Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

(Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale)
All fairy-tale princes are
rich, handsome, and kind
as if they're clones.
They're all similar.
But the truth is, not everyone from a wealthy family
is cheerful and kind.
Mirror. Mirror on the wall.
Who is the most dashing of them all?
Your Highness the Prince, of course.
If it turns out that you're lying,
I will break all the mirrors!
Here's a freakishly quirky prince
who's an eighth-generation member of a super wealthy family.
The romance of a Gen Z-er and an eighth-generation rich heir.
It begins now.
I'm suing you.
For attempted murder.
"Attempted murder?" What do you mean?
What is this?
You're after my money, aren't you?
What? I don't even know how much money you have.
It can't even be measured.
My money is accumulating interest even as we speak now.
So, just ask for money instead of trying to trick me like this.
What? Why should I?
Death is what I'm most afraid of.
I can't have fun once I die. There are so many fun things I can do.
This guy is crazy. I shouldn't get involved.
All right. I'm really sorry, but it was an accident.
Please hand over my shoe first.
What? This is evidence. I can't hand it over.
Why do you need evidence?
I told you. It wasn't intentional.
I don't believe you.
The shoe suddenly slipped off and fell right on my head?
How could such a coincidence happen, unless it was intentional?
It was totally intentional.
When stuff like that happens, people say, "This is not my day."
What about when a bird poops on you?
Does the bird do that to get back at you?
You see, I'm not that unlucky.
I am a lucky man.
You're obnoxious.
I said it wasn't intentional. What is with you?
Give it back.
Why don't you go ahead and drop the honorifics too?
Shall I?
Then let me go now, will you?
No, not a chance.
I can't be lenient with stuff like this.
No mercy.
If you keep this up, there will be real problems.
For me? Or for you?
For both of us.
My life has been a roller coaster ride, so if you mess with me,
you'll face a tumultuous future too.
Shall I show you how messed up your life can be?
This is "intentional."
And this is acting with good intentions.
I saved you.
Just like the hour hand and the minute hand meet at noon,
two strangers have met,
and a new kind of magic is starting.
My gosh.
How dare he try to steal my shoe right before my job interview?
Anyway, Shin Jae Rim.
From now on, try to have some mercy on rich jerks.
I am an Angel Manager.
I must smile from this moment on.
(CEO Moon Cha Min)
My gosh.
Who walked into my office just now?
I thought you were the devil without the wings.
(Resume, Shin Jae Rim)
So, you're here for an interview.
I'm sorry. Only nice people can be our Angels.
Their job is to connect people together.
If mean people do the job, we'll go out of business.
What is this?
How come you're all quiet now?
You were well-spoken earlier.
I'll give you one last chance to say what you want.
Is it nice
to be able to talk like this as the hiring party?
Yes, it's the best.
It gives me a thrill.
What if I pray?
You said you were afraid of death.
You'll live a short but eventful life,
so I pray that you can never buy happiness
with your immeasurable amount of money.
You see, I desperately wanted this job.
It's not fair that you get to live a happy life when I can't.
Then what do you want to do?
I hope you get
struck by lightning, from top to bottom!
In moments of crisis,
animals discover abilities they didn't know they had.
A zebra can throw a back kick at a wild beast,
and a piglet can roar at a lion.
In this moment of crisis, Jae Rim
verbally attacked him with her unbending confidence.
By the way, what's with that umbrella?
Is he emotionally attached to it or something?
He's paranoid that he might get stabbed in the back.
So, he uses the umbrella to always protect himself.
That cannot act as a shield.
Who knows? He could be hiding a weapon in that umbrella.
Can you believe that a CEO could be that young?
Someone's young and rich,
while I'm young and poor.
A young guy who's rich is the odd one.
It's so unfair.
You should shine most brightly when you're young.
But some of us have to feel like pathetic losers because we're poor.
A good person who works hard
suddenly falls in love as if it's her fate.
Then she finds out that the man she loves is wealthy.
Will things like that never happen in our lives?
Try analysing the big data of our lives.
Of course, it'll never happen!
People like us have to be doggedly persistent in finding ways
to earn a living.
Gosh, seriously. What an obnoxious jerk.
The universe is so unfair.
A jerk like him
deserves to get struck by lightning,
I hope you get
struck by lightning, from top to bottom!
Gosh, I'm still traumatized by it.
I saved you.
Hey, have you finally lost your mind?
What's with you?
Well, I met a woman.
She was so weird.
