Drop Dead Diva s05e06 Episode Script

Fool for Love

See that aspiring model there? That's me Deb until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up, and I woke up in someone else's body.
[ Screams .]
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Paul.
I used to think everything happened for a reason.
Whoo! [ Laughs .]
Now, I sure hope I was right.
LA, LA, LA, LA-LA-LA-LA Drop Dead Diva 5x06 - Fool for Love Original air date July 28, 2013 Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Well, hello Hello, Mr.
Sunshine Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Good morning.
You two are up early.
I'm working on my list of potential ex-boyfriend sperm donors.
- Ooh.
- And check this out.
I'm learning chai tea.
Paul, it is tai chi, not chai tea.
Stace, are you sure an ex is better than an anonymous donor? Well, all of my ex-boyfriends had some good qualities, so maybe they've got the right stuff to be a donor.
Martin Ward? Cross him off.
But he was so sweet.
Last week, I saw him at the courthouse.
He's been arrested for armed robbery.
But I still need to pick at least three.
- Why three? - Paul has a great idea.
Tell her.
You know how Stacy can't decide what to wear until she has three different outfits laid out? Yeah? That's what I'm gonna do! I'll invite my top three choices to a cocktail party, and by the end of the night, I'll have a donor.
What could possibly go wrong? So, Jane, Paul and I were wondering Wait.
The two of you were wondering something together? Yes, we are both very concerned about your well-being.
How are you and Owen? We know he came over here the other night.
He apologized for being rough on me at work, but I have no idea if he is open to more.
And by more, you mean I mean forgiving me and taking me back.
- Jane, you need to touch him.
- Mm-hmm.
Find an excuse to touch Owen.
Brush up against him in a meeting or an elevator.
If he still cares, it will be electric.
Trust me.
When you touch a guy, his response says it all.
[ Knock on door .]
Owen! Oh.
Good morning.
Uh, hello.
What's going on? Jane Bingum Brad Pines.
Brad is a chemistry grad student at Cal U.
This morning, he dropped his professor off at LAX.
He's supposed to give the keynote at a conference in Prague, but he was arrested for trying to smuggle drugs out of the country.
They're holding him at the airport.
I will get my bag.
Oh, thanks.
- Touch him.
- Okay.
You need to touch him.
It's a computer fantasy game called "Forevermore.
" My boyfriend, Craig, created it.
Now there's major interest from publishers and movie studios.
If you need me to negotiate the contracts, I'm happy to meet with Craig and He was killed in a hit-and-run just over two years ago.
Uh, I'm so sorry.
And now that "Forevermore" might be worth millions, his estranged parents are claiming his estate.
This game is Craig's legacy.
I can't let them control it.
Well, if Craig didn't leave a will, then his parents are entitled to everything.
We were together for eight years.
Doesn't that make me his common-law wife? California doesn't recognize common-law marriage.
The probate hearing is today.
[ Scoffs .]
Today? I didn't think it would come to this.
When Craig dropped out of college, his parents cut him off.
They acted like he didn't even exist.
Okay, let's get down to the courthouse.
I'll see what I can do.
[ Sighs .]
Found methamphetamine in the lining of your duffel bag.
Professor, did you pack the bag yourself? No.
No, the bag wasn't mine.
My girlfriend, Melody she asked me to bring it to her in Prague.
Brad said you were going there for a conference.
That's correct.
Melody works as a model, mostly in Europe.
She got a last-minute runway gig in Prague that was at the same time as my conference.
Tell me more about the bag.
Melody e-mailed me yesterday.
She said the last time she was in L.
, she left some stuff at a friend's place.
That friend brought the bag to my house last night so I could bring it to Melody.
Did you meet this friend? No.
She just left the bag by the side door.
Well, I looked inside.
It was just clothing.
Professor, we have to prove that you had no knowledge that the drugs were in the bag.
I had no knowledge, okay? Now, please, just just call Melody.
She's staying at the Intercontinental in Prague.
She'll tell you her friend's name, and we'll get this all sorted out.
Kim! Vanessa.
When are you due? Two months.
