Drop Dead Diva s04e04 Episode Script

Winning Ugly

See that aspiring model there? That was me Deb until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel Luke.
I used to think everything happened for a reason Whooo! well, I sure hope I was right.
Drop Dead Diva 4x04 - Winning Ugly Original air date June 24, 2012 Oooooh! My grandma could have made that shot! Teri! Go easy on him.
This is me going easy.
You suck! You know, Grayson's usually much better than this.
Maybe he's working too many hours at the office or something Oh, wow! Ha! Uh Teri, we got to go.
I'm so excited about being on "ugly Duckling".
I mean, to be pretty, I'd do whatever it takes.
Oh, my God! I'm getting goose bumps.
And, I know this might sound weird, but I think I'm most excited about being in our family photo next Christmas.
I've avoided them since well for as long as I can remember.
Whitlow, you accepted Renee as a participant on your reality makeover show "Ugly Duckling", correct? Yes.
You know that.
But one day, before her cosmetic surgery, you told her she was too ugly to be helped.
Three days later, Renee committed suicide.
His negligent and hateful words caused this vulnerable woman to take her own life.
It's a tragedy.
But my client is not liable.
Can I talk to you privately? We're asking for $2 million and you come in with $50,000? It's insulting! Maybe you should run it by Parker, see how he feels about it.
Trial starts this afternoon.
So I suggest that you push your client to come up with something more reasonable.
Your firm's creditor is ensconced in your office, you don't validate parking, and your coffee creamer is powdered.
Your point? You don't have the resources to compete.
- Jane.
Wow! - That guy is smug.
- And arrogant - And voted top litigator - by "California Lawyer".
- He was? - Two years in a row.
- Oh.
What do you need? Stacy called.
She's having some sort of "pakery" emergency.
Okay, I I just don't have time.
You're her chief investor in her "Pie Meets Cake" business, what do you want me to tell her? Er tell her that we are on our way.
Yo, Lebron! Where have you been? Post-game press conference? Ha! Missed you at the game.
Some of us had to work.
How're you in arbitration? Playing for the defendant arbitrator Our managing partner's an arbitrator? Last year I dated a woman who worked in alternative dispute resolutions I figured I'd impress her if I volunteered for the court's arbitration panel - Excuse me! - Now I'm stuck.
- Parker! - What? I believe this young man is talking to you.
Eric hey! What are you doing here? I came to see you.
I'll leave you two I'm I'm looking for you.
I mean you and your mom after after you left, I was looking everywhere! - Here I am.
- Yeah.
Can I call you dad? Or what? Um of course.
Like your mom.
She she told you about me? Where is she? In Ventura.
Where we live.
I took two busses to get here.
Does she know you're here? No.
Parker, your arbitration is ready.
Um please call Alisa Shane, let her know Eric's here and he's safe? - You wanna wait with my assistant? - No.
Dad, I came to be with you.
Okay, come on.
Sorry for the wait uh, I hope you don't mind if my son joins us.
- Sure.
- It's fine.
And forgive me.
I'm not completely up to speed.
Well, it's pretty straightforward.
Ramona stole my husband.
Trent doesn't want to be with her.
Uh, she your husband ran off with Ramona? No, Ramona ran off with my husband.
Arbitration isn't really a forum for family matters.
We've both agreed to arbitration.
Okay, then - I want him back! She's a thief.
- He doesn't want to be with you.
- You don't make him happy! - Oh, please.
Stop it.
I want to hear from Trent.
Here he is.
What's going on? Mr.
Parker, that's Trent, my husband.
He died six months ago and was reincarnated as that rat.
Stacy has worked really hard to get ready for this opening.
So, no matter what, be positive.
Got it.
Holy crap! I mean I love what you've done with the place.
Three painters, two electricians, and a handyman have flaked on me, overcharged me, or hit on me.
I wonder if Betty Crocker had it this rough.
- Don't we open tomorrow? - Yes! And I don't even have my health permit.
I have called the county 12 times.
Let's just delay the opening, okay? I can't.
The press release has gone wide, and I have nonrefundable ads in two newspapers.
I am screwed! You know what? You need someone with great organizational skills and a can-do attitude.
Thank you.
Ohh, not me, though.
I'm sorry.
