Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

The deity of love is like a four-year-old child,
which means he is very unpredictable.
That's why we have no way of knowing who will meet whom
and how we will fall in love.
Cupid always does whatever he wants,
but there's one good thing about him.
"Hey, you deserve to be loved too."
All right. The uncontrollable Cupid.
Go ahead and bring it on!
(Episode 3: Rolling Fxxking Cupid)
I see. He's your honey.
I'll be off, then.
I came all the way here because of you, honey.
Right, you didn't have to come all the way here.
This is exhausting for both of us.
I know we got engaged for strategic purposes,
but you still have to do your duty.
Can't you pick up right away when I call you?
Why should I? I'm not your personal firefighter or something.
Hey! You little
We said we'd be engaged for life
to stay unmarried and enjoy our freedom and being single,
so do your duty, jerk.
Why is this my duty?
You call this freedom?
You keep getting worse by the day.
If you start seeing another woman
and call off our engagement, it'll spark an all-out war.
This isn't just about the company.
My graceful public image.
What will you do if it gets tainted?
I must take care of all foreseeable problems before they take hold.
If you get married with that temper of yours,
you really will have big problems.
What are you talking about?
I've been taking pre-wedding cooking classes for the past five years.
I can julienne onions with my eyes closed.
If you do not answer my call once more,
I will stick a spoon in your skull as if I'm scooping out
an avocado pit.
He talked as though he had no interest in getting married.
But he's engaged?
What a weirdo.
Seriously, what is his deal?
Who is this man?
I was just talking to myself. Go back to sleep.
I thought you wanted me to hear it.
Men can put on a total act to seduce a woman.
Why would he seduce me?
Gosh, just go back to sleep.
You never know, dummy.
Some men have weird tastes in women.
Hey, don't be naive.
I know so much.
You have no idea
how big and vast this world is.
What do you know?
He has such a firm body.
He must work out a lot.
It won't even go in.
Gosh, it's hot.
I need to sleep.
Go faster.
Honey, go faster.
Go faster.
Our Prince Cha Min is a healthy man full of vigour,
after all.
How did you get the job all of a sudden?
You said the CEO was crazy.
I have no idea. He said I was fun.
Do I actually have a great sense of humour?
If you were actually funny, you'd be a comedienne now.
That's true.
I would've been a pretty comedienne.
You've got to be kidding me.
With that face and your sense of humour, you'll never make it big.
That industry is fiercely competitive too.
I guess he experienced culture shock when he met you.
He's a prince, you know.
I want to make money and become a member of Chungdam Heaven
so I can experience culture shock too.
What about that job you started? You can't make money with it?
"The Unthinkable Affair With Tom Black."
I did a killer job with that recording.
I reached a new octave while moaning.
I sound incredibly sexy in that recording,
but it hasn't been lucrative.
My gosh. That is unthinkable, indeed.
Can you please watch my audiobook clip?
If it gets more views, it'll appear under "Recommended Videos."
It's not my cup of tea.
Well, I can press the "like" button for you.
Take a listen. You'll find it interesting.
Oh, Black.
- Don't do it to me. - Right there.
- Yes, right there! - Okay, that's enough.
(Oh, Black. Right there!)
Gosh, seriously.
My gosh. Why is she so good at it?
My precious sweetheart, it looks nicer than usual because you're
grinding the ink stick for me.
What do you think?
It looks so beautiful
that I feel like a butterfly will come and sit on it any moment now.
I want to retire and start a new chapter of my life
so I can focus on my art.
You should do that, Father.
You're engaged to a successful man,
and the company is doing well.
I think Cha Min can start running the company now,
but when are you two planning to get married?
I do not want to raise my voice at anyone.
Of course, you shouldn't.
Calm down. You can do it.
Who'd be most upset if I flew into a rage
like a crazy woman?
- Me, your dad. - Wrong.
It'd be most upsetting for me.
Hearing foul words coming out of this pretty mouth
and this exquisite voice becoming hoarse
will turn my beautiful life into a tragedy.
don't make me repeat myself.
What did I say?
"Moon Cha Min is just a strategic partner."
"I'll never get married."
Don't think that I've fundamentally changed
just because I've been looking elegant as of late.