You? - The same.
- Wow.
I haven't seen you since, um Since I, uh, left Grayson at the altar.
Yeah, you must think I'm horrible.
Oh, I I I think it's none of my business.
So, how much do you love being pregnant? Oh, um, so much.
We should, like, schedule lunch sometime, compare notes on night nurses and nannies, doulas, the whole shebang.
[ Cellphone rings .]
Yeah, all those things.
- Oh, my God.
- Everything okay? My amazing husband just got us the Bugaboo stroller.
[ Laughs .]
The waiting list is, what, like, a year? And every good mom needs a Bugaboo.
Ooh, God.
I got to go.
Good to see you.
You too.
[ Chuckles .]
Paul, listen closely.
I need you to get me the Bugaboo stroller.
No, the Bugaboo, okay? Whatever it costs, whatever it takes.
Let's go.
We're late.
I was trying to reach the Professor's girlfriend.
Any luck? Well, she's registered at the hotel, but she hasn't checked in yet.
Oh, and Teri is tracking down her modeling agency.
[ Sighs .]
We're gonna be late.
Uh, you know, I was thinking, if the teacher from "Breaking Bad" can cook up meth, then it'd be a snap for a college professor.
Yeah, well, it's one thing to cook it up.
It's another to smuggle it illegally out of the country.
[ Cellphone vibrating .]
Oh, that's me.
[ Elevator bell dings .]
Jane, are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
[ Chuckles .]
Federal customs officers, acting on an anonymous tip from the homeland security hotline this morning at 7:14, searched the defendant's luggage and found a kilo of methamphetamine.
We're filing charges for possession with intent to distribute.
My client enters a not guilty plea.
We also request reasonable bail.
We ask the defendant be held without bail.
He's scheduled to travel to Taiwan next month for a chemical manufacturer's board meeting, and since Taiwan doesn't have an extradition treaty, he's a flight risk.
The Professor will cancel his trip and surrender his passport.
With his international connections, he could still find a way out of the U.
I agree.
Defendant will be held without bail.
Why didn't you tell the judge about Melody's friend? I got an e-mail in the courtroom from my assistant.
She's contacted the top two dozen modeling agencies in the U.
, and no one has heard of a model named Melody Lanthum.
That's because Melody's based in London.
You need to talk to agencies in London.
Professor, we can't help but feel there's something you're not telling us.
Well, uh Melody and I, um we haven't actually met.
What do you mean? I mean, we haven't actually met in person.
We started chatting two months ago on a rainforest preservation website, and that led to e-mails and I.
S, and we just we just fell for each other.
But with Melody working in Europe and my busy schedule, we hadn't had a chance to meet, so You're welcome to read our correspondence.
Actually, that could be helpful.
I'll have my research assistant bring you my external hard drive.
You know, more than 50% of couples these days meet online.
I mean, most of them meet in person before becoming a couple.
Well, I don't I don't know if you're in a relationship, Ms.
Bingum, but for me, I've found dating to be really difficult.
And with Melody, we just connected.
It's that simple.
Those are Craig's parents.
I tried to say hi, but they just walked by.
and Mrs.
Bailey, if your lawyer's not here in 60 seconds, I will be forced to dismiss this case.
Sorry, judge.
I'm here.
[ Chuckles .]
Seven months' pregnant.
I got to pee every 10 minutes.
Your Honor, my clients' son, Craig Bailey, died tragically two years ago without a will.
Now, because he had no surviving children, his parents inherit his estate.
That's correct.
Excuse me, Your Honor.
Yes? If I may, Kim Kaswell.
I'd like to intervene under CCP 387 on behalf of my client, June Frazier, the decedent's long-term girlfriend.
Frazier was neither Craig Bailey's spouse nor registered domestic partner.
While that's true, my client has a claim to Craig's estate under palimony law.
That is ridiculous.
Maybe, but color me intrigued.
I'll set aside time for arguments this afternoon.
Owen asked me to tell you that he headed over to the courthouse to get the bench notes.
And this is Beth, your client's research assistant.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Professor Kane's external drive.
