Drop Dead Diva s01e13 Episode Script

Greyson Anatomy

Jane: see that aspiring model there? That was me -- deb -- Until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend stacy and my guardian angel, fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason and, well, I sure hope I was right.
La, la, la, la-la-la-la la, la-la, la am interrupting? Not at all.
What's up? Well, I have this important case.
I was just wondering if maybe you could take some time and Grayson? Are you all right? Kim and grayson broke up? Are you sure? Grayson told me.
What "oh"? Why "oh"? No, nothing.
It's just He confided in you about his breakup with his girlfriend.
You were his shoulder to cry on, his confidante, his Platonic best friend.
That's not such a bad thing.
Besides, you've got tony.
Yeah, tony -- My lunch buddy.
Oh, come on.
He's more than just that.
You guys -- You guys kissed.
The was smooching.
Just because you can't make it to dinner together It's great.
It is.
We're just having a hard time getting our schedules to mesh.
Is that what the lawyers call it? Ooh -- A text from tony.
He wants to know if I am free for lunch.
Oh! There she is.
Sweetie! Jane, this is who I wanted you to meet -- Your new client, lina, a gifted lingerie model whose hair hasn't looked this amazing since the low-rider jeans shoot.
That was right before I signed with cupid's whisper.
An exclusive contract that was supposed to put her on the cover of the spring fashion catalog.
Wait -- wearing the low-back, demi-cup bra with the handmade french lace? That wasn't you.
What happened? Well, a week before the shoot, my interview with "women's wear daily" hit the stands -- The one where I came out as a breast-cancer survivor.
So brave.
The next day, they sent a lawyer with a certified letter saying my services were no longer required.
They said that I had lied to them, that I had breached my contract.
By having breast cancer? Who does that? Exactly.
She's good when she gets fired up.
So, tell her what you're gonna do -- you know, legally.
Legally? mm.
I'm gonna make 'em cry.
Red suspenders.
What of it? Looking sharp today, sir.
don't know what you're talking about.
You're late.
I've been late every day for like three months.
What's wrong with your voice? I went to an austrian bar, and they taught me how to yodel.
But that's not important.
Parker's wearing red suspenders! Yeah, and I'm wearing a print camisole, as seen on "the hills.
" Red suspenders, jane -- The ones he wears when he's pondering a big announcement, like "it's time to name a new partner.
" Ugh.
Again with the partnership.
Seriously, I don't get why I'd want to be parker's partner, anyway.
I've seen enough of the man already.
Come on -- partner.
It's what you've always wanted -- The brass ring, more prestige, more responsibility.
More headaches, longer hours.
An upstairs office and the budget to redecorate.
I get an extreme office makeover? And your assistant gets a raise and a reserved parking space.
Sold! I'm gonna go tell parker about my new case.
He'll love it.
You can't go like that.
You need to look like a partner.
This is a partner pen.
Make sure he sees it.
Remember -- the big picture is made up of little details.
like Kate moss' sunglasses or gisele bundchen's hobo bag.
And now jane bingum's pen.
Thank you.
I wish I had something to sign.
It's time to cross the finish line.
I wanted to -- Bingum.
Good timing.
Walk with me.
Nice pen.
Oh, thanks.
I just met with a new client.
She's a lingerie model who's been fired for -- stop.
I appreciate the initiative, and lord knows, i'm as pro-lingerie model as they get, but hand her off to another associate.
I need your attention on a new client I just brought in.
We have 24 hours to get up to speed.
Okay, see, I promised my best friend -- Promised your best friend? Does this look like a sorority? Bingum! no.
Good, because you've got an intake meeting starting right now.
Eric was an up-and-coming pitcher for the dodgers' farm team.
was? Two months ago, I had surgery -- Rotator cuff.
Four muscles that stabilize the humerus bone in the shoulder.
It's a pitcher's bread and butter.
Thanks, 'cause I didn't play baseball in college or anything.
