Drop Dead Diva s03e02 Episode Script

False Alarm

See that aspiring model there? That was me Deb.
Until de day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to Heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up, and I woke up in someone else's body.
Aaaaargh! So, now, I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very-own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! and, well, I sure hope I was right.
Drop Dead Diva 3x02 - False Alarm Original air date June 26, 2011 Hey, sweetie.
- Hi.
- Ooh.
Something smells nice in here.
What's the occasion? No occasion.
And that's your Friday-night drinks outfit.
On a Tuesday morning.
I'm intrigued.
Vanessa has a deposition, so I am taking Grayson to his doctor's appointment.
I smell clove, lavender, and a hint of "I am your reluctant best man" "who is secretly in love with you" "and is going to squelch all of my feelings" "and watch you get married.
" No.
No, that's not it.
I I just had a groupon for the perfume.
Whatever you say.
I'm gonna go for a run.
Didn't you just come back from a run? Compulsive running.
You only do that when you're frustrated.
You know me so well.
What's going on, sweetie? Now that Fred and I are together, Things are a little weird with him.
Good, but weird.
Weird? Like, weird, how? Well, we're kissing.
A lot.
Well, kissing's good.
But what else is weird? More kissing.
So much kissing that I have to reapply my chap stick every half-hour.
It's like Fred thinks the kissing is the sex.
And at first it was cute.
But now I'm worried something's wrong with him.
I'm sure he's just taking his time.
I hope you're right.
Because if this keeps up, I'm gonna pull a hamstring.
So, if you look at the occipital lobe, there are no signs of swelling.
Where exactly? Oh, he's talking about the lower-right quadrant of the orbitofrontal frontal cortex.
Apparently somebody knows their neuroscience.
Yes, I guess I've always had an interest in the brain.
I'm biased, but I think the study of the brain is the single most fascinating field of medicine.
I mean, the brain has it all over the kidney and the spleen.
Don't forget about the gallbladder.
Loser organ.
Uh, guys? Can we get back to my brain? Of course.
All signs of trauma have receded.
So, in terms of what I can do? We'll screen you every six weeks.
But you're clear to drive, go back to work.
I understand there's a wedding on the horizon.
In less than a month.
Well, unless you were planning to say your vows while skydiving, you're good to go.
So much for getting married in midair.
That's okay.
Where do you find matching parachutes? - Where have you been? - Uh, I had to take Grayson to the doctor I'm fine, by the way.
Welcome back.
Next time, use a crosswalk.
I need your help.
You know Gary? Yes, your ridiculously hot boyfriend, the fireman.
I don't use the term "boyfriend.
" Gary, the ridiculously hot guy I'm sleeping with.
He's being sued.
- Ooh! I need some.
- No time for a pit stop! We're fine, Teri.
Saturday night, Gary was off-duty, and we were spending the night at his place.
- We were in bed.
- Okay.
- Not asleep, but in bed.
- I get it.
I'm painting a picture.
Suddenly we smell smoke.
We look out the window.
The apartment building across the street - is on fire.
- Oh, my God.
Fortunately, Gary still had his uniform on.
But I thought you said he was off-duty.
Off-duty for the fire department, on-duty for me.
- It's just a little game - Teri.
- that we - Picture painted.
He bolts across the street.
The fire department's not even there yet.
He's hustling people out of the building.
And one lady is trapped.
He breaks into her apartment and carries her down the fire escape.
So, who's suing him? She is.
For "negligent assistance.
" On her way out, she fell off the fire escape and broke a rib.
- But he saved her life.
- I know, right? He's due in court this morning.
This morning? Let's go.
Bingum! There you are.
I have a case for you.
You need to move on it immediately.
- Sorry.
She's full up.
- I just agreed to rep Teri's not-a-boyfriend.
Back burner.
Kim Kaswell's got a major medical malpractice suit.
Kim Kaswell doesn't work here anymore.
Which is why you're gonna offer her your help on her case and all of the firm's resources.