Thank you very much.
And I just want to say, I heard about the charges, and I can assure you, he's innocent.
Glad to hear it.
He wasn't motivated by money.
And he was so proud of the research he was gonna present in Prague.
He would never jeopardize that.
Beth, how much do you know about the professor's personal life? He didn't have one.
He was in the lab seven days a week.
Do you know if he had a girlfriend? No, I I don't think so.
Thank you.
Could you please describe your relationship with Craig? We were in a exclusive, committed relationship for eight years.
And you were planning a future together? Yes, we wanted a big family.
Truth is, we'd been trying for three years, but we weren't as lucky as you or Ms.
In fact, we were just about to start a round of IVF when Craig died.
Your Honor, Ms.
Frazier's testimony must be limited to whether she and Craig had an understanding that they would share equally in the results of their combined efforts.
We combined our income, we split household chores.
I mean, when he was writing code, I would do most of the housework, but when he needed my help with graphics, he would cook and clean.
We were married in every respect.
Your Honor, we contend that the 1977 Lee Marvin palimony case should apply to Craig and June's relationship.
The Marvin case dealt with a break-up, not a death.
So unless this court is prepared to make a new law, palimony doesn't apply.
I'm inclined to agree.
Do you have any further arguments, Ms.
Kaswell? Yes.
But I'd like a recess to gather the necessary materials.
You have until tomorrow.
Why are you blocking me? You heard about Vanessa.
Look, I'm completely over her, but tell me you're kicking her ass in court.
Actually, she's kicking mine.
In that case, I read your client memo.
I think you're looking at the facts wrong.
Really? Yeah, you're forcing the law to recognize the romantic relationship.
You should go after the work relationship.
A couple that close, he works at home? She's got to be involved in some way.
She did say she helped out with the graphics.
There you go.
Under copyright law, you can argue June's a co-creator.
It won't get her everything, but it might get her some of what she deserves.
Hey, thanks, Grayson.
Trust me here to help.
[ Gasps .]
Is that the Bugaboo? Now, would I let you down? What can I say, Paul? I'm impressed.
You can say I'm the best intern at the firm.
[ Chuckles .]
You're the only intern at the firm.
You're very welcome, Ms.
Hey! So did you touch Owen? Was there a spark? Uh.
I tried, and then my heel broke.
I don't know.
Maybe it's a sign to just keep my hands to myself.
What are you doing here? I picked the three exes I want to invite to my sperm-donor cocktail party tonight finance guy, real-estate agent, and personal trainer.
Wallet, homemaker, and bod.
I remember them well.
Do you think that I should tell them why I'm having them over for drinks? Mnhmnh-mnh.
I say mum's the word.
Otherwise, they might not act naturally.
- You're right.
- Mm-hmm.
So, what are you reading? You looked a little emotional.
These e-mails from my professor client and his model girlfriend, whom he's never actually met.
That's weird.
I thought so, too.
Anyway, they've been e-mailing for about two months, but we can't locate her.
Oh! She's a model named Melody Lanthum.
No agency's heard of her, either.
Well, maybe she models under a different name.
Remember when I almost changed my name to Lady Gaga before Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta stole it from me? I do not remember that.
So, what else do you know about her? Not much.
My client met her on a rainforest-conservation website.
Okay, well let's see.
I am searching "Melody Lanthum" Mm-hmm.
and "rainforest conservation.
" Voilà! Here is her profile page on myrainforest.
Oh, looks like she adopted an acre of land in Costa Rica.
We should really do that.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Oh, there's a photo.
Oh, my God.
What? [ Gasps .]
It's you.
I mean, she's you.
You're Melody! These bench notes are from the crime lab's forensics expert.
The meth is high grade, very pure.
Well, which is not good for us.
The A.
is gonna argue that, as a chemistry professor, you would know how to create a pure version.
Jane, hey.
Um, Professor I I don't I'm sorry.
I don't even know how to tell you this.
Um Melody Lanthum doesn't exist.
Well, of course she does.
You read our e-mails, our texts.