Hey, don't tell me she slapped you in the face.
My ears did hurt.
The moment wealthy heirs like us get slapped in the face,
it's declared a KO.
A KO? Me?
As if.
What? A KO?
There's no way I'll fall for that woman.
What are you up to?
Go away. Go!
They said to think of women as lifeless stones.
Yes, she's just a stone.
She's a stone.
All right.
What kind of stone? A stone named Jae Rim?
This is nuts, seriously!
I must be losing my mind.
Why do I keep seeing her? Darn it.
Seriously, this is driving me crazy.
Darn, what the
(Resume, Shin Jae Rim)
She's nothing special.
What has she done to me?
Could it be
Did she hypnotize me?
(Milk, Original)
Cold brew.
Turn into a delicious latte.
This is magic.
Oh, it's good.
(You have missed 5 payments for your health insurance.)
I'll die while trying to make my insurance payments.
(Your credit card bill payment will be taken out of your account.)
(Your student loan interest payment is due on November 20.)
They're taking all my money when I only make peanuts.
(I'm Shin Jae Rim. I'm hard-working and optimistic.)
(I will put every effort into fulfilling my duties.)
(Incoming Call)
Hello? Who's this?
I'm Moon Cha Min, the CEO of Chungdam Heaven.
Why call so early and ruin my pleasant morning?
I wanted to call you as soon as possible
to Chungdam Heaven.
You're not done yet?
I told you it was a mistake and apologized.
Are you a pervert who enjoys being cursed at?
Shall I do a little warm up, then?
Yes, go for it.
Do it in front of me while staring me in the face.
I don't even want to cross paths with you again.
Oh, really?
Gosh, that's such a shame.
I called to let you know that you got the job at Chungdam Heaven.
Pardon me?
What are you thinking?
Are you hiring me to abuse me?
If I do that, you'll put another curse on me.
I thought you were the evil Royal Noble Consort Hui.
Why did you decide to hire me if you thought I was that evil?
Royal Noble Consort Hui is charming.
You're funny.
My goodness.
"Who'd want to work with such a psycho?"
You're probably expecting to hear something like that,
but I should do it.
They say,
"You need a villain to take down another villain"
"and a lunatic"
"to handle another lunatic."
You really are unpredictable.
You'll see me today at Chungdam Heaven.
All right. Hurry up and meet me here.
I'll put up with you.
Does it mean today is our first day?
Please make sure I get paid for every hour I work.
I refuse to work for free, even if it's just for a minute.
See you later.
Oh, my.
I'm quite handsome.
My, look at that jawline.
It's as sharp as a blade.
Do I have to be this dressed up
to see her?
Oh, right.
Women hate gold chains like this.
Hey, you.
Women hate men who wear tight pants.
Gosh, this is crazy. I can even pull this off.
I should be humble.
Gosh, the fur is flying everywhere.
I suffer from chronic rhinitis.
Yes, this is what a real man wears when he goes to war.
I'm not doing this to impress her.
But what if she falls for me?
Then things will get complicated.
Now, it's perfect.
I think she'll hate me.
(Chungdam Heaven)
(Chungdam Heaven)
My gosh. So you can be polite and can behave sensibly at times.
Yes, when I need to earn money.
So, money can make you behave better.
Yes, I love money.
The more I get paid, the nicer I become.
I wasn't really expecting you to be nice.
I've lived long enough to know that money is a scary thing.
So I will obediently follow the capitalist system.
Okay, so? What do you need me to do?
- Put on a friendly smile? - Such a capitalist smile?
No, thank you.
If there are things you want to say, let it all out without a filter.
That's what I like.
Oh, I see.
Can I be really honest?
Yes, go for it.
Is that a chastity belt?
How could this look like a chastity belt?
The design looks a little different, but it does the same thing.
Not a single woman would come and talk to you when you're wearing it,
so we can call it a chastity belt.
My, looking nice!
What? "Looking nice?"
What is wrong with this?
Darn it!
(Chungdam Heaven)
Attention, please.
I was wondering what I should do to have some fun today
and decided to hire a talented newbie.
- Applause, please. - Nice!
Hello, everyone.
She's new.
So, what should we do?
The initiation ceremony must be done.
I am Ground, introduce yourself
Is this a camera prank?
After one beat
No, we're doing it for real. Tell us your dream to introduce yourself.
After two beats
This isn't some kids' club. Why should adults do this?
Goodness. Just do it.
After 3 beats, 1, 2, 3, 4
Eternal youth!
