Drop Dead Diva s02e01 Episode Script

Would I Lie To You?

The highly anticipated now life season premiere present Of "drop dead diva," With special guest star Paula abdul.
Do I look like a 24-year-old blond model? Is that a trick question? Last season I call it the toe tap/booty bounce.
Heaven brought gorgeous model deb back as Jane, A superbusy lawyer.
Do you en own a mirror? You're my guardian angel? Yeah, I'm afraid so.
Okay, make me skinny and hot.
I'm an angel, not a wizard.
Ever since d died, I feel like she's not really gone.
I want my old life back.
I am not a morning person.
I don't like schedules or meetings Or windows that don't open.
Ask something.
Um What's t t square root of 113? It's a prime number.
Trick question! Are you okay? I'm smart! Yeah, you are.
Just when things were starting to look up, Life got even more complicated.
This whole case is a scam.
You will say nothing because you're not allowed to.
Who says? The California state bar.
Attorney/client privilege.
My career is over if I pursue this.
It was so much easier when I wasn't as smart.
Maybe it's time I left old Jane's life behind And concentrated on me - new Jane.
I was thinking we could take a weekend.
And you would be? Jane's husband.
Tonight Why didn't you tell me about my husband? I can't risk being disbarred Before my case reaches a verdict.
Well, I guess you better fight that disbarment.
This place wouldn't be the same without you.
How much longer on the fries? We got customers.
Excuse me.
Grayson! Uh, what are you doing here? Ordering lunch.
What are you doing here? Well You work at hot dog on a stick? Well, as you've heard, my client used me to defraud a hospital, And I turned him in to the d.
, And now I'm facing disbarment.
So, the only court that will have me is a food court.
I'm sorry.
That's awful.
Well, it's wrong, but what am I gonna do? How about get me my fries? Oh.
Judge Paula abdul! Veritas vos liberabit.
"the truth will set me free.
" The truth has set you free.
But you got to promise me something, Jane - That you're gonna stay true to who you are no matter what.
I promise.
Really? Would I lie to you, judge Paula abdul? * would I lie to you? * * oh, yeah * * would I lie to you, honey? * * no, no, no * * now, would I say something that wasn't true? * * I'm asking you, sugar, would I lie-ie-ie to you? * * my friends know what's in store * * I won't be here anymore * * I've packed my bags * * I've cleaned the floor * * watch me walking * * walking out the door * * believe me * * I'll make it, make it * * would I lie to you? * * would I lie to you, honey? * * honey, would I lie to you? * * now, would I say something that wasn't true? * * I'm asking you, sugar, would I lie-ie-ie to you? * * tell you straight, no intervention * * to your face, no deception * * you're the biggest fake * * that much is true * * had all I can take * * now I'm leaving you, you, you, you, you * * oh, oh, oh * * would I lie to you? * * would I lie to you, honey? * * now, would I say something that wasn't true? * * I'm asking you, sugar * * would I l-ie- to you, you, you, you? * * you, you, you, you * Jane! Hi.
You were singing.
And I was dancing.
You were dreaming again.
I was selling hot dogs on sticks.
So it was a dirty dream? Ohh.
My head hurts.
Did we drink last night? Your head hurts because your husband showed up And you passed out.
Yeah, I was kind of hoping My husband was part of the dream.
You know, and just when I was getting a handle on her life.
Is he still out there? I sent him away.
But you're meeting him for lunch.
I don't get it.
No one in my life has ever mentioned a husband to me.
He's your secret husband.
Who has a secret husband? Maybe you're like Julia Roberts in "sleeping with the enemy" And you're on the run.
Thank you.
I feel so much better now.
Or like Sandra bullock in "the proposal" And it was a green-card wedding you kept secret.
He was wearing plaid, so maybe he's from Canada.
Our great neighbor to the South.
At lunch, you can ask him everything.
But right now, you have to get to work.
No, no, sweetie.
I'm being disbarred.
So I don't have to go to work anymore.
Mnh-mnh, teri just called and said Your final paycheck will be on your desk at 10:00 A.
