Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale)
What's up with the story of Cinderella in the 21st century,
the era of Metaverse, you ask?
That's because there lived a pitiful woman,
the deity was watching over her to shape her fate to be Cinderella.
But there's something special about her.
Before I show that to her,
I'd like to point out that this drama isn't for innocent kids.
This is for ambitious adults who are full of dreams.
Dear kidults, come and check this out.
(Hanyang University Hospital)
Let me begin the story of a brand-new Cinderella.
Here it goes.
Excuse me.
If you leave me like this, I'll kill you!
Don't worry.
I won't leave you like this.
You'd better. Don't leave me.
Only a dad with no conscience would leave a daughter like this.
With her dad gone,
she only had her stepmother and stepsisters by her side.
Is she now off to a tough life just like Cinderella?
I wonder how much she'll end up crying.
Don't cry, Shin Jae Rim.
Living is harder than dying.
If you cry now, how will you get through your life?
Her dad who was watching over her from the sky must have been sad
that he got up.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up!
(20 years ago from now)
- One. - One.
Get up.
One. Get up.
(The manliest man of all)
(The manliest man of all)
(Shin Ramyun)
Cinderella moved into her stepmother's house with her dad.
How adorable.
Jae Rim. Welcome.
- Here comes the rib. - Gosh.
She could never eat comfortably because she didn't feel welcome.
- Try this. - This is so tasty.
- The japchae too. - Gosh.
But now that her dad passed away on top of everything,
things must be worse for her.
Mom, have some food.
You haven't been eating for days.
She's eating as if nothing's wrong.
Why aren't you eating?
Someone like me doesn't deserve to have food.
I wanted to look good to him even in his last moments.
So I got the Botox shots and did everything I could to look good.
Why did he have to die that day?
Why do I even bother living?
If you eat, you can live. Go on and eat.
Mom, have the salted fish. Here you go.
- What was that? - Are you not well?
Do you want to go to the hospital and get a medical checkup too?
It's not my physical health.
I can't live my life without him. That's why.
How am I going to fill his absence?
My stepmother genuinely loved my dad.
But she didn't love me.
I should be smart and leave the house as soon as possible.
prepared my last present
for you
in my second drawer from the top.
(Recruiting New Angel Managers)
My daughter.
Don't take the long way around in life.
Take the shortcut.
Get a job here and meet a rich husband for yourself
to have it easy in life.
Had I worked less in my younger days,
I wouldn't have died so soon like this.
You won't be able to succeed in this world all on your own.
(Try to be successful on your own and your family will be ruined.)
Try to be successful on your own
and your family will be ruined.
If you rely on other people,
you will face good fortune.
Darn it.
(Recruiting New Angel Managers)
Right here, deep in the heart of Cheongdam-dong,
there lived Prince Charming, with a naive and innocent mind
as snow-white as a blank canvas.
There's been a huge change
in the net profit of Chungdam Heaven this month.
It went down by 200 percent.
At this rate, you may have to close down this business.
This is great news. It's all going as planned.
What on earth do you mean?
Why are we considered wealthy?
Because we have a lot of money.
If so-called wealthy people fret over money
and struggle because of money, they can't be called wealthy.
They're slaves to money.
You're not some third-generation member of a wealthy family,
but a free-spirited eighth-generation member.
That's right.
Since I got lucky and was born into a wealthy family,
I ought to enjoy it to the fullest.
I won't worry about money in this life.
I'll focus on listening to my soul in this life.
Please focus on listening to the employees.
Other rich people are dying to sign up here.
Why won't you accept them?
This is a business, after all.
My soul is speaking.
Right? You think so too, don't you?
It's telling me not to accept random people.
There are all kinds of people in this tough world.
We must be careful.
But still. We must make money.
Since the business isn't going well, I shall give
a ten-percent raise to everyone.
They must have fun at work.
There's only one thing we must remember in this life.
Follow your joy.
- "Ah." - "Ah."
(Follow your joy.)
Gosh. He called that an inheritance?
You poor thing.
Drink a lot. It's my treat.
- Over here. - Okay. I'm coming.
After reading his will, I felt like a fool for feeling sad.
You know, my dad hadn't done anything to help me.
I know it's a cliche, but if he wrote he was sorry
and he loved me, he wouldn't have made me angry.
But did he have to write that I couldn't succeed on my own?
He was never a dad to me.
He was like the armpit hair. He was completely useless.
Give him some credit. An employee at Chungdam Heaven
recently married a rich guy. It was quite the scandal.
I guess stuff like that still happens.
But do you think it can happen to me too?
That rich guy had to be crazy first.
You never know what can happen.
