Drop Dead Diva s03e03 Episode Script

Dream Big

See that inspiring model there? That was me, Deb Till the day I died, I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Fred.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! And, well, I sure hope I was right.
This is JaneBingum.
Um, I was just checking in to see how you're doing Since yesterday morning when you left my house and said you'd call.
Anyway, um, call me.
- What was that? - Nothing.
You just next-day dialed the doctor, didn't you? No.
- And you slept with him on the first date.
- Oh, my God.
Did Stacy tell you? No, it was just a guess That paid off.
So, you must be feeling Please don't say "dirty" or "whore-y.
" I was gonna say, "on fire.
" Teri, he still hasn't called yet.
Is everything set for Grayson's bachelor dinner party? Four courses elegant and dignified just like you asked.
And my 2:00? - Already in your office.
- Thank you.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
I am Jane Bingum.
- Hi.
- How can I help you? Well We want to sue a sperm bank.
Wait, I know what you're thinking "Yawn.
Another dwarf suing a sperm bank.
" Eli.
I conceived my son with the help of a company named Zygolife.
I'm sorry.
Please sit down.
Here's the thing I have a wonderful child Perfect, really Mom, seriously, you don't have to qualify.
Bingum, despite my "perfection," I was born with some issues.
You probably haven't noticed, but I'm a little person.
You don't say.
The problem isn't being small.
It's the associated medical conditions Scoliosis, early onset arthritis.
The official diagnosis is achondroplasia.
I put together the relevant information.
In a growth factor receptor called FGR3.
And I'll need physical therapy and medication for the rest of my life.
Well, that costs money.
Life costs money.
We're doing okay.
You're working three jobs, mom.
She doesn't have the mutation.
So the only explanation is Zygolife's sperm.
Now, check this out.
They promised "state-of-the-Art genetic screening.
" Wow.
This is impressive.
I have a lot of time waiting for doctor's appointments.
The point is Zygolife screwed up, and we want to take them to court.
Parker? I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by to return this.
Are you crazy?! This is my place of work.
But I'm actually glad you're here.
Really? Yes, I'm interviewing at other firms.
I've heard.
Then why the hell are you ignoring my request for recommendations? I've been busy.
But not too busy to return my panties.
Thank you very much.
Psst! Hey, you.
Hey, you.
So, I'm just making sure that we are still on for drinks with my dad after your bachelor party.
Not a party.
Just a dinner.
- Right.
- And, yes, see you guys at 10:00.
Um, can I can I ask you a favor? Anything.
Well, I think that my dad was just a little disappointed that you didn't check with him.
He wants me to ask for your hand? - I know.
- I know it's old-fashioned.
But he's a judge.
He likes tradition and ritual.
And you're sure you don't mind me treating you like a piece of property? Oh, absolutely.
Demand my hand, please.
Hey, but if he says no, I'll offer him two goats and a mule.
Not funny.
Got to go.
Love you.
I love you, too.
First course Prosciutto di Parma, which I know you love.
Second course ricotta-and-egg ravioli, which you've never had, but you'll love.
Third course lobster alla diavolo, my personal favorite.
And for dessert rosemary olive-oil cakes.
- Sounds perfect.
- I know, right? Ah, there he is, the man of the hour.
It better last more than an hour, 'cause we have a lot to eat.
Good news, people.
There's been a change of plans.
- What? - I canceled the restaurant and re-booked us at La Muse Gentlemen's Club.
Limo is waiting downstairs.
- Wha awesome.
- What's a gentlemen's club? Teri, no.
Going to a club with half-naked women bouncing around is not what Grayson wants for his bachelor party.
It's what every man wants for his bachelor party.
Am I right? No arguing with the boss.
Yeah! Cute outfit.
It comes in four colors.
I know.
I have it in the other three.
Freddy, show her some love.
I'm good.
God, I miss law school.
Hey, Vanessa.
Sorry for the voicemail.
But Parker kind of changed things up.
It's gonna be a late night.
How about lunch tomorrow? You, me, your dad and I-I promise I'll ask for your hand.
You okay? Smoke aggravates my asthma.
You should tell your boss.
That would be Bobby Z.
And he could care less.
Come on, hon.
That pole ain't gonna make any money on its own.
I need some fresh air, Bobby.
On your own time.
My advice Mention California labor section 6400 to the jerk.
- You're a lawyer? - Yeah.
- Well, so is he.