Anyway, my doctor told me it was gonna be routine -- Outpatient, even.
But during the surgery, she -- she cut the nerve.
I mean, the damage is irreversible.
There's no strength left.
I'll never pitch another game.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
We're filing for medical malpractice against the surgeon and the hospital.
And we will win.
Eric, whatever you need.
This is our top priority.
I appreciate it.
Sympathetic client, gross negligence, caps don't apply -- This case is a gift.
Couldn't agree more, sir.
I already have some idea on strategies.
Jane, you might want to take this down.
Jane is first chair.
What? Why? I said so? Parker, with all due respect, when we work together, i'm usually first chair.
Is there -- kim, when I evaluate an associate to become a partner, I need to see leadership qualities.
I know, and -- I also need to see that they can be part of a team, that they can support other lawyers.
Go win this thing.
Yes, sir.
Red suspenders.
Son of a bitch.
So, I already have some strategy ideas, if you want to take these down -- Hello! I am first chair, and I say when a meeting is over! Sothe meeting's over.
We'd like to begin with -- Why don't we start with -- I'll start.
This ought to be a short settlement meeting, considering there's nothing to settle.
I did nothing wrong.
Okay, that's -- With all due respect, doctor, there is the little matter of how you butchered our client's arm.
Everything Dr.
Dumont did fell within the accepted standard of care.
Surgery has risks.
Nerve damage, while regrettable, can occur.
She never told me that.
She told me I'd be back on the field in two months! This is a surgical consent form.
Is your name on the bottom? Yeah.
Then you were advised of the risks.
He retains almost full use of his arm.
He can do everything with his arm except pitch.
My clients are willing to offer you $20,000 to avoid the expense of a trial.
That's more than the federal employee compensation act values a damaged shoulder.
Which might be relevant if he were a federal employee.
He's a minor-league pitcher with a minor-league complaint.
I wouldn't give him a dime.
And, by the way, it is lawyers like you that are destroying healthcare in this country.
The offer leaves with me.
That works for us.
We'll see you in court.
Jane brought me up to speed on your case.
I'm more than happy to jump in.
But before we get started, I have one question -- Why are you here? First of all, moral support.
Golina! Second, to translate.
How's that? I am a model, and I live with jane, so I do speak a little "lawyer".
"quantum meruit.
" Yeah, that's not really applicable here.
And I brought the case in, so that makes me second stool.
Second "chair"? Good.
It's settled.
I'd like her here, if that's all right.
It's a little overwhelming.
Cupid's whisper is claiming fraud in the inducement -- That you misled them by withholding you had cancer.
She didn't mislead anyone.
She just didn't tell them.
That's actually an important distinction.
I'm gonna take notes.
I don't see how my personal life matters to them.
I didn't Miss a single meeting, a single fitting.
My illness never interfered with my job.
And that's what you'll say.
We'll make sure the jury sees them as bullies.
There's actually no "p-h" in "fraud.
" The "p" is silent.
To quantify damages, we need to show that eric had a big payday in his future.
You need to interview the coaches and his trainers and find out what his career was worth.
That is a waste of time.
The doctor is the priority -- Her performance reviews, unhappy patients, financials, everything down to what she orders on pay-per-view.
I know a guy who can dig up the stuff you can't subpoena.
We have a limited prep time.
Start with the team.
If there's time left over, you can go on your fishing expedition.
Sorry to interrupt.
No problem.
Let her boss you around for a while.
Hey, there.
I brought lunch.
French dip from philippe's -- Your favorite.
I've never been there before.
All right.
It's my favorite.
And an arnold palmer -- just the way you like it.
Well, this may be the best lunch ever.
I know we've had trouble, you know, coordinating our schedules.
It's always a quick lunch here A text message there.
Which is why I think we should commit to doing more.
I agree.
Dinner, right? That way, we're not limited to the 37 minutes between court appearances.