Uh, is this because Kim's having a hard time finding a new job and you feel bad because you're kind of the reason she's not here anymore? Kim's going after a chain of surgical centers.
If she wins, the award could be seven figures.
We could use some of those figures.
Let her know we'll be covering all of her up-front costs.
And what if she says no? 'Cause she's gonna say no.
Don't let her.
She needs us.
I'll do it on one condition.
You handle Teri's case.
Thanks, but no thanks.
It can't be easy or cheap taking on a big case by yourself.
You'd have access to all the firm's resources.
Oh, so this is coming from Parker.
He says it's strictly business.
Kim, you know I have experience with malpractice cases.
Look, I didn't need your help at the firm, and I don't need it now.
Your Honor, opposing counsel has ignored every single request for discovery regarding Sara Miller.
I'm requesting sanctions ag What's the holdup, Mr.
Hanson? Looking at the paperwork, we never actually received Miss Kaswell's second supplemental affidavit of good faith.
You've got to be kidding me.
I Psst! Psst! What? Don't forget section 26a.
I got it! Your Honor, civil procedure law section 26a does not require that affidavit in requests limited to interrogatories.
On the money, counselor.
Hanson, hand over discovery.
Right away.
What's going on? You brought discovery to court? We had no choice, your Honor.
We couldn't find an office address for Miss Kaswell.
- Here's the deal I don't interface with Parker.
- Done.
Let the record reflect that any future correspondence can be addressed to Harrison & Parker.
We're in the book.
Lots of girls dream of being models, but they grow out of it.
Sara never did.
Well, trust me.
I know what that's like.
At 13, she knew all the modeling agencies in town, she knew what head shots cost.
We had made a deal that she could pursue modeling after she finished college.
And? She finished in three years.
And recently things were starting to happen for her.
She had an agent who was interested.
But she felt that something was holding her back.
Sara felt like she needed plastic surgery.
She wanted to augment her breasts.
I tried to put my foot down, but Sara she had done all the research.
And she really believed that a certain body type was more likely to book jobs.
And she didn't even want me to pay for it.
She just wanted my support.
I'm sorry.
No, don't apologize.
I brought my perfectly healthy girl into a surgery center, I gave her a kiss, and I never saw her alive again.
Sara had a fatal reaction to the anesthesia.
The surgeon told me it was a freak accident and there was nothing they could do.
This particular "freak accident" is a condition known as malignant hyperthermia.
And there was plenty they could have done.
They just simply didn't do it.
They killed my daughter.
The plaintiff owes her life to Mr.
Rice, an off-duty fireman who risked his own life saving hers.
If I might add there are no grounds even to be here today, as my client is shielded under "the firefighter's rule" which immunizes him from lawsuits.
We move that you dismiss.
I'm inclined to agree, counsel.
Unless you have something to add.
Well, t there is one thing.
Rice isn't actually a fireman.
Excuse me? Ask him.
I'm sorry.
Your Honor, we're gonna need a brief recess.
Are you freaking kidding me?! I I wanted to tell you.
I tried.
Tried?! When did you try?! When you were in bed with me in your fake fireman hat and your fake fireman badge and your fake fireman boots?! You wore your boots in bed? I never want to see you again.
If you were my real boyfriend, I would hit you so hard right now! Oh, what the hell! Oh! Without conceding liability, my clients are prepared to reimburse the cost of Sara's procedure.
$4,000? Is this a joke? This is a sympathetic gesture.
After all, your client didn't actually pay for the procedure.
You didn't just say that.
You're off by many zeroes.
Look, this case goes to trial, the jury is gonna see your clients for what they are the jiffy lube of medicine.
You cut corners to save yourself a few bucks, and it cost Sara Miller her life.
Lyman, an esteemed surgeon, has performed hundreds of these procedures without incident, both at UCLA and as founding partner of the Southland Surgicenters.
True or false, doctor you knew total organ failure, also known as malignant hyperthermia, was a possibility with the anesthetic you used.
