Drop Dead Diva s02e02 Episode Script

Back From The Dead

That was me - deb - see tuntil the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, But there was a bit of a mix-up And I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm jane, A super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, And the only people who really know what's going on with me Are my girlfriend stacy and my guardian angel, fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! And, well, I sure hope I was right.
* la, la, la, la-la-la-la * * la, la-la, la * * I can't do this anymore * Hey, tony, it's me.
Just, you know, checking in.
Let's talk soon? So? When did you leave the message? Three days ago.
And since then? Nothing.
I haven't heard from him Since he said we should slow things down.
Do the last part again.
Let's talk soon? Ah, see? Right there.
That's your problem.
"let's talk soon" is open to interpretation.
No, no.
Not the way I said it, because I went up at the end.
Soon? That implies it's his turn to call me.
That's why I always close with, "give me a call," Or "you've got my number, " or "hit me back.
" Actually, that last one has its own set of problems.
Um, I don't know, sweetie.
I think you need to No, don't say it.
Leave a second message.
I hate the second message.
The second message robs you of your power.
And angelina wouldn't leave a second message.
And besides - it wouldn't be a second message.
It'd be a third.
It's gonna be okay.
Are you sure? You want my advice? In this department? No.
What you should do is become a permanent fixture in tony's life.
Somebody he can't avoid.
You know, somebody who Sleeps on his couch every night? Yeah, 'cause it seems to be Working out well for your love life.
It is.
Did you know that stacy Has taken an active interest in my career? She's helping me with my résumé.
Let me guess.
needs to be festive.
14-point aquamarine.
Today we're doing mock interviews.
Smell my breath.
Absolutely not.
I'm late for court.
I'm looking at a presumption of death motion, is that right? Yes, your honor.
It's been nine years since daniel porter's plane went down.
Nine years since - Daniel's body was never recovered.
They have never found my son.
We'll get our chance.
There's not one law-enforcement agency That believes he's still alive.
spent searching.
$3 million.
Why pursue the declaration of deathow? Okay.
Um, sir, I searched for my husband for months, And I've grieved for years.
I've accepted that he's gone.
Judge barlow: Counselor? Ms.
Bingum? Everything okay? Um I'm sorry, your honor.
Just an emotional case.
I was granted a divorce in absentia, And I remarried three years ago.
I have a 9-year-old son, and we would like very much For my husband to formally adopt him.
And before a formal adoption can take place, Daniel porter, the boy's biological father, Must first be declared dead.
Seems reasonable to me.
Bingum? My client, daniel's mother, Believes this will close the door to her son's investigation And prevent law-enforcement agencies From ever looking for him again.
All due respect, your honor, No one's been looking for daniel for years.
That's not true.
I've been looking.
I have distributed fliers to the police departments, I have posted on the internet.
I have purchased newspaper ads, Two dozen new ones just this week.
All we need is one solid tip, And then the search can pick up where it left off.
Your honor, do what's right For daniel porter's wife and child.
Let them move on.
My client lives with the hope That her son is still out there.
Don't take that away from her.
I'll have a decision this afternoon.
Jane bingum's office.
Hey, teri.
It's me.
The answer is no.
Tony hasn't called.
I didn't even ask.
You were going to.
I could tell by the way you were breathing.
You know what? I am so tired of this.
I haven't waited for a guy to call me back Since the 8th grade when I got boobs.
I'm still waiting.
Get tony's office on the phone.
It'll be the third message.
Who's counting, teri? You got it, boss.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Um, I-I'm trying to find a courtroom.
Well, you came to the right place.
Do you know where I can find a judge barlow's court? Oh, judge barlow.
I just came from there.
Can I help you? Well, I hope so.
I'm - I'm daniel.
Uh, daniel porter.
She yells.
A lot.
No, I-it's not every day.
It's every hour.
Like - like one of those clocks, only with yelling.
I got to go.
I'm sorry.
Was the loud ringing of my office phone Interfering with your personal life? It was my mom.
She's - she's worried about me.
Worried you're gonna be fired, broke, And moving into her basement? Ugh.
Go cry in the bathroom.
What? That your third temp this month? it's not me.
There's a reason they call them temps.
I saw your new-client memo.
You're representing jonathan noble, The columnist from "american male.
" You read "american male"? He's the reason I subscribe.
The last two suits I bought Came right out of his "duds for dudes" article.
And not to get too personal, but the guy's first-date advice Has helped me seal the deal.
I get it.
He's your invisible wingman.
