Drop Dead Diva s04e02 Episode Script


See that aspiring model there? That was me Deb until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Luke.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whoo! and, well, I sure hope I was right.
Drop Dead Diva 4x02 - Home Original air date June 10, 2012 A relationship is like open-heart surgery.
It's all about exposure.
Your fears are exposed.
Your heart is exposed.
And they put you in a gown that exposures your well, anyway, the metaphor isn't perfect.
The point is, what's important is that you have complete confidence in the person who will hold your heart in his hands.
I don't want you to worry about a thing, Jane.
Owen? Are you a doctor? Just close your eyes and relax, Jane.
Grayson, what are you what are you doing? What are you doing? - She's my patient.
- I don't think so.
- Boys? - Let go.
- Give me the scalpel.
- Stop! - Give me the scalpel, Grayson.
Give me the scalpel! - Stop it! Step away from the table.
I'm gonna cut her right now.
- Step away! - Okay, stop it! - Away! - Stop it! Seriously, that's the last time I watch "Grey's" reruns right before I go to sleep.
It's weird, right? Owen and Grayson? The dream means you're in transition, but before she went topless.
But I'm not really thinking of Grayson anymore.
Mm? What? I'm not.
Well, maybe he's thinking of you.
What? Okay, so, last night, he showed up, and he had all these questions about you both of you.
What's both of me? Jane and Deb.
Like, did I know that Jane got shot the same day Deb died? What if he's connecting the dots a and he knows? He knows what that my soul went into Jane's body? No.
It's impossible.
Grayson is far too rational for that.
Listen, sweetie, I really do appreciate your concern, but I just I know Grayson, and he's not connecting any dots.
I got to get to work.
Roll with me, Jane.
That is so 10 years ago.
Or is it 10 years from now? No, it's what I said.
Hey, so, listen, so, I was pondering.
Why you're riding a Segway through an office? Come on, Jane.
Be serious for a second.
I am.
I'm really wondering.
You know how your previous guardian angel lived with you? - You're not living with me.
- Fred lived with you.
Yeah, 'cause I liked Fred.
And do you know what's terrible? I'm the only one who remembers him.
Stacy was in love with him.
She doesn't even have a clue.
That sounds like a complaint.
It is a complaint.
I only take complaints on alternate mondays.
And rolling.
You wanted to see me? Please call your father back.
What? You've been ignoring his messages.
Uh, yes, but how do you know that? Well, when he couldn't reach you, he called my office.
I'm sorry.
Every time he calls, he wants money.
I haven't spoken to the guy in years.
I don't want to drag you into this.
His address.
He said you didn't have it.
Bel Air? He's expecting you for lunch.
- Where's the ax?! - Behind you! - W where's the flamethrower?! - Behind you! Behind you! - You're too late, man.
- Ah, that's an awesome game.
Yeah, it's coming out next Christmas.
I'll sign you up as a beta tester.
- Who's the kid? - Your 10:00.
He is the C.
of a computer-game company.
But don't try to beat him at "Combat Town.
" He dominates probably because he designed it.
I'm being honored at a software developers convention in Buenos Aires next month.
Biggest one in the Southern hemisphere.
Problem is, I can't go.
Is it a visa issue? It's a dad issue.
He won't let me go.
O okay.
I want to sue him for permission.
I found precedent.
Take a look at that.
Now, in 2002, a 14-year-old sued her dad just so he would allow her to go on a school field trip.
Well, your dad must have a good reason.
Yeah, it's called being an overprotective single parent.
Sam, I worry that taking your dad to court may not get the result that you're looking for.
So how about, uh, a mediation? Sure.
We could try that first.
But when it doesn't work, I want to sue.
But I might just take a little bit of this.
- It's a nice lunch item, but - Hello? Who is this? Who's this? I asked you first.
- You called me.
- Fine.
I will assume this is the b-i-t-c-h that took my phone and replaced it with hers.
Oh, my God! Then I will assume this is the c-r-a-zz The crazy person who crank-calls me in the middle of the day to accuse me of stealing her phone, which I know I didn't because I'm talking to her on my phone a special-edition sparkly pink, bedazzled touch-screen.
You know what? I think I've got your phone.