It's always a possibility, though a remote one.
Yet you failed to stock your O.
with dantrium, the one drug that would have saved Sara Miller's life.
The A.
recommends 36 units on hand for every operation.
You had none.
That's a recommendation, not a requirement.
I did nothing wrong.
I suggest you think long and hard before putting Mrs.
Miller through a painful trial that she will not win.
And I suggest you take your $4,000 apology, roll it up in a tight, little ball Consider your offer rejected.
You will never guess who just called.
Who? Dr.
Bill Kendal, Grayson's neurologist.
He said it was personal.
He wants to ask you to dinner.
Now, how do you know that? I got it out of him.
To be honest, he wanted to do lunch.
But I upgraded you to dinner.
What are you doing? Negotiating your fair market value.
Besides, Dr.
Kendal he is a good catch.
I googled him.
Very accomplished, politically active, and, according to his twitter, a huge fan of the "Bourne" movies.
- Plus, I saw the way your eyes crinkled when I said his name.
- Teri.
Listen, one of us has to get back on the horse.
And since my heartbreak was the most recent, it's got to be you.
He's Grayson's doctor.
I mean, that gets messy, and I don't like it when my worlds collide.
Then you're not doing it right.
You got a minute? Call him back and tell him no.
Sure! - Everything all right? - Well, when I moved the wedding up, I didn't realize how much would be involved.
Vanessa's already picked a venue, found a dress, interviewed caterers, all in the last week.
Sounds like she's got it under control.
Until today.
Her managing partner needs her in Santa Barbara for the next 72 hours taking depositions.
Which means She wants me to help make some final wedding decisions.
Who knew you're supposed to pick chair covers? They're supposed to match the flowers.
This is why I need you.
Thank God my best man is a woman.
I mean, I don't know colors a and menus and "too-lay"? I don't even know what "too-lay" is.
It's pronounced "tulle," and it's a lightweight fabric that adds volume.
Hold on a second, though.
Are you asking me to help plan your wedding? No, help me finish planning it.
But I don't know what you and Vanessa like.
Well, you've got great taste.
Just pretend it's your wedding and pick whatever you'd want.
Uh, w - Okay.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
- Oh, no problem.
Teri, did you call the doctor and tell him no? No, because you're going.
Damn right I am.
- Hey.
- Morning.
You, uh You seen my girl? She left a half-hour ago.
She went running? Mm-hmm.
Hey, she's not, uh trying out for the olympics or something, right? No, not that I'm aware of.
It's great t that she's so healthy.
I it's it's just that uh, does it seem weird that that she's running earlier every morning? Does it seem weird to you? Fred, is everything okay with you and Stacy? Hmm? Yeah.
W with yeah.
We're for sure! Good.
Okay, so, t things aren't terrible.
We, um we kiss a lot.
I mean, s sometimes w we fall asleep kissing, and then then we'll we'll wake up and and we'll kiss some more.
And then Stacy goes running? Not to get too personal, but you do realize that there's more to the whole shebang than just kissing, right? Yeah, no, of course I do.
- Okay.
- But it's Stacy.
Now, imagine if if you wanted to be a mountain climber your whole life, a and then, first time out, bang, you know, Everest! I it gets a little - Intimidating? - Yes! I I've been with nobody, a and she's been with, what, three, four guys? Yeah, that sounds about right.
I need a map.
Or a sherpa.
You need research magazines, books.
Books! What kind of what kind of books? Well, start with Judy Blume "Forever," page 81 and "Wifey," chapter 2.
And if that's not enough, I have a year of "Cosmo" and three seasons of "Sex And The City" on the DVR.
I don't know how to thank you.
Hey, uh, let me at least make you breakfast.
Oh, thanks.
I can't.
I have to get to work and Plan Grayson's wedding? I heard.
Why are you doing this? He asked me to.
And I must be a masochist because I barely hesitated.
You're trying to be a good friend.
I admire that.
Well, when I tried for something more, he got hit by a car, so this seems safer.