That's right.
Who knew that my useless dad would die so young like this?
I won't have to worry about his retirement at least.
Just be sad if you're sad.
Why would I be sad?
Sitting here also costs money.
Let's enjoy our drinks.
- Bring up - Our energy.
How could you blatantly tell me to become Cinderella?
What kind of dad would say that?
How could you say that to your own daughter?
My daughter.
Feeling embarrassed won't help your life in any way.
The courage to overcome your embarrassment
will put food on the table.
Am I some beggar on the street?
Then you shouldn't have died, leaving me all alone here.
How do you expect me to live on my own?
My daughter.
Don't you worry about anything.
There's one more thing I prepared for you.
What's this? Dad.
Save me!
Save me!
Darn it.
(Interpretation of a pumpkin dream)
(A dream where a pumpkin rolls toward you)
(A dream where a pumpkin rolls toward you)
"You will experience an abundance of wealth and happiness"
"in spades."
Hey, Son Jung. In my dream, I just saw a pumpkin
Hey, there's a wedding at Chungdam Heaven.
We should attend it too.
Chungdam Heaven? How?
My friend from church is a member there.
Two members from Chungdam Heaven are getting married,
so the wedding will be held there.
Sure. Let's go
and check out what kind of place Chungdam Heaven is.
Hello, sir.
Did you bring Chairman Ko's umbrella even today?
But still. You don't have to worry
about protecting yourself at a wedding.
I must be more cautious when there are more people. Okay?
People are the most dangerous.
Then you shouldn't have come to the wedding.
I ought to come.
It's a wedding at none other than Chungdam Heaven.
Well, I'm not here to congratulate the couple, though.
That's dangerous.
If you're cautious about everything, don't you get tired?
This place is filled with flowers.
Why bring more flowers to a wedding? Isn't that odd?
Smile. One, two, three.
- Okay. Let's take one more. - Congratulations.
- One, two - Thank you.
You look beautiful.
How could love change?
You will not go through with this wedding.
Unless you want me to plaster this place with your old photos,
come with me. Darn it.
In life,
having suspicions can never hurt.
Safety first.
What do you want?
Get out of my face when I'm asking nicely.
I never said I wanted to talk.
Darn it.
Your stupid fantasy of love made you do such an awful thing.
Thank you.
- Smile. - Oh, my.
Prince Cha Min knows how to fight pretty well.
He's like a handsome prince.
The bride will enter now.
But why
do all the brides have to walk down the aisle with their dads?
It's not like they need help walking.
It's an old-fashioned custom.
By the way, I am jealous indeed.
She met the one in her 20s
and gets to start her Round Two at a fancy place like this.
"Round Two?" Life isn't a game.
Of course, it is.
For Round One, everything is random.
Like having good parents or not.
For Round Two, it's about making the right choice.
Like choosing the right man for your marriage.
To move on from this awfully miserable Round One,
I must get married?
Of course, you could pave your own path
and finish the game all on your own.
But life is a lonely and long game. So having a partner
during this bumpy ride would come in handy. You know?
I just want to log out of this game.
You look gorgeous.
She's so beautiful.
- Sir. - What?
Check out your three o'clock.
- It's 3:30pm now? - No. Your 3 o'clock.
You're right.
She's like
a smooth marble stone.
There are so many stones here.
(Motto: Consider women stones.)
Everyone, today is a special showtime of love.
- I'm envious. - Welcome to the wedding
- She's pretty. - of Groom Park Byung Hoon
and Bride Lee Ha Jin.
They are the perfect couple just like the cheese on the pizza.
- Yes. - Yes.
We hope that every second they spend together is as fun as a party.
I can't believe his pumpkin kick meant this pumpkin cake.
Seriously. Are you kidding me?
Darn it. It looks like it would taste awful.
What an ugly cake.
Okay. Wait for me outside.
Gosh, how beautiful.
You're all I have.
I can just throw that out.
What's this?
Was this the good fortune I was supposed to experience today?
No. Her pumpkin dream
brought her something bigger than just a luxury handkerchief.
You're pregnant?
It was a conception dream?
It was the day he gave me this ring.
We vowed eternal love for each other again that day.
He didn't have any money. I wonder where he got the money.
He really did everything for me.
He literally did everything including borrowing money.
(Boram Funeral Assistance)
He only lived for love.
(Our condolences)
I thought he would survive it no matter what.
I guess this was the end for him.
By the way,
he borrowed a small sum of money from me.
(If you have some money, could I borrow 30,000 dollars?)
(I only have 20,000 dollars. If you need, you can borrow that.)
(- Thank you. I'll pay you back. - I wired the money to you. Check.)