I'm on this case, but I do know someone who will be free later this afternoon.
Really? Mm-hmm.
On one condition.
I provide the entertainment at your opening.
Entertainment? Yeah guitar.
Are you any good? Are you in a position to care? You're booked! Sweetie, do not worry.
This place just needs a little sprucing up.
- We'll catch you later.
- Okay.
I've put $20,000 into this mess, so work your magic.
You're not allergic to bagels or juice, are you? I'm definitely not allergic to donuts.
Nice try.
I'll be right back.
Bingum, I heard you got an offer in the "Ugly Duckling" case.
Did you forget to run that by me? Sure, let's go with that.
Come on, Parker.
You would have strong-armed my client.
This case is a contingency.
Their offer represents That's a month's rent.
Whitlow's TV show perpetuates society's impossible-to-achieve standard of beauty.
Well, I happen to be a fan of that standard.
Renee Maynard is dead because of this show.
That matters, Parker.
Yes, it does.
And so does our rent.
- But don't worry.
I'm watching every penny.
- Good.
Your jury consultant is here.
Jury consultant?! I Jury consultants cost thousands of dollars! How is that watching pennies?! Parker, I swear, I did not hire a jury consultant.
That's right.
I did.
This is Abby Halstead, best in the business.
How do you do? What's going on here? Just protecting my investment in the firm.
Opposing counsel's hired consultants, accountants, investigators, and experts.
Abby helps level the playing field.
All due respect, we've won many trials without jury consultants.
As many as Dillingham? Mr.
Parker, if you were a juror, you would be biased in favor of the defendant.
You would respond to bar graphs, charts and slickly produced expert testimony.
You would not respond to artists, grandstanding, or big hair.
I mean, she really did nail you.
And you would be biased for the underdog.
You follow your emotions, and you don't respond - to actuarial tables or philandering husbands.
- Okay, you know what? You're gonna need a hell of a lot more than a jury consultant to beat Dillingham.
And you definitely don't respond to male authority figures who get in your way.
He doesn't get in my way.
Let's get to work.
I'm a plastic surgeon as well as the producer of "Ugly Duckling.
" What makes for a good contestant? Someone with aspirations and a proactive attitude.
Is it fair to say that you look for people who need a complete makeover nose job, chin implants, jaw augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, brow lift, so on and so forth? Well, yes, hence the show's title, "Ugly Duckling.
" - Right.
- In six months, my team can transform someone into an entirely new person.
Why did Renee Maynard want to be on the show? Objection.
It calls for speculation.
Anything but, Your Honor.
Whitlow spent two months interviewing Renee about her hopes and her dreams and aspirations.
In fact, in preparation for the show, he spent a week with her and her husband at their home in Texas.
- You may answer.
- Mm-hmm.
She wanted to be transformed.
And yet, on the night before her first procedure, while she was getting prepped at St.
Catherine's hospital, you canceled everything and told her that she was "too ugly".
I studied the final computer modeling and realized she was beyond help.
Have you rejected people from your show before? Yes.
And how many of them committed suicide? None.
Nothing further.
Witness is excused.
The jurors circled in green are in your camp, red, defendant's camp, and white are undecided.
And you know all this because? A dozen variables, including background checks and body language.
The jurors favoring you tend to be in helping professions and were actively listening when Jane was up.
And the ones for the other side? Aspire to higher economic status and displayed "attitude" to your questioning chins up, bemused smile, that sort of thing.
We need nine jurors for a verdict.
Means we need to convince all six of the undecideds.
Now let's talk about juror 11.
She hasn't made up her mind, but she doesn't like your style.
Um, my style? You carry yourself more like a runway model than a lawyer.
Somebody's finally calling you on that.
Okay, what are you talking about? The way you whip your hair back.
I don't whip my hair.
You walk like you're on a catwalk, you sweep your arms like Vanna White, and you tilt your head as if you're on a "Vogue" photo shoot.
Well, whatever I do, it's worked in the past.
I'm sure it has.
I'm just suggesting you tone it down a notch.
It may not be material, but why do you both think that this rat is Trent Yardley? Well, he was born the day that Trent died.
And as everyone knows, rats love peanut butter.
But not this rat.
I take it, as a man, Trent didn't like peanut butter? He said it tasted like spackle.