- Good.
Then he knows that the law says, "an employer must provide a place of employment that's both safe and healthful.
" Good to know, Mr Kent.
Grayson Kent.
Do you want a lap dance on the house? Thanks, but I should get back to my bachelor party.
- Oh, no, thank you.
- Okay.
All right.
Nice French tips.
Honey, you got to loosen up.
Yeah! Be cool, Jane! I'm loose! I'm cool! 'Cause I-I've always been afraid to try it.
Start from the center of the eye and work your way out.
It's easy.
I will try that.
Thank you.
Oh, God, I got to grab this 'cause it could be the doctor.
I mean, not my doctor.
Well, he's kind of my I don't really know, 'cause we're kind of dating but we're not really dat Oh! Oh, God! Excuse me.
Thank you.
Hey, watch it.
Oh, God.
Hello?! Hey, sweetie, has the doctor called? Uh, no.
No, not not yet.
- Why is it so loud at the restaurant? - What?! I can't hear you! Well, I can't hear you! Hey! That's what I just said! Stacy, I can't even hear you! Stacy! Well, have fun.
Oh, bring home some dessert.
Well, I am off to work.
- Good morning.
- It certainly is, Jane.
Fred, Fred, ah.
You forgot your Oh, my tie.
Thank you, my love.
Everything seems hunky-dory.
You'd think so, but no.
Not hunky.
Not dory.
What's going on? I think Fred is hiding something.
Every time I ask him about his past, he changes the subject or distracts me with sex.
Well, you know, Fred is a He He's a very private person.
Or he's not who he claims to be.
Well, who else would he be? You've never heard of Witness Protection or the C.
Or "Mrs.
Doubtfire"? Stacy, no.
It Then why won't he tell me anything personal? - You know him.
- W-what do you think? Um, I think, I need to get to court.
Um I'm suing a sperm bank on behalf of a little person.
You have a great job.
I know.
How'd I get so lucky? Oh, yeah.
I crashed into a truck.
- Remember me? - Of course.
The asthmatic dancer.
Said the lousy lawyer.
Excuse me? I complained about the smoke machine, and I got fired.
What? Employees can't be fired for asserting their rights.
My boss, Bobby Z, said that I'm not an employee.
He said that I'm an "independent" "contractor.
" Which is what employers call their employees when they want to dodge the laws.
So Where does that leave me? With a lawsuit.
I'll get you an expedited hearing today.
Oh, that is, if you don't mind being represented by a "lousy lawyer.
" I'm sorry.
That was mean.
I have to reschedule a lunch with my father-in-law-to-be, and then we'll head to court.
I'm gonna meet you there.
I want to pick up my lucky pumps.
Judges love 'em.
Eli Haller was born.
But because of a negligent failure by the defendant, his mother now bears the financial burden of paying for the associated costs due to his medical conditions that could have been prevented.
On behalf of Zygolife incorporated, I move for summary judgement.
Plaintiff has failed to state a cause of action upon which relief can be granted.
The cause of action is negligence Straightforward and demonstrable.
She may be calling it "negligence," but this is actually a wrongful-life suit She's saying Ms.
Haller should never have given birth to her son.
Such suits are barred, per California Civil Code 43.
We are not suing for wrongful life, only for the medical costs associated with Mr.
Haller's conditions.
- It amounts to the same thing.
- No, but Sorry.
I agree.
This Avenue is closed.
I I'm sorry.
It's okay, Ms.
- I will come up with another way.
- No.
- Mom! - You heard the judge.
Let's go.
What are you doing here? I have been a bad guardian angel.
Well, we all know that's true.
Why the sudden realization? Teri told me you were stressing out because you haven't heard back from the did-it-on-the-first-date doctor.
Um, he's a neurosurgeon.
And what are you gonna do about it? I could offer advice.
- I could listen.
- I am at your service.
Okay, yeah, I think I liked you better when you were more self-absorbed.
- Did you call him? - Yes.
Maybe he didn't get the message.
You should call him again.
I called four times.
Maybe I should have gotten to you sooner.
You know, Fred, right now maybe you should focus on your own relationship.
What? Why? It's amazing.
Do you know something? Stacy thinks you have a secret because you never talk about your past.
I'm a guardian angel.
I don't have a past.
Well, you better figure out something to say before this all ends badly.
Would she believe that I'm a Romanian gymnast who didn't have a childhood? Keep working on it.