Okay, so, I know that I'm the last person that you wanted to, um Could you put down that grapefruit knife? And the spork.
Thank you.
So, I just want to explain a and apologize.
And if you never want to see me again, you won't.
So, what do you really do for a living? I'm an accountant.
- For firefighters? - No.
But ever since I was little, I wanted to be a fireman.
It just didn't work out.
When I was in college, I joined the ROTC.
I figured it'd be good training, it'd keep me in shape.
Six weeks in, I fractured a vertebrae.
How do I know you're not lying? Well, um, I have documentation.
Um, so I moved around the state, applying to various fire departments uh, San Jose, Fresno, Carlsbad.
But with my back injury When we met, you were wearing an I.
fire department t-shirt.
When I asked how long you'd been with the department, - you said three years.
- Yeah, I I knew it was wrong.
- Then why? - Because of the way you looked at me.
You saw the person that I wanted to be, a and when I was with you, I I became that guy.
Gary, that's crazy.
I know.
And the sweetest thing anyone's ever said.
What the hell's going on here? So, he's not a real fireman, but he is a good samaritan.
And that's a defense, right? It is.
Get back to work.
Thank you.
When Dr.
Lyman came out, he said that Sara had a heart attack on the table.
And so they rushed her to Cedars, because the Surgicenter wasn't equipped.
And when you got to Cedars? Sara was gone.
Did the doctor at Cedars say anything else? Um, he asked me where Sara had gotten her procedure.
And when I said the Southland Surgicenter, he just k kind of got real quiet, and he told me I needed to talk to a lawyer.
Nothing further.
Miller, you accompanied Sara to her surgery, didn't you? Yes, of course.
And did you help her fill out the patient intake form? She gave the answers, and I wrote.
Can you show me where you indicated that Sara was taking an antidepressant? Excuse me? The form asks for all medications.
Why is there no mention of SSRIs? Because she wasn't taking any.
I'm confused.
Page 6 of Sara's autopsy clearly indicates the presence of SSRIs in her bloodstream.
Your Honor, uh, we don't have page 6.
Uh, I have the index right here, your Honor.
The highlighted entry.
- We need that.
- Mrs.
Miller, are you aware that certain SSRIs are known to trigger malignant hyperthermia in surgical patients? - No.
- Do you understand that if someone had indicated that Sara was taking an SSRI, the experienced doctors at Southland Surgicenter would have used a different anesthetic and none of this would have happened? - Your Honor, we need a recess.
- Mrs.
Miller? - I didn't know.
- Your Honor! - I didn't know! - We'll recess until tomorrow.
I just have one question for you, Gary.
Despite Miss Theodore's apartment being consumed by fire, is she still alive? Well yeah.
She's sitting right there.
Nothing further.
Rice, this is the l.
firefighters' manual.
Tell me after breaking into miss Theodore's apartment, did you "issue instructions in a calm, confident manner"? Well, there there was some yelling.
You shouted that she was "going to die" if she didn't follow you out the window, - isn't that right? - I was trying to save her life.
Did you "first clear all the glass from the window" "before assisting her into the arms of a partner"? No.
Um, I threw a clock radio through the window.
And shoved her out headfirst.
Tell me how did Miss Theodore injure her ribs? Well, we were near the bottom of the fire escape, and, um, t there was an explosion, and she was thrown off the ladder and, uh something landed on her.
And what was that "something"? It was me.
Found it! Autopsy report, page 6, it was stuffed into a "Redbook" magazine they'd thrown into the last box of discovery.
Of course.
How could we miss that? Yeah, how could you? Excuse me? Where is all the administrative support you promised me when you piggybacked onto my case? Big firm, lots of resources.
- I told you something was gonna get missed.
- Guys - I was doing just fine.
- You're the one that wanted to - Guys! - What?! I thought I should tell you in person that I'm dropping the case.
- You can't.
- Why? - You were in the courtroom.
You heard.
I am responsible for Sara.
No, you're not.
