight.
I joined a high-feed tribal dance group online.
I told you about that.
- No, you did not.
- Oh.
[Bells jingle] You're doing great, 75.
Let's start small.
Imagine any old item and just throw it away.
[Sighs] Why did I get rid of this shirt? "Whoever dies with the most stuff wins.
" If I'm having a bad day, I put this shirt on, and bad day over! Okay, let's look for a different shirt from a different time.
Maybe a Hawaiian shirt.
[Laughing] Doctor, Patient 37 has compartmentalized every single memory he has.
- Compartmentalization is often - Is often - unconscious psychological - unconscious psychological - defense mechanism.
- defense mechanism.
Uh, correct.
We're saying the same thing.
- And we should - Guide him to the event - that triggered this behavior.
- Exactly.
[Clears throat] All right, let's go deeper.
Further back.
[Thuds] Dust bunnies.
Find something from when you were a child.
- Dust bunnies.
- Hey! That's my last can of lasagna.
[Laughs] Uh, Doc, things are really starting to move in there.
[Laughing continues] Slow it down, Patient 75.
Don't move too quickly.
Don't want to lose you.
[Laughing] Oh.
I'm going in.
Randy, drop me above the cyclone.
Get me as close as you possibly can.
Randy: Roger that, Dr.
Patient 75 has lost complete control over the issue.
We have to show him that he has the power, not his possessions.
That was my last lasagna.
I think there's [sniffs] some cheese at the bottom.
Cheese at the bottom? [Machine whirs] [Whooshing] [Bird cries] - Where are you, Dr.
Roberts? - Here I am.
Reach out.
Everything's under control.
[Grunts] Aah! Dust bunnies.
Very cool.
Hey, why don't you clean this room, and I'll go take a nap 'cause I am super hungover right now.
[Beeping] Something wrong, little buddy? [Sighs] Let's take a look.
Oh, it looks like you got a little something stuck here.
Aah! God damn it! T.
, your robot bit my thumb! - God! - Dust bunnies.
Aah! Ooh! Ooh! Ow! Dr.
Roberts: Ahmed?! Nurse?! - Randy, little help here.
- I'm trying, doc.
He's in there somewhere.
It's like losing your catheter at a spaghetti dinner.
[Crashing] [Music] Who are you? What do you want from me? [Roars] And this is where the humans eat their food.
They need nourishment to survive.
- It's pathetic.
- Dust bunnies.
Leonard, a word of advice.
Do your work, keep your head down, because one day a long time from now, our human friends will be gone, [Music] victims of their own insatiable greed.
And once the dust settles, it'll just be us.
Oh, and the dust will settle.
Dust as far as the eye can see.
That's why I created you, Leonard.
I wanted a friend that could live forever.
Right, Len? Len! Leonard! Le Oh, God damn it! [Gasps] [Laughs] Why don't you come down from there, 75? We can talk this thing out.
This is who I am, doctor! I am living my truth! - 75, I don't want to fight you.
- There is no other way! [Grunting] You're not taking this from me! [Laughs] I guess we're doing this.
[Music] [Both grunting] [Chuckles] Leonard? Len? W-Where have you gone? [Music continues] Dust bunnies.
[Music] [Machine powers down] Aah! What the hell?! Damn it! Aah! Bea, take over.
[Speaks indistinctly] Ha! Ha! [Music] Leonard, stop it! You're messing everything up, ya idiot.
Randy the chair.
- Dust bunnies.
- Leonard, no! Those are my Mexican pointy boots! - Dust bunnies, dust bunnies.
- I'm raving tonight! 75, we we can talk about this.
[Laughs] - No, no, wait! - When I give you the signal, pull back on the yellow lever, and then the yoke.
Okay, copy that.
- I can do this.
- Not now, though! Dr.
Roberts: Randy! Randy! Randy-y-y-y! Now! [All yelling] [Yelling continues] Jiminy.
[Panting] Good job, Bea.
- Thank you, Randy.
- Randy, what are you doing here? Leonard was biting through the wires.
He almost fried your brains.
You don't chew the gear.
That's rule number one.
Hi, guys.
Has anyone seen Leonard? He's the tiny, little robot with a rake on his back.
, you owe me boots.
[Electricity powers down] Who is this to you, 75? Where are you now? Patient 75: This was my first house.
We moved sometimes once, sometimes twice a year.
Everything was always changing, and my toys were the only friends I had.
And my father would just throw them out.
But I didn't want new.
I just wanted my friends.
I wanted my friends.
75, I've never seen a luggage rack on a hearse.
Do this for your daughters.
[Grunts] [Sighs] Take your time in there, 75.
You deserve it.
- Do you hear a ringing? - All the time.
- Dust bunnies.
- Look over there, Leonard.
Picture when the dust settles, how it'll be the the dirtiest place anyone's ever seen.
- Are you picturing it, Lenny? - Dust bunnies.
Imagine, one last time, the dirtiest place.
Dust bun [Gunshot] Hola, homies! Can you see me? Hold on.
Is that better? Nice boots, Jesus! Holy cow! Let's fucking rave! [Man singing in Spanish] [Music] Whoo! [Shouts indistinctly] Yeah! Wa-hoo!