And our rent is due Yesterday.
Jane, thank God you're here.
Oh, it's nice to see you, too.
But I'm just here to get my paycheck.
Which won't be ready till Friday.
But you told Stacy - I had to get you to the office.
You have client waiting.
What? Teri, you're not the one with amnesia, So you should recall that I don't work here anymore.
You made a commitment to the center for justice To take on a pro Bono case.
And you're still a lawyer until you're officially disbarred.
Look, the paralegals have done all the prep work.
You just need to rep the client in court.
The trial was supposed to be in a few weeks.
But given the circumstances, it's been expedited.
What circumstances? Jackie was born with an enlarged heart.
Her cardiologist says That if she doesn't have the procedure soon, she's Uh, your file says that you're covered by insurance And that she's a qualified dependent.
They refuse to pay for the surgery.
They say the procedure is experimental.
Translation - they're trying to save a buck.
And she needs a special kind of pacemaker That retrains the back muscles to contract around the heart.
It's her only chance.
According to the a.
A, The experimental procedure has already saved 29 lives.
Jackie should be number 30.
Okay, you should know that I'm being disbarred.
Which has nothing to do with her qualifications As a top-notch lawyer.
Nevertheless, maybe you should find someone Whose status as a lawyer is not in question.
There's no time.
Her condition has deteriorated over the past few days.
The trial has been moved up to this afternoon.
Mama? Yes? Maggie says she wants to be your baby.
But, honey, Maggie is your doll.
You'll take good care of her.
Right, mommy? Just one second.
If you had called the center for justice yesterday, You could have gotten another lawyer assigned to this case.
She doesn't need another lawyer.
She needs you.
It is not fair to get that woman's hopes up! What if I get disbarred mid-trial? What's gonna happen? Well, I guess you better fight that disbarment.
You did this all on purpose, didn't you? The world works in mysterious ways.
I did take the liberty of finding you an attorney To represent you at the disbarment hearing.
He's waiting in the conference room.
What attorney? Let's just say I found someone who believes in you.
I'm Tony Nicastro, and with your permission, I'll be representing you in your disbarment hearing.
And if it's not inappropriate, may I say you look radiant.
Well, thank you.
And for the record, it's never inappropriate.
I tried to call you last night, but it went to your voicemail.
Oh, ah.
Um, Stacy and I had a girls' night.
Listen, I was gonna tell you about this disbarment thing, but - Oh, teri filled me in.
You were trying to be ethical, And yet you breached a rule of ethics.
The right thing was the wrong thing.
You violated California rule of professional conduct 3-100.
I hate that one.
So do I.
So you're cool with me representing you? Totally cool.
All right, then.
Well, as your boyfriend, It would be my honor to fight for your honor.
That sounded a lot less dorky in my head.
Now, you said "boyfriend.
" Mm-hmm.
Is that okay? Yeah.
You just have never used that word before, and I didn't know So you're my boyfriend.
What's going on in there? What's going on up there? I was in a good mood this morning.
So I decided to brighten things up.
You like? If it weren't actionable, I'd say you look smoking hot.
Uh, based on their body language, They might want to close the blinds.
Tony's representing Jane at the disbarment hearing.
She told me she wasn't contesting it.
She wrote me a letter of resignation.
Guess she changed her mind.
Tony called me To make sure Jane had the firm's full support.
I assured him that she did.
You shouldn't have done that.
Why? Because she committed an ethics violation That opens our firm to civil liability.
Why not just terminate her now, Avoid the embarrassment of the hearing? Two words - employment contract.
If you fire her, you'd have to pay her out.
But if she gets disbarred, you don't owe her a cent.
I have to protect the firm.
All you need to do is c Jackie's procedure.
I need to argue That the jerks who run the insurance company are Jerks.
Am I interrupting? Yes.
I'm up to speed, teri.
I can handle this.
Okay, brought you a couple of different choices.
So, I need something suitable for lunch with my husband And then a disbarment hearing with my boyfriend.
"boyfriend"?! Oh! I know.