I read your e-mails, and I believe that yours are genuine.
I found Melody's photo.
That's Melody.
No, that's Deb Dobkins.
She was a model, and she died in a car accident several years ago.
I'm so sorry.
Professor, I think you should consider the possibility that you have been "catfished.
" I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
It's slang term for someone who creates a false online identity to pursue a romantic connection.
Why would anyone do that? Well, I think you were being set up.
As what? A drug mule? Yeah.
Looks that way.
Well, then who was I writing to? And who was writing to me? All I know is we have to get back in that courtroom and convince the jury that you are a victim of an elaborate hoax.
Your Honor, earlier, my client testified that she helped out with the graphics of "Forevermore.
" She was being modest.
This is Kalipso, the game's hero, as sketched by Craig.
Now, June reworked this rendering, and after dozens of drafts, Kalipso now looks like this.
June also reworked the setting, turning rudimentary drawings like this into the Bledso forest.
"Forevermore" wouldn't exist but for my client's creative contributions.
Objection, Your Honor.
This is pure speculation.
Teri? We'd like to enter into evidence thousands of pages of drawings my client contributed to the creative process.
Your Honor, this is Um, the I'm s I I just lost my train of thought.
Are you okay, Ms.
Hemmings? I think I need to sit.
I'll review the evidence, and I'll have my clerk inform you of my decision.
[ Gavel bangs .]
Jane! Oh! Stacy.
What are you doing here? Well, my sperm-donor cocktail party has had some setbacks.
Two of my top three choices can't make it.
Why not? Finance guy is in rehab.
- Right.
- Real-estate guy is married.
Of course.
Good news personal trainer is coming, and so is political aide, who was my alternate.
- All right.
- Now I just need one more Hey, what do you think about him? Oh.
[ Laughs .]
Hank? You've never dated him.
No, but he's smart and funny.
Hey, didn't you two have a thing? No.
I mean, he asked me out once.
Are you asking to borrow one of my old suitors? Because if you are, the answer is of course you can! [ Both laugh .]
- Oh, shh! He's coming! - Oh.
- Hello, ladies.
- Hi.
I seem to remember that you both liked iced chais.
Thank you.
So kind.
Well, I come from a long line of kind men.
Did you hear that, Jane? Yes, I did.
So, how are you, Hank? Never better.
[ Chuckles .]
Hank, we're having a few people over tonight for a cocktail party.
Would you like to come? Well, I have to check my schedule.
Kidding! I'm pretty much always free.
What time? [ Both laugh .]
Is that what I think it is? Oh.
Something wrong? Oh, no, no.
Not at all.
Um I mean, this company is supposed to make a solid, reliable stroller.
What what do you mean, "this company"? Oh, um, this is a Bubbaboo, not a Bugaboo, but I'm sure you knew that.
Of course.
[ Chuckles .]
Yeah, uh See, one of my goals as a parent is to make sure my kid doesn't get caught up with labels.
Oh, right, of course.
You better keep your kid out of your closet, with all of those Hermés bags and Louboutin shoes What do you want, Vanessa? The Baileys will give June $50,000 if she will waive any claim to "Forevermore.
" $50,000 is a joke.
Well, it's better than nothing.
Be sure to remind her of that.
I allow myself one cookie a week.
It means an extra 20 on the elliptical, but it's worth it.
I say it depends on the cookie.
You know, I mean, is it homemade or out of the box? [ Both laugh .]
So, do you still work for the senator? I'm actually a lobbyist for Ivar Oil.
How exciting for you.
[ Doorbell rings .]
Oh! Will you excuse us? FYI, Ivar Oil is the company on trial for polluting the L.
[ Gasps .]
The one killing all those seagulls? That's the one.
- Oh.
- Hello.
For you.
Oh, I love flowers.
How did you know? All right.
Get in here, Hank.
Make yourself at home.
What is with the clipboard? Oh, I have a checklist of my top six sperm-donor traits kind, stable, ambitious, intelligent, funny, attractive.
Let's go find him.
Thank you for meeting me here.
Frankly, I don't have much to say to you.