Can we exchange phones now? Totally.
Oh, hey, how did you get this number? Just give me your address.
Hey! Kimmy, you made it! Hey, dad.
What are you doing here? Well, I was just making lunch.
No, I mean, um you live here? Uh, did I not just open the front door? Dad, you're a janitor.
Did you win the lottery or something? Oh, no, no, no, no.
I got fired.
It's an interesting story.
Come on in.
Oh, yeah swimming pool, tennis courts.
Look at this beautiful gourmet kitchen, huh? It sure is.
This sink here 100% pure copper.
I feel like the king of England.
Look at this I'm making lemonade from the grove out back.
What was I talking about? EVK Insurance fired you? Oh, yeah, yeah, after 14 years of service.
Imagine that.
I figured, eh, no big deal.
I got a retirement fund, right? Well, wrong.
It turns out EVK under-funded my retirement account, so I called a lawyer.
The guy gets me a $34,000 judgment, right? Pretty good? Wrong! It turns out EVK declares bankruptcy.
So now they don't have to pay you.
That's right, even though Elliot Rollins, their C.
, gets a bonus of $2.
6 million.
Dad? Yeah, pickles? Whose house is this? Elliot Rollins'.
He owns six or seven of 'em.
You're trespassing.
We shouldn't even be here right now.
I'm collecting the $34k he owes me in back rent.
Oh, my God.
Oh, sweetheart, h he had a party here a couple of months ago for the company, and I was asked to help clean up, which I did, and when everybody left, I stayed.
Does Rollins know you're here? Oh, yeah one of the neighbors blew the whistle, so Rollins shows up this morning, starts screaming if I'm not out of here by noon, he's gonna call the cops.
Dad, this is crazy, even for you.
What? The place rents for $11,000 a month.
I got five weeks to go.
Come on.
You're having lemonade, right? I reviewed Sam's legal precedent.
It's Canadian and was overturned on appeal.
If we're going to court, we need something else.
I'm still hoping we settle this over coffee in his dad's living room.
Was there something else? Do you realize you were shot the same day Deb died? Oh.
Well, I'm sure lots of people were shot that day.
At exactly 10:14 in the morning? Hey.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
Actually, I don't care, because You've got big news.
How do you know that? Because you bought a new suit, which means I'm back on the bench.
Just talked with the presiding judge.
I am reclaiming my old courtroom.
That's fantastic.
Isn't that fantastic? That's fantastic.
Maybe you should get a new suit, Grayson, seeing as I'll be judging you again real soon.
Not that I've ever stopped.
- I'm kidding.
- That's funny.
Honestly, I want an honest opinion.
What do you think? Uh Tell me the truth.
Are the sleeves too long? They are perfect.
Don't change a thing.
- You think so? - No, no, they're perfect.
- You know what we could do? - What? We could salsa.
- Who's leading? - You are! You're always leading! Yeah, well, I don't understand why you hired lawyers to talk to your father! 'Cause you won't listen to me! Okay, this trip is really important.
I am listening, Sam, and I said no end of story.
Dad, you said you'd take me to Lindsey's.
Uh okay, finish your homework, and then we'll go.
Listen, I don't know what he's told you, but nobody's prouder of Sam.
Still, he's not going to South America by himself.
He's only 16.
Why not go with him? I'm an L.
I got two kids, a full-time job, and since my wife died, it's just me.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Show your friends out.
I want to go to court.
We looked into it.
Your lawsuit would get tossed in 30 seconds.
As long as you're a minor, your father has the right to prevent you from traveling overseas.
Well, then we'll sue for emancipation.
Eman no.
Emancipation is drastic.
It tells your father that you don't want him in your life.
- How do we do it? - We don't.
The court needs to see you have an independent source of income, you can live on your own, and that it's in your best interests.
Okay, before you do this, let's let's just breathe, and we'll discuss.
Hold on.
You're my lawyer.
You're not my mother.
I I want to be emancipated.
That's the son of a bitch right there.
Let us take care of this, sir.
Uh, I'm, uh, renting the place.
- It's not for rent.
- Officer, if I may.
Who are you? I'm Kim Kaswell.
I'm his lawyer.
I need to see his I.
, please.