Your honor, Sierra Santell is an employee and therefore entitled to the protections afforded employees by state law.
Dancers like Sierra have historically been considered independent contractors.
They come and go as they choose.
They move from club to club and therefore are not employees.
In Hart vs.
Rick's cabaret, a federal judge defined an employee as working for someone who "has complete control over workplace activities.
" Here, my client's employer determined where she worked, - when she worked - Oh! And he also picked my music.
And in the bathroom, there's a sign for all employees to wash their hands which I do.
There you have it.
By law, she is an employee with clean hands.
I agree.
Santell is hereby reinstated as an employee at la muse, with all benefits retroactive to the date of hire.
Uh, Ms.
Santell? Love the shoes.
Told you.
How does this sound? "In conclusion, Kim Kaswell "is not just a brilliant lawyer and an inspiring leader, she is one of the most decent human beings I have ever met.
" - What are you doing? - I heard Parker's refusing to write recommendations on Kim's behalf, so I thought we could do it.
Why would we want to do it? 'Cause if she gets a job at another firm, she won't be coming back here.
I thought you would like the idea.
It's not that.
I let Eli down.
My motion on the Haller case got rejected faster than Galliano's spring collection.
My cousin used a sperm bank.
Totally state-of-the-Art.
She wanted a baby half-Korean, half-Brazilian.
Now she's got a math whiz with a totally hot bod.
Mark my words custom-made babies are the natural evolution of our culture.
When they make ones that don't cry, sign me up.
Teri, you are a genius.
I know.
Why? Send Zygolife a notice of discovery demanding information on how they screened their sperm in 1993.
Then call Molly Haller and tell her I'm on my way.
We just got a new cause of action.
Which is Zygolife claimed that their "product" was state-of-the-Art.
We're suing for product liability.
You want to compare my son to a busted toaster? A toaster? No.
Uh, yes and no.
We are suing for product liability as a way around Zygolife's defense.
- That's awesome.
- No, it's repulsive.
It's a means to an end.
It's what I've been fighting against since Eli was born.
He's not a defective product.
I am not saying he's defective, absolutely not.
I'm saying that Zygolife's state-of-the-Art process was defective.
That's splitting hairs.
Mom I'm sorry.
No one's ever gonna say that you are not perfect just the way you are.
Please leave.
Come on.
Hi! Eli, you scared me.
I-I didn't see you come in.
No one did.
I'm desk height.
The product-liability angle, let's do it.
Okay, I really do want to help you, but your mom said no.
You think we can win, right? I think we'd have a shot.
This morning, we got an eviction notice.
Three jobs and my mom can't afford rent andme.
This isn't getting any better, - and you could do something about it.
- Not without your mom.
If the judge says he'll let this go forward, then I'll talk to her.
I don't want to upset her unless it's for real.
I'll work up a petition.
And we will give this our best shot.
Kent? You're ruining our lives.
Uh, care to elaborate? You got us all reclassified as employees.
That's what we wanted.
Not sure why.
Being an employee sucks.
We used to make a grand a night in tips.
And now Bobby Z says that since we're employees, all of our tips are corporate earnings, so he gets to keep 'em.
That wasn't my intention.
That's not good enough.
- Desiree.
- No, she's right.
I'll call Bobby Z, see what I can do.
Told you guys he'd help.
- He couldn't make it worse.
- Uh, one moment.
Hey! Hey What's going on in there? New clients.
Oh, ah.
They look more like - Strippers.
- And we're both right.
You missed drinks with my dad, then lunch, and now you've got a roomful of girls.
- Are you going through something? - No, no.
Look, lunch tomorrow with you and your dad, and I promise I will not leave until I ask my future father-in-law for your hand.
Hello, ladies.
Lovely to meet you.
Good luck with the case.
In 1993, a company called Westin Labs began offering a DNA test for mutations in the growth factor receptor FGR3.
That test would have caught Eli's condition, had it been used.
We didn't know about the test back then.
And neither did most of the scientific community.
Only 30% of Zygolife's competitors used the test in 1993.
How can my client be responsible for a test he didn't know about? They sold a faulty product.
Whether or not they should have known about the test is a jury question.
I agree.
I'm granting your petition, Ms.
Thank you.
Now, hold on.
The cause of action is product liability.
- That's right.
- In product-liability matters, the statute of limitations expires two years after receipt of the product.
- How old are you, Eli? - 17.