I know this great bed-and-breakfast in napa.
Seems like a long way to go for Do they even serve dinner? I was thinking we could take a weekend.
This weekend.
Yeah, of course.
Spend some quality time together Yeah.
and drink some amazing cabernets.
That -- yeah, that -- that sounds Now, I know you're thinking about your big trial and if you can take a weekend.
Yeah, that's true.
You know, let me just check my schedule.
Just let me know.
All right, we got like 36 minutes left.
Let's make the most of it.
All right.
- um, is that a legal dictionary? - I'm working on my case.
- Your case? - yes.
I'm totally helping grayson represent lina.
Berry martini? They're good for the concentration.
- I need to focus.
- Yes, you do.
Oh, your honey called.
Tony? What's the matter? Um, tony invited me to go to napa For the weekend.
Oh, sweetie, that's huge! You were just looking for dinner.
I mean, this is -- This is bed-and-breakfast.
This is dinner and breakfast And everything in between.
Well, yeah.
You're going to napa with tony.
What's the problem? Well, I've never Goneto napa.
I mean, I have as deb, but not as jane.
Do you know what I mean? Are we still talking about the part between dinner and breakfast? And when's the last time she went to napa? It's possible she's never been to napa.
Come on.
Everybody's been to napa.
Well, some people don't get to napa till much later in life.
Oh, don't worry.
It'll be like Driving a new car.
The knobs may look different, but they all do the same thing.
I guess.
- But it's - What? Grayson? Just something's going on with him, and kim broke up with him because he wasn't ready to move on From deb.
One of you has to move on.
Well, go to napa with tony.
Take the new car out for a spin.
During my annual physical, the doctor felt a lump.
A week later, I got the official diagnosis.
Oh, that must have been terrifying.
It was, but I was lucky they caught it early -- Stage 1, grade 2, no lymph-node involvement.
They said I had a choice -- Radiation and a lifetime of testing or a double mastectomy and reconstruction.
You chose the surgery? It gave me the best chance of staying healthy.
I was able to avoid chemo.
And after you recovered, you signed with cupid's whisper? I'm a model.
I wasn't gonna stop living my life or being who I am.
Why did you go public? Word was gonna get out, and I wanted to tell my own story -- To let people know that cancer didn't stop me.
I don't know why they want to.
Judge: this is not a rock concert, Mr.
Please ask your groupie to behave herself.
Yes, your honor.
I am truly sorry about your illness.
Thank you.
But didn't you lie to cupid's whisper by not revealing your medical condition until after signing your contract? I didn't tell them I had chicken pox when I was 8 or the flu last winter, either.
When "women's wear daily" first approached you about doing an interview, you actually put it off for a month, right? It wasn't a good time.
Because you were in negotiations with my client and didn't want your story coming out until after you'd cashed his check.
- Objection! - Withdrawn.
No further questions.
So, eric, tell us about your daily routine.
For 10 years, it's been exactly the same -- Up at 5:00 a.
, seven scrambled egg whites for breakfast, then a 6-mile run, the weight room, and pitching drills.
- Every day, rain or shine.
- Was it paying off? Yeah.
The coach told me there had been talk.
This was my year.
I was moving up.
After you woke up from the surgery, what did dr.
Dumont tell you? She told me that there had beencomplications, that iwas, uhunlikely that I would ever pitch again.
Everything I dreamed about, everything I had worked for was gone.
I'm so sorry.
Nothing further.
Hayes You spent five years in the minor leagues so far.
Yes, sir.
Not what I'd call the fast track.
What was your nickname on the team? - "all the way" hayes.
- Why is that? Because I like to finish the games I start.
So you'd keep pitching, even when you were tired or hurt? Sometimes.
So it's likely you did most of the damage to your own shoulder before Dr.
Dumont ever got in there.
I didn't realize counsel was a medical expert.
One more question.