Oh, and he also had a birthmark the shape of nantucket.
Still does.
I see.
Uh You three worked together? Well, Trent and I owned a pet store.
Ramona worked for us.
After he died, I found a flirty e-mail from Ramona to Trent.
I confronted her, and she fessed up to an affair.
No, we were in love.
I fired her.
An hour later, she ran off with him.
No, we ran off together! He was in your pocket! Which is exactly where he wanted to be! We need to take a break.
Do you know I was on the phone with the police all morning? I'm sorry, mom.
Don't "sorry" me.
Do you know how dangerous that was? You should always listen to your mom, okay? That said, he told me he made sure to sit up front next to the bus driver, which was a good idea.
You're not helping.
Why didn't you tell me? Because you said you wouldn't let me see my dad.
I said, "not right now.
" We're going home.
Come on.
But I want to become a lawyer when I grow up.
I thought you wanted to be a fireman.
I changed my mind.
Can we stay? Please? How long is this gonna last? Not long.
Trust me.
All right.
Maynard, um did Renee have any particular challenges growing up? She was teased about her looks.
The kids called her "turtle face.
" Objection, hearsay.
State of mind, Your Honor.
I'll allow it.
As a teenager, did Renee date? She never had a boyfriend.
She wasn't asked to the prom.
And how did you two meet? I was working in a flower shop.
Renee would come by.
We'd chat.
So, you just just fell in love? - Oh.
- Yes, we got married and opened our own flower shop, Budding Love, in Austin.
And how is business? We had to file for chapter 11.
Renee said it was her fault.
She believed people didn't want to buy beautiful things from an ugly person.
What happened after Dr.
Whitlow told her that she was too ugly? She was devastated.
I went to the shop to bring back her favorite flower poppies.
They have an unappealing bud but a beautiful bloom.
When I got home she was dead.
I am so sorry.
Was your wife beautiful? To me, she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
And yet, you had an affair? If you need me to jog your memory, I can call Jennifer Miller as a witness.
Um, Ms.
Miller wasn't on opposing counsel's list.
And we don't intend to call her, unless it's as a rebuttal witness.
Answer the question.
It was a mistake.
It was just one night.
Renee never knew.
How can you be sure? We found out.
No S s s she couldn't S she didn't She was vulnerable, insecure, and maybe it was your indiscretion that ate her alive until she couldn't take it anymore.
You don't need a jury consultant.
You need a miracle worker.
I know what you're doing.
I think it's pretty obvious.
I'm playing with my new toy.
Hiring a jury consultant? This isn't about the case.
This is about me and my style.
Well, either you're right or you're paranoid.
Who really knows? Okay.
Seriously? Oh, my God.
Does that helicopter have a camera? Yeah, allows me to spy on people from the comfort of my own office.
It's pretty cool, right? Oh, I love Skymall.
As the arbitrator, it is my responsibility to attempt to achieve a fair and just result.
Then I'd like you to read these letters.
They prove that he loved me.
I'll take your letters and raise you my marriage license, you tramp.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
All right.
Uh, Ramona, if you prevail, what would life be like for Trent? He wouldn't live in a cage, and I'd only feed him organic produce.
And at night, we would watch Animal Planet.
Shannon? I'd feed him to a snake.
- No! Dad! - And calling another recess.
Wow, nice shot.
Hey, there.
Too bad your game wasn't on against the judges.
Too bad.
What was that? Whoo, oop! You threw that game.
I knew why? We all have to appear before those judges.
There's no upside to winning.
That's true.
So, how's the "Ugly Duckling" case? Oh, it's more like my "jerk producer" case.
To be honest, I was surprised you didn't take that settlement offer.
Trial's a long shot.
With your very handsome and perfect features, I realize that this case must seem silly to you.
Excuse me? You've never had to struggle with your appearance, Grayson.
I mean, you walk into a room and people take notice.
I mean, you could have any girl you wanted.
Well, not any girl.
What I'm saying is if someone called you ugly, you'd just laugh it off.
You know, someone called my client ugly, and she killed herself.
Some people can't imagine what it's like to look in a mirror and want to change everything.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
I mean, did you know this woman? No, I didn't.
I just um I just feel strongly about this case.