Bingum, you're 15 years too late to bring this suit.
- We move to dismiss.
- Okay, hold hold on.
I move to substitute Eli Haller as the plaintiff, - and I name myself "guardian ad litem".
- What? It means she'll be my guardian for the purposes of I understand what she's asking.
Eli's 17.
The statute of limitations doesn't start for an individual until 18.
So Molly Haller is no longer my client.
Eli is.
And the trial starts tomorrow.
Honey! I'm home! Oh! Just in time for a seaweed smoothie.
It's good for your stamina, not that you need any help.
- Looks delicious.
- Mm.
Stacy, I-I've been thinking Uh, we need to talk.
- Oh? - No, I just, uh I've been focusing so much on us that I haven't really told you anything about myself, and I-I feel like sharing.
So, is there anything that you want to ask me? Because I am ready to tell you whatever it is that you want to know.
I'm an only child from San Diego.
My favorite color is aqua.
I am a pisces, although on the weekend, I feel a little bit more like an aquarius.
Oh, my God! I feel so much closer to you right now.
Mmm! That Do you want to You want to go into the bedroom and test out my stamina? What about your parents? My parents? Right.
They're dead.
Oh, that's so sad.
Well, no, I mean, they're They're not They're not both dead.
Um, my mom I-I-is fine and and living in, um Alhambra.
Alhambra? Could we go see her? No! No, no.
It's too far.
Alhambra's like - It is? - Mm-hmm.
It seems further, like in Africa.
Let's go right now.
No! Uh, well How about this? How about the three of us go out to lunch sometime in the future? How about tomorrow? Unless there's a reason to put it off.
Tomorrow's great.
My mom loves Wednesdays.
Hi, Eli.
I'm here to see your mom.
She's at work.
- Right.
- On the bright side, she did get your subpoena before she left.
Come on in.
You know, I-I wanted to talk to her about it, but she wouldn't return my calls.
Yeah, I know.
I need to make it clear to both of you that the only way I can prove liability is to establish that Zygolife let her down.
So I need to prove that she had expectations about you that weren't met because of their mistake.
Wait here.
You want to know what she expected when she was pregnant with me? I found this in a drawer.
She doesn't know I've seen it.
"To my baby, on his 17th birthday.
"I just got the news I'm finally gonna be a mom.
"Today, I make a commitment to you "To make sure you grow up healthy and strong.
"To provide you with every advantage "so you may become whatever you want to be "An astronaut, an athlete, or even president.
"To encourage you to travel the world, "to reach for the stars "To live a life without boundaries or limits.
"I will always love you.
" But you turned 17 months ago.
She never gave me the letter.
I know she loves me, Ms.
But it doesn't change that this isn't what she signed up for.
Oh, no.
I don't know what you said to Bobby Z, but he locked us out.
What? I just left him a voicemail.
He fired you? Yeah, and he called around to all the other clubs.
No one will hire us.
Said we were a problem.
What's going on? I encouraged Sierra to bring a grievance to her boss.
And now he's blacklisted all three of them with the other club owners.
Well, it sounds to me like the owners are acting like a strip-club trust Which is illegal.
Jane's right.
We need to get to court by the close of business today.
I will have a paralegal file the paperwork.
I just need to reschedule another lunch.
Be right back.
He's a great guy, isn't he? Yeah.
He's the best.
Hey, did that doctor guy ever call you back? No.
You deserve better.
Yeah, I do.
Hi, bill.
This is Jane.
Jane Bingum.
Bill, I-I wanted to let you know that I-I never sleep with a guy on the first date.
But for some reason, I-I thought you were different.
And maybe it's because you were smart and charming and cute And I guess it doesn't hurt that you're a doctor.
But now now I see that that I was simply suckered by an oversized ego and a God complex so, so big that you couldn't even bother to return one of my phone calls.
So congratulations, you lost me, just like you can lose my number Though it seems you already have.
Hey, I heard all that.
And for what it's worth, I'm proud of you.
I, uh, feel like I'm gonna be sick.
Kim Kaswell.
Parker? What are you doing here? I have a job interview.
I'll be brief.
I want you back at the firm.
Not just because you're an amazing lawyer, but because you're an amazing woman.
I know I screwed up, professionally and personally.
I wasn't honest, and I let the best thing in my life get away from me.
Yes, you did.
Kim Please come back.
- My interview's about to start.
- Parker.