This temper
runs in the family as you know.
Hey, you'll hurt your hand.
My goodness!
Let go.
Hey, let go. That's enough.
Stop! That is enough.
You'll hurt yourself.
That's enough. I heard you.
(Chungdam Heaven)
Hey, Pee-pee!
Won't you say hello to me?
You see, I never peed my pants.
Come on. Without my help, you totally would have.
I don't know about that. I've been doing Kegel exercises regularly.
Goodness. Did you really have to share that with me?
You could've just thanked me.
I guess you really want to hear me say, "Thank you."
I sure do. I'm aching all over right now.
I was going to thank you yesterday
but couldn't because your fiancee suddenly showed up.
Why didn't you tell me you were engaged?
Were you going to try your luck with me if I wasn't engaged?
You can never seduce me anyway.
I mean, I'd never fall for you,
knowing what you're after.
This is hilarious.
No, that's not why.
It's because you acted as though you'd never get married
and that you absolutely didn't believe in people
or in love.
You see, I totally refuse to deal with psychos like you.
You can work here
thanks to your psycho boss.
Exactly. Because you're a psycho
I mean, thank you.
The thing is, I can put up with a psycho boss,
but I would never date a psycho,
no matter how lonely I am.
My gosh.
So you got the job after all.
Yes, thankfully.
I have a lot to learn, but I look forward to working with you.
Oh, no worries. I have a lot to learn too.
First, let me give you a little tour and explain what we do here.
Yes, please. I've been so curious.
A social club only rich people can join.
It's a little tiring to use honorifics every single time.
Can we drop the honorifics?
Sure, good idea.
(The Playground)
It's like an adult version of a kids cafe where they can play healthily.
I see.
From an early age,
they've had to receive management training and so on,
so they want to just let it all go and play like children,
according to Mr. Moon.
Elite education from an early age
turned them into such wonderful adults.
Gosh, that scared me.
Mr. Moon is like Pororo the Little Penguin.
He really is like Pororo.
(The Social Lounge)
This is the Social Lounge.
As you can see, there's a cultural exhibition going on,
which our members can all enjoy.
The theme of this exhibition is "self-portrait."
And this is
Mr. Moon's self-portrait.
This isn't a self-portrait.
This is the portrait of an umbrella.
He says it's his self-portrait.
(Hesse's Garden)
As you can see, you can eat and play here all day,
so you naturally bond with those you spend time with.
It's like a social mecca.
Mr. Moon is an exception though.
You're so cool.
You're totally my type. Could I get your number?
"Think of women as lifeless stones."
That's his motto.
No wonder I thought he was sly and weird.
He doesn't suit this paradise.
I know.
(Chungdam Heaven)
I hope you become an employee who suits Chungdam Heaven.
Don't you worry.
I'll show you I can adjust quickly like a bullfrog.
- Good luck. - Thanks.
Oh, I guess you're new.
Yes, she is.
Did you just join the company?
Yes. I'm warm and toasty, fresh out of the oven.
She's not out of the oven yet.
She needs to be baked a little longer.
Let's go back into the flames.
I mean, let's get you trained.
Why is my honey
walking side by side with that woman, looking like a couple?
He wants to teach her a real lesson.
"A real lesson?"
Well, that newbie had the audacity to say
that she came here to marry a good catch.
Mr. Moon will crush that ridiculous dream of hers
and make her behave herself.
But why would he go to such lengths?
He was with her yesterday too.
I suppose she's on his special watch list.
Why did you bring me here?
Are you going to lock me in a tower or something?
Do you think you're a princess?
You're my employee.
I brought you here so you can work without getting distracted.
Don't you worry.
I am far from the princess type.
See this?
You have such perfect arms to do laundry with.
You're going to do this. Not me.
It looks ivory now,
but I want it to look white.
But I think ivory is nicer.
It's such a nice, warm shade.
Don't be ridiculous.
Make it look pristine white like the first snow.
It's Venetian handmade lace.
Hand-wash it very carefully so it won't fray.
What? I have to hand-wash them?
Then it'll take forever to wash these.
You can do it if you devote your youth to it.
Wash this too.
Why are you here?
Oh, hello.
I have to wash these.
I heard you came here to find a good catch to marry.