I'll pay it back
little by little.
Just like that,
the only thing he left for me was debt.
Not only did he give me a baby sibling,
but he also squandered our house before leaving this world.
He was a great man in a different sense.
Sir. Stop putting the stickers on them.
I'm going to hit you!
I'm going to rip you into pieces when I see you again.
He's already dead. Too bad.
Gosh. You're his daughter. Get out of my sight.
Hey, stop it.
Come on!
- "Don't hit with flowers." - This is so annoying.
"Hit them with your fists." That was
- her second sister's motto. - Our family is broke now.
As there was no one she could physically beat up,
she threw a bigger tantrum than usual.
(Entire class accepted through rolling admissions in 2015)
(Gaudi Art Academy)
The door is open.
- Hello. - Hello.
- Mom. - I brought your meal.
I was starving.
- Weren't you starving? - I was.
- Three, two, one. Ta-da! - Three, two, one. Ta-da!
I love this dish.
- Is it good? - Yes, it is. It's the best.
Try some of the rolled omelette.
This tastes amazing. How did you make it this good?
(Entire class accepted through rolling admissions in 2015)
I regret to inform you that
the vacation special lecture is 1,000 dollars.
Excuse me?
But I worked hard to earn money to take the vacation lecture.
Attending this academy is not cheap.
Did you talk with your parents?
Had I taken that class back then,
would I have found my calling
and gotten a job?
Forget it.
I would have succeeded if it was meant to be.
Why did that man stand surety for our house?
Why must I go through this because of him?
Can't Jae Rim take care of it alone?
- It was because of me. - Why was it because of you?
Do you like that man that much?
He stood surety for your aunt.
Even I, her sister, didn't want to do it.
But he did it for her and me to get along well.
- Did Aunt go down? - That's right.
My plan wasn't to tell you so you could enjoy her kimchi.
But here I am, telling you.
And even if he hadn't stood surety,
I would have eventually.
Honestly, I'm another useless person in this family.
But I'm not reading the mood and going with them.
Isn't there anywhere else I can go?
I want a place that will welcome me with open arms.
How about Chungdam Heaven where bubbles and crankiness
are filling the air?
Why don't you just smoke?
The bubbles are making the floor slippery.
I can't be distressed by smoking, can I?
I'm the icon of self-control.
A smoking prince?
That looks wrong.
Then, blow the bubbles outside.
Bubbles are banned inside.
Now that I think about it,
my worker falling in love with a member
and leaving this place behind my back
is a dishonour to me.
Honour has nothing to do with it.
You have no idea how much pain I'm in.
Prince Cha Min has no idea
that the real pain is being penniless.
To all this generation's
countless new Cinderella without money or a house,
(Boeun 2)
hang in there!
(Boeun 2)
I'm using the bed. You can sleep on the floor.
I can't. You should sleep on the floor.
Your body will work as a sleeping bag, no?
You little Should I knock you out every single night?
We won't have to fight about who is older.
To have to share a room with her without an end date.
Moving made you cold, right, Sosik?
The rent in Seoul
is impossible to handle. It's crazier than that wacko.
The rent in Seoul made the wacko put up with the situation
and even made the pregnant woman work hard.
Ms. Hwang. Is it all right when you're pregnant?
Of course.
The world doesn't envy pregnant women.
I must dance when my body is still light.
Let's do it.
How flexible.
Walk backward. Like this.
Shake your body.
Do it until you lose your belly fat.
Faster. Shake your body.
That's it. Faster.
Until you lose
- Oh, no! - Ms. Hwang!
- Gosh. - What now?
Are you okay?
It made your heart drop, right?
Both your mom and the baby are okay.
Stay by her side. It'll bring her spirits up.
I will.
Jae Rim.
- You didn't have to - Mom.
Come in such a hurry.
I thought something had happened.
Being pregnant at such an old age
is causing everyone trouble, right?
I'll treat you well
even without your dad, Jae Rim.
Dad knows.
He appeared in my dream and gave me a pumpkin.
It must've been a conception dream.
Your dad gave it to you in your dream?
A pumpkin?
He did.
So don't worry too much.
He gave you a pumpkin?
Thank you, Jae Rim.
I must help this naive woman from now on.
But how?
My goodness. Oh no, dear.
You're hungry, right?
I'll get you food.
Just hang in there a bit more.
Give her the milk.
Hwa Jin.
How can you eat the baby's food?
But I'm starving, okay?
Hwa Jin.
Dust it off into the formula.
I'm hungry.
At this rate, everyone will starve to death.
What do I do?
A business?
But I need money to do it.
Getting a job?
