Drop Dead Diva s05e05 Episode Script

Secret Lives

See that aspiring model there? That's me Deb until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up, and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Paul.
I used to think everything happened for a reason.
- Whoo! - Now, I sure hope I was right.
Drop Dead Diva 5x05 - Secret Lives Original air date July 21, 2013 Mm.
Hey, Stace.
Oh, my God, what is with the bird sanctuary? The birds are on my pregnancy app.
And the chirping means I'm ovulating.
Okay, so, I need your help to pick a sperm donor.
Father in a cup? So, I'm debating between dark and handsome or blond and handsome.
Okay, you know there's more to picking a donor than just good looks, right? Mm-hmm.
Well, there's also the issue of height.
"I mean, anyone under 5'8" off the list.
All right, you know what? Why don't you come to my office this afternoon? We will grab lattes, and we'll go through the options.
- Great.
- Okay.
Now, I need a closer outfit.
Owen chose me to help sign a potential new client the Los Angeles Guardians baseball team.
This is a huge step in our professional relationship.
And if you can impress him at work, you think he'll forgive you for kissing Grayson and take you back? Ooh, okay.
So oh! Wear that red blouse with your black suit.
It projects power and style.
Home run.
Don't worry, Owen.
We got this.
I know you don't think of me as a sports type, but I did my baseball research.
Infield fly rule? Totally based on English common law.
- Mm.
- Thank you for selecting me.
And I just I really appreciate Mr.
French! Oh, Mr.
- How are you? - Good.
This is my colleague Jane Bingum.
- Hi.
- Hi.
And this is the co-owner of the Guardians my wife, Tamra.
- Ooh.
- Love your outfit.
- Well, thank you very much.
- But are you being ironic? Uh, what do you mean? Red and black the arrows.
Our rival team.
- Oh! - Oh! No.
- Never mind.
Come on in.
- All right.
Be honest.
Am I only here because you wanted to impress a female owner with a female lawyer? Yes, so, please, try to be impressive.
French, we're seeing a lot of bigger firms.
Tell us why we should consider Harrison & Parker, especially with Jay Parker's departure.
While Parker's leave of absence he left the firm in good hands.
As you'll see, we have a 92% win rate against the bigger firms.
And not to mention, when it comes to employment contracts I took the liberty of reviewing your players' contracts.
You're losing out on valuable revenue streams because you're using forms drafted 20 years ago.
They didn't account for social-media activity or independent online merchandising.
W-w-we live in the Twitter-face oh! I've been using coconut oil, you know, as a moisturizer, and it just slipped.
It was a babe Ruth.
Now, it's just a babe.
Fortunately, it's insured.
Anything that is not covered, don't hesitate to bill us.
Oh, God.
I'm afraid we're going to have to re-schedule.
Of course.
Please excuse us.
No problem.
You know, yeah.
We'll have our office call your assistant and set up a new time and okay.
What? Owen, will you please say something? Who picks up a Babe Ruth baseball in the middle of a meeting? Well, you were doing all the talking, so Oh, so it's my fault now? No.
I'm just I'm sorry.
Let's just go back to the office and forget the whole thing.
Owen, you know what? You go ahead.
I forgot my phone.
I'll meet you back at the office.
All right.
Jane Bingum's office.
Who is Scott Reynolds? The Guardians' rookie shortstop.
Rock-hard abs.
He's being hailed as the next Derek Jeter.
Why do you care? He was arrested for murder.
I'm gonna go down to the station and see if he needs a lawyer.
And I'll pose as a man and sneak into the locker room and gather evidence.
You know, if I put my hair up and tape my boobs down, I can pass.
Okay, listen, Yentl, this is serious.
Oh, and tell Stacy I have to reschedule our afternoon lattes.
Congratulations, Molly.
You are now the proud owner of your very own physical-therapy center.
I can't believe this is finally happening.
Normally I'd take you out for a drink to celebrate, but my boozing days are kind of on hold.
Rain check.
Hey, where's Parker? I'd like to say congrats.
Actually, Parker is back together with his ex.
Well, better to find out now.
Believe me, if I weren't still paying alimony to my bum ex-husband, I would've started this business a year ago.