Well, you had a lot to say to me in court.
[ Chuckles .]
That whole Perry Mason stunt with the shopping cart? The only reason that you were there was to throw me off my game.
Well, to be fair, you did leave me standing at the altar.
And how long till you got over it? Lunch? Yes.
A late lunch.
You still owe me an apology.
Yeah, you're right.
[ Sighs .]
I am sorry for the way I bailed.
You see, when we were together, it was like I would get lost in my fantasy of us.
But I knew, deep down, I wasn't the right one for you.
What I didn't realize until later was that, well, you weren't really the right one for me, either.
For what it's worth [Chuckles.]
I'm still pretty embarrassed for the way I left you at the wedding.
It's probably why I never reached out.
And what about you? Anyone special in your life? Not right now, and I'm fine with that.
I almost believe you.
What's that supposed to mean? Well, I hear that Owen and Jane broke up.
What's that got to do with me? It's really nice seeing you, Grayson.
Whoa! [ Pants .]
And now I can have a cube of cheese.
Trainer guy is so off the list.
Which means Hank is in the lead.
He's sweet and funny.
And he thinks I'm a real blonde.
Well, and the good thing about him being just a donor is that he'll never know the truth.
Jane, Stacy, come here.
This guy's real name is Norville Rogers.
Hey, it's not nice to make fun of someone's name.
Norville Rogers is the real name of Shaggy, - from "Scooby Doo.
" - Oh! Once a month, my mom and I, we still watch marathons of "The Doo.
" - Ooh.
- You're kidding, right? I don't joke about Scooby.
[ Imitates Scooby Doo laughing .]
I can also do impressions of Elmer Fudd, Snagglepuss, and Huckleberry Hound.
Oh! And at last July's convention, my Daffy Duck costume took second place.
You know what? This whole night was a big mistake.
I'm sorry, guys, but I invited you over here because I thought I would want one of you to be a sperm donor for my baby, but I don't want a baby that kills seagulls or has to exercise to eat a cookie or laughs like a cartoon dog.
Not that you all aren't terrific, you know, in your own ways.
But, yeah, time to go.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Door closes .]
Well, that was a disaster.
What am I supposed to do now? Okay.
You know what? You just take a deep breath [ Breathes deeply .]
When the right door comes along, you will just know it.
[ Knock on door .]
I'll get it.
Owen? - Hey.
- Hi.
Do you, uh do you have a second? Are you Oh, of course.
Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just, uh just thinking I think you should handle the professor's testimony tomorrow.
No problem.
I think it'll have more impact on the jury if you're up there kind of guiding him through his journey, step by step.
[ Indistinct conversation .]
Professor, many people will find it hard to believe that a man of your intellect could fall so hard for someone that you've never even met.
The human brain believes what it perceives.
To me, Melody was as real as anyone I've ever known.
So, you were the victim of a cruel hoax designed to trick you into smuggling drugs out of the country.
I believe I was, yes.
Professor, you testified that you had no knowledge of the methamphetamine.
That's the truth.
The government's continued to monitor professor Kane's e-mail account pursuant to an active warrant, and we'd like to submit into evidence an e-mail that was sent to the defendant just 15 minutes ago Please read that for the jury.
"Stuart, where are you, darling?" "We need the fresh, delicious pastries" "you're bringing from Los Angeles.
" "X.
" Objection, relevance.
I mean, pastries? "Pastries" is well-known code for methamphetamine.
It seems that your client is late with the drugs, Ms.
I didn't know about the drugs.
Uh, recess, Your Honor? Good idea.
We're done for the day.
[ Gavel bangs .]
Of course $50,000 is a lot of money, but it's nothing compared to the value of "Forevermore.
" But if I don't take it, I could end up with nothing.
What should I do? What would Craig want you to do? Excuse me.
The clerk just called.
The judge ruled for the Baileys.
You okay? You just asked me what Craig would want.
Right, but the deal's off the table.
We have a verdict.
I know.
I know what Craig would want me to do.
He would want me to move on with my life.
- I'm gonna have his baby.