We've been waiting on your recommendation.
Thanks for giving it in person.
Ginny? Aah! Ohh! Never sneak up on a person like that! And I'm sorry.
Um, so, how is my favorite employee? - Temporary employee.
- Right.
Uh, between acting jobs.
Yes, that's right.
I'm an actress in real life.
Uh, "Sound of Music" at the Buena Park Dinner Theater.
- Good stuff.
- Oh, my God! You saw it?! I can't believe you saw it! - Well, I-I-I didn't.
- Oh.
But, um, I did see your flier in the elevator.
Oh, right.
Yeah, I put that out there.
I know.
You You looked really convincing as the the mother superior.
The "Buena Bugle" called me, uh, "stern and matronly.
" - Matronly.
- Yes.
Uh, "mother with dignity.
" Ooh, aren't you the clever little crier? Well, it's exactly what I was looking for.
Really? Um, yeah, I-I-I was wondering if I could ask you a favor, that that would involve your "superior" acting skills.
And and a-a free lunch.
Oh! I'm listening.
Haller, when you first read Zygolife's brochure offering state-of-the-Art genetic screening, were you aware of a test that would have caught a mutation in the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3? I'm not a doctor, Ms.
Then it's fair to say that you were relying on Zygolife's expertise to ensure the quality of the sperm they sold you? Yes.
No further questions.
Well Since this case is about product liability, I have to ask Do you want to trade in your son? Excuse me? If, theoretically, we could provide you with another boy, a different boy but without the mutated gene, would you agree to it? Of course not.
I wouldn't trade Eli for the world.
No further questions.
Uh, uh, redirect? Proceed.
In 1993, what were your expectations for your unborn child? Um, I remind you that you are under oath.
I don't understand the question.
Did you expect that Eli would need biweekly ritux injections so that he could walk without pain or that he would "grow up healthy and strong"? Healthy and strong.
Did you expect that your child would need seven spinal operations or that he might become an astronaut or an athlete? Did you expect that the costs associated with Eli's medical conditions would require that you work 18-hour days? Or did you believe that your son would live a life without limits or boundaries? Stop, Ms.
Bingum! Stop! This was a mistake.
- Eli, I - Please! - I'm sorry.
- I know.
I know.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, honey.
- No, shh.
Oh, God.
- I didn't mean it.
No, it's gonna be okay.
It's okay.
Look at me.
Look at me.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
I heard what happened in court.
So you turned my computer into a shrine? I bookmarked your top 10 favorite online shopping destinations and pre-loaded your credit-card info.
Retail therapy always cheers you up.
Thank you.
But this goes way beyond that.
Today, I forced a mother to admit her darkest secrets about her son.
Is there anything relevant in the Zygolife discovery? Of course not.
Why would Zygolife give us evidence that would hurt them? Well, because it's discovery, and there are rules.
Yes, and everyone always plays by the rules.
No one ever cheats on their taxes or lies to get out of jury duty or shoplifts a whole chicken from costco.
And I have a hard time believing that Zygolife would just hand over a smoking gun neatly tied up in a box.
Then we should look outside the box.
What are you talking about? My brain is working.
My brain is working.
You're acting really weird.
Teri, we don't need their stupid boxes.
It's just like in retail There are two parties to every transaction.
You buy your groceries at the market, you buy your cosmetics at the counter, you buy your tests for genetic mutations From the lab.
Zygolife buys their FGR3 test from Westin Labs.
Westin Labs would have no reason to conceal their records.
I'm on it.
Thank you.
Grayson, Bobby Z's here with the guys who own the biggest clubs west of Denver's silver cabaret.
I know.
I had them all served.
They're participating in the conspiracy to restrain your employment.
Judge Byron hemmings presiding.
Oh, no.
What's wrong? This isn't good.
Apparently, lunch with my daughter and future son-in-law got canceled again.
So, here I am, saddled with an alleged "emergency" T.
I'm the son-in-law.
Your honor, may I approach? Are they the emergency? Yes.
How'd you meet them? Is that really relevant? Well, I am the judge.
I met Ms.
Santell at my bachelor party.
And apparently, they're a package deal.
This is gonna be good.
But what you need to know about my Freddy is that he can be overly sensitive.
Mnh, that's not entirely Sweetheart, please don't speak while you're chewing.
Anyway, as Fred's mom, I think I should ask you a few questions.
What was your S.
Score? Oh.