Tony just said it.
And we didn't even have to have The "what am I to you" conversation.
Oh, yay! Okay, so how about This curve-accentuating pencil skirt With this "wow, check out my cleavage" top? It's too trashy.
Okay, um, how about this? See, I have to wear spanx with thoants, And what if I have to pee? Pfft.
This is harder than a "Project Runway" challenge.
Do you know what iso unfair Is that I don't even remember my own wedding.
I mean, did I wear a designer gown, And did they release doves? I mean, who caught my bouquet? I've been thinking.
No one, including your own mom, knows you're married, So I'm guessing you eloped.
A Vegas wedding? So tacky.
So, are you totally nervous about your lunch with Ethan? You mean because, as her husband, He probably knew her better than anyone else in her life, And it is possible that he will figure out That I am not the same old Jane? Yep, that's where I was going.
Oh, sweetie, what about The skirt With the cardigan? With the husband I can be all buttoned up and proper.
And with mm, from bore to whore.
I can tease a liit's perfect.
It is really good to see you.
You, too.
I'm so sorry about the surprise.
None of your old numbers worked.
Oh, it's fine.
It's been seven years, and you look Better than ever.
You know, people change a lot in seven years, So I might seem like a completely different person.
I can only imagine what you're thinking.
Yeah, well, w-what do you think I'm thinking? After all this time, I just show up out of nowhere.
Are you angry? I don't really know how I feel.
U know, there is something different about you.
No, there - no.
I'm just the same old Jane Bingum.
Wow, it's hot out here, right? Back then, you never wore pink lipstick.
It looks good.
Wait, straight men don't compliment makeup.
Are you gonna tell me that you're gay? 'cause that's okay.
My - my high-school boyfriend was gay.
After our marathon weekend in Tahoe, How could you even joke about that? You were amazing.
Really? Unforgettable.
Well, if you say so.
Um, Ethan, seven years is - is a long time ago.
Why - why would I be mad at you? Well Jane.
Uh, teri told me you were here.
Oh, Tony, this is Ethan, My expert witness in my pro Bono case.
Nice to meet you.
The disciplinary hearing's been moved up an hour.
We got to go.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I- I guess we'll continue this later.
Jane! Hi.
All right, I'll see you guys inside.
Does Parker know you're here? I don't need his permission.
Thank you.
Jane, every law student starts law school with one dream.
To get rich.
To fight for what's right.
Look at any law-school application.
It'll say the same thing - "I want to become an attorney because I believe in justice.
" You did the right thing.
If you're done being all "lawyer-y," Can I have a moment with my bestie? Sure.
Okay, so I told my tai chi instructor, ming wa, About your job issues, And she told me that in chinese culture, A live goldfish can bring good luck and harmony To the workplace.
So I named her "tyra" Oh! 'cause it kind of sounds chinese.
Oh, thank you.
UmWhere am I supposed to put Tyra? Ooh, I will keep her safe in my bag during your hearing, And I already got a bowl for her at home.
I thought this through.
By turning in her own client And disclosing confidential information, Miss Bingum broke the rules.
There's a word that describes a person Who substitutes her own judgement For at of the collective.
It's "arrogance.
" If we allow lawyers to ignore ethical rules, It won't be long before there are no ethics at all.
In our law, intent matters.
And what was miss Bingum's intent? To stop the perpetration of a multimillion-dollar fraud.
In Chica or Miami, Jane Bingum would be a hero Because Illinois, Florida, and several other States Allow an attorney to breach privilege To prevent a financial crime.
California doesn't yet recognize that exception, But we should.
Disbarring a talented and compassionate lawyer Will do more harm to the legal profession Than enforcing a dated rule That puts a criminal on the street.
Your honor, the state would like to call a witness.
What? We had no notice, your honor.
This witness approached us.
She can clarify miss Bingum's mental state.
We'd like to call Kim Kaswell.
Not to disclose the confidential and I want client information.
Didn't you used to date her? So, you're saying that Jane Bingum Knew exactly what she was doing? Absolutely.
