Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

(Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale)
Yes. Finding the one you're destined to be with.
Here's a prince wearing a crown.
And a man with six-pack abs.
A man who enjoys life and lives an affluent lifestyle.
And a successful man who's been working very hard.
Who would you want to be with?
If you were to ask me, I'd say, "The one who's good to me."
(Episode 4: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo)
Oh, my! Who knew I'd experience an encounter like this too?
(A big guy!)
"A big guy?"
Oh, no!
I'm sorry.
I got curious and peeked at it because you threw yourself at me
to grab it.
I guess I'm not allowed to read it.
"A big guy?"
It's not what you think.
Then can I read it?
I was just kidding.
I suddenly wanted to tease you when I saw you get all shy.
Sorry. I know we just met.
But your button fell off. I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it. I can sew it back on.
He's rich and nice!
A man like this actually exists?
He's majestic but cute!
He's manly and delicate at the same time.
This marvellous man creates harmony out of disharmony.
Mission Possible!
Perhaps, this man
was sent to me because the universe has granted my wish.
It's your first time here, right?
I'll show you around.
One moment, please.
Young Bae, I'll do it.
But Mr. Moon won't let you do it if it's a guy.
No, you're wrong. He said I could do it from now on.
- Really? - Yes.
I see.
I don't believe you.
Do you have trust issues? I'm going to punch you, seriously.
He said I could do it.
Hello, boss.
You'll show him around?
Tell Young Bae to do it.
Why are you going back on your word?
You said I could begin my official duties as of today.
I'd appreciate it if she could show me around.
We've already become friends.
Is this guy also sensing that we're meant to be?
But I have to say,
he looks so young.
Am I going to marry a child?
But he's way too tall
to be called a child!
Why are you looking at me like that?
If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
I'm 30.
I thought you were 20! My gosh.
These days, looking young gives you power.
What's your secret to looking so young?
Drinking and smoking.
I do both.
I guess my hormones only affect my body and not my face.
"Hormones?" You're very smart.
I'm a filmmaker,
so I've been through a lot.
Oh, you're a filmmaker?
I'm Director Baek Do Hong.
Director Baek Do Hong?
The youngest winner
of the Best Director Award at the White Dragon Film Festival?
Oh, you know about me.
You must be very interested in films.
I'm a huge fan!
I want to take a little break and rest,
and this place was recommended to me.
I see.
But I heard it was very difficult to be a member.
The people with the resort membership were all allowed to join,
and we're not accepting new members at the moment.
special exceptions can be made for those with VIP invitations.
Since I never received an invitation,
I should just wait indefinitely.
Yes, I guess.
You see, I can't wait indefinitely.
I should look for someplace else.
No, wait!
I'll see what I can do to make a special exception for you.
Do Hong.
You are my "Very Important Person."
My wish note is your invitation!
So, you really are letting Jae Rim work here starting today.
I told you. I have no interest in her whatsoever.
That's great.
I can't wait to see her become Cinderella and leave.
Will you keep barging into my office?
Stop coming here.
- Hello. - Hello.
Can we talk later unless it's important?
It's okay. Go ahead and speak.
The man you saw earlier, Baek Do Hong. Can he be a member?
What if I say no? I'm very selective as to whom we accept.
Put him on the waiting list.
Come on. He's not some riffraff.
He's a famous filmmaker.
Chungdam Heaven is a cultural society.
Who suits this place better than him?
I agree with her. He's a filmmaker.
Jae Rim, you seem very enthusiastic about this.
I suppose you really like that filmmaker guy.
If we just let him go now,
I'll cry while sleeping and eating.
I'll cry nonstop every single day right next to you, Mr. Moon.
We have to talk about work, so get going.
My honey and I had a great conversation earlier,
so I'll get going now.
Why should I accept him?
And what's wrong with you? Are you feeling sick?
Earlier, you told me
I'd never become Cinderella no matter how hard I tried.
Don't belittle me for no reason. Why don't we give this a shot
and see if I can do it or not?
You really are
incredibly shallow and have no shame.
Or you don't care because I've already seen it all?
I am embarrassed too, you see.
I want to live elegantly too.
But I'd end up with nothing if I lived like that.
You are such a nuisance.
Do whatever you want, but I ask you
to please leave me alone.
So, is that a yes?
Yes. I'll let him join,
but I want you both out of my sight, right now.
Thank you!
Oh, no! My gosh.
- Are you all right? - In moments like this,
- Yes. - female protagonists
trip and fall on flat ground.
I should do the same and fall into his arms,
but I have such strong legs.
Won't something happen?
- So? Is he a member now? - Yes.
I signed him up right away, before you could change your mind.
He's leaving now.
Thank you for making a special exception for me.
If you're done, get going already.
(Chungdam Heaven)
Mr. Moon, why are you following us?