Rumours do travel fast.
I don't want to deny my dreams.
If your dream is to marry well, you shouldn't be here.
You need to go to the Wish Pavilion.
"Wish Pavilion?"
- Young Bae. - Yes, sir.
Are there more petty tasks to be done?
Not really.
You want to dump them on Jae Rim again, don't you?
Gosh, please don't do that.
Mr. Moon. Because you're so harsh on the newbie,
we don't even need to discipline her.
You were never like this in the past. What's with you?
I want to do it my way and train her strictly.
Cinderella's mean stepmother isn't at home.
Don't mind me. Just do what you need to do.
She's right here, at Cinderella's workplace.
(Chungdam Heaven)
(Shin Jae Rim)
(Liked Videos)
(Songs to listen to when doing manual labour)
What's she listening to
that she seems to be having so much fun?
The two of them simultaneously started
to desire each other, relying solely
on their sense of touch and hearing.
Then their steamy breath
quickly filled the room.
No, Tom Black. Not there.
(More moaning)
Gosh, give it back.
Hey, you. I can't believe you jumped on me.
You got the wrong idea.
Whatever you were imagining, you got the wrong idea.
You think you're an innocent bride?
You're a dirty-minded pervert.
Oh, my.
I am not a pervert.
And about this. My friend recorded this audiobook.
It was auto-played.
I swear, I'm not into that stuff.
It's bad that you're dumping this on your friend.
Confidently admit that you're into it. I don't care.
I'm telling you the truth.
My friend is a voice actress.
She's now on YouTube because she was struggling financially.
So it's not doing well either, so I have to watch her videos.
Could you "like" her video too?
I have to press the like button too?
"Little drops of water make the mighty ocean."
My gosh. Everyone works so hard.
That includes you.
Me too?
You actually got it done.
I thought you'd complain that you couldn't do it.
I'm a good worker, you see.
With that said,
could I get proper tasks?
No, I'm anxious that you'll make mistakes.
You dislike me that much,
but you still hired me. You're such a weirdo.
That's right. I am a weirdo.
You see, I'm not as dangerous as you think I am.
I'm harmless.
That's what you think.
It's just your opinion.
Gosh, he's so mean.
("The Unthinkable Affair With Tom Black")
"The Unthinkable Affair With Tom Black?"
Gosh, you scared me.
Hey. By any chance,
do you like Shin Jae Rim?
What are you talking about? As the CEO
But you're not a hands-on CEO.
Why would I like her?
You keep picking on her and no one else.
Like a little boy and his first love.
What? A little boy's first love?
Have you lost your mind?
She's a total pervert.
You two have already shared such preferences?
Don't insult me like this.
Then prove it.
How could I prove my feelings?
Make her quit as soon as possible
by helping her become Cinderella.
That will be best for everyone's sake.
And it'll be fun.
- You don't want that? - Just leave her be.
I really don't care what she becomes.
Then pay more attention to me,
so I won't explode in rage.
You really are like the 9pm news.
Does it mean
I'm that important to you now?
I mean, you make me anxious for no reason.
Leave, will you?
I did laundry all day and couldn't even step out.
Had I known I'd have to put up with this,
I would've gotten a job at a gym in the financial district
or at a bar in front of the court to find a suitor.
Oh, boy.
My legs hurt too.
My gosh.
Is it nice to have landed the dream job you wanted?
- Are you excited? - I want to get married soon.
So, you haven't learned your lesson yet.
Tomorrow, let's clean all the balls in the ball pit.
Let's work hard.
Then what did you do today, boss?
Hey, what is Chungdam Heaven?
People come here to play and rest.
The things I do to play and relax here symbolize Chungdam Heaven
and help promote the business.
What are you, Pororo the Little Penguin? Must you play every day?
There's something I always say.
"Follow your joy."
"Joy?" Gosh, that obnoxious jerk.
Shall I just quit?
(Sang Chul)
I received the money you sent this month.
You must be working really hard. Thanks.
I can't keep on living like this.
(In the Mood for Flowers)
It is the only way.
"Wish Pavilion?"
Your predecessor, Sin Ae,
got what she wanted after making a wish there.
They say the place makes your prayers come true.