Oh, yes, sir.
Here's my license.
Note the address.
Are you kidding? That's this address.
It's my house.
You changed your address? - This lowlife is a trespasser.
- Lowlife? I scrubbed your floors for 14 years.
You don't even know my name.
" Ha! You've got handcuffs.
Use them.
Officer, my client is a presumptive tenant until a judge says otherwise, and he has rights.
Rights? He has the right to get his ass tasered.
You listen to me, krupke my taxes pay your salary.
I'm ordering you to get this jackass out of my house.
Step back, Mr.
Excuse me? Her taxes pay my salary, too.
For now, he's, uh, what did you call it? Presumptive tenant.
Return to your vehicle.
You want to go see the wine cellar? It's a doozy.
Hey, Nikki.
That's the oven.
Come on in.
Nice place.
Thank you! Oh.
What the hell is that? It was supposed to be a cake.
So you're, like, a baker? Not really.
This morning, I felt a bit down, like something was missing from my life, and I thought it might be carbs, so I baked.
So, why does your cake have a crust? I don't understand what happened.
I mean, I followed the recipe.
Well, the pages are stuck together.
You combined a bundt cake with pecan pie.
Sounds like me.
I mean, it looks weird, but it smells pretty good.
It does.
Let me try.
Oh, my God! It's delicious! You just invented a new dessert.
I'm an inventor.
You need to name this.
Umm cake pie.
Pie cake? I've got it.
It's a pake! Hey.
I'm almost through the financials.
This kid makes 10 times what I do.
It doesn't mean he should be emancipated.
He's the client.
Which is why I drafted a mitigation statement.
Would you take a look at it? "Mapping your past lives"? Just a little research.
On reincarnation? You? I don't know.
I find the whole idea of it, uh, reassuring.
What about you? Do you think a person can come back as someone else? Oh, my God, guys.
You've got to see this.
The county has no record of Sam's birth certificate, and his social security number is a fake.
Well, 10 years of watching "Dateline" has made me pretty suspicious, so I scoured all the missing-persons databases, and this is what came up.
I don't understand.
That's a baby.
His name is Adam Gates.
He was kidnapped 15 years ago.
This is what he would look like today.
What the hell is this? We've got a warrant.
Step back.
- My kids are in here! - Mr.
Forman, you're under arrest.
- What are the charges? - Kidnapping.
- W what's going on right now? - Dad? You and your sister are going with child protective services.
You have the right to remain silent.
Sam! Daddy, no! Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
- Dad! - It's gonna be okay, sweetie.
Jane, what did you do?! Heard you wanted to see me.
I need for you to hear the whole story.
You kidnapped a child.
You thought the law didn't apply to you because you're a cop, but you're wrong.
Sit down.
What? New year's eve, 15 years ago.
I caught this case.
A meth dealer was killed in a condemned house.
No electricity, rotted food, drug paraphernalia.
In the garage, I found a 1-year-old boy covered in battery grease.
Adam Gates? Yeah.
I called protective services.
No one came.
So I took him home.
My wife and I cleaned him up, fed him, and waited for someone to get in touch.
But no one did.
This this kid had fallen completely through the cracks.
What about his family? His father was dead.
His mother was a hard-core drug user in and out of jail.
I mean, she brought that kid to this dealer's house and forgot him.
So Sarah and I decided to raise him as our own.
I always knew this day could come.
But I had to take the risk.
That's why you didn't want Sam to travel because the passport application would've given him away.
They won't let me see him.
Just tell him I'm sorry.
Tell him I love him.
- Oh, my God.
- Which one is that? Boston cream pake best one yet.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
You know what this needs? - Sprinkles! - Sprinkles! I had no idea baking was this therapeutic.
It's like yoga, but with frosting.
- You know what? - Hmm? We should go into business together.
We can open up an awesome bakery.
Or an awesome pakery.
One little problem I don't know how to run a business.
I have tons of experience.
I mean, all we need is investors.
Oh, I I Well, I can ask my best friend, Jane.
She will buy a first-class ticket on the pake train.
- To us.
- To us.
It's a lot to process.
You doing all right? Yeah.
What happens now? DCS will place you and Lily with a family during the trial and then somewhere more permanent.