Hey, Shin Jae Rim. I told you that you stink.
Get away from me!
Jae Rim, you smell nice.
Hey, don't eat your hair.
"Hey, don't eat your hair."
Jae Rim.
Eat this instead of your hair.
Thanks to you, I could join Chungdam Heaven.
I'll buy you more delicious things from now on.
This isn't candy.
It's love.
No, I think you're getting way ahead of yourself.
All right. Then I'll see you at the welcome party.
See you at the party.
See you at the party.
No, you won't see him at the party.
Why not? I should be at the welcome party since I'm an Angel Manager.
You need to separate your personal feelings from work.
- Do you think I'm a pushover? - That's exactly why
I'm telling you that I'll work hard, with all my heart.
Can you tie back your hair before you start working?
What are you, a virgin ghost?
That's what I would've become, had it not been for your help.
What are you saying?
Prince Cha Min, whose motto was to think of women as lifeless stones,
is now turning into a fainthearted prince,
whose heart flutters at the sight of Jae Rim.
Hey, hurry up.
There's something you need to do before the party.
Replace all the paintings with new ones.
Place a new order.
He's acting like Cinderella's mean stepmother.
Well, why do we need new paintings for the party?
Is Baek Do Hong such a big deal?
Why do we have to throw a party to introduce him?
I know it's a tradition we follow every time we have a new member.
Whatever, I don't want to do it.
We'll also host an exhibition with a new theme.
What kind of theme?
"Wrongful Encounter."
Okay. I'll work promptly to help you.
So? What do you need me to do?
Help me? What do you mean? You'll do everything by yourself.
You signed him up because you like him.
So, to gain the right to attend the party,
you must fill up this exhibition space.
I'll put you in touch with an artist.
(Artist D, Free-spirited Painter)
So, it'll be very easy.
Boss, art isn't something
you can whip up on the fly as if you just have to click "print."
You know that.
Hey, you Can you please
just do as I say?
Look at him walking away boastfully with that umbrella of his.
Just focus on your goal and calm down.
That umbrella, seriously.
Hey, do you want to steal that umbrella with me?
You'll get in big trouble for that.
It's not just an umbrella. It's Chairman Ko.
Chairman Ko?
Then could it be
The family's good-luck umbrella is now yours.
Luck is a man's greatest weapon.
Thank you.
The wealthy family's good-luck charm that's been passed down
for generations?
How about I borrow it, then?
As if he'll let you borrow it.
But Mr. Moon has never approved someone to join the club so quickly.
I wonder what he's thinking.
I was surprised that he hired Jae Rim in the first place.
I don't even care to know what he's thinking.
Right now, my priority is to figure out
how I'm going to prepare for this new exhibition.
We'll help you when Mr. Moon isn't around.
Hurry up and contact that artist first.
- Really? - Yes.
I can't believe someone is willing to help me!
I'll take you out for a nice meal later.
Hey, Jae Rim.
You think you can get away with an empty promise?
Well, let me think.
Yes, pizza! I'm craving pizza.
How about we have some pizza and talk?
(Eat Pizza)
Pizza Margherita. One of these and
Triple Cheese for me.
With extra cheese on top. Okay.
Oh, our food is ready.
Hey, we should eat together.
I want to eat this on the way.
It's convenient because you can hold it in one hand and eat it.
Hey, how long is it?
It's really big for one serving.
- Here. - Nice!
Nothing for you.
It looks so good.
The pizza here is really good.
(Hwaryong Hapkido)
Seriously, what's with people?
They're thoughtless and have no fear.
Even your long time friend can betray you.
How could she like someone she just met?
Who is letting his anger take over him right now?
It is your mind that decides
whether you can overcome the 108 temptations.
(Hwaryong Hapkido)
And now, he's seeing things.
Everything is created by the mind alone!
You're all talk.
I am your teacher.
- You picked a nice one. - Yes.
- It's nicer than I thought. - Let me see.
What is this, a guerilla attack?
You can't schedule a meeting all of a sudden like this.
It is like a guerilla exhibition.
I'm sorry, but we're tight on time, and we need many pieces.
You expect me to do as you say because I'm an emerging artist?
You must think it's unfair.
Then use this exhibition as an opportunity to become famous!
We can pay you very well.
But would you be able to fill the space by yourself?
Yes, of course! I'm a genius.
- Yes, a genius. - A genius.
He's a genius.
What's going on?
Why is everyone with her?
Encounters you never want to experience in life.
There are times when we experience such wrongful encounters.
Like the fire-chicken ramyeon.
It's painful after you eat it, but you can't stop eating it.
Mint chocolate chip ice cream is another example!
What? You call that art?
I can't do that.
It's not like there are set answers in art.
Let's not think too much.
You know, just do it.
I mean, you're a genius. You can do anything. Right, guys?