Got to get to court.
Juror 3, the undecided in the red sweater, he keeps eyeing Kim.
Well, then by all means, Kim should handle the examination and she should make ample eye contact with her admirer.
Are you sure you're okay with that? Why wouldn't she be? It's what's best for the client.
The plaintiff calls Dr.
Colette Willis.
I was Renee's therapist for the past two years.
And in your professional opinion, - was Renee suicidal? - No.
In fact, I saw her two days before she left for L.
for the surgeries.
She was in good spirits.
Thank you.
Nothing further.
What is Wellbutrin? It's an anti-depressant.
And Mrs.
Maynard was on this anti-depressant? Yes, for the past year.
Are depressed people more likely to commit suicide? Yes, but she Thank you.
Your Honor, defense moves for a directed verdict.
What?! Uh, there's no basis.
No reasonable jury can find for the plaintiff.
I disagree.
I'm sorry, miss Bingum.
There's simply not enough here.
Now, get me more before we reconvene, or I will enter a verdict in favor of the defendant.
- Hey.
- What a nice surprise.
Teri told me about your setback.
- I figured you might be working on a Hail Mary.
- Yes.
- So, I got the salmon for brain power - Mmm.
- green tea for energy - Okay.
and açaí because it's trendy.
And a boyfriend who makes my heart skip a beat.
- What's wrong? - No, nah.
Just, uh, after this morning's game, my muscles are a little stiff.
You see me leave your associate in the dust? You were terrific.
I hope for your firm's sake Grayson's a better lawyer than he is a basketball player.
Well, he's actually pretty good at both, so Well, maybe he was having an off day.
What aren't you telling me? Nothing.
I mean, Grayson was the star guard on both his high school and college teams, but whatever.
They let us win? No, no.
No, I'm saying that, yeah, they let you win.
Did they really think we'd penalize them in court if they brought their "A" game? Oh, God.
I should not have said anything.
You sure know a lot about Grayson Kent.
Oh, no.
I think I just read it in his résumé or something.
You two ever date? What? Did you ever date? Uh, no.
As a judge, I I rely on my gut feeling when determining someone's truthfulness.
And my gut is telling me you're not being straight with me.
I swear, Your Honor, Jane Bingum has never dated Grayson Kent.
Come on.
Let's eat.
I like the new look.
You're late, but I'll let it slide.
I have my to-do list right over here.
So, we need to hire a carpenter, a window guy, an electrician, and we need to get the health permit.
Yeah, I just have one question.
Can you borrow overalls? Yes! No.
Where will I be singing? Somewhere over there.
I just need to find the perfect place.
Do, re, mi, fa, be, oh Oh! Oh, yeah! Perfect.
This is it.
Don't mess with it.
See you at the opening.
I'm that girl with a great personality, which really was code for "too bad she's so ugly".
But I do feel pretty on the inside.
I guess I just want to feel the same about my outside.
This show would give me that chance! - Hey.
- Hi.
I've been over every single Dr.
Whitlow correspondence.
We do not have a wrongful death lawsuit.
What are you suggesting? That we just give up? You go right on ahead, Kim.
I'm gonna keep fighting for this poor girl.
Okay, slow down, Sparky.
I did find something.
And it may be enough to defeat their motion.
Let's hear it.
Your fourth season of "Ugly Duckling" premieres this fall, correct? Yes.
But prior to this TV season, "Ugly Duckling" was a mid-season show, airing in January? That's correct.
Had Renee Maynard been on your show, her procedures would have included eyelid, gum and cheek surgery, lip augmentation and rhinoplasty, correct? I believe so.
And given the required recovery time, these procedures would have taken six months to complete? Yes, about.
But this season, because of the fall premiere, you had only four months to complete the procedures.
You didn't drop Renee Maynard because she was too ugly.
You dropped her because her procedures would not have been completed in time for your airdate.
Isn't that right? Your Honor, what does this have to do with wrongful death? It doesn't.
We are amending our complaint to include breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
They are grasping at straws.
Well, Mr.
Dillingham, counselor has raised questions of fact.
Your motion is denied.
That was impressive.
Oh, sir, we're not allowed to speak to our jurors.
Got it.
I just want to let you know you're gonna win.
I know it for a fact.