I have an intake meeting this afternoon.
Would you like to come along? Do pleated pants kill romance? Yes.
The doctors call it a psychogenic fugue state.
Daniel porter survived a single-engine plane crash Nine years ago, but his memory did not.
Daniel, where have you been for nine years? I made it to a small town outside of pittsburgh Where I wound up in a mental-health ward Of a hospital.
And you say all this time you didn't remember a thing? No, nothing.
Nothing at all.
My life was a complete blank.
Until two days ago, When a neighbor recognizes his photo in a newspaper ad Taken out by daniel's mother.
Go, marian! It just makes you want to cry.
What are you doing here? I'm helping fred find a job.
He needs to make copies of his résumé - Yay, 14-point aquamarine so I drove him over.
Psychogenic fugue or not, he's kind of hot.
Ooh, he's even hotte in person.
My son, daniel, needa lawyer.
I suggested you.
Are you gonna answer that or what? Excuse me? The phone is ringing.
Please answer it.
Kim kaswell's office.
I'm not sure.
Let me check her calendar.
Is this the downtown courthouse or van nuys? Uh, yes.
She has a deposition at 2:00, But I think we can move that.
Come on, fred.
Chop chop.
We got to get you an interview suit.
Okay, thank you so much.
Hello? How are you gonna get a job sitting on your butt? uh, I think I just did.
The phone is ringing! Hello?! Kim kaswell's office.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Uh, the fleming motion gets blue-backed And filed with judge brewer's clerk.
What can I do? Well, uh, I don't know how else to say this, But I want my life back.
Nine years ago, the guy who went up in that plane Was happily married.
He had a career.
He had a home and a baby on the way.
And now everything is, uh Nine years is a-a long time.
Lindsey is remarried Uh, to a friend of mine from college, If you can believe that.
She's grown her business, And now she's raising noah, my son.
It's not as if my old life is - is gone.
I mean, it'sThere.
It's like it's in a museum, behind glass, And I can see it, but I just can't get to it.
I understand more than you could possibly know.
I know there's no road map, uh, for this kind of thing, But we were in love.
And we had built a life together.
Um, I will start with her lawyer.
And you will be in a room with lindsey By the end of the day.
I promise.
He won't come into the office? His e-mail just said he preferred to meet at a bar.
"cool"? He's jonathan noble.
He knows that the business of men Isn't done in conference rooms in high rises.
It's done right here, over a pint of something imported.
It's all very hemingway.
I like it.
Yeah, well, did hemingway wear a watch, 'cause jonathan noble's late.
Kim kaswell? Can I help you? I'm jonathan noble.
excuse me? I'm susan semler.
Jonathan noble is my pen name.
This isn't right.
Jonathan noble's an hombre.
Everyone knows that.
Uh, this is my boss, jay parker.
He's a big fan.
Not buying any of this.
"highlights are not trosexual.
They're just girlie.
" "manscaping adds an inch.
" "never break up with someone who's holding a drink.
" Anyone can memorize a few of the guy's lines.
Euro-cut suit, festive tie, casual hair.
Let me guess - You're about to go on a first date with a A hot yoga instructor, And you want to show off the zen under that gaberdine blend.
I need something imported.
When I started writing as jonathan noble, I got more assignments, more money, more respect.
And did "american male" know? They liked my writing, and they assumed I was a man.
They hired me sight unseen, and the column just took off.
So, who is this? He's the reason I'm talking to you.
That's jeff harris.
When they wanted a byline photo, I hired him.
He was an unemployed bartender in my neighborhood.
I assumed they'd want one or two pictures and that'd be it.
Yeah, well, as I got more popular, They wanted to show his face.
So, on buses and billboards I even sent him into the magazine For one or two publicity events.
This doesn't end well.
He went rogue.
Last week, I got an e-mail from my editor Congratulating me on my new talk show.
You got a talk show? I didn't.
He did.
Turns out he's been negotiating with some major network.
All without me.
I want an injunction To keep him from using my name and persona that I created.
We're gonna crush this guy.
I can't believe you made this happen so quickly.
Thank you.
Well, it's the letterhead that does all the work.
Well, now you're just being modest.
My mother was right about you.
You - youYou care.
Thank you.
hey, danny.
I can't believe it's you.
She's not coming, is she? What's going on? Where's lindsey? It's too hard for her.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you're sorry for marrying my wife Or that she won't talk to me? You got to understand, danny.
She buried you.
It broke her heart.
She justNeeds some time.
Yeah, because nine years wasn't enough? Well, I take it you're carl.