I can't believe you're still paying him.
Did he ever get a job? Oh, yeah.
Three days barista.
And then he quit to write his novel.
That's outrageous.
I know.
He can barely spell.
Listen, if you want, I can subpoena George's tax records, see if he's hiding any income, anything that might reduce your alimony payments.
No, thanks.
I appreciate the thought, but I just want to put all this behind me and move on.
Just thinking about George gives me a migraine.
Trust me, I know the feeling.
I don't understand.
Did the team send you, Ms.
Bingum? Oh, no.
Your team doesn't represent players in criminal matters.
How would you know that? My law firm is trying to secure their business.
Now, I have reviewed all of the players' contracts, including yours.
Reynolds, everything you tell me is confidential.
My girlfriend, Lisa.
She was found in her apartment.
I'm sorry.
Last night, I went to her place for dinner.
We hung out until 10:00 or so, and then I headed home, 'cause I had to be up early for practice.
This morning, the cops asked me to identify her body, and then they arrested me.
They read me my rights and Ms.
Bingum, I don't understand why they think I did it.
I would never hurt Lisa.
In all honesty, I came here to convince you to hire me because I think my legal skills will impress your team owners.
But let me be very, very clear.
If I represent you, you are my only priority.
Here's my card.
Call me if you want help.
Two sugars, right? You won't bring coffee to Kim, but you'll bring it to me? My boss isn't exactly friendly.
I'm hoping you are.
Last week, you made me blueberry muffins.
I made them for myself.
I had extra.
And you were being nice.
Is that a problem? It's just, when the opposite sex is being nice, it usually means they have feelings.
Slow down.
I I was being nice to you because I feel sorry for you.
Come again? I look directly into your office all day long.
No offense, but I am not interested in broken men.
I just try to be nice.
- Jane.
- Yeah? Where have you been? - Oh, I - The meeting was over hours ago.
Look, you can't just take off in the middle of the day.
No wonder the place is in trouble.
Owen, just take a breath.
Don't don't look at me with those eyes.
You know it throws me off.
My eyes throw you off? - That's not the point.
- Okay, okay, fine.
If you don't want to see my eyes, I'll I'll turn away.
Oh, just one question are you done reprimanding me? - Yes, Jane.
- Great.
After our meeting, I went back to the conference room.
To get your phone.
No, I wanted to see what was on that post-it.
- You looked through the trash? - All right.
Anyway, Scott Reynolds was arrested for murder.
- Whoa.
That's huge.
- I know.
Every lawyer in town is gonna want to represent him.
We need to get down to the precinct.
We need to see if we can set what are you doing? Just trying to quiet you with my eyes.
See, I already met with Scott.
And he just called and asked me to represent him.
I got to get to work.
Jane! - Yeah? - Hey.
- Hi.
- You ready for this? It's an arraignment.
I've done one before.
You see who's sitting in the second row? Franklin and Tamra.
Oh, good.
I do well with an audience.
All rise.
All right, let's get started.
Your Honor, the people seek a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is sufficient probable cause.
Whoa! A hearing? I-I had no notice.
It is the prosecution's right to decide how to proceed.
I haven't received discovery, Your Honor.
Not a problem.
I love it when the wheels of justice spin.
I'm gonna need a week to prepare this.
Bingum, this hearing is to determine probable cause.
I'll give you a long lunch.
I hey, peroxide Patty, are you lost? I'm here to see Jane.
We're meeting for lattes.
No, you're not.
I was supposed to call you.
Jane had to reschedule.
What are those photos? Are you casting a movie? 'Cause I am really good on the casting couch.
If you must know, I'm trying to get pregnant, and I'm looking for a sperm donor.
You have come to the right person.
You know, I am a sperm aficionado.
I helped my cousin Su-Min Ho pick her donor, and now I have the most amazing Korean-Brazilian second cousin, Jung-Hee Ho.
Don't you worry.
I'm gonna help you find your very own Ho.
A woman brutally strangled, murdered in a jealous rage.
And who had cause to be jealous? The man sitting right there.
This isn't "dateline.
" Can we see some evidence, please? Sustained.
People's exhibit 5 a text message from Lisa Dunfee, the victim, to Mr.