And your father will most likely go to jail.
Jane, this isn't this isn't fair.
I'm gonna be on my own in a year or two anyway, but Lily's only 9 years old.
She's gonna grow up with strangers.
Oh, my God.
If I hadn't filed for emancipation, this would've Sam, this is not your fault.
Your father made a decision years ago.
You were just a baby.
Will you represent him? Sam, I am your lawyer.
He's my father.
He's the only one I've ever known.
All rise for the honorable judge Owen French! I know him.
He's a fair judge.
Who's here for the Greenstine Bar Mitzvah? I kid.
Three lawyers for an unlawful detainer? Very David vs.
This is going to be truly biblical.
Your Honor, this hearing is ridiculous.
We move for an immediate eviction order.
Last I heard, Your Honor, you're the one who decides what's ridiculous.
Miss Kaswell speaks the truth.
I am the arbiter of ridiculous.
Kaswell, come on down.
You claim to be a tenant, yet you had no lease.
Well, it it was a non-written lease.
A non-written lease? Per California property code, a verbal lease is binding if the term is not greater than a year.
There's no lease, verbal or otherwise.
What did Mr.
Rollins say to you on the night of the party at his house? Well, he, uh, said, "look, stay as long as you want.
" - Oh, come on.
- Those were his words.
I see no receipt for payment.
We assert Mr.
Kaswell pre-paid Mr.
Rollins his rent in the form of a $34,000 judgment that Mr.
Rollins' company owes him.
Come on! The man's a trespasser! Simmer down.
Kaswell, while I find EVK's actions contemptible, I can't justify calling Mr.
Kaswell a tenant.
One minute, Your Honor.
We would like to amend Mr.
Kaswell's motion.
We would? Larry Kaswell is not a tenant.
I'm not? He is, however, a lienholder against EVK Insurance Corporation and, as such, is entitled to temporary possession of EVK's collateral namely Elliot Rollins' Bel Air home.
Larry Kaswell's judgment is against EVK Insurance, not its C.
- One and the same.
- Exactly.
Elliot Rollins is not only the face of EVK Insurance, he is EVK Insurance.
And if you grant us 24 hours and the authority to depose the EVK board of directors, we'll prove it.
Oh, give me a break! We are happy to agree.
We'll demand attorney's fees and sanctions when you decide that their case has no merit.
So noted.
Look at you Han Solo flying in to save the day.
Oh, you finally saw that movie? Hey, thanks for your help.
Why didn't you just tell me what you were doing? Because I know you have better things to do than help some crackpot antagonize a Fortune 500 C.
That crackpot is your father.
Well, except for the occasional birthday card growing up, I hardly ever heard from the guy.
Now he only calls when he's in trouble.
Phones go both ways.
Since when do you have a soft spot for family? I'm sorry.
Parker, what happened in Chicago? - This isn't about me.
- Like hell it isn't.
You drop everything to go search for your son.
You haven't said a word about it since you got back.
Because I never found him.
But you looked.
And when you see your son again, you'll be able to tell him that.
You're home! I am.
And you're baking with a new friend, or Uh, Jane, this is Nikki.
Nikki Jane.
Nice to meet you.
Is that my apron? I need you to taste something.
What is it? Our future.
It's kind of like a pie but kind of a Cake! It's a pake! We invented it today.
So, you'll invest, right? Invest in what? A bake sale? No, no, no.
Think bigger.
We are going to open our own pakery.
So, how much are you guys looking for? $10,000.
Well, as Nikki always says, "it takes money to bake money.
" You say that? I do.
I'm kind of surprised you're not being more supportive.
Oh, are you saying no? No! No, I'm not I'm not saying no.
I'd actually like to see your business plan.
I'm sorry my what? Stacy, if you're gonna ask people for money, don't you think you should have a plan? Way to rain on the parade.
Okay, no, I'm not I'm not raining on anything.
Actually, I'm All day, Stacy's been saying, "Jane will love this.
" No, I do love this.
I do love this.
Why does she need to show you a business plan? She's not asking anyone for money.
She's asking her best friend.
Y you know it's okay not to express every single thought that you have? I always support you, Jane, and I have never once asked to see your business plan.