Is that really that important? Of course it's important.
My Freddy should be with a smart girl.
But Mom! Never you mind.
So, what about your career? He tells me you're a model.
And, sweetie, you know most models peak at 22.
How old are you? Hoo.
N-not 22.
So, do you have a back-up plan? - Ginny! Mother! - Yes? Oh, I'm sorry, sugarplum.
Menopause makes mommy crazy.
Um If you'll excuse me, I have to tinkle.
Ooh! It's it's slippery.
Stacy, look, that is not my mother.
Oh, Fred If that was my mom, I would say the exact same thing.
I promise we never have to do this again.
Okay? Okay.
Inverness, the other day in chambers, you stated that your company had no knowledge of Westin Lab's FGR3 test when Ms.
Haller purchased sperm.
Now, is that true? Yes, we only became aware of the test in '94, at which time it was added to our screening process.
After Eli had been conceived.
That's right.
Why did you decide to add the test? To stay current.
Oh, it it wasn't because Westin Labs had lowered their price? How could we know they'd lowered the price when we had no prior knowledge it existed? Hmm.
We received this e-mail from a vice president of Westin Labs.
He's kept a record of every sales meeting he's had with a potential client since 1989.
And in this note, he details a meeting he had with your company in January of '93.
I'd like to read his summary to the jury, if I may.
"Wednesday, January 7, 1993.
"Met with Zygolife purchasing agent to discuss FGR3 test.
Agent refused, citing the cost of $75 a unit.
" Can you identify the purchasing agent who refused to purchase this test? Oh, well, the name's here in the e-mail.
Oh, you don't want to Hmm? Okay.
It's your name.
I would like to introduce this e-mail as evidence.
- Objection! - Overruled.
Your honor, bottom line These men are colluding for the sole purpose of preventing my clients from working.
But my colleagues and I are simply sharing employee reviews and nothing more.
These "reviews" have the clear purpose of suppressing the ability of the dancers to demand better working conditions.
That's not how we see it.
All right.
I've heard enough.
There is, indeed, evidence of collusion.
- Your honor - Stow it, counselor.
This court hereby instructs Mr.
Z to re-hire all his dancers, and they will keep their tips.
Furthermore, I want you and all your colleagues to submit your employee contracts to this court for review, post haste.
By "post haste", he means "Quickly.
" We know.
We're dancers, not dummies.
- Court is adjourned.
- Your honor If you'll grant leave for an amicus motion? Yes? I've been waiting to do this for a week, sir.
And now that we're finally together, I'd like to ask your permission to marry your incredible daughter.
That would be me.
So ordered.
Thanks, daddy.
My position is nonnegotiable.
I want a 10% raise, and you and I come to an understanding.
What kind of an understanding? I'm back with the firm.
I'm not back with you.
May I ask why you changed your mind? No.
No? No, you may not ask why I changed my mind.
We just got an offer from Zygolife's attorney.
Uh, since you are the client Mom.
Now, that's what I'm talking about.
I don't know what to say.
Well, I hope that you'll say you'll forgive me.
I never meant to hurt you or your family.
You were just trying to protect my son.
It's what every mother wants.
Thank you.
It was my pleasure, Eli.
It truly was.
Come on, mom.
Let's go.
Tonight, I'm buying you dinner.
- Jane.
- Kim.
- You're back.
- I am.
And I heard about the glowing recommendations you wrote for me.
It was nothing.
I know.
I can't wait to return the favor some day.
Bill? Hey, Jane.
Can I come in? - Hi.
- Hi.
I think I left my cellphone here the other night.
Oh? Yeah, I think it might have fallen out of my pants uh, when when you took them off.
And and, uh, I-I just got off a nonstop haul Tumor resection, two aneurysm clippings and I realized I never called you back.
And now I feel like a jerk.
- No.
No worries at all.
- Yeah? I was hoping to, uh, take you out on a proper date.
If not tonight, then Oh.
Uh, tonight works.
Well, then as soon as I get my cellphone.
I think it might be under the bed.
I'll go look.
Found it.
So, uh, I was thinking Italian.
Oh, I love Italian.
Hey, I want to thank you for giving me another chance me and my oversized ego and God complex.
Oh, God.
I No, you I mean How did you hear your messages? I just deleted them.
Jane, I am a neurosurgeon.
I have to check my messages.
Yes, you do.
But I got to say, when you get mad, you're pretty adorable.

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