And they only charge 1,000 dollars to pray for you.
I can turn my life around with just 1,000 dollars?
I shall risk my life to get the money.
The ideas we get when we're bewitched by something
tend to be reckless most of the time.
Be careful.
Hey, why are you here?
You have a job now. Why not have chicken and beer near your work?
I need to borrow some money.
I'll pay you back when I get paid.
- Just lend me 1,000 dollars. - What do you need the money for?
I have to make a wish.
Why must you spend money to make a wish?
Did the deities say you must pay them to get your wish granted?
There's this mysterious place where someone prays for you
and makes your wishes come true.
Hey, that's called a cult. Have you lost your mind?
No, someone's wish actually came true.
There's a witness.
What's your desperate wish that you're willing to waste money on it?
I want to marry well.
Hey, are you possessed or something?
Get it together!
I am doing this because I'm trying to get my act together.
For me, marriage is the only solution.
You can't get out of that mess because you think like that.
Then what? Should I go back to school?
What can I get out of studying so hard?
Would I be able to get a job?
Fine. Let's say I managed to get a job.
Can I buy a home?
These days, you can't buy a home in Seoul even if you win the lottery.
Hey, this world was built in such a way
that you can't do anything unless you were born into a wealthy family.
So I want to snatch up a rich guy
and turn my life around. Why are you criticizing me?
You're just like your father.
That's all you saw and learned while growing up.
Yes, that I admit.
But you know what? They truly loved each other.
That's enough, isn't it?
I call your mother "Mom." Why are you still calling him like that?
He is your father. How else am I supposed to address him, then?
Fine, forget it.
That's why I never call you my sister either.
That little brat.
(In the Mood for Flowers)
(Sungjin University Hospital)
Why are you here again? To extort money from me?
I'm broke. Stop taking my money.
I'm here to remove your eye boogers.
Goodness. The other eye.
Gosh. Have you not been washing your face?
- My nose boogers too. - Gosh.
What? You think your father is dirty?
Why would I extort money from my jobless father?
You aren't working anymore, just like me.
I'm not sure if the strategic relationship
with Dan A's family can last without you two getting married.
Yes, it'll be fine.
You're bedridden like this because you worry all the time.
Hey, the advice I gave you is worth 300 million dollars.
- Never forget that. - Okay, I won't.
Say it once more, and I'll never forget it.
Men like us must think of women as lifeless stones.
Don't check women out.
Women are stones.
Mr. Moon Bo Hyun, are you all right?
I feel better now that you're here.
Don't worry. He's fine.
The doctor will examine you tomorrow morning.
All right, thank you.
Get me more books.
I must read every day.
Get more books? Why? You're reading the same page as last month.
I'm reading this book for the third time.
Buy a complete collection.
- Bye. - The original edition in English.
I keep getting useless thoughts.
Soo Jin will be different.
Shall I get you one too?
But I've already had three cups of coffee.
- Then let's have Job's tears tea. - Job's tears tea? Okay.
Soo Jin.
Oh, Jae Rim.
What brings you here?
Oh, one moment.
Yes, right.
Okay. Got it.
Hey, I have to go.
Jae Rim, let's talk later at home.
All right.
Hi, sister-in-law. What's up?
You can tell me. I'm not busy right now.
Who's your sister-in-law?
Hey, don't talk to him. He likes to talk nonsense.
Anyway, bye.
Sister-in-law, I know why you're here.
I bet you came here hoping to borrow money from your sister.
How did you know?
Hey, I'm a doctor. I could tell at a glance.
Your eyes looked like those of a desperate debtor.
You see, I have a lot of money.
How much do you need?
A thousand dollars.
Hey, you're cute. I could just give you a thousand dollars.
- My gosh. - I mean, I could.
But there's a condition.
I want to know Soo Jin's ring size.
Can you help me?
I want to win your sister's heart
with a big diamond ring.
Help me out. Please?
I swear, I saw it around here.
This is a win-win situation for all parties involved.
Soo Jin, stop living the hard life as the eldest daughter
and the breadwinner of the family.
I support this marriage.
Nice. I shall ride the lucky wave and keep going
until I reach my final destination!
Gosh, that scared me.
My gosh.
This place is spooky.