Crypto jackpot!
A young husband!
Lease maturity!
This goes to show the importance
of what you think about often.
Your hidden desires can reveal themselves all of a sudden,
and they're bound to cause trouble.
(CEO Moon Cha Min)
I thought she was interesting.
Turns out, she's just like any other woman.
Hey, your predecessor became Cinderella and left.
How could you say right off the bat that you wanted to be Cinderella?
I was suddenly asked to state what my dream was,
so I said it without thinking.
My gosh.
So, that really is your dream.
My goodness.
I had no idea.
You had me fooled.
What do you mean?
I never fooled you.
So, you weren't desperate for a job. You desperately want to get married.
That's right.
I wanted to work hard
and find a good man to marry. That's why I joined Chungdam Heaven.
A person like that is called an opportunist. Am I wrong?
I hate people like that.
I really can't stand them.
I am not an opportunist.
I'm just tired of my reality. That's all.
I see. Life has been hard for you.
But even so, I'm not a philanthropist.
I can't work with you because you have too many issues.
I told you I'd never work for you for free. Not even for a minute.
We said today would be my first day.
Day One!
Then let's do this.
Let's make a bet.
Let fate decide whether or not you will work here.
I believe that having fun is the most important thing in life.
Follow your joy.
That's nice.
Then how about us two nut heads
have a real showdown, without our job titles involved?
Sure, sounds good. You may decide what our showdown will entail.
Oh, great.
Follow me.
They look like they're about to cause trouble.
A man and a woman causing trouble?
That kind of trouble
begins when sparks are ignited
once their eyes meet.
(Employment Contract)
(Employment Contract)
Let's see who can drink more.
Okay, sounds good.
But why here?
I know it's a showdown, but the taste matters.
Does it taste better by the Han River?
I mean, it's the same product.
Everything tastes better by the Han River.
That includes ramyeon and fried chicken with beer.
It's one of the privileges of living in Seoul!
But are you sure you'll be all right?
You'd better not change your mind later.
Why? You don't think you can do it?
Are you backing out again?
Of course not.
Do you know how healthy my organs are?
I've been taking great care of my organs by only eating organic food.
The moment alcohol enters my bloodstream,
they'll start breaking it down and push it out of my system right away.
My diet mainly consists of junk such as palm oil,
high-fructose corn syrup, and GMO foods.
Maybe that's why my organs are incredibly strong.
Alcohol does nothing for me.
For me, alcohol is like a health supplement.
It's really good for improving blood circulation.
(Heavy drinking has a detrimental effect on your health.)
You're talking nonsense again.
You see, I don't go easy on women.
You can't ask me for help.
And I won't go easy on you because you're a guy.
You don't even know what kind of family I'm from.
Oh, yes!
- When are you off until? - Until today.
Nice, this is great.
Hey, let's gulp these down.
Sounds like a plan. Let's quench our thirst.
I was always so bored at home.
Mom's pregnant,
and Jae Rim is a lightweight.
She's still a baby, you know.
A baby, my foot.
She's too brave for her own good.
Oh, boy.
All right. Talking nonstop won't get you anywhere.
Let's get started right away.
What? You can't even open it?
It's slippery because it's wet.
I have a strong grip.
Oh, is that so?
If we have an arm-wrestling match,
I'll beat a weakling like you right away.
What? "A weakling?"
Then shall we do it?
Just to see who wins.
Sure, let's do it.
Fight fair and square.
Okay, bring it on.
Get ready.
- Set, go! - Go!
- Gosh - "Fair and square."
Oh, I'm sorry.
You are quite strong indeed, but I'm stronger than you.
Oh, no!
I must've pressed too hard.
Your nail got all messed up.
No, it wasn't you. It was already like this.
I see. Gosh, it scared me for a moment.
Anyway, it must've hurt.
Forget it. Hurry up and drink.
I hope you do better this time.
This time, I'm really confident that I'll win.
Let's do it before it loses the fizz.
This is just in.
A human black hole has appeared by the Han River.
Be careful and stay safe.
(Caution, Wild Animal Zone)
Stop drinking. Stop!
What are you, a whale?
It shows you how strong I am, mentally.
So? What do you want to do?
How about another glass?
You call this a glass?
Forget it. You're doggedly determined to win.
Let's just say you won.
Then you have to guarantee that I'll get a permanent position.
And you can't fire me for no reason.
Yes, of course. I must keep the promise I made.
What's gotten into you?