They screwed up.
Clearly, she didn't feel comfortable confiding in me.
And if she had, then I would have known.
This is too painful.
What they did today was a stunt.
The attorney buried the autopsy report so he could ambush us in court and try and shame you into dropping the case.
Well, it worked.
- Hi! - Hi.
Why is there a wedding-cake book on your desk? Because Grayson almost ordered an ice-cream cake with rainbow sprinkles.
It is a wedding, not a I know, right? Wait.
Sweetie, why are you here? Teri called with a code red.
She said that you had a big date tonight and you weren't gonna change your outfit.
Yeah, I'm not I'm not gonna go.
All I can think about is this case.
I mean, this poor girl.
It's really sad.
This could have been any one of us Struggling model, dies getting a boob job.
- So true.
- Mm-hmm.
Except for the boob-job part.
Well, actually Are you telling me I thought about it.
A few weeks before I got this body, I made an appointment to talk with a doctor.
You never told me.
I know.
I wasn't sure.
Anyway, it's not an issue anymore.
Thank you, Jane.
You should go on this date tonight! Have fun.
I mean, Teri said the mom is dropping the case, right? So there's nothing left to do except be sexy and interesting.
I don't know.
I haven't been on a first date in a long time.
- Now I'm kind of nervous.
- Oh.
Here's all you need to know.
If you're annoyed when the waiter comes by, then the date is going well.
But if you're relieved, then order something that doesn't take long to cook because the date is a dud.
- That's genius.
- Either way don't rush home.
You-know-who told me he had big plans tonight.
And by "you-know-who," I mean Fred, and by "big plans," I mean Yeah, I I cracked the code.
When we first smelled smoke? We were in his bedroom.
Gary was in his uniform, I was in mine if you know what I mean.
I was naked.
The plaintiff stipulates that we do, in fact, know what the witness means.
What did you see that night? I saw that man right there run into a burning building when everyone was running out.
He escorted one family to the street, then another.
Then when he heard there was someone still inside - He went back in? - He didn't hesitate.
Flames filled the doorway.
I didn't know if he was gonna make it out.
And then, when I thought I would never see him again, he emerged from the window with this woman right here.
Your witness.
Miss Lee, is Gary Rice a real fireman? No.
But that night, Gary Rice was a real hero.
Mmm! Tasty.
Taught myself how to make it this afternoon.
Well, you're just full of surprises.
Well, I am just getting started.
What what what Whoa.
What'cha doing? Just a little foot massage.
Yes, you are.
But why? Well, you know what they say about feet the "neglected erogenous zone.
" Not mine.
I'm just not a foot person.
But "A" for effort! It's I'm cool.
I got this.
I'm sure you do.
Um, that's my ear.
So much better than your foot, right? Mmm.
So much better.
O-ow! Was that my earring? Just the one sister? Yeah.
Uh, and you? Only child.
Uh, you said.
That's right.
Funny story uh, my anatomy teacher at med school total narcoleptic.
Yeah, that must have been crazy.
My God.
I told you this already, didn't I? When we were waiting at the bar.
Hey, it's okay.
I mean, it's a great story.
I like the part where he falls asleep on the cadaver.
I am terrible on first dates.
Where is that waiter? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I thought my ringer was off.
Uh, I it's okay.
I'm gonna use the restroom.
Hello? - I'm sorry to interrupt, but it's an emergency.
- Where's Stacy? - Running.
- So, what happened to the big night? Total disaster! I I read all the books, the magazines, I watched a dozen episodes of "Sex And The City," and nothing helped! Apparently all women are different.
And the things that work on Miranda are not the same things that work on Charlotte.
And guess what none of it works on Stacy! - Fred, take a breath.
- The one thing that I learned girls talk to their best friends about sex.
And since you are Stacy's BFF, that makes you the keeper of all of Stacy's sexy secrets.
I need to know what works for Stacy.
Because it is not her feet and it is not her ears.
Okay, I'm going to say all of this once, and then we will never, ever have this conversation ever again do you hear me? You have my full attention.