What if I cancel the whole thing?
Darn it.
(Incoming Call, Ban Dan A)
I'll come over to your place now.
Let's talk.
I'm not at home now.
I'm going away for a bit to rest.
Where are you going? Namyangju? Or Kyoto?
Somewhere where you don't know.
A place I've known for many years.
(Ban Dan A)
(Wrongful Encounter)
Oh, boy.
I'm Director Baek Do Hong.
Dad, my wish might really come true this time.
This has never happened to me before.
Is this because I now have someone who is praying for me?
You're crazy.
Look at you communing with a doll.
Isn't she so weird, Sosik?
Eat this instead of your hair.
Hey, why Why are you eating that?
- Do you know what it means to me? - It's just candy.
It's not even good.
It's not an ordinary lollipop!
Who said you could have this? You greedy pig!
What? "Greedy pig?"
Hey, come here. I'll drill ten lollipops into your head.
- You ate my lollipop, you pig! - Come here!
Careful. Please take it out carefully.
Thank you.
Oh, my.
He didn't even have much time.
This looks pretty good.
Oh, it's nice.
By the way, how come our overbearing boss isn't here today?
Did he lose Chairman Ko or something?
He said he didn't want to be here today.
It looks pretty good.
He can slack off without shame because he's the CEO.
What am I supposed to do if he isn't here after what he said?
After dumping all this work on me.
He told me I stink
and belittled me saying I'd never become Cinderella.
How could he treat me so badly?
I am a woman too.
What is with that woman?
She treats me like a pushover.
Does she think I'm that easy? Does she think I'm a total joke?
He needs to watch what he says.
He'd suddenly flip out and tell me to get out of his sight.
Didn't he say I was fun to be around?
What am I, a paper doll?
Bending over backwards at his whim?
She's so flighty.
She fell for a man she'd just met
and demanded that I accept him.
She always does whatever she wants.
He is the boss, but so what?
Why doesn't she just run the club, then?
I can't stand how petty he is. I'll quit as soon as I can.
Gosh, whatever. I hope she quits soon.
("Ill, But Once Again")
Oh, no.
- You jerk! - My goodness.
You can do everything once I'm dead.
What nonsense.
You can date around all you want once I die.
- My gosh. - What did you say?
I could never do this if not now.
He'll collapse.
He really is dying. My gosh.
- He'll die soon. - I want to love all I want.
Leave us alone so we can love each other!
- Isn't he his doctor? - My goodness.
- That doctor - My gosh!
They're kissing next to each other?
I knew it. Kudos to me for deciding not to get married.
Happy marriages do exist,
although it may not be your first marriage.
(Gu Nam Hoon)
Hey, my future sister-in-law. She said no.
Gosh. Maybe I should've bought a grape-sized diamond.
I don't think the size is the issue.
Soo Jin doesn't care about stuff like that.
Well, then what should I do now?
Why are you asking me?
If she said no, that's that.
You can't do this to me.
If you ditch me now, you'll have real problems.
Can you pay me back right away?
Don't be so petty!
Hey, Soo Jin.
- I'm home. - Hey, you.
please just tell me what your sister likes.
- Did you have dinner? - No.
Gosh, I'm hungry.
Really? What do you feel like?
- For Soo Jin - Anything.
- Mom's her favourite person. - How about that?
So, be good to Mom.
Who knew I'd forget this face?
I have to say,
Shin Jae Rim looks like her.
Now, I know
why I'm drawn to Shin Jae Rim
and why I can't stand her at the same time.
She has a man who watches out for her
while manoeuvring this precarious thing called life.
Do Hong.
Don't come down.
My goodness. Does he really have to hold her like that?
Sometimes, it's necessary to overreact in romantic situations.
- Jae Rim. - Yes?
- Are you all right? - Yes.
- I'll clean this. - Thanks.
He held me in his arms.
Was he really sent to me by the universe?
Aren't you working too hard to prepare for the party?
I should do my best since it's your party.
But still, you should take a break here and there.
Shall I?
Then how about a drink?
Sounds good.
I'd love to have a mojito while admiring your beautiful eyes.
You're welcome to have two!
Then please give me a moment.
I can't do this anymore. Sorry!
Why now? Did he have to ruin this romantic moment?
Where is he? Where did he go?
That boss jerk. I bet he recommended him, knowing he'd pull this on me.
Stay away.
Hey, let's talk.
Leave me alone, will you?
An artist needs to go into his cave at times to have some alone time.
Come out of the cave now, or it'll turn into your grave. Okay?
Hey! That punk!
- Darn it. - Hey! Stop!
Gosh, seriously.
When I see someone running away,
I instinctively want to catch them, like a dog.
I really will bite you once I catch you!
In the end, she utilized her tools and managed to catch him.
Why run away? I said we should talk.