I even cited California rule 3-100 Hours before she mailed the tape to the d.
I want to do the cross.
Thank you.
Not a good idea.
Trust me, Tony.
I know how she thinks.
It's your career.
Miss Kaswell, you and I are on the same partnership track, Aren't we? That's right.
So you see me as competition, don't you? I've never considered you competition.
You don't like me, do you? I like you just fine.
Oh, really? 'cause we've worked together for six years.
How many times have we had a meal together? I just assumed You preferred not to eat in front of other people.
Miss Kaswell, why did you want to become a lawyer? Excuse me? When you were in college, Trying to decide what you wanted to do with your life, Why the law? What did you write on your law-school application? I wrote that I believed in justice.
That you wanted to fight for what's right.
Did my clients do the right thing when they committed fraud? Of course not.
And did I pursue justice in reporting them to the d.
? Justice as you saw it.
Bad highlights.
As a lawyer, Do you think that we should allow our clients To use us to commit fraud? I think we shouldn't put ourselves in that situation.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Yeah? I thought you might want an update on Jane's hearing.
Not really, no.
The woman saved your life.
She took a bullet for you and asked for nothing in return.
And why is this any of your business? "the first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.
" If that's your pitch for the firm's new motto, It's a downer.
It's Shakespeare.
"henry vi.
" Dick the butcher knew that in order to get away with lying, You first had to kill the defenders of the truth.
Okay, so you're telling me you majored in English? I'm telling you I think you should support Jane.
She turned in a client.
A client who used her to commit crime.
If this firm got the reputation for defending the truth, I don't think it would hurt us.
Miss William will you tell me about your daughter, Jackie? She's the love of my life, my only child.
She loves animals.
We watch animal planet every night.
And we say that she's got a big heart Because she has so much love to give.
Is there a medical procedure that can help Jackie? Yes, there is.
Her doctor says it's her only chance.
I don't want to make this any more difficult, But I have a copy of your policy, D I'd like for you to read the highlighted portion.
Paragraph 17.
It's marked "exhibit 'a.
'" "the policy excludes coverage for treatments, procedures, Or medications that are deemed experimental.
" Are you aware That the lab that developed this procedure, Still considers it to be experimental? Yes, but it's worked for - ss Williams, Are you aware that in the past two years, The fda has recalles That were rushed to market? Objection.
Counsel's testifying.
No more questions.
Permission to redirect.
Wanda, what are you holding on your lap.
Can you show us, please? It's my daughter's doll.
Maggie! And why are you holding Maggie? Jackie asked me to.
She said that if something happened to her, She didn't want me to be alone.
No more questions.
Yay, you're home! Hey.
What aay.
And these new pumps - they're killing me.
Hold on.
You don't drink wine alone.
Hey, Ethan.
Jane, you never told me you volunteered With special-needs kids while clerking 16-hour days.
I guess I like to keep busy.
You are modest.
Always were.
Well, I'm gonna I get these shoes off Because my feet haven't hurt this much Since those So, tell me more about Jane.
Like, how did y? Excuse me.
Is Jane here? Um, yeah, she's just, um She'll be right out.
Come in.
TonyThis is Ethan, Our, um, plumber.
Uh, we have a leaky faucet That just won't stop leaking.
Aren't you also Jane's expert witness? An expert in plumbing.
Which really comes in handy in an insurance case.
What's going on here? Uh, look, it's not a big deal anymore.
I'm Jane's husband.
Her husband? Yeah.
Is this some sort of joke? I got to go.
Was that the door? Jane, uh, don't freak out, But it was Tony, and Ethan just told him Oh.
Oh, no, no.
Wait a minute.
What's the big deal? He's just your lawyer, right? No, he's my boyfriend.
Oh, thank God.
Let me do all the talking.
Fred? I'm back.
I saw And I realized L.
Is my lady, And I'm not gonna leave her.
Just like that? Just like that.
Oh, uh, I brought gifts.
Jane, I really nd to talk to you, alone.
Later, Ethan.
He said he has gifts.