That did not just happen.
Let's just hope he's right.
Kim, a juror spoke to us.
That's grounds for a mistrial.
Not if we keep our mouths shut.
I have never wanted to win so badly.
But under the rules of professional conduct we have to report the juror communication to the judge.
If the judge declares a mistrial, who knows what happens with a new jury.
Since when are you such a stickler for rules, anyway? - The point is, if this gets out - It won't! Mr.
I have an overly cautious client who wants this case to go away.
Get back to me by 5:00.
Yeah, I leave day after tomorrow Okay, I'll see you then.
Canada? Yeah, it's a temp job as a private caregiver.
You know, I went looking for you in Chicago.
Turns out you were nearby the whole time.
You know, I'm confused, Jay.
You yell at me, then you try to pay me to go away.
Look, I was angry you never told me about Eric.
But now I want to be a part of his life.
$250,000 is a lot of money.
You'll collect a lot more if we win.
Their offer takes our floral business out of bankruptcy.
That's what Renee would want.
But it doesn't send a message to Whitlow.
That man only understands money.
I mean, I say you hit him where it counts.
Jane, feel free to chime in.
Yeah, what do you think? Kim is probably right.
Okay, then.
I reject the offer.
Parker would like to see you right now.
Uh, Dillingham called me.
We should take their offer.
You're literally seconds too late.
Our client just rejected it.
Oh, God! Is that a rat?! It's the subject of my arbitration.
Two women think this rat is a reincarnated man.
Why do crazy people get access to our judicial system? Reincarnation exists.
That is a fact.
Of course, coming back as a rat probably means this man is paying for some terrible karma.
The concepts of karma and reincarnation are for the weak-minded who need something to hold onto to justify their meager, inconsequential lives.
I think not believing in karma allows people to do morally questionable things without a hint of a conscience.
If it looks like a rat, gnaws like a rat, and squeaks like a rat, it's a rat.
The point is both of these women believe that this rat is a reincarnated man, and you have to honor that.
Uh, actually, under the law, I don't.
Jane! Hi.
A certain person who promised you and me that they would help with a certain grand opening has failed to do anything but a sound check.
It's no wonder so many small businesses fail.
Sweetie, is that your phone? Yes, but unlike you, I don't have an assistant to answer it.
At any given time I must choose which fire to put out.
I am currently putting out the fire of false promises and unreliability.
Oh! It was the health department.
They have finally called me back about my health permit.
You said you would help her.
And I will not let you down.
Jane, the clerk called.
The judge wants to see us in his chambers now.
Explain this to me, Ms.
Well, as you can see, I informed the juror that we were not allowed to speak to him.
What did juror number 3 say to you? He said that we were going to win.
- What?! - He said we were going to win.
Your Honor, I move for an immediate mistrial.
When you brought this to my attention, I questioned juror number 3.
Now, he didn't discuss this case with any other juror.
He was just trying to impress Ms.
Oh, well, I was not impressed, Your Honor.
You weren't very forthcoming, either.
But Your Honor I am replacing juror number 3 with alternate juror number 1.
The trial will go forward.
As for you two, your actions are grounds for disbarment, which I will consider once this trial has concluded.
- Your Honor?! - Thank you.
No further discussion.
How many of you feel really attractive until other people tell you that you're not as good-looking as you might think? See, I feel like a runway model.
But because I don't necessarily look like I belong on a catwalk, I get judged for acting as if I do.
Now, imagine if there was someone who promised to change your appearance and then in the last minute, he just changed his mind.
It'd be terrible.
But it's not against the law.
Unless he violated a covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
Now, ask yourselves, "is it good faith to call Renee 'too ugly to be helped'?" Was it fair dealing to represent she had six months for a complete makeover and then drop her because she actually needed that time? This case, it's not about hateful words.
It is about violating an implied contract between a woman looking to be beautiful and a man looking to make a buck.
As a matter of law, two parties cannot stipulate to a falsehood.
For example, one could not stipulate that this table is the state of Hawaii or that this building is a cheese sandwich.
As such, I have to reject the stipulation that this rat is Trent Yardley.
- The rat is just a rat.
- No! Therefore, the rat is the property of the pet store.
As Mrs.
Yardley inherited that store, the rat belongs to her.