I'm sorry, but lindsey does need to be here.
There are a number of issues.
This will take care of them.
It's generous.
That's daniel's half of their savings and the house, With interest.
It should be more than enough for you to get a good start.
Daniel? What about noah? you never even met him.
Yeah, but he's still my son.
Does he even know that I exist? I'm sorry, mr.
Lindsey wants full custody.
That check is contingent upon you agreeing not to contest.
Think about it.
Come on, carl.
I- I am sorry.
She was supposed to be here.
You don't have to accept that.
You have a son, And if you want to go to court And fight for shared custody, I can help.
Send it back.
Hi, jane.
Ow! Jane? You all right? Um I'm sorry.
I thought I saw What? Nothing.
Uh, it was - it was nothing.
Hey, what are you doing here? Cherry danish.
I hid one behind the grape juice.
Are you all right? You look a little unhinged.
I keep seeing deb everywhere.
What's the deal with that? I don't know.
Why do you think you keep seeing deb everywhere? Really? You're gonna answer my question with a question? You are a guardian angel.
You're not a guardian shrink.
Forget it.
I'll figure it out on my own.
Wait, what are you doing here? Uh, I'm, uh Temping.
For whom? For Uh One of the lawyers.
Which one? The, um, uh What's her name Uh, kim.
Kim? Kim?! As in the lawyer who tried to have me disbarred And destroy my career, kim? It's a job.
And in this economy - It's a terrible job.
Forget the fact that she's my sworn enemy.
She's gonna chew you into little pieces.
I don't know.
I'm a pretty good temp.
Don't forget - I used to be a desk jockey upstairs, Rolling calls for the big guy.
How hard can this be? You're not gonna last a week.
You ready for this? Yeah, I think so.
There she is.
Daniel You You look good, daniel.
Y- you look exactly the same.
Come on.
When your memory came back, What was your very first thought? My wife.
And my son.
Daniel, do you believe That you are capable of caring for noah? Absolutely.
What will you do about money? How will you contribute financially? I was a general contractor, um, before the accident.
And I know I can't expect to just pick up Exactly where I left off, But with the publicity around my return, I already have a couple of job offers.
I'll be fine.
Nothing further.
Porter, can you name your son's pediatrician? Objection! That is so mean.
Porter has admitted his circumstances are unual.
I'm exploring how unusual.
I'll allow it.
I can't.
Can you name any of noah's teachers? No.
Do you know the name of the school he attends What sports he plays? Mr.
Porter, can you name a single friend of the boy - Come on, your honor.
This is so far below the belt, Counsel's looking up his own rear end! Ms.
Bingum! My client would like nothing more Than to know the answers to all these questions.
Shared ctody would give him that opportunity.
That's why we're here.
It's a cease-and-desist order.
You're to immediately terminate Any and all negotiations for a jonathan noble talk show.
That's ridiculous.
And curtail all appearances using that name or persona.
I'm sorry.
No can do.
Excuse me? The demand is out there.
You got to give the people what they want.
People don't want you.
You're just the face! You write it, I be it.
"I be it"? Yeah, I'm giving jonathan noble More of a folksy, down-home charm.
I can't talk to him anymore.
Your client had a contract with ms.
$500 for a set of photographs and unlimited use.
Show me the paperwork that spells at out.
It was an oral contract.
We'll sue for breach.
Sure, as soon as you show me The invisible clause that prohibits my client From pursuing a talk show, you can - The only reason the network approached him Is because of my words.
You are my intellectual property.
not anymore.
We petitioned the court earlier this month To have mr.
Harris's name legally changed To jonathan noble.
Ah! The decree was issued this morning.
I'm jonathan.
Nice to meet you.
Psychogenic fugues affect less than 0.
And daniel is in that 0.
2%? Yes.
He's a textbook case.
Levenson, in your experience, Are there any lasting side effects? No.
When it's over, it's over.
Someone coming out of a fugue state Wouldn't have any diminished physical or mental capacity? No, he wouldn't.
And would there be any impact On that person's ability to bond with Or take care of his own child? No.
Thank you.
Could a psychogenic fugue recur? Almost never.
Yes or no, doctor.
Could it happen? It's possible.
So no rning, out of the blue, Someone who's been in one psychogenic fugue Could slip into another? Yes.
No further questions.
Where's the research On trademark and copyright statutes? You mean the research you had me find 30 seconds ago? In my left hand.
My dry cleaning? Back seat of your car.
Confirm my lunch? Trick question.