Randy Brett, the Guardians' former third baseman.
And it reads, "in two hours", "I'll be free and all yours, baby.
" "Can't wait to be with you.
" This message was sent hours before Lisa was murdered.
We contend that Lisa told the defendant that she was leaving him for Mr.
Brett, and he snapped.
Move to strike.
Brett hasn't testified.
For all we know, Mr.
Brett could be the killer.
Brett was traded to Seattle last week and was on a national-televised game when the crime was committed.
At this point, I'd like to call our forensics expert to the stand.
We found thumb-shaped contusions on the victim's neck, consistent with strangulation.
And did you examine the defendant's hands? Yes.
He had compromised movement in his right thumb, suggesting a sprain.
An injury he could have sustained - from strangling the victim? - Yes.
No further questions.
Are the injuries on my client's hand consistent with a condition known as throttle thumb, which is common to motorcycle riders? Yes.
And are you aware that my client owns and rides a 2013 Ducati? Uh, no, I did not.
So the thumb sprain could have nothing to do with the allegation? Yes, that's, uh, that's true.
Parker, I'm not your charity case.
No, I already mailed you your check back.
And I told you stop calling me unless it's business-related.
No, I don't want to talk about I have to go.
You're turning down financial help from your ex? Our lives could not be more different.
Parker wanted out.
He doesn't get to be the good guy.
So, Kim, why are we here? I thought I told you not to subpoena George's tax records.
Please don't be mad.
But I thought it couldn't hurt.
And sure enough, he reported income of 100 grand last year.
You're kidding me.
So we can drop it if you want, or we can go inside and hear his explanation.
I hit the jackpot.
I'm sorry.
What? I won the money at the palm desert casino, a few weeks after the divorce.
I hit triple sevens on a high-end slot machine.
Well, that $100,000 constitutes earnings, and my client's alimony should be reduced accordingly.
Under the holding in Schulze, the court ruled a one-time profit does not constitute income.
That's correct.
Your Honor, this man, he promised my client a life together.
I mean, she believed in him.
She loved him.
She saw a future with him, and now he's in Canada, and I'm on my own.
Kaswell, are are you okay? No.
No, Your Honor.
I'm pregnant, and my breasts are sore, I'm rapidly developing cankles, and I have a constant craving for funyuns.
But I digress.
We're not talking about me.
That man hid money from a woman who is still paying his rent, a woman that he pledged to love for the rest of his life, so help him God.
And I don't give a crap about Schulze.
This court should address his behavior.
I feel for your client and for your cankles but your motion is denied.
I'm so sorry, Molly.
Kim, like I said, I'm I'm fine.
But you know if you ever want to talk, I'm here, right? Yeah.
Thank you.
Excuse me one second.
What's up? While I was looking for additional information to support the undisclosed income, I found something.
The judge just ruled against us.
Well, I think this might change her mind.
Detective Davis, what are we looking at? This footage was recovered from a bank security camera across from Mr.
Reynolds' condo complex.
Can you identify the man getting into his car at 7:31 P.
on the night of the murder? Yes.
That's Mr.
And when did he return? Not until the following morning at 6:28 A.
I'd like to submit people's exhibit 6 cell tower location data.
At 10:28 P.
, the approximate time of the murder, Scott Reynolds accessed his voice-mail.
Where was he at the time? We triangulated his position to determine he was in the victim's apartment complex.
Nothing further.
We'll recess until tomorrow morning.
What's going on, Scott? I'm innocent.
I swear to you, I'm innocent.
Jane, nobody's blaming you for the setback.
Well, I'm sure Franklin and Tamra weren't impressed.
No, they weren't.
It's obvious the A.
sped up the hearing so they could blind-side you with an avalanche of evidence.
After we recessed, I tried talking to Scott.
He just keeps repeating that he's innocent, like if he says it enough times, it'll be true.
Well, probably time to start thinking about a plea.
Yeah, that's why I'm combing through the evidence.
I got to find something to hang this plea on, otherwise our client is looking at the death penalty.
Kaswell, I agreed to this meeting because I'm sympathetic to your client, but you're not going to change my mind.
What if I told you that George won the jackpot while he was still married to Molly? That's crazy.