- What? Remember I told you we started IVF when Craig died? Well, we had a few embryos frozen at the clinic.
I'm going to get pregnant.
That's what Craig would want.
[ Chuckles .]
Well, that that's great.
I mean, I'm happy for you.
I just wish you would have made this decision a couple months ago.
Why's that? Any baby born within two years of a father's death has full inheritance rights.
But Craig died two years and two weeks ago.
Well I wasn't ready a few months ago.
I am now.
God! Stace, you've got to stop creeping up on me.
Hey, where's Owen? Uh, I don't know.
Why? No reason.
Just making conversation.
Oh, there he is.
I never realized how tall he was.
He looks kind of like Vince Vaughn but not as puffy.
Okay, Stacy, we had a bit of a setback in court, so do you need something from me? From you? No.
Hey, Jane, that's my top in that photo.
You borrowed it and never returned it.
I must've forgotten with the whole me dying thing.
When did I borrow this? I've been trying to figure out when this picture was taken.
You wore it to our five-year high-school reunion.
You wanted something to match your toenail polish.
Yes, I did! I remember! And Grayson took this photo.
So, when do you expect I can have my top back? Kim.
June, what's wrong? After I left your office, I called to make an appointment at the clinic.
They told me that Craig's parents got an injunction blocking me from my embryos.
What? They hate me so much they can't stomach the idea of me becoming pregnant with their grandchild.
No one is that vindictive.
There's got to be something else going on.
I promise I'll get to the bottom of it.
I remember taking the photo.
Deb was so happy.
She was actually pretty tipsy.
She kept trying to say the word "purple" - and it would come out - Burple.
[ Chuckles .]
Uh, that's a very common mistake.
Anyway, do you have any idea how the people who set up professor Kane could have gotten their hands on this? Yeah, I think I sent the photo to the alumni coordinator - that was - Whoa.
Did you feel that? [ Laughs .]
Must be the carpet.
Static build-up.
So Yep, here it is.
There you go the original photo before it was cropped.
No way.
What? I know who catfished the professor.
Beth, you are an awful, awful human being.
We know you were using the professor to transport drugs.
God, no.
Bingum, I had nothing to do with the drugs.
- I'm in love with him.
- Oh, please.
I was too shy to approach him in that way.
So when I saw he was a member of this online group I joined under a fake name.
And? Soon we started spending hours online together.
I fell so hard, and I was in too deep to tell him the truth.
Tell me about that photo.
It's a woman named Deb Dobkins.
We went to high school together.
She died in a car crash.
Were you two friends? No.
She wouldn't even recognize me if we were in the same room.
She was gorgeous And popular And, well I was not.
So, the professor was planning on meeting Melody in Prague.
That's impossible.
I'm Melody.
He was going there for a conference, not to meet me.
A week ago, he got an e-mail from Melody saying that she landed a last-minute modeling gig in Prague.
Bingum, we haven't corresponded for at least 10 days.
Wait you haven't had any contact with him since his arrest? Of course not.
He's in jail.
This is the bag that was dropped off at the professor's house.
Do you recognize it? No.
I don't recognize the bag.
Uh, wait.
That's my shirt, the pink one.
And those are my leggings and my jeans.
Oh, my God.
I left all of this stuff at my ex-boyfriend's house when we broke up.
What's your ex-boyfriend's name? Brad Pines.
I'm a graduate student at Cal U.
You have been in this courtroom every day supporting professor Kane.
It's the least I can do.
He's my mentor.
Is it true you once had a relationship with Beth Ryan? I'm not sure why you're asking, but, yes, that's true.
And isn't it also true that you discovered Beth had created an alternate identity and had started an online relationship with professor Kane? Objection.
I'm curious where this is going.
I discovered Beth was pretending to be someone she wasn't.
Tell me about a software program known as middleman.
It intercepts exchanges between two parties and allows the user to act as if they're the other party to an e-mail conversation.
If you used middleman to intervene between professor Kane and Melody, you could carry on an e-mail conversation with both of them, and they'd have no idea that they were actually e-mailing with you.