Start by lightly moving Stacy's bangs out of her eyes.
Tuck her hair behind her ear.
It makes her feel taken care of.
This is good stuff.
Just hold on.
Here's where it gets tricky.
Once you've done the hair tuck, gently move your hand down her shoulder and Okay.
I can do that.
And then what? Huh.
Hold on.
Got it.
And then I She likes that? Really? I never would have No.
No, no, no, no.
I can do that.
Then you finish right where you started, with a gentle kiss on the lips.
Okay? I have to go.
She's home.
She's going to take a shower.
- Perfect.
Follow her.
- I took one this morning.
Fred, get in the shower! Um So how much did you hear? - Oh, not very much.
- Good.
About half.
The good half.
Well, Stacy's been my best friend since forever.
And Fred Okay - You would never put these two people together - Right.
but they're kind of perfect for each other.
Well, I think that's great.
You're a matchmaker.
Just seeing them happy makes me happy.
When I first met you in the hospital sitting with Grayson, that's the first thing I noticed your compassion.
Well, your eyes then your compassion.
Are you two ready? Could you give us a few minutes? I was just gonna say the same thing.
Ahh! Well somebody had a good night.
Oh! I cannot believe I doubted Fred's ability.
When we finally got to it he was so intuitive.
It was like he knew just what to do.
So no running for you today? I may never run again.
I swear, Jane I saw angels! Oh! I am such a bad friend.
I didn't ask you about your date.
How was it? Um, it was, you know - Oh.
- Oh! Morning.
H hi.
I'm sorry.
Stacy, this is Bill.
Bill Stacy.
Good to meet you.
Um, are you staying for breakfast? I wish I could.
I got surgery.
Um, I'll call you later.
I had a really good time.
Me too.
On the first date? Grayson's wedding caterer just called.
Oh, my God! Not again.
They're having salad issues.
Apparently persimmons are not in season.
Are you okay with peaches? Teri, this is not my wedding.
So I don't want any of this.
Okay, so I should just have them call Grayson? Yes! No.
Tell him there is a hothouse in San Diego that stocks persimmons.
I'll have them shipped in.
Sara Miller's demo reel? I've been watching it all night.
We can't let Martha drop this case.
She was a pretty girl.
But she was never gonna be a model.
That's mean.
No, it's objective.
Look her walk.
I mean, she's slightly pigeon-toed.
And her height.
I mean, no surgery can fix that.
I guess not.
So whatever agent she was talking to was just selling her a bunch of lies? Well, the best-case scenario, the agent was simply ignorant.
And worst-case The Sunset Bay Agency? - That explains it.
- What, you know them? They were this skeevy agency that tried to sign me - a few years ago.
- You? Yes, Kim! Me! Accept it! I remember the guy who ran it Steven Bay.
I mean, even his name sounded like it needed a shower.
What are you thinking? I'm thinking I might need to make a phone call.
These are terrific pictures, miss Pfleiger.
Like "Seger" with a "fluh.
" Oh.
Have you done any professional modeling? In Topeka, a car wash put me on their coupons.
I was the $2-off face.
Stand up for me.
Back up.
Turn around.
I got to be honest with you, Miss Pfleiger.
Um, you are almost exactly what they're looking for out there.
If you want to guarantee yourself a big-time career I mean sharing the runways with Gisele, Brooklyn you ought to seriously consider making a few adjustments.
You want me to get plastic surgery.
Funny Katie Moss asked me the same thing.
Six weeks later, she was making six figures.
Whew! You wanted to see me? There's been a development in Gary's case.
Did the judge make a decision? Not yet.
Then what? Something I saw in the file got me thinking.
I did a little research.
Please state your name for the record.
- Steven Bay.
- Your legal name.
- Richard Dunkelman.
- Why did you change it? I thought it sounded better for business.
You specialize in finding new modeling talent, right? Relevance, your Honor? Is Miss Bingum trying a case or trying to get an agent? Make your point, counselor.