Are you drunk?
No, I am not drunk.
Hand over the contract.
You can't annul it, saying you signed it drunk.
He'll sign it so easily?
Just as I expected,
it's fun to play with you.
Think about how much fun you can have if you see me every day.
All right.
I'll bother you every single day. You'd better be prepared for it.
My gosh. I'll happily get picked on as long as you're paying me.
Anytime. Thank you.
(Employer: CEO of Chungdam Heaven, Moon Cha Min)
You're quite naive. Your dream is to become like Cinderella?
You were joking, right?
I wish.
It is my life goal.
Goodness. If I were you, I'd read the room and lie.
I am aware that it goes against the modern thinking.
However, getting married
is the only way I can get out of my situation.
Then what do you want to do once you get married?
I'll live a happy life while giving and receiving love.
I don't believe in such abstract ideals.
It makes you the perfect target for scammers.
My goodness.
I guess you've never been in love.
I feel so sorry for you.
I believe that every living being has the right to be loved.
The innate right to be loved.
"The right to be loved?"
But not many people exercise the right to the fullest.
I love myself.
I'm exercising the right on myself.
So I don't feel the need to date or get married.
I already received plenty of love.
Good for you.
But aren't you lonely and bored?
I suppose that's why I'm here with you now.
Romance is such a peculiar thing.
You never know who will suddenly steal your heart.
It's as if there are
invisible compatibility codes the universe has laid out.
Come here. Come closer for a moment.
It's a match.
No. Code mismatch!
Anyway, what's taking Mr. Moon so long?
Then I'll officially start tomorrow.
How dare you. Your boss hasn't finished his drink.
Having a conversation like this and this atmosphere.
I don't mind this.
The Han River is really nice.
Shoot. I really have to go to the restroom.
But this boss jerk won't leave.
- Let me steal a sip. - Hey.
We have no more booze left.
All right, then. Shall we get going?
My goodness.
Oh, no!
What is it?
You said to get going. Why are you standing there?
- I really have to - What?
The restroom.
I need to go to the restroom.
Hey. You're an adult, not a child!
Gosh, she did drink a lot.
Is there a restroom nearby?
The closest one is a long walk away.
(Route 1, Route 2)
(Very far)
(Extremely far)
Why are you so reckless?
You should've considered the outcome
and picked a spot near the restroom.
So why did you have to talk so much?
You talked a lot too!
Oh, no. I really have to go. My gosh.
Oh, no. What do I do?
Darn it.
What are you doing?
Are you crying?
Did you pee your pants?
I'm trying to squeeze out some tears.
Tears are made of water too, you know.
Hey, that makes no sense!
Shall I stand guard for you? Do you want to go into the woods?
I am an upstanding citizen.
The sky is watching me. I'd rather jump into the river.
Do you want to borrow this to cover yourself with it?
Gosh, please leave.
Whether I relieve myself here or not, I'll figure it out.
So please just leave.
How could I walk away from someone who's clearly in a crisis?
It'll be easier without you around unless you'll do it on my behalf,
so please just leave!
Let me
Just go!
Well, then Clean this up before you leave.
The sky is clear, and so is my mind.
I wish it was raining.
I wish I was losing my mind.
Hold tight.
I'll do the same.
Could this mean we're compatible?
Keep holding. If you pee on me, I will kill you.
Honey, go faster.
You're talking nonsense now.
Stay with me!
Where is it? Darn it.
Cha Min, the arrogant prince,
has turned into a loyal, strong servant.
Very nice.
Jae Rim's urethral sphincter, hang in there!
Now, it's all on you.
Thank you. I'll stay strong until the very end.
My gosh.
Why is he still here?
How am I going to face him again after this?
He's actually pretty cool.
But there's nothing cool
about this situation or what I did.
It's just him.
Perhaps, he's a nice person.
Hey, stop.
What's with you? Why are you walking like that?
I'm embarrassed. That's why.
I made a complete fool of myself
in front of you, who is my boss now,
so I'm really embarrassed.
I don't know who the real winner is.
Me, because I got a paying job out of this.
Hey, Dan A.
You weren't at Chungdam Heaven, and you didn't answer my calls.
To find my fiancé,
I even had to use the couple tracking app.
He said he didn't feel the need to date or get married,
but he's engaged?
What is this? Why did he lie to me?
Is he a bad guy?
You struggle and work hard to get a job
only to encounter a terrible boss.
I'm rooting for all job seekers and employees in the country.
See you next time!
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