My office contacted the casino.
He won the jackpot in December of 2011, when he was not yet divorced from Molly.
Randal, you're gonna be in a lot more trouble if you don't come clean now.
It's true.
You're a pig.
And that's an insult to pigs.
That money is community property.
Therefore, I'm discontinuing your alimony and awarding the winnings to your client.
Yes! We will expect payment immediately.
I don't have it.
Check my bank account.
I've got less than 1,000 bucks.
Even my attorney is working for beer.
How did you blow 100 grand? A few epic trips to Cabo.
I'm sorry, Molly.
I'm just flat broke.
This is your guy.
Donor 18-21A.
Mmm! Graduated from Yale, plays the violin.
With his genes, your kids would never need a calculus tutor.
I kind of like this Abercrombie Hunk.
Well, he's an actor/model/ spinning instructor.
- Mmm.
- Um, yeah.
I think you'd be lucky if your kids were able to read by the age of 20.
Stacy, you're a really beautiful woman.
Thank you.
But you are gonna have to compensate in other areas to make for a perfect combo.
You know what I'm saying? Yes.
I don't have dimples.
I need a guy who does.
And look at his dimples.
Oh, but, Stacy, hold on to your uterus.
I just found you the perfect donor.
He's gorgeous.
And brilliant.
He double-majored in theology and engineering at Stanford University.
Oh, my God, he's working on his PHD at UCLA.
Captain of the water polo team, expert skier.
And his full lips work with a girl or a boy.
Ah! Teri, he's perfect.
What is it? Donor 17-85B is out of stock.
No, no.
They they can't be out of stock.
I need 17-85B.
Don't worry.
I think I have an idea.
But Jane needs me now.
But but trust me, I will take care of this.
Hey, boss.
What's up? Are there any more photos of the crime scene? Well, it's a 500-square-foot apartment, and these photos cover every inch of it.
Why? Scott left his place with flowers.
I don't see flowers anywhere in Lisa's apartment.
See, and the missing flowers could provide an alternate theory of the crime.
Maybe Scott was seeing a second woman in the same complex? Baseball players are total dogs Mm.
which I find hot, but I know is wrong.
A secret girlfriend could explain why he was in the building at the time of the murder.
Okay, would you get me a list of all the tenants in the complex? - I'm on it.
- Thanks.
You got a second? Sure.
What's up? I hate to say this, but I'm disappointed.
Grayson, I know.
The other night, it was so thoughtful, but for obvious reasons stop.
I'm not talking about us.
It's your case.
You solicited business from an accused murderer so you could impress his employer.
Hold on.
It's not like that.
- No? - He may not be guilty.
Owen said you're looking for an alternate theory to help with a plea.
Well, yeah, that's true, but you've never solicited business from clients you don't believe in.
But you actively sought this guy out.
Why? It's complicated.
With Parker gone, things have have changed.
- Grayson - And I'm an idiot.
You weren't trying to impress your client's employer.
You were trying to impress yours.
And about the other night, as far as I'm concerned, it never happened.
The I.
just put a lien on my new business.
What? They're saying I owe $40,000 in back taxes.
$40,000! Um George never paid taxes on his gambling winnings.
The casino made him fill out a tax form, but they didn't withhold anything.
Oh, my God, Molly.
I got the winnings declared as a marital asset, and now the I.
can go after you.
Yeah, and now I'm gonna lose my clinic because of what you did.
I didn't know this would happen.
Kim, you're taking out your unresolved issues on my case.
It's why you pulled George's tax returns without my consent.
Maybe if you hadn't kept pushing, I wouldn't be in this position.
Please, fix it.
Jane, I got the list of all the renters in the victim's apartment complex.
And guess what.
Apartment 106 is being rented by a CJ Pierce.
Okay, and that matters because? Because her lease is being paid for by our client.
No way.
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to meet the other woman.
Are you stalking me? You'd like to think that, wouldn't you? I haven't seen you at my bar before.
When people start saying "my bar," they have a problem.
We happen to be a block away from the office, and I needed a drink because I have had a rough day.
What are you having? Whatever's in there is fine.
You know, you were right about what you said.
Me being broken.