A month before surgery, didn't you tell your coach, aaron mayer, that you didn't think you had what it takes to play for the majors? Yeah, but, I mean, that's just -- That's something you say after a tough loss.
Really? Because it sounds to me like you expect my client to pay for a dream that even you didn't think you could achieve.
Oh, very mature, jane.
You could have held the elevator for me.
Yeah, and you could have done the research I asked you to do.
- I did.
- So who's aaron mayer? The batting coach.
Eric's a pitcher.
I didn't think -- No, you didn't think, and I know what you're trying to do.
You're trying to make me look bad so that you look good.
What? You're crazy.
Why would I do that? Ladies.
How's the case going? - Fine.
- Couldn't be better.
Grayson: listen, if I haven't said it, I appreciate all your support, your enthusiasm, your cheer.
Grayson, grayson, that's who you're facin' catchy, right? Yeah.
Can't get it out of my head.
You're welcome.
So, what happens next? Well, they'll put their c.
On the stand.
He'll hide behind the wording of lina's contract.
But we'll -- oh.
I'm just exhausted.
You have a trial to win, mister.
You need to be well-rested.
I'm trying.
I just keep having the strangest dreams.
- About that kim girl? - No, about jane.
- What? - What? - You just - Well, yeah.
I mean, I didn't -- no.
I- I didn't mean Well, what kind of dreams? Nothing.
I'm tired.
So, yeah.
I'll see you in court tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Excuse me, miss Are you lost? Oh, I was just in the neighborhood.
Soi have been thinking about napa.
and? oh.
Hold on one second.
I'm with tony.
Oh, my god.
Okay, one-word answers.
Did you say "yes" to napa yet? Uhno.
Not yet.
Grayson just told me he's been dreaming about you.
Not deb -- you, jane.
Grayson's been having dreams about jane, jane! Sweetie? There's been an emergency with stacy -- A- a roommate emergency.
Is everything okay? Can I call you later? I'll call you later.
Uh, okay.
Jane? - Wait a minute -- You ran away? - No, I didn't run away.
So when tony asked whether you'd go to napa with him, you Didn't answer, and then I walked awayquickly.
He had the sweetest expression on his face.
He was all hopeful.
Maybe I shouldn't have told you about the dream.
- You had to.
- I had to.
Grayson's dreaming about you.
That means something, right? I don't know.
I do know.
According to freud, dreams are our desires stored in the unconscious.
Freud -- was that the guy who was sleeping on our couch? That was fred.
So, did grayson describe it as a fantasy or more of a nightmare? I don't know.
Does it matter? yes.
I once dreamed I was giving larry king a sponge bath, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to do that in real life.
This could be what I've been waiting for, stacy -- Some sort of sign that deep down, grayson knows that I am his soul mate.
But what about tony? I don't know.
- He's a really great guy.
- Who's chasing you while he's awake.
Can a person have two soul mates? Maybe in utah.
Look at you -- Two fantastic choices.
It's like the finale of "the bachelorette," only less sleazy.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
You need to sleep on it.
I never thought I'd say this, but it's getting late, and I have to be up early for court.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Give it up for the honorable, the beautiful, the bedazzled judge paula abdul! Yeah! Come on! Let's get this trial started! Come on! All right, i'm ready to hear the testimony in the matter of grayson vs.
Bailiff stacy, please swear in the witness.
Sweetie, do you swear on this stack of fashion magazines to tell the truth, the whole truth, and never, ever wear spandex leggings with stirrups, so help you, anna wintour? As if.
Let's hear from the counselors.
Jane, isn't it true we have great chemistry? Oh-ho, I'm gonna have to take that shoulder shrug as an admission of chemistry.
Objection! Have you seen the way she looks at me? Jane, you love me.
You have for a long time.
Oh! Oh! A lip bite! I guess I'm gonna have to take history into consideration.
Order in my court! Now, gentlemen, if you want to win this woman's heart, then you'd better show me what sets you apart.
- Tony, you're on.