Y y you just sentenced Trent to death! Yes, hand it over.
No, no.
No, no.
No, no, no.
Wait, did you just refer to the rat as "it"? Mnh, so? Not the pronoun "he" but "it"? You don't really believe the rat is Trent, do you? But if you don't believe it, then why would you have fought so hard? Because Ramona believes it.
And I want to take something from her, the way she took something from me.
Okay, listen up.
You both loved him.
That's obvious.
But he didn't treat either of you with the love and respect that you both deserve.
He wasn't there for you.
He lied to you.
He was selfish, arrogant, and needed to grow up.
At some point he should have just said, "I'm sorry" and tried to be a better man.
But instead, he was a rat.
Uh, under what scenario do you think you and electrical wiring come to a good ending? Five hours before my grand opening and now you show up? I wouldn't miss my big night.
Uh, look around, okay?! This place isn't ready, and I don't have my health permit.
I would have been here earlier, but I was busy putting my team together.
Guys! Now, this is Frank.
He's an electrician.
- Joe he's a carpenter.
- Hi.
And Cliff, he's a painter.
Oh, and that's Doc.
He's from the health department.
This is for you.
It's my health permit! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Teri, I think I might love you.
I am not doing this for your love.
I'm doing this for your venue.
Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
What say you? On the question of breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, we find for the plaintiff.
We order defendant to pay compensatory damages of $2 million and punitive damages of $4 million.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Parker, Ms.
Bingum, Ms.
My chambers now.
Improper communication? And you didn't inform the court? I assure you I had no knowledge of this, Your Honor.
Canon 3-D of the code of judicial ethics requires that I take appropriate corrective action whenever a lawyer violates the rules of professional conduct.
Corrective action? Donate your portion of the jury award to the bar's nonprofit ethics foundation, or I will push for their disbarment under rule 5-3-20, and your firm can't survive with two disbarred lawyers.
Dad! - Hey, kiddo.
- Hey.
So you're off to Canada? Yeah.
Um, Eric, why don't you go say goodbye to Teri, okay? I'll talk to dad for a second.
So, um, the job is for two weeks, and the plan was for Eric to stay with my sister, but, honestly, he'd really like to get to know you better.
So if you want, he can stay with you.
- If I want? - Yeah.
Thank you.
I promise I will take great care of him.
I'll make him eat his broccoli uh, brush his teeth, in bed at 8:00 No, in bed by 7:00.
- 7:00, of course.
- Mom! Look! Oh, what happened? Um, both women decided they could do better.
And Teri gave him to me.
Oh, really? Mnh.
You almost got the firm out of debt.
Yeah, I almost got disbarred.
I mean, Parker won't even look at me or Kim.
Well, maybe you should have followed the rules.
I don't like rules.
And I really don't like you telling me what to do or how to act.
Jane, despite what you may think, this case was never about you.
At least not you, as in Deb.
What's this? Jane's family photo.
Who's not in it? Jane.
You won't find her in many photos.
Unlike Deb, who never met a camera she didn't like and would have found this case to be silly.
I am Deb.
And I didn't find this case silly.
Glad to hear it.
And maybe next time, you'll find a way to win the case and keep the money, Jane.
The firm needs it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Jane! Will you look at this place! Thank you.
I'm so proud of you.
Oh, thank you.
Congratulations on winning your "jerk producer" case.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry I unloaded on you.
Nah, I'm here for you, anytime.
Rumor is you threw the game.
What? I You should know, for judges, it's never about the outcome.
It's about due process, which requires the truth be introduced.
You, Mr.
Kent, subverted due process on the court of basketball.
I wouldn't go that far.
Let me give you an opportunity to right this wrong.
Come on.
Now? Right now.
I challenge you to a rematch.
The gym's right down the street.
I got the keys.
In case you don't know, this is my "you're about to be held in contempt" look.
First to 11 wins.
- I'm wearing a suit.
- Me, too.
Making excuses already? Welcome, all my fellow pake-lovers.
My name's Teri Lee, and as I like I tell my dates, I'll be your final course tonight.
Good game.
Better luck next time.
What's going on, you two? Nothing, it's just a just a friendly pickup game.
Let's go home.
You won the game, but I think we both know who's winning here.

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