My feet hurt.
Gosh, I miss the time when I could paint whatever I wanted.
Getting paid and being told what to paint. I hate it now.
I'll quit being an artist.
Hey. I get it, but don't quit.
When you like something, you should never give up.
If you give up, you'll regret it forever.
Are you talking about yourself?
So make sure you protect what you like even if it's hard.
Gosh, I really hate it.
This darned world.
Yes. Swear all you want and just do it.
Become successful in this disgusting world.
Then you can be free, like a bird!
How nice is that?
Like a bird, my foot.
Spoken like a true boomer.
Forget it.
Tonight, I will burn myself instead of you.
My gosh.
My skills have gotten a little rusty, but this isn't bad.
I should've kept at it instead of giving up.
But my other dreams are about to come true, so it's fine.
In any case, I will find my happiness.
How did you find me here?
There was something I wanted to tell you, so I tracked you down.
Hey, you really have no fear.
How could you come here?
Why should I be afraid of you?
Hey, I'm going easy on you.
I'm holding back, and it isn't easy.
Why should you hold back?
I don't like your dreams.
I don't like the idea of you dating Baek Do Hong,
and I hate you.
Then what do you want me to do?
Shall I just disappear?
Can't you just admit that you like me?
Shall I help you?
Was that a dream?
This wasn't the kind of "wrongful encounter" I was talking about.
Then what is it?
Give me an example at least, although it's too late.
It is too late now, but
Like you and me?
Anyway, why did you work so hard on this exhibition?
Because of him? Or are you naturally a hard worker?
Well, I don't really excel at anything though.
Are you dumb?
You did all this.
I wish you had done something meaningful
with such determination
instead of joining this place with impure intentions.
All right. A promise is a promise.
You may attend the party.
I hope you achieve your impure goals and leave this place soon.
I will.
Hold on.
Are you rooting for me?
Or do you just hate me?
Take this off.
I really couldn't hold back anymore if you stayed here.
Make sure you look nice if you're attending the party.
The party will start at night.
Oh, I see.
The "Wrongful Encounter" party has now begun.
(Fire Chicken With Beef Tripe)
There are so many things that are wrong here.
(Chocolate-Covered Chicken)
Weird combinations are made weirder.
People who don't like them are so put off by them,
while those who like them can't get enough of them.
They're such special encounters.
I gave her permission to attend the party, but she's not even here yet.
Will she show up dressed to the nines?
Here comes the slave.
Oh, my. The slave looks stunning dressed up.
Now, I can't even tell who is a slave.
Found him.
My man.
This exhibition was put together in such a hurry.
Everything looks kind of weird, right?
Fearless and savage. The work of a genius.
It's very raw. I like it.
Especially this piece. I can feel the emotions.
Can I tell you a secret?
This is my painting.
Can I tell you a secret too?
Next time, paint a portrait of me.
Is this how I would feel
when my dreams do come true?
You're Director Baek Do Hong, the man of the hour.
I'm Ri Na.
The daughter of the Hyosung Electronics family.
Oh, I see. It's nice to meet you.
Director Baek, I'm so happy to know that we're both members
of Chungdam Heaven.
Who invited you to join the club?
No one invited him.
This new manager here strongly recommended him.
She practically begged her boss to let him join Chungdam Heaven.
Oh, I see. I didn't know that could be done.
Is something going on between you two?
I met her here.
But she put in so much effort to help me, so I'm grateful.
I see.
I wonder why she did that.
Don't tell me you have an ulterior motive.
Like your predecessor who foolishly thought that she could
become Cinderella too.
Why not? It is possible.
I really don't understand people who think that way.
They should just come and work for my family if they need money.
Hey, I can pay you very well.
Do you want to be my housekeeper?
I'll work hard here.
Then get me another drink.
I am embarrassed of my unrealistic dreams.
But without such dreams,
I'd live like this for the rest of my life.
Yes, I just need to make Baek Do Hong mine.
Here's your drink.
Did I say I wanted the mint chocolate flavour?
I really hate this!
When you're falling,
you instinctively hold on to whatever you can grab,
so no one can criticize her for this.
- Gosh. - Oh, no.
My gosh! What is this?
Seriously! What is the matter with you?
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Gosh, I can't believe this.
Just tell her to clean this up and let it go.
I think it was a mistake.
You're living like a loser because you make mistakes like this.
I can't believe I thought he was the one I was meant to be with.
This is where
I'm meant to be, rock bottom.
Why did you make a mistake like this?
Mistakes like this will pile up and turn into a serious problem.
I like
the mint chocolate flavour.
My gosh. Did he just
confess his feelings to her?
Prince Cha Min got slapped for his confession made at the wrong time.
Prince Cha Min and our newderella have now woken up.
What will happen to them now?
I'll tell you all about it next time.
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