- No problem.
Tony! Tony! Tony! Tony! Tony! Tony! Grayson, center stage.
Grayson! Grayson! Grayson! Grayson! Grayson! Grayson! How could you do that? That's ridiculous! - What's wrong with you? - Fellas! Break it up.
I've seen enough.
I've made my decision.
Really? Is it grayson or tony? I will tell you after the break.
Hess, you testified that as c.
Of cupid's whisper, you would not have hired my client had you known about her illness? - That's correct.
- Jackass! Do you alert your stockholders every time you are treated for an illness? no.
So, like lina, you withhold medical information.
- That's not the same.
- Let's say, for example, you were being treated for hemorrhoids.
Would you let them know? objection, your honor.
I'll allow it.
Would I tell the stockholders about my hemorrhoids? - No, I would not.
- Nothing further.
Defense attorney: redirect, your honor.
Hess, why are you under no obligation to tell stockholders about your hypothetical hemorrhoids? Because I'd still be able to do my job.
And is ms.
Martinez able to do hers? No, she's not.
- How do you know? - Comprehensive market research.
Every survey tells us that consumers identify lina martinez with breast cancer.
And if we feature lina on our catalog, sales will drop.
It's lina's job to entice people to buy a bra.
Thus, by definition, she's unable to provide services.
Listen -- it may not be politically correct, but the truth is Cancer'sjust not sexy.
- Tell me that's not - Oh, it is.
A complete layout of your upstairs office.
Which I have not yet been assigned.
- What are those? - They're not to scale, but those are our water-massage chairs.
If you buy two, you get a discount and a very relaxed assistant.
I'm sorry.
Do you have an appointment? Two things -- First, I'msorry-ish.
I did not respect you as a leader, and I should have.
What's the second thing? - hey! - kim! I was right.
I'm sorry.
Did I squash your plans? What's all this? That, my friend, is what a smoking gun looks like.
My background research on Dr.
Take a look at the document on top.
Oh, my god.
And that's just for starters.
Now, go win our case, boss.
You know what? I will delegate that job to you.
Kim: tell me, Dr.
Dumont, cutting the axillary nerve -- That was clearly a mistake, right? No.
It was an unavoidable event.
I see.
A routine surgery can turn on you in a second, correct? yes.
How important are rest and conditioning for a surgeon such as yourself? - Critical.
- Critical.
So, how well-rested could you have been if you performed three surgeries the night before you operated on eric? I only performed one.
Right -- one at fairfax general and two more at childrens hospital downtown later that night.
Did those other two slip your mind, doc? - Objection! Badgering! - Overruled.
After your third surgery, did you go home and sleep, or did you attend an a.
Fundraiser at the biltmore? I may have stopped by.
But I was home by 11:00 or 12:00.
You weren't photographed by a traffic camera blowing through a red light in beverly hills at 4:30 in the morning? You want to see the ticket? Objection.
Nothing's been introduced -- Your honor, we'd like to introduce this traffic ticket as exhibit "a.
" What time were you due back at the hospital that morning? - 6:30? 7:00? - How dare you.
- Answer the question.
- 6:30.
When eric hayes signed his consent form, did he know he was entrusting himself to a doctor who had slept no more than 35 minutes the night before she operated on him? I don't need you to tell me how much sleep I need! Have you seen my track record? One mistake in thousands of operations.
So you admit -- It was a mistake! Surgery is a numbers game, and I'm sorry, but his number came up.
One more question.
Why didn't you just postpone eric's surgery until you were better-rested? Doctor? It was memorial day weekend.
I had plans.
Through some superior litigating, the team of ms.
Bingum and ms.
Kaswell Thank you.
has reached a settlement of $15 million on behalf of eric hayes.
Any other announcements, sir? Thank you, teri.
I would like to announce that I have lost a bit of weight lately -- Thank you, elliptical machine -- Which is why you've seen me in suspenders all week.