I won't even get an interview with my zero experience.
The older I get,
the more responsibility I must take on.
What on earth can I do?
Darn it.
Stop after one last try.
You can't beat the claw machine.
And I don't need a doll.
Daddy is a fool.
See that? Life is unpredictable.
You must try until the end.
Jae Rim.
Life is a game of chance.
(Recruiting New Angel Managers)
For Round Two, it's about making the right choice.
Like choosing the right man for your marriage.
Fine. Let's give it a shot.
It's a single bet on changing my life through marriage.
"Chungdam Heaven."
I can do it.
Did I gain weight?
She was someone who knew
how to make full use of the resources around her.
Oh, no.
Free sports equipment is at the park,
befitting the country with a national warm-up routine.
While others paid to get personal training,
she learned secret skills from the expert neighbours.
(S.S.: Secret skills)
I can do it.
It fits.
Yes. Working out paid off.
I kind of look like a model.
What's this?
Did I work out too much?
But my shoulders feel great.
Shin Jae Rim.
Let's starve.
Despite knowing it's bad,
it is the commonly known poisoned chalice for those on a diet.
(Sports Drink)
Life is like that.
It makes people do things,
even when they know they're bad.
It smells, Hwa Jin. Eat your meal outside.
You should leave.
I have the right to eat in my room.
You really
And you stink, too!
- What do you mean? - Your fart stinks.
Stop eating, will you?
Am I bloated because I've only been eating vegetables?
Like herbivores eating nonstop throughout the day,
the vegetarian Hwa Jin
kept eating
because she felt hungry every moment.
Sports drink
I need my sports drink.
What's that beeping sound?
What are you doing?
Are you mad? Weren't you holding back at any cost?
Weren't you only eating vegetables?
Don't eat such a sloppy meal.
How come?
Let's mix.
We should mix everything in a big bowl.
- Yes! - Good.
I'll pour in all the ham.
- Do it. - In goes all the ham.
I love it.
Your aunt's kimchi
Should I pour it in?
Get rid of it from my sight.
Let's get rid of it in our stomachs.
It's such an eyesore.
That's it. Let's stuff them in our mouths.
- We'll get rid of it like that! - Yes!
Let's dig in.
In life, today's happiness
can become tomorrow's misfortune.
- It's making me tear up. - Isn't it good?
However, this main character is optimistic.
I am extremely puffy.
It's okay. I can cover it up.
Pat it down. Pat it all down.
That's it. The puffiness is going down.
Shall I do it?
I'm stronger than you. It'll help cover the puffiness.
Why did I eat with you last night?
My face can't get any puffier than this.
You were going to look like a dried squid or a half-dried squid.
- I can make it happen. - My Sosik. Did you sleep well?
I will draw my dream with makeup.
I am not a squid.
Oh, gosh. My puffy feet fit Soo Jin's designer shoes.
How lucky.
Take me to a good place,
Soo Jin's shoes.
The odd girl,
who is and is not like Cinderella,
is heading towards her fate.
Both the ash-covered Cinderella and the penniless poor
need to doll up when going outside
for life's magic to happen.
Here is the list of candidates for the interview.
(Chungdam Heaven Club Interview Candidate List)
I will choose one who will stay for a long time.
I so envy Shin Ae.
To think she'd marry and leave this quickly.
Is this the power of love?
Do you think that's true love?
She did it after much calculation.
You know, the mind doesn't control love.
It's the heart that does.
To be precise,
it's the brain.
At the most, it's the work of the useless sex hormones.
Why are sex hormones useless?
When used well, sex hormones help a person grow.
You want to become cooler,
and you'll end up with a cooler child.
I already have many children.
What? I knew it.
Since you're old money, are they out of wedlock?
Here. Yahub.
I'm already sponsoring many children.
Gosh. This side of you is a big surprise.
I'm like the deep ocean water.
I'm the most thoughtful and clean person.
Aren't you doing it to reduce tax?
the rich's goodwill like that hurts.
- Get out of my sight at once. - I will take my leave.
I miss them.
(Direction to Interview Room)
(Room: Chungdam Heaven Club CEO Room)
Good job on applying for it.
You need a daring lucky draw to succeed.
Something will happen as you throw
glass shoes at men after joining Chungdam Heaven.
Come on. Glass shoes, my foot.
Did I already get my lucky draw?
Dad! Are you finally helping me?
I'm suing you.
For what? Did I steal your heart?
Does he want my number?
What do you mean by that?
For attempted murder.
What attempted murder?
How upsetting.
Darn it for goodness' sake.
Let's watch what will happen to these two together.
I'll see you next time.
Bye, kidults!
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