How about breakfast? Oh, I have to be in court by 9:00.
Well, I'll come to your office at 8:00.
You still like raisin bagels? In theory.
I'll see you there.
Chocolates from Belgium.
Caviar from Russia.
And from the Philippines, a jar of balut.
Ba-what? Balut.
Fertilized duck eggs.
It's delicious on toast.
So, you mind if I crash with you guys again? J- just until I find a place of my own.
Stay as long as you want.
But we'll need help with rent, If you lose your job.
No problemo.
Are we out of mayo? 'cause that would be a problemo.
In the garage.
12 grams of fat per tablespoon.
If I want it, I got to walk for it.
I'll be right back.
What the hell is going on, Jane? Excuse me? I'm out there exploring the world, minding my own business, When I get a call from my former boss.
He tells me your life is a total mess, And I'm getting my wings back to go keep watch on you.
So You are my guardian angel again? For now and forever, like it or not.
You know what? You can cut the 'tude.
'cause I'm the one who should be angry with you.
Come again? Why didn't you tell me about my husband? My job was - and is - To help you navigate your new life.
He wasn't a part of it.
What? Now that he is, what do you think? I don't know.
I mean, he makes me nervous, you know? Which, at first, I thought was just because He might figure out that I'm not really me.
But now it's - it's like my body has a reaction to him, Which is weird.
So, every time that I'm around Ethan, My heart races and my palms sweat.
Jane, I think I know what's going on here.
What? Jane, I think Ethan is totally hot.
Stay away from him, sister! Oh! Oh, you like him.
You wouldn't tell me to stay away from a guy Unless you like him.
Op it.
Oh, my God.
Jane is in love with her husband, ne! Okay, I just can't deal with this right now.
I've got a little girl o nes me to save her life, So I'm going to go review the case file, And then I'm gonna go to sleep.
Can I interest you in some balut? Um No thank you.
The raisins really elevate the bagel.
It's like adding a burst of juicy goodness in every bite.
It's like you never had one before.
Anyway, um You had something to tell me.
When we got married, We'd only en dating a couple months.
And we both know why we rushed it.
I owe you my life.
Is that what you want to hear? You know that I was unemployed, And no insurance company would cover my leukemia Because it was a pre-existing condition.
No one knows about us.
I know.
That was my idea.
Just in case things didn't work out with us.
I didn't want to take off like that, But the job in Argentina was the chance of a lifetime, AndI'm so sorry about the postcard.
I was young, And that was a stupid way to break up with you.
No, I'm - I see.
UmAre you back because you're sick again? No, no.
Um Jane, I'm in love.
Her name is Claudia, And since you and I never officially got divorced You want a divorce.
That's why you're back.
That's, umThat's great.
And I can take care of that because I'm a lawyer.
Um, oh - I actually have to get to court.
So go ahead and, um, just finish the bagels.
We feel terrible about Jackie Williams.
She is a sweet, adorable little girl.
So why deny the mule-wrap procedure? The procedure was developed by axil laboratories.
They still consider it to be experimental.
We would be irresponsible to approve a procedure Before the trials have concluded.
Thank you.
Melvoy, Are you on the advisory board of axil laboratories? Yes, I am.
Axil is a nonprofit lab, And they look to industry leaders for guidance.
Did you recently convince the board To delay an approval of the muscle-wrap surgery And recommend another five-year trial? It was my assessment That another five years would be prudent.
Your assessment As a doctor? I'm not a doctor.
Because if you were, I would call you "dr.
Melvoy" And you would have an obligation to save Jackie's life.
So, help me out here.
Since you're not a doctor, How is your input helpful in deciding whether or not That little girl will live or die? She's badgering, your honor.
Badgering? Oh, no, no, no.
See, I am so not badgering.
Because if I was badgering, I would poke him with a little stick.
And I would tell the jury that I think he's a pompous nimrod Who cares more about the bottom line than helping sick people.
The jury will disregard miss Bingum's last statement.
Your honor, I think the jury has a right to know That Mr.