- boo! - That is all.
- What's with the face? - Nothing.
I've just been thinking about the doctor.
She was photographed by a red-light camera in beverly hills when she was driving from downtown to pasadena.
- It's not even on the way.
- Jane, who cares? You just won an eight-figure settlement.
If parker wasn't thinking about partnership at the beginning of the week, you can bet he is now.
Drink up.
The good guys won.
You're right.
I think we should just be happy she's not practicing anymore.
So, eric, what are your plans? I don't know.
Coaching, maybe go back to school.
I'm gonna start with a couple weeks in hawaii, figure out my life on the kona coast.
You need a traveling companion? Bodyguard? Surfing instructor? We're an all-purpose law firm.
Really? - Excuse me.
- Sure.
Come on.
Parker's taking us to patina to celebrate.
I don't think there's anything to celebrate.
Where did eric say he was going on vacation? Hawaii -- The kona coast.
Do you know who has a house there? Dr.
It's a big coast.
That doesn't prove anything.
No, but this might.
It's dumont's itemized hotel bill for two nights at the sheraton in bakersfield last year -- A two-night stay that happens to coincide with two games that eric's team played there.
- She was following his team? - For six months before the surgery.
Check out the room-service portion two mornings in a row.
Half a grapefruit, oatmeal, seven scrambled egg whites? Eric's breakfast.
Every morning for 10 years, seven scrambled egg whites, rain or shine.
Jane She went miles out of her way to run a red light at 4:30 in the morning so that we would have a time-stamped picture.
She knew we'd find it.
This whole case was a scam.
And we just helped them steal $15 million.
It all lines up.
If you cross-reference the team's schedule with dumont's hotel, air travel, cellphone bills, it looks as if they got together long before this surgery.
Hayes and the doctor were sleeping together? No, they are sleeping together.
Check this out.
They've been sharing a hotel room at least two nights a week for the last six months -- Although they were smart enough to cut off all contact since the surgery.
It's such a simple plan.
She cuts a little bit more than she's supposed to during the surgery, and all he has to do is find the right lawyers, which he did.
I don't understand.
Why would he do that? He wanted to pitch in the major leagues.
The majors were a long shot.
This was a guaranteed payout -- $15 million in damages.
They split that, and they can retire early.
We won the case.
She wanted us to win the case.
All the evidence was out there -- The hospital records, the traffic ticket.
And she made sure that jury hated her.
We have to let people know -- The hospital, insurance company, the d.
We're not gonna do any of that.
What? You will not pursue this.
You will not breathe a word about it.
- Why, parker? Because of the money? - Forget the money.
If word gets out we turn in our clients, we will have no clients.
You will say nothing because you're not allowed to.
Who says? The california state bar.
Attorney/client privilege.
The minute you say anything, i'll be obligated to tell them.
- You'd turn me in? - I wouldn't have a choice.
So everyone gets to be ethical but me? I'm sorry, jane.
- Hey.
Whatcha doin'? - Figuring out a closing.
If the other side doesn't call anyone else, this could be over by lunch.
Well, thank god I am here.
I have been up all night thinking about this.
I know how to win.
Really? You need to invite lina back to the stand.
Stacy, there comes a point when we've done everything there is to do.
We're not there yet! Okay, listen to me.
I know my glasses are fake, I don't understand half the legal terms that are thrown around in there -- Okay, any of them.
and the only latin I ever learned was pig latin, but I have been paying attention, and I know how to win this case.
Everything you need to win is in there.
"ust-tray e-may.
" That's pig latin for "trust me.
" What are you gonna do? My career is over if I pursue this.
but? I don't know if I can just pretend not to know what I know.
It was so much easier when I wasn't as smart.
When was that? Do I really want to be a lawyer if it means helping people who lie and cheat and steal? Well If you're helping them from your newly decorated upstairs office suite while your assistant is getting a massage from her chair Kidding.
Sort of.