I've known you less than a day, and I wouldn't ask to see your business plan.
I believe in her.
Really, this is none of your business.
Really, this is my business.
It's our business.
I'll call you later.
I don't like her energy.
Can we talk about this? I don't think so.
Let me get this straight.
You turned Bruce in, and now you're defending him? That's right.
We we're hoping you could give us some background and help us with his defense.
You were with Bruce at the homicide, new year's eve 15 years ago, correct? Yeah.
Do you remember finding a baby at the scene? It was a long time ago.
Officer, you said you were there.
Did you see Bruce Forman take the baby home? I'm not saying I saw anything, but if he did, Forman gave that kid a chance.
That's all I'm gonna say.
- Thanks for your time.
- Thank you.
I don't like this case.
He lied to that kid for 15 years.
You know what? There are different kinds of lies.
There are good lies and bad lies.
- Huh.
- What? Deb used to say something like that.
She'd say there were white lies and Off-white lies.
How do you keep doing that? What? Just saying things that she'd say, thinking things that she would I guess we're a lot alike.
Excuse me.
Where's the fire? No fire.
I just wanted to let you know that the house you rent it sold.
Guess who's the new landlord.
Oh, my God.
You bought my house?! I had no choice.
Well, I will move.
I'll rent a new house.
I'll buy that one, too.
I've got deep pockets, and I'm very motivated.
Just so you know, even a landlord has to give notice.
So if you show up uninvited, I'll call the cops.
Am I interrupting? Nope.
We're done.
I spoke to the D.
's office.
They found Sam's birth mother at a halfway house in the valley.
I don't know what you're after.
Police already talked to me.
They told you that they found your son? Mm-hmm.
Have you have you spoken with him yet? No.
I can't imagine.
I mean, it's been 15 years.
This must be really overwhelming.
What am I supposed to do with him? I mean, I I can't take care of him.
You know, I Vicki, what can you tell me about the day Sam Adam went missing? I was - living with a guy at the time.
- Mm-hmm.
- We were both high.
- Okay.
He he was dealing in the east, and he had to go see a guy who had ripped him off.
And you had your baby with you? I must have.
There was a fight and gunshots, so I ran.
I passed out.
It's okay.
It's okay.
According to the paperwork, several days went by before your baby was reported missing, and it was actually your grandmother who made the call.
She used to tell me I had no business being a mother, and s she was right.
You know what my mom always used to tell me? That her only job as a mother was to make sure I grew up loved.
Your son and his 9-year-old sister are about to be thrown into the system.
They're about to lose everyone that they love.
I wish I could help.
In court tomorrow, they're gonna ask you what happened back then.
And it sounds like your memory is hazy.
Is that fair? Well, I suppose so.
So, is it possible that you asked Detective Forman to take care of your baby? Why would I do that? No, just, is is it possible? What are you saying? I'm saying that if you can allow for that possibility, it could keep a family together.
And that is how you can help your son.
Maybe Jane is right.
Maybe I'm not the kind of person to start a business.
No, no, no! That's what my mom would call "stinkin' thinkin'.
" For the first time since I gave up acting, I finally feel like my life has a direction, a meaning.
We don't need Jane to help us start a business.
You and me, we'll come up with the money.
We will? Yeah.
I've got like $5,000.
I'll go all-in.
You know, I have about the same amount left over from my TV show.
Okay, there you go between you and me, we can lease kitchen space, we can get supplies.
Well, it's every penny I have.
What if it doesn't work out? What if it does? As a member of the EVK board, would you say that Elliot Rollins dictated all strategic planning? - No.
- Did he ever bypass company by-laws? Absolutely not.
- Make unilateral decisions? - Not a single one.
Hire or fire corporate officers without board approval? By-laws were followed to a "T.
" Thank you.
We have nothing.
We'll scour the minutes.
We have a half dozen more officers to depose.
This was a huge mistake I mean, the fines they're gonna levy against us? Kim Because of my crazy dad.
I'm gonna take a break.
This is a $900 Morgel faucet.
You have them in all six restrooms at EVK corporate headquarters.
Do you recognize it? Of course I do.
I chose it.
Are you also aware that this very same fixture is in the kitchen of your Bel Air home? I happen to like the faucet.