Melvoy isn't any more qualified Than, say, lady gaga In deciding what happens to Jackie Williams.
You've made that point, miss Bingum.
Move on.
Melvoy, Can you estimate how many of your insured Would be eligible for the muscle-wrap procedure Over the next five years, if it were available now? Oh, and I have a copy of your internal memo, If you need to refresh your memory.
Approximately 200.
And how much would the procedure cost per person? About $100,000.
So, by delaying the approval of the muscle wrap By five years, Your company will save about $20 million.
On paper, but that's - No more questions.
Uh, I'm so glad to see you.
I'll continue to represent you in your disbarment hearing, But as for whatever we had - No, no, no, no.
See, we still have what we had.
This isn't what it seems, Tony.
So you aren't married? Well, I hadn't seen my husband in seven years, And the only reason we got married Was because he had leukemia And needed to get on my insurance policy.
Which means Which means You committed insurance fraud.
What? Jane, you were a lawyer when you married him Well - which means that fraud is not only a felony But it's also a violation Of the code of professional responsibility.
Now that I know that, I can no longer represent you in this disbarment hearing.
Please stop.
I saved his life.
Doesn't that count for something? I should go.
Tony? Parker, I know you don't want to see me right now, But I need a moment of your time.
Are you aware of my pro Bono case? Little girl, bad heart.
I need you to take it over for me.
Why? I heard it's going well.
For reasons I would rather not discuss, Tony is no longer representing me at my disbarment hearing.
I still don't follow.
I cannot risk being disbarred Before my case reaches a verdict.
And since I know you want me out of here as soon as possible, I would like to make you a deal.
I will give up my practice And waive any claims under my employment contract If you agree to take over the Jackie Williams case.
You just need to make the closing, And I can walk you through it.
You're willing to give up your career To ensure the well-being of a client? Yes.
Clients come first.
At least, clients like this one.
"the first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.
" Dick the butcher.
Oh, I know Shakespeare.
"now is the winter of our discontent "made glorious summer by this sun of York; "a all the clouds that low'r'd upon our house In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
" What are you doing? "richard III.
" act one, scene one.
Okay, tell you what, Bingum - I'm not gonna reesen Jackie Williams, But I will represent you in your disbarment hearing So that you can continue representing Jackie I thought you wanted me gone.
His firm.
As managing partner, I reserve the right to change my mind.
Your honor, what my client did was wrong.
And yes, She violated the rules of professional responsibility.
But those are not the only rules.
There is also the criminal code.
Miss Bingum hasn't been charged with any crime, So that is irrelevant.
Hold on a minute.
I did a little digging.
Turns out, the check from the hospital to her client Hadn't been cashed yet.
Thus, by reporting the fraud to the d.
, She stopped the fraud from ever reaching fruition.
Your honor, the doctrine of renunciation Requires an unequivocal withdrawal from a conspiracy Before a crime is completed.
If miss Bingum had waited until the check was cashed, She could have been charged as an accessory.
Quite simply, disclosure was her only recourse.
Very interesting argument, Mr.
And quite honestly, I find your logic compelling.
In light of the circumstances, I'm dismissing the complaint against your client And reinstating her as a member of the bar.
Whoo-hoo! Counselor.
UmThank you, Mr.
You're welcome, miss.
Um, should whu or something? Jane.
Teri? Jackie collapsed.
She's in the E.
It's critical.
Excuse me.
Jane, it's bad.
It's really bad.
The doctor said she's got She needs the procedure now.
Can we call the judge and go back to court? Even if we waived closing, The jury would still need time to deliberate.
You have to do something.
Um I'll be in touch as soon as possible, okay? Okay.
Miss Bingum, I'm sorry your client is in the E.
, But what do you expect us to do about it? Here's what's gonna happen if Jackie dies.
During discovery, I came across the memo With the 200 names of your insured That are likely to need the muscle-wrap procedure Over the next five years.
I will contact every single one of those members And offer to represent them against your company.
That's illegal and actionable Under the professional rules of conduct.
Not if I do it pro Bono.