Someone at Chungdam Heaven recommended you.
I'm here to make a wish.
Oh. You're from Cheongdam-dong, the land of ambition?
So? What's your wish?
I want to marry well
and turn my life around.
I see. You're one ambitious lady.
Desire of daughter, in English.
It's the other way around. "Daughter of desire."
I see.
You see, I have nothing,
but I want to be loved.
No, I mean You know, I want to be
showered with love.
- Like this. - A love shower.
- Yes. - A love shower, I see.
It'll cleanse every corner of my body.
With an abundance of love from a successful man.
I want to be soaked from head to toe.
Do you think I can experience such amazing love?
Right now, I'm a nobody who has nothing, but if I
receive some proper love from a wonderful man,
I may be able to become somebody who has a lot to offer.
It's possible.
You really think so?
Anyone can love because love isn't picky when it comes
to deciding on whose door it'll knock.
Why is that?
I don't know if something's wrong with Cupid's eyes or whatever,
but he's bad at aiming.
The two of them simultaneously started
to desire each other, relying solely
on their sense of touch and hearing.
Then their steamy breath
quickly filled the room.
No, Tom Black. Not there.
("The Unthinkable Affair With Tom Black")
This is
Hey. By any chance,
do you like Shin Jae Rim?
Why would I like her unless I've lost my mind?
She's not attractive at all.
(Sexy, provocative)
Shin Jae Rim.
She's dangerous. She really is.
Thanks for the food.
So? Did you manage to get the money?
Mind your own business.
You refused to lend me money.
Jae Rim, do you need an allowance?
You've been cooking instead of me.
Shall I give you an allowance?
No, it's okay.
Spend your money to get what you need.
Has anyone seen my ring I left here?
Is it a gold ring?
Can you make money by selling it?
No, it's a silver ring.
It'll tarnish if it's left out. I looked for it, but it's not there.
- Jae Rim. - Yes?
What did you want to talk to me about yesterday?
Oh, that.
It was nothing important.
I should get ready for work. Enjoy your breakfast.
Mom, I want an allowance too.
Dream on.
(Chungdam Heaven)
Oh, my.
What are you cooking up that you got here so early?
I am not cooking up anything.
I came early to clean all the balls first
since I didn't want to spend another day in solitary confinement.
You may begin your official duties as of today.
Why the sudden change of heart?
Just because you want to marry well,
it doesn't mean it will actually happen.
I shouldn't have been concerned to begin with.
You won't marry well even if you try.
You're belittling me now, aren't you?
Because Prince Cha Min
has been suppressing his urges for too long,
even the littlest things Jae Rim does
are turning him into a sunfish.
Please don't walk up to me like that all of a sudden.
Why? What did I even do?
You stink.
Stay away from me! Please.
Why does she keep trying to invade my personal space?
Gosh, seriously!
Gosh. What could it be?
I don't smell anything.
No way.
Could it be the smell of poverty, which only the wealthy can detect?
Yes, it smells like wealth.
Darn it.
I do smell
like poverty.
What are you doing?
- Are you doing nosework? - Hey, do I smell?
No, you don't.
I don't?
I guess you didn't shower.
- I did. - No, you did not.
- I did shower. - No, you didn't.
I swear, I took a shower. Hey, seriously!
He said I stank when I didn't even smell.
I'm a woman too. I'm offended.
Carry your wish note around and read it whenever you can.
You'll engrave it in your mind.
(Chungdam Heaven)
With this clear awareness of your wish, your mind
will lead you to the fate you desire.
(A big guy!)
The more detailed your wish is, the better.
What kind of man do you want to meet?
Paint a picture of your ideal type.
Paint a picture?
Then I should describe the physical traits.
A big guy.
Someone who's tall.
Why is it that my heart flutters when I see a tall man?
When I look up at a tall guy,
I can stretch my text neck.
It's really nice.
I won't have to ask him who his father is
because his well-defined facial features would be screaming,
"I was sculpted by Michelangelo!"
And six-pack abs.
They say your core muscles are so important.
In this chaotic world, I'll hold on to him tight
and never waver!
The reckless way Cupid shoots arrows at people
often complicates things.
But if you keep going round and round,
you're bound
to find your true love eventually.
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