It's not a crime.
It's not.
But using company funds to decorate your house is.
That's an outrageous charge! I completely agree unless it's true.
Is it true? Exhibit "A" receipts showing EVK purchased Exhibit "B" photos showing six faucets in EVK corporate headquarters and another six in Mr.
Rollins' Bel Air home.
May I continue? Absolutely.
I'm riveted.
Exhibit "C" receipts showing EVK purchased of Italian marble flooring.
Exhibit "D" an "Architectural Times" spread showing Mr.
Rollins' refurbished his Florida estate with you want to guess? Italian marble? Yep 2,700 square feet.
Objection, Your Honor.
This is civil court.
These allegations are irrelevant to the matter at hand.
Oh, that's why the U.
Attorneys' Office is here.
If you add up all the money Elliot Rollins liberated from his corporate account to furnish his collection of homes, it amounts to, uh what was that number, again? Grand larceny.
That's it.
Jane, please tell me you've got something that my sister's not gonna grow up in the foster system.
Okay, Sam, listen, all of the facts are against us.
Now, I I'm not making any promises But? But I talked to your birth mom.
And I'm working on something.
And it it is a long shot, okay? But I couldn't keep them out.
- Jane Bingum? - Yes? You're under arrest for witness tampering and suborning of perjury.
I I don't understand.
What's going on? Did you speak with Vicki Gates? As I'm entitled to as And did you instruct her to lie on the stand? No.
It wasn't it wasn't wasn't like that.
Wasn't like what? I am exercising my right to remain silent.
Cuff her.
Good news you're getting sprung.
- I haven't even been arraigned.
- No, charges were dropped.
Apparently, Vicki Gates left town without alerting the D.
They had no choice.
So, I guess you heard the charges? Witness tampering, suborning perjury.
Go ahead.
I am ready for my lecture.
The world's not black and white, Jane.
It's why I joined the bench.
I was tired of appearing in front of judges who thought it was.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
I always thought it was just 'cause you liked the fact that people stood up when you entered the room.
Whatcha looking at? I'm just taking a mental picture for later.
You know, a woman behind bars it's kind of hot.
Is it? So, I packed up all my gear and slipped the key right under his mat.
Well, it is not his mat anymore.
The feds seized all six of Rollins' homes in their criminal investigation.
And the best part Uh-huh.
What's this? A notice of impending settlement.
They're cutting you a check for your 34 grand, and the rest of his personal fortune will be spent reimbursing every employee he ripped off.
Pickles, you're a miracle worker.
Yes, she is.
It's been a pleasure meeting you, Larry.
I've been hearing about you for years.
Parker, you're an excellent liar, sir.
But I appreciate the thought.
So, uh, how long you two been a couple? - Oh.
- What's that? We're not no.
Ah, come on.
Let me walk her down the aisle already, will you? Okay, why don't I I just walk you out? Sam? How did you know I'd be out of jail? I had a feeling the charges wouldn't hold up.
What did you do? I found Vicki, asked her what it would take for her to go away, and I cut her a check.
Jane, my dad needs you out of jail.
Please, please don't get your hopes up.
This happened 15 years ago.
You can't argue statute of limitations or something? There is no statute of limitations on kidnapping.
What about termination of parental rights? It wasn't a kidnapping because Vicki Gates already de facto terminated her parental rights by abandoning her child in a drug den.
An emotional argument.
That's worth a try.
a loving brother, a devoted son, a straight-A student, and not to mention C.
of a multimillion-dollar company.
And if it weren't for my client, it is quite possible that Sam Forman wouldn't even be alive today.
Calls for speculation.
Detective Forman tried to go through proper channels, and when he got no response, he did everything right by this young man.
Sometimes, you can be right and still be wrong.
Without a legal rationale, I simply can't do it.
Statute of limitations, Your Honor.
Your Honor, there is no statute of limitations on kidnapping.
I agree, but there is a statute of limitations on the reporting and prosecuting of a kidnapping.
Per section 802-A of California Penal Code, the state is required to prosecute a kidnapping within one year of the crime being reported.
Ah! Your Honor, this crime was reported 48 hours ago.
Oh, actually, you're off by about 15 years.