Besides, I assume you know all about my history With the disciplinary committee.
I'm a lawyer who goes the distance.
Miss Bingum, if I authorize this procedure, The floodgates will open.
Any client that wants any experimental procedure Will have a claim.
There's one way around that.
You convince the board of directors at axil labs That this particular procedure should be approved.
What's going on? I have a conference call set up With the entire board of axil labs.
They're looking to you for guidance.
This is Gus melvoy.
So, there I was at the summit of mount Everest When the sherpa starts screaming.
Aah! Ugh.
And then All the sudden, this - this avalanche of ice Is coming right towards us.
D so, I-I grab the group, and I - And I get them to take cover behind this - This huge boulder, And - and the ice goes right around us.
I mean, I-I wouldn't say that - that I was a "hero," But, um, I guess that's what everybody else was saying, so Oh, this caviar is delicious.
Where did you say you got it again? Uh, from a fisherman off the caspian sea.
It's beluga, finest in the world.
And this chocolate is from Belgium? Yeah, and they're truffles, Which makes them more expensive.
Mm, when you said you went around thrld, did you thewell, I arket in hooo I dot know what you're - yo talking about.
It's right here.
I mean, everything you bought is on this receipt.
You know what? I am running late.
For a, uh - an interview.
With a rock band To - to play guitar.
You - you remember I- I play guitar, right? No.
Uh, anyway, I-I got to - I'm so sorry.
It's - it was good to see you, though, all right? Have a great day.
You forgot your shoes! All right.
Thank you.
The cardiovascular surgeon just finished the procedure.
Everything looks good.
Thanks, teri, for pushing me to do this.
You belong here.
I do.
Fred, where are your shoes? That's not important right now.
I am here on official guardian angel business.
Remember how you said your heart was beating faster And your palms got sweaty when you were with your husband? Yeah.
Okay, so it's not just love that elicits that physical response.
It can also be anger.
when faced with a threat, Epinephrine is produced by the adrenal glands, Causing your heart to race and your palms to sweat.
Did they make you smarter or something? I looked it up on the Internet.
From what I can tell, I don't think that it's love you're experiencing.
Although, maybe Jane did love him at one point.
Now But now e's just pissed off.
And you know what? I'm pissed off for her.
Well, there is only one way to get rid of those feelings.
Xanax? Or cheez whiz? Let him know how you feel.
He's, - he's in the lobby.
Oh, and fred, I'm sorry that you had to give up the world for me.
I- I, uh I never traveled the world.
I never even left L.
But you said - Yeah, I-I know.
I guess I was just scared to go by myself And And you were embarrassed to tell me? ThatIs so human.
Weird, huh? We, I'm just glad you're back.
I was hoping to get a timeline on those divorce papers? One question - When did you apply for that job in Argentina? What? Why? Uh About a month before our wedding.
So you knew that you were gonna leave her, even before the wedding? Her? You know what, Ethan? You're a dirtbag.
You treated me like crap.
And you used me.
And I loved you.
Jane, I'm so - no, I am still talking! See, I am a really good person, And I know that I would have still saved your life Had you been honest with me.
So get your own lawyer and draft up the divorce paperwork, And I will sign it immediately.
Feel better? Much.
Congrats on the hearing.
I'm so glad to see you.
I owe you an apology.
I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Ethan.
Well You were in a difficult position.
Does that mean I get another chance? Does that mean another chance? Jane, ever since we started dating, I've had the feeling That your mind's been on someone else.
Now I know who.
It's not like that.
So, there's no one else? I want to be with you, Tony.
And I want the same.
But There's nothing wrong with us slowing things down.
For now.
No, I understand.
I'll call you.
I will.
You okay? Oh, I'm fine.
It - it was a great day.
Parker gave a hell of speech, huh? "first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.
" What? You spoke to him, didn't you? How did you know? Well, it sounds mo like you than him.
Yeah, but - Thank you, Grayson.
You're a good friend.
Yeah, well, I didn't want you to leave.
This place wouldn't be the same without you.
Goodnight, Jane.

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