If my career goes up in flames, yours takes a hit, too, - and that's not fair of me -- - Six years ago, I took this job because, yes, I believed you were going places.
But now I'm working for you because of who you are, not where you're going.
Do what you have to do.
- Did you call the press? - I did.
We're waiting.
Martinez, do you agree with the market-research results mr.
Hess told us about during his testimony? Objection! Ms.
Martinez is a model.
She's not a marketing expert.
Can't she be both, your honor? - Overruled.
Keep it brief.
- Almost done.
- Ms.
Martinez? - I don't agree with the research.
You believe their numbers are flawed? I know they are.
If you were featured in the cupid's whisper catalog, could you motivate sales of lingerie? You tell me.
You have got to be kidding me! yay! One more question.
Show of hands -- Who's thinking of cancer now? Anyone? Thank you for meeting me.
I almost didn't.
You were vague on the phone.
I have a message from my client.
He says to tell you that he's not going to make it to kona.
Well, I don't know what you're talking about.
I know it hurts.
And I almost feel sorry for you.
I know about everything -- The affair, the botched surgery, the scam to defraud the hospital's insurance company -- Everything.
All right, sit down.
Eric is protected by attorney/client privilege, a privilege that effectively extends to you, since there's no way I can turn you in without implicating him.
I see.
What do you want? He asked me to give you this.
It's your share.
It's $20,000.
That check should have a hell of a lot more zeroes on it.
Come on.
You didn't actually think you were gonna get half? Damn right! I earned it! Eric's the one who gave up his career.
We both did.
That was the plan.
Yeah, it was his plan.
So, I guess it's his prerogative to change it.
His plan? That's what he told you? - Yeah.
- He's a jock, not a rocket scientist.
His arm was getting slower.
He wasn't gonna make it into the majors.
So I figured out a way to make us both rich.
Well, it worked for one of you.
We were wrong.
We made a mistake.
We don't need to wait for the jury to tell us that.
Lina, we want you back -- With a hefty raise.
In the last three hours, my client has received a dozen new offers.
Odds are, she'll go with someone who appreciates her.
And one more thing -- Tell her you're sorry.
- We are sorry.
- Very sorry.
It's okay.
Apology accepted.
I don't know how to thank you.
Thank stacy.
We couldn't have done it without her.
"e pluribus unum.
" It means "you're welcome.
" make sure these go out immediately.
And this one's for Mr.
am interrupting? Not at all.
What's up? I heard about lina.
- And to you, too.
- Yeah.
Was there something else? Yeah.
No -- yeah.
I just Want to say It's been nice working with you.
"nice working with you"? Good night, grayson.
And I hope you get some sleep.
And when we walked out of that courtroom, I felt like the girl in "flashdance.
" You know, if she was a dancing lawyer instead of a dancing welder.
- What a feeling! - It is, isn't it? I can't believe you do that every day.
Well, not anymore.
- Oh, sweetie, i'm so sorry.
- No, don't be.
I'm not.
So, what happens now? Um, as of tomorrow, I will be officially suspended from the firm and under investigation by the california state bar.
Are you going to go to jail? no.
The worst they can do is revoke my license.
Well, jane's license.
- Sweetie - It's okay.
I'll do something else.
You know, there's no rule that says I have to be a lawyer just because she was, right? I can do anything I want with this life.
Now you're talking.
You know, maybe -- Maybe it's time I left old jane's life behind and concentrated on me -- New jane.
Go, new jane! Go, new jane! And you know what I'm gonna do first? I am gonna call tony, and I am going to go to napa with him.
- You decided.
- Yeah.
I can't be stuck in the past.
New jane's got to move forward.
New jane kicks ass.
- Who could that be? - I don't know.
Jane? It's been a long time.
Surprised? Uhyes.
You're not easy to find.
You gonna invite me in? Hi.
I'm stacy.
And you would be? I'm ethan.
Jane's husband.
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