Truth is I have a couple cracks myself.
S so you know, you are not my type.
I'm glad we're on the same page.
Come on, CJ.
Answer the door.
All right, she's not home.
Let's just go.
Do you want to go to Hooters? I hear they have a delicious chopped salad.
No, I should probably get home to Stacy.
Oh, I think we found the perfect donor.
There's just one glitch I have to take care of.
Thank you, Teri, for doing that.
Um, sir? Uh, excuse me.
We're looking for a CJ Pierce.
I'm CJ.
Who are you? Wait.
You're CJ? Um Sorry.
Never mind.
You've been very helpful and very cute.
Oh, my God, I can't believe the other woman is a dude.
Scott Reynolds is gay.
It's true.
Cj's my boyfriend.
That's why I was in the building.
I never even saw Lisa that night.
This is great news.
He's your alibi.
No, you can't tell anyone.
Scott, if you come out, we can get the D.
to drop the charges.
Jane, no professional baseball player has ever come out while still active.
By law, the owners cannot fire you based on sexual orientation.
But they can bury my career.
Look, I know other athletes have come out, but that's not me.
I shouldn't have to give up my privacy to prove I'm innocent.
Okay, right now, this is your only defense.
Then you're not as good a lawyer as you say you are.
What's the real deal with you and Lisa? About seven months ago, Franklin Rhodes, the team owner, introduced us at a team event.
We became fast friends, and I told her the truth.
She was cool, even offered to be my fake girlfriend to make my life easier.
And CJ's apartment? I moved him into her complex so we could spend nights together without raising suspicion.
Scott, I know what it's like to have secrets.
And while secrets lead to more problems, I respect your decision.
I won't let you down.
Oh, let me get out of your No, you're fine.
I mean, I-I have plenty of room.
Um, so, uh about last night.
- I normally - I'm not looking to date.
- Nicole? - Yes? See ya.
Did you pull the archived divorce records on Molly and George? - On your desk.
- Great.
Now we need all of George's credit-card and bank statements, including canceled checks, since the divorce.
Tell his lawyer that if I don't have them by noon, I'll drag his ass back into chambers.
Got it.
Uh, what are we looking for? Well, George claims to have spent the entire 100 grand, but since we already know he's a scumbag liar, I want to account for every dollar.
Scott is innocent, and I can prove it.
But I can't.
Are we talking in riddles? In order to free Scott, I need to present evidence that he insists on keeping confidential.
That evidence is? Confidential.
I would never violate attorney- client privilege ever.
Scott Reynolds is gay, and his boyfriend is his alibi.
I didn't see that coming.
And he's afraid if he comes out, it'll destroy his career.
Here's what you do.
You ask for an in-camera meeting.
You tell the clerk that you know your client is innocent, and you're happy to tell the judge why, but only only if the record is sealed.
And when the clerk asks my basis for sealing the record? You say that information could have ramifications on your client's livelihood and possibly his safety.
Thank you.
I got your text.
What's the emergency? You found 17-85B.
I googled everything that we know about him, and I got a name, and then I cross-checked him on Foursquare and found him here.
He's even more perfect in person.
Hello? - You have beautiful skin.
- And a really sexy I.
only your sperm spoke to my egg.
Will you please be my donor? This is a total invasion of my privacy.
Breaking into your house while you're showering is a total invasion of your privacy.
Nobody's supposed to know that I donate.
It's just for extra money.
Well, blondie here is prepared to make you an offer you can't refuse.
I'm listening.
I've agreed to conditionally seal the record of this meeting, provided Ms.
Bingum can support her application.
And I will renew my objection.
I asked for the record to be sealed because Because Scott wasn't dating the victim.
They were just friends.
Scott Reynolds is gay.
Give me a break.
I've got a hundred people that can put them together.
That's kind of what we were going for.
Lisa was helping him maintain his reputation on the team.
And Scott's boyfriend, CJ, lives in Lisa's building.
I have copies of financial documents linking CJ and Scott.
I also have an affidavit from CJ saying that they were together the night of the murder.
Now, this explains both the triangulated cell call and why Scott's flowers were not at the crime scene.
This seems pretty sound.
Given the evidence, I move to dismiss all charges.