You had me cancel lunch.
You brought in leftover chinese chicken salad From your dinner last night with skippy Who's either the kid you used to babysit or your accountant.
He's both.
And it needs to be refrigerated.
Don't look her inhe eye.
I just spent the morning I.
Ing with a colleague across town.
Ask me who.
Who? Tony's assistant.
Her boss has lunch reservations today at letizia at 1:00.
And now, so do you.
Oh, you did not.
I can't.
So, who is she? An out-of-town relative? Does tony have a sister? No wayoes your sister dress like that for lunch.
The heels and that blouse? You just don't unbutton for your brother.
Actually, tyra did a whole show about it.
Seriously freaky.
I can't believe this.
I am being dumped The old-fashioned way - by not calling me back.
This never happened to me before.
You mean it's never happened to deb.
D now he's out wi someone else.
Already? That's not okay.
It wouldn't be okay with deb.
And it is not okay with jane.
I'm going in.
oh, you're making that up.
No, no, I'm not.
Jane? Oh, tony! Wow.
I almost walked right past you.
What are you doing here? Eating lunch.
Yeah, me too.
It's so weird.
Oh, I'm with stacy.
Hi, I'm jane.
Oh, I'm sorry.
This is, uh, elisa.
Elisa, this is jane.
Elisa Ugh.
You look so familiar.
Have we met? No, I - No? Well, then I should let you go and enjoy your lunch.
It was really great seeing you, jane.
I know I owe you a call.
A couple.
But that's fine.
Ooh, by the way, elisa - cute blouse.
So, wait - have you guys known each other for a while, or We just met.
If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna visit the ladies room.
You realize you're making your friend really uncomfortable.
I'm making my friend uncomfortable? You know what, tony? I was looking for some clarity, and that's all.
And now I've gotten it.
So when you said you wanted to slow things down, What you meant is that You wanted to be seeing people like elisa.
Jane - No.
Thank you.
It is now totally clear.
Okay, sweetie.
The car is waiting.
We have to go.
Great seeing you, tony.
Come on.
We're walking.
How big a disaster? Tell me the truth.
Remember when you diedcin that car accident? Yeah.
This is close.
Oh, I'm sorry I'm late.
I - jane bingum.
Welcome to "so you made a big deal that you can dance.
" No, no.
No, I didn't.
Say hello to the judges.
Jane's recent partner, tony nicastro, Appears to have moved on to the next level.
What? So it's time for you to meet your new partner, Someone you know better than you know yourself.
Deb dobkins! Jane and deb will dance the tango.
Born in the brothels of buenos aires, A successful tango shows two souls joined as one.
What are you doing here? Trying to win this thing.
Now be quiet and let me lead.
Why am I seeing you everywhere - In the courtroom, in my office, and now in my dream? You want to know why you keep seeing me? Think about it, jane.
What's tomorrow? Tuesday? Yes, and something else.
The manolo blahnik sample sale? And something else? I don't know! Hello? It's only the biggest day of the year! Oh, my god.
Ugh! Stacy! Tomorrow's my birthday! Yeah.
I know.
I almost totally forgot.
I mean, weren't you gonna say anything? We usually spend all month planning it.
I wasn't sure if I should remind you.
You know, I just figured, You already celebrated your birthday.
As jane.
So, we're not gonna do anything? No.
Well, I am.
W- without me? Grayson is having a little get-together in your honor At the bar for a couple of deb's close friends.
What? I want to go.
I know, sweetie.
And if it were my party, I would totally invite you.
But, um, grayson planned it.
Uh, so, it would be weird if I brought you.
I'm sorry.
So sorry.
It's unacceptable.
Late addition.
There was no bonnie simon on the witness list.
We just found her.
Bonnie knew daniel porter when he was in his fugue state.
She can testify to his recent character.
Lindsey porter knows her husband.
You'd get references on a nanny for your child.
Daniel has been away for nine years.
You're asking the court to allow a stranger to come in And share custody of this boy.
I'm going to allow it.
I knew daniel for the last three years, But I knew him as tim smith.
And what was the nature of your relationship? We dated, on and off.
Uh, even lived together for six months before it ended.
Would you describe daniel tim smith - as stable? I'm not sure.
Tim had difficulty keeping a job.
He spent a lot of time at a local bar.
It's where we met.
Would you describe the man yoknew As a reliable father figure? Your honor? Sustained.
Too far, mr.
Simon, why would you date someone for three years If you believed him to be unstable? I didn't say he was unstable.