Isn't it true that you own a piece of the Southland Surgicenters? I have lots of investments.
But this isn't just an investment.
Articles of incorporation indicate that while Dr.
Jeffrey Lyman founded the Southland Surgicenter, Richard Dunkelman owns a controlling stake, yet his professional name, Steven Bay, - isn't anywhere in here.
- Is there a question in our future? Isn't it true that your real business is promising women successful careers if they just have a little surgery and then sending them to a surgical facility that you secretly own? Absolutely not.
Would everyone in the back row please stand? Mr.
Bay, do you recognize anyone? Your Honor, you're not actually gonna allow this, are you? Oh, I think I will.
Show of hands how many of you met with Mr.
Bay for representation? And how many of you were guaranteed a career if you just had "a little work done"? How many of you were referred to the Southland Surgicenter by Mr.
Bay? How many of you currently have a career as a model? How many of you can pay the full rent every month with the money you make as a model? Your Honor, we'd like to amend our complaint to include 11 civil-assault charges against Steven Bay and the Southland Surgicenter.
- Is this a joke? - I don't know.
Why don't you ask Sara Miller's mother? Counsel, my chambers! Civil assault, your Honor? Oh, yeah.
It's defined as "a willful and unlawful use of violence" "against a person," which is exactly what this was.
Consent for these surgeries was obtained by fraud.
I mean, it was assault every time Steven Bbay convinced one of those women to have surgery without revealing he would be getting paid for it.
No different than if he had held a knife to her throat and demanded her wallet.
His knife just happened to be a scalpel.
- Nice one.
- Why, thank you.
This is dinner theater, your Honor! We move to dismiss.
Why? Because you're losing? I'm tossing the civil assaults.
- Your Honor, I don't - Thank you! Tossing them upstairs to the D.
's office with the recommendation that criminal charges be filed.
Excuse me? I'm also issuing an immediate injunction to shut down the Southland Surgicenters.
And I strongly suggest you get into a room with the plaintiff and work out a settlement.
And, Mr.
Hanson advise your client to be generous.
It's over.
You won.
Really? We're shutting them down, and they're gonna pay.
Thank you.
I came as soon as I could.
The clerk called.
Case dismissed.
Oh, God.
Teri, oh! That is awesome! Ahh! Oh, I'm gonna take you to a fantastic dinner.
This is kind of a "good news, bad news" deal.
What's the bad news? We're done.
What's this? News clippings about a good samaritan who pulled people from fires Fresno, Carlsbad, San Jose.
All cities where you applied to become a firefighter.
- Teri - Parker connected the dots.
A couple years ago, he tried a big class-action against fire insurers.
This wasn't your first time.
I I'm still a hero, right? That's a quality that you're looking for in a boyfriend.
I got to thinking.
All those fires happen to occur within blocks of wherever you happen to be living.
We're not going to dinner, are we? Turns out, the cops in Fresno, Carlsbad, San Jose, all are looking for the guy who started those fires.
You could have killed someone.
Yeah, I didn't, though.
I saved them.
Teri There's a cop downstairs.
A real one.
He's gonna have some questions for you.
Get some help.
Hey! Hey.
You were awesome today.
I know.
For you.
I got your message.
You found it.
In my closet, right where you left it.
I put this picture in here a week before I died.
I remember.
I took it.
Uh, listen I'm happy that things are going so great with the doctor, but you think maybe you're jumping the gun? Stacy This isn't for me.
- Grayson? - Yeah.
That's got to hurt.
But after last night, maybe it hurts a little less? Sure.
A little.
Thank you, Stacy.
You're welcome.
See ya.
Do you have a minute for your best man? Always.
Oh, I owe you an apology.
You keep getting hit with all this wedding stuff.
Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
It's for you.
It's color-coded, tabbed, and organized by wardrobe, menu, ceremony, reception.
You did all this? - You know.
- Jane! Well I want you to have the perfect wedding.
Good night, Grayson.

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