I'm gonna need time to verify that information.
I will release Mr.
Reynolds, pending your investigation.
And given the sensitive nature of what we have just shared no one will say a word.
The record is sealed.
Best of luck to you, young man.
If you don't need anything else, I'm gonna go grab lunch.
Where are the canceled checks from George's account? He didn't have a checking account.
Of course he did.
He cashed a $100 check at the casino.
George didn't have his own account, and he and Molly didn't have a joint one.
My guess, she didn't trust him with money.
He used Molly's check at the casino.
Well, that shouldn't matter.
At the time, they were married.
Trust me, it matters.
If you're still talking to me, I owe you an apology.
No, you had every right to be disappointed.
You know, I always want to be on the side of justice.
But I guess this time I wanted to be on the side of Owen.
It just hasn't been easy around here.
Oh, Scott.
Yes, come in.
Reynolds, hi.
Nice to meet you.
I'm a big fan.
You're gonna have a great season.
The Guardians released me.
What?! No, they cannot fire you.
A messenger just delivered this letter of termination.
Jane, you said this wouldn't happen.
Now everything I worked for is over.
Would you excuse me for just a minute? How dare you? How dare I what? I trusted you, Owen.
You betrayed me.
You outed my client.
The initials at the bottom of the page? Of" Harrison & Parker, Owen French.
So, you're working for the Guardians.
Yes, I am, but I would never violate confidentiality.
Oh, really? Okay, well, then how did the owners find out about Scott? Obviously, they fired him because he's gay.
No, it's not like that.
His contract's hazardous-activity clause prohibits him from riding a motorcycle.
As we found out during the arraignment, he violated that clause.
In fact, it was right after his admission that Franklin asked me to draw up this letter.
Why didn't you tell me you were representing them? Chinese wall.
You represent Scott in his criminal case, I represent the Guardians in selected civil matters.
Terminating Scott is a civil case.
It makes us adverse.
Oh, yeah, we're adverse, all right.
I'm seeking an emergency hearing, and I'm gonna fight that termination.
I figured you might.
See you in court.
Do you really think that the owners found out that Scott is gay? Well, I don't buy that they'd fire him over riding a motorcycle.
And my guess is that that hazardous-activity clause isn't regularly enforced.
Let's look at Facebook.
That's where guys usually brag about their dumb, dangerous adventures.
Okay, Travis Nesbit, first baseman.
Oh, here is a photo of Travis cliff-diving in Hawaii.
See? My hunch was right.
That motorcycle was just a pretext.
All right.
Here's the problem.
Owen said that Franklin wanted to fire Scott after the arraignment, but that's before any of us knew he was gay.
So we need to prove that Franklin found out about Scott's sexuality prior to this termination.
I'll be right back.
My client's ex-husband had no authority to use her check.
But for the casino's negligence, George never would have had the money to win the jackpot, which directly led to my client's problems with the I.
As general counsel of the casino, I can assure you my client had no obligation to confirm Mr.
Randal's authority to sign on your client's account.
But now that we know he's defrauded us, his winnings are void.
What? Under California gaming statutes, any fraud perpetrated by a player voids all subsequent winnings.
You just said he had no authority to sign that check, so under joint and several liability, your client must return all his winnings to the casino.
You're coming after my client? That's correct.
No, no, no.
Uh We can just forget about this whole meeting.
We'll be filing suit for the full $200,000.
George only won $100,000.
He only cashed in $100,000 from his player's bank account.
But the actual winnings were $200,000.
So we'll be putting a lien on George's player's account.
We'll be going after your client for the balance.
Why are you smiling, Ms.
Kaswell? Well, this document says that in order to get a player's club bank account, the player must consent to a credit check.
That's correct.
So, if the casino had done a credit check on George, they would've learned that George isn't on Molly's account, which means that your company either, "a," didn't read the report, which is gross negligence, or, "b," they did read it, which would make them guilty of fraud in accepting a bad check.
I'm sure we can work something out.
You know how you asked me to look into all the tenants at the apartment complex? Yeah? Well, I noticed that Lisa's rent was being paid for by a Genco Corporation.
And at the time, it wasn't important.