Just anxioi guess.
Why did I didn't say your relationship end?Nstable.
You started it, mr.
I think it ended because of who he was.
Tim - well, daniel - was non-committal.
He didn't want to settle down.
He was never entirely in the relationship.
It was almost like Almost like there was someone else in his life? Yeah.
Like that.
Hey, so I pulled all the caseaw I can find.
It's a long shot, But I think if we hit them with copyright infringement, The lanham act, we may have a - Did you even hear a word I just said? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Copyright infringement, lanham act - good stuff.
Did you change your tie? I'm taking a client to dinner.
My client? Our client.
My firm.
I brought this case in.
I've been busting my ass - Kim, I'm not taking over the case.
It's dinner.
And I don't plan on discussing a lot of business.
What do you think of the tie? I think jonathan noble would approve.
Let's hope she does.
It's the legal equivalent of a land grab.
We'll go after him for copyright infringement, Use something called the lanham act.
Will it work? Well, I have a lot of confidence in your lawyers.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't even ask if you wanted more.
What e am I living in, right? It's okay.
Let's talk about you.
When did you know you wanted to be a writer? What are you doing? What do you mean? You're using my own stuff on me.
YourStuff? "the accidental hand caress.
" That's from my article in April 2007.
Oh, come on.
It's a tiny table.
"take charge, then apologize for taking charge.
" You did that with the wine.
That is from my "road map to the bedroom" column.
Shall I go on? What can I say? You Know your stuff.
Is it working? No.
It really isn't.
You kn, it's strange to be on the receiving end Of my own advice.
Especially coming from you.
Why's that? Well, I always assumed that I was writing For much younger men.
The target demographic of the magazine Is guys in their 20's.
Well, if it's any consolation, I usually date younger women.
Thanks to you.
You know, there's a great jazz club right down the road.
You want to continue this conversation there? Look I appreciate the offer.
But I have a lot of work I got to do.
Thanks for dinner.
Ooh, I need you to call judge mayson's clerk And tell him I want to amend my witness list.
On it.
But don't you want to know Why I s waiting by the elevator? Okay, why were you waiting by the elevator? Because I have good news.
Guess who called three times today.
Who? Tony.
I don't know what happened at lunch yesterday - No, no, no.
That is not good news.
Then you're not gonna like the follow-up.
Guess who's waiting in your office.
What the hell, jane? It's nice to see you, too.
Would you like something to drink? Jane Okay.
I'm sorry.
But I don't feel bad about it.
I mean, maybe I went a little overboard, But I was not the one on a date When all we were doing was slowing things down.
You keep saying that - Were those or were those not your words? You got to let me finish! By all means.
It wasn't a date.
It was a job interview.
Her name is elisa powell.
It was a second interview For a job with the u.
Attorney's office.
One I'm pretty unlikely to get at this point.
Well, now I feel bad about it.
Wish I could help you out with that.
I am sorry.
You know, but I am not entirely wrong here.
Oh, for god's sake, you can't just apologize, can you? Well, had you bothered to return one of my phone calls, I might have known what was going on.
That doesn't excuse - I don't exist well in limbo, tony.
So I just wanted to know where we stand.
You want to know where we stand? Yeah! It's over.
W- wait.
It's - it's over? Goodbye, jane.
She killed him.
What? Who killed whom? Look.
Susan just posted this on her blog 15 minutes ago.
"while it's been said that behind every good man "is a good woman, the truth - some men don't exist at all.
"jonathan noble is one of them.
"I'm a 36-year-old woman And I've been jonathan noble since day one.
" She killed and buri jonathan noble.
She's really 36? Uh, she wrote that she had an epiphany last night.
It was you, wasn't it? There's two lawyers on the phone From dewey & pierce, representing "american male.
" They want to talk to you.
Well, which lawyers? Dewey and pierce.
They want to talk about susan semler.
And they don't sound happy.
Your honor, I know this is unusual, But I would like to let my client question this witness.
What? You can't allow that.
What sort of precedent would that be? I can't imagine having many more cases like this one, So I'm not worried about the precedent.
She's under oath, daniel.
What do you want to ask? When did you stop loving me? never.
Then why wouldn't you see me? Why are we here? Danny, en your plane crashed, I thought my life had ended, too.
And believing you were dead all those years, Hoping you weren't, and never knowing - It's no way to live.
And it's why I want custody of noah.
I don't understand.
Noah has a full and happy life now.
We both do.
I know it's not your fault, danny, But I can't let you into his life Knowing that there's a chance you could just disappear again.