And we contend that any number of L.
police officers were aware that detective Forman brought the baby home from the crime scene 15 years ago.
And this means he has remained uncharged and unprosecuted for 15 years.
Can you prove that? Let me try.
Are there any sworn L.
officers who were present when detective Forman found the child? Are there any sworn L.
officers who have known for more than a year that detective Forman raised this boy as his own? Jane, thank you so much.
You couldn't be more welcome.
Talk to her.
This is yours.
I gave this to you.
No, I I don't want it.
I I thought that I did, but no.
So what do you want? What any mother wants to see that you're happy, to know that you're loved.
Daddy! Hey! Oh, daddy! Ohh! Thank him for me, okay? I will.
Hey, dad.
Hey, buddy.
Victory celebration tonight? 9:00? Yeah.
Say, uh, Founders? Founders.
Isn't isn't that where Yeah, it's where Deb and I used to hang out.
There's some stuff we should talk about.
See you there.
Stacy, I'm really sorry.
I mean, I really I didn't mean to be unsupportive.
No, I totally overreacted.
I understand that now.
I talked it over with Luke, and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You talked it over with who? Me.
Uh, Jane, meet Luke, our new landlord.
You're gonna love him.
Oh, we've met.
He's measuring for a new convection oven the same one Rachael Ray uses.
Really? Yep.
That's the kind of landlord I am.
I explained to Stacy that I'm required by law to give you 24 hours' notice before coming in.
- Mm-hmm.
But I waived it.
- What?! She is such a sweetheart.
Well, I just told him he could come in and out as needed.
I mean, that's okay with you, right? If you've already said yes, then I don't have See, told ya no problem.
Well, I just came home to freshen up.
I'm meeting Grayson for drinks.
He said he had something important to talk to me about.
Really? Really.
Really? Really.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Luke, what are you doing here? You have to shut it down, Jane.
Grayson can't know.
I don't know what you're talking about.
All these questions he's been asking "do you believe in reincarnation?" "Did you know that Deb died the same day you got shot?" What do you think he's getting at? You tell me, Luke.
He's wondering if you could be the long-deceased love of his life.
And what if I want him to know? He can't know what you want him to know.
There will be consequences.
You remember what happened the last time you almost told him? He got hit by a car, Jane.
Don't do that.
If you confirm what he already suspects What am I supposed to do? Put Deb behind you.
Put Grayson behind you.
Move on as Jane.
You're with Owen now, right? Yes.
Shut it down.
Hey, man, play a song for me? Absolutely.
Whatcha thinking? "Unchained Melody.
" All right.
Righteous Brothers, uh, from the movie "Ghost.
" Yeah.
Yeah, my girlfriend used to love the movie.
Ever since we saw it and the song would come on, she would just burst into tears.
Thanks for coming.
Well, I couldn't let you celebrate alone.
Well, like I said, there's something I want to talk to you about.
What? Listen.
What? This song.
It's heartbreaking, right? Really? This song? Mm.
Yeah, it's from the movie "Ghost.
" You know it.
Oh, yeah.
I'm just not a fan.
I don't believe it.
No, really.
It's so sappy.
I mean, listen to those lyrics.
"I hunger for your touch.
" Who talks like that? It's it's timeless.
I guess, if you say so.
I've never really cared for the song or the movie.
I mean, really, the two of them, all that clay it's just it was just really unhygienic.
How about I get us a couple drinks? Oh, I got it.
Oh, okay.
Pomtini, right? Pinot grigio.
Yeah, okay.
Uh, two Pinot grigios, please.
There you are.
What are you doing here? What do you mean? You texted me.
I did not text you.
Yes, you did.
Uh, no, I didn't.
Yeah, today.
Where's my phone? Oh, I don't know.
Um That's weird.
Did you leave it in the car or the office? Hey, man, how'd it go with the song? I guess I had it wrong.
Wrong song or wrong girl? Congrats on the win today.
Oh, thank you.
Nicely done, counselor.
Thank you.
Jane, are you all right? Yeah.
Why? Uh, I don't know.
Almost looks like you're crying.
It's just this song.
Don't tell anyone I'm such a big sap.
It'll be our secret.
I promise.

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