But now? Well, Genco is Franklin Rhodes' holding company.
Why would the owner of the team be paying her rent? Maybe Lisa wasn't Scott's benevolent beard.
And maybe Franklin knew the truth and was paying Lisa to pretend to be Scott's girlfriend to keep the next Derek Jeter in the closet.
How long has Genco been paying her rent? About seven months.
That is just when Scott and Lisa started dating.
But Lisa's been living there for two years.
And you'll never guess who paid the rent before Genco.
My husband paid her rent, but that's ancient history.
Oh, you knew about your husband's affair with Lisa? Oh, yes.
Believe it or not, I found a canceled rent check.
I threatened to leave him, and he ended it with her.
This was seven months ago? Yes, right around the time Lisa started dating Scott.
I don't understand what this is about.
I am so sorry to ll you this, but seven months ago, your husband did not break up with Lisa.
In fact, he continued to pay her rent using funds from Genco instead of his personal account.
And what about Scott? You think she was dating both men? Oh, Ms.
Rhodes I have my client's permission to tell you this Scott is gay.
I had no idea.
We believe Franklin learned Scott was gay, and he and Lisa came up with an arrangement to hide their affair and still protect the team's investment in Scott.
Of course, everything changed with Scott's arrest.
So you think Franklin got worried that Scott would come out in order to defend himself? Which is why he used the pretext of the motorcycle to fire him.
Oh, God.
Do you know where Franklin was when Lisa was killed? He wasn't with me.
- Kim.
- Molly before you say anything, I owe you an apology.
I was really out of line.
Oh, please, everything you said was true.
I'm the one who should apologize.
So I hope this check from the palm desert casino will suffice.
$100,000? Yeah.
Apparently, your ex won 200 grand but kept a hundred of it in his casino account, which is why we never saw the full amount on his tax returns.
So I convinced the casino to pay George's tax bill, which means this check is all yours.
- Seriously? - Mm.
You're like wonder woman, only with a baby bump.
Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
One hour ago, Franklin Rhodes, the owner of the Guardians, was charged with the murder of Lisa Dunfee.
My office believes that there is sufficient evidence for a conviction.
Scott Reynolds has been exonerated and would like to make a statement.
I want to thank my lawyer for standing by me and for helping the authorities solve this awful crime.
And I also want to thank her for giving me the courage to tell the truth.
I'm gay.
And while I believe it's irrelevant to my career, I realize I stand in uncharted waters.
While my future is uncertain, I Mr.
To the contrary, your future is quite certain.
At least for the next three years.
Your lawyer just negotiated a very lucrative new deal.
We just need a signature.
It's a new era in baseball, and the Guardians couldn't be more proud.
You're amazing, Jane.
Leave it open.
And two more, please.
Nothing's gonna happen.
Not a chance.
I just want company.
No one likes to be lonely.
Just two colleagues sharing a drink.
I'm glad we're on the same page.
Hi! Okay, Stace, I'm sorry I have not been around, but Teri said that you found a donor, and I want to hear all about him.
Well, I changed my mind.
Not about the baby about the donor.
But I heard he was perfect.
He was hot, he was a smarty-pants, and he agreed to do it, but But what? While we were talking to 17-85B, he declined a call from his mother.
His own mother! Can you believe that? As if I want to have a baby that's genetically programmed to decline my calls.
I mean, I don't think it works like that, but I totally get your point.
Jane, I don't want a stranger as the donor.
I want to know my baby's biological father.
I guess this egg won't be the one.
Well, you know, I'm sorry for the egg, but I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
You know what you want, and that's great.
So, now, I am going to get in the bathtub with a glass of wine and a list of my contacts.
There's got to be a good candidate somewhere in my past.
- Oh.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, is everything okay? Yeah no.
Everything's fine.
I-I just I came by to tell you that Tamra Rhodes is gonna be giving the firm a lot of business, and you're the one who made it happen.
Well, you're welcome.
And, Jane I'm sorry.
I've been acting like a total jerk, and taking out my you know, my personal feelings in a professional setting is wrong.
I'm really sorry.
Can can you forgive me? Yes.
Of course I can forgive you.
I miss that smile.
Have a have a good night, Jane.

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