And the doctor said it was possible.
Noah is such a good kid.
You'd be proud of him.
But I can't risk you breaking his heart The way you broke mine.
And maybe you got off lucky.
Amnesia is one thing, but having you And losing you And then knowing what you lost, it's It's just - it's too much to ask of someone you love.
so I-I guess that's it, huh? The court will let us know when the judge has a decision.
Hey, dad! Hey, bud! Oh! You want to get out of here? Daniel? It could be simple breach, Or they could be going for fraud.
Whatever happens, you have our full support.
Semler? Boris bell.
Of cornet publishing.
I recognize your name.
And yet today is the first time I'm hearing yours.
Semler is prepared to write a letter of apology.
I've been a fan of this jonathan noble from the start.
Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning And read his blog.
Her blog.
It wasn't just professionally humiliating.
It felt personal.
It really wasn't meant to - You should never be published again We don't think that that would be - Was my first thought.
Then the response to the column started coming in.
Comments on the website, e- mails - Sorry, I haven't been online.
Well, our readers have been cheering for you.
They, uh, understand why you did what you did.
I'm prepared to offer you a three-year contract To stay on as a columnist.
On one condition.
You use your own name.
Hmm? Judge mayson's clerk called.
She's ready to rule, but I can't find daniel.
Call the hotel.
I did.
He and his mother checked out an hour ago.
I talked to a bellman who said he put them in a cab.
Call judge mayson's clerk, get him to stall.
Where's my expense report? Filed.
There's a copy in your briefcase - I never look in my briefcase.
And on your desk.
What about my calendar? Updated.
Tomorrow's motions? Proofed.
I alphabetized your call list, cataloged your billables, Dusted your computer monitor, and cut up your vegetables.
Did you remember to - stop! O- okay, I-I've worked for some control freaks before, Ms.
Kaswell, but you take the gold medal.
A- and the sad thing is, y- you don't even recognize That you've never had a better assistant A- and probably never will.
No temp has ever spoken to me like that before.
Well, clearly they should have.
How would you feel about being my permanent assistant? $100 more a week.
Plus dental.
Man on p.
: Bus 4730c will be arriving in 15 minutes.
will be arriving in 15 minutes.
Where are you headed? Um I'm, uh, going to seattle.
I'm gonna stay with my mom for a bit.
Get myself situated.
You weren't gonna call? I know I should have.
I'm sorry.
II-I just - I was afraid to talk to you before I left.
I'm dropping the case, jane.
And I thought you might convince me not to.
You can't just give up, daniel.
Lindsey was right.
I saw that outside that courtroom in the hallway.
I mean, noah has a family.
Carl's been there for as long as he can remember.
It's the only father he's ever known.
And I show up, it's like - It's like pulling the roof down on him.
He's your son.
You have rights.
No, I know.
And maybe some day, when he's older But, well, there's something else, too.
Something I just learned.
What? It wasn't the first time.
When daniel went into his fugue state nine years ago, It wasn't the first time.
That happened the summer he was 10.
He fell off a bike, And for three days, he just lost himself completely.
He didn't know who he was, where he was, or His memory was gone.
I didn't say anything before because I You didn't want to hurt his chances in court.
But you had to tell him.
Knowing what I know now, How can I promise anyone I won'I can't.
Ear again? This is the right thing to do.
For everyone.
Well, everyone but you.
It's been nine years.
The world that I lived in has moved on without me.
And if I want to move on, Then I guess I just have to let go.
So? What do you think? What do I think? Yes.
Did daniel do the right thing? To let his old life go on without him? Well, it sounds like he did the right thing for daniel.
But we're not talking about daniel, are we? You're doing okay.
You're pretty strong.
You know, normally, I might have the urge to hug you, But all my warm fuzzies went away When you told me that you're working for kim.
Jane, why do you think I took this job? I don't know.
Come here.
I only have one real job, and that's to look after you.
And with that desk right there, Well, it gives me a front-row seat.
To deb, on your 25th birthday.
Uh, it's been a little while now, and Uh, this should be getting easier, right? I miss you.
Your friends miss you.
And even though we're all here celebrating your life, Our lives are a little less Sparkly.
It's all a little less sparkly.
To deb.
To deb.
To deb.
Happy birthday, deb.
* the past is past * * you never really gave it a shot * * maybe you'll find that * * when you come back * * I'll be all right * * on your own again * * back to where it all began * * the phone don't ring and the tears, they fall * * but you carry on *
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