Your Honor, defense exhibit "R" Brad's credit-card statements.
He purchased the software seven weeks ago, around the time of his breakup with Beth.
Now, true or false you held the professor responsible for the rejection of your grant application? True.
I was angry.
He called my application sloppy, but You figured out the perfect plan to get even with both your ex for leaving you and the professor for denying your grant.
Isn't that right? That's ridiculous.
That isn't an answer.
This is defense exhibit "S" phone records that prove you called in the anonymous tip that led to professor Kane's arrest.
You can't trace calls made to an anonymous hotline.
But at 7:14 A.
, you called a phone number in the Cayman Islands that acts as a firewall so that forwarded calls cannot be traced.
Your Honor, at this time, we ask for an immediate dismissal of all charges against professor Kane.
The government agrees and asks that this witness be placed under arrest.
So ordered.
Your Honor, we're asking you to grant my client access to her embryos under California Probate Code section 249.
5, which governs the posthumous use of a father's genetic material.
The code is only relevant to posthumously conceived children if they were conceived within the two years of the father's death.
And since Craig Bailey died two years and two weeks ago, the statute has no bearing.
Nice try.
But if you look at the statute, it actually says that a baby must be in utero within two years of the date of issuance of a death certificate.
But because Craig died in a hit-and-run, an investigation delayed the issuance of his death certificate by four months, which means that not only is June entitled to those embryos, but any child she conceives within the next 3 1/2 months will inherit Craig's entire estate, including all rights to "Forevermore.
" Your Honor, under the statute, Ms.
Frazier must supply evidence of the father's intent.
And we have it.
Your Honor, video-game creators often hide so-called "easter eggs" within their games.
For example, if someone playing "Forevermore" reaches level 100 and slices open the lock on this treasure chest with their sword, a message from Craig appears.
[ Trumpets blare .]
"For June and our children" "not yet born but already in my heart.
" "Now and forevermore, Craig.
" Your Honor, we ask that you grant our client access to her embryos.
So ordered.
I'm also placing Craig Bailey's estate in escrow until the birth of his child.
On that date, said child will inherit Craig's entire estate, of which Ms.
Frazier shall be the executor.
[ Gavel bangs .]
Paul? What's this? I heard you were really upset about the other stroller.
And I really did think it was a Bugaboo and not a Bubbaboo, - by the way.
- It's okay, really.
No, it's not.
You deserve the best.
Kim Kaswell, you are a force.
Congrats on the win.
And I see you got yourself a real Bugaboo.
Nice job.
But I thought that you didn't care about brands? She doesn't.
It's a gift from me.
I'll say it again nice job.
Oh, we're not it's good to meet you.
I'm Paul.
Sweetheart, we should get going.
[ Chuckles .]
Why did you do that? She was trying to make you feel small, and nobody should make anybody else feel small, especially a mom-to-be.
Oh, thank you.
And thanks for the stroller, but I looked the other one up and the ratings are just as high, so - Oh, thank God.
- What? I slipped a security guard at the mall a hundred bucks to let me borrow this from the window display.
It's due back in 20 minutes.
[ Chuckles .]
You're a free man.
What's next, professor? I suppose I'll return to the life I led before I fell for a woman who doesn't exist.
The woman you fell for does exist.
Beth Ryan really cares about you.
Beth Ryan made a fool out of me.
Once she figured out what happened, she felt awful and she offered her complete cooperation.
Why are you defending her? I'm not defending the lie.
I'm just asking the professor to consider the bigger picture.
What's wrong with keeping an open mind? I'm sorry.
I didn't know she was here.
You don't have to speak with her.
[ Exhales deeply .]
No, it's it's fine.
I just want to say, I'm so sorry.
I'll be leaving the university at the end of the term.
That would be a mistake.
When last we e-mailed, before Brad hijacked our accounts, you said you had a photo of a kingfisher from the Malaysian rainforest.
My cousin took it.
I'd love to see it.
Yes, of course.
Walk you out? Okay.
Well, I suppose, as a scientist, it's my job to keep an open mind, so [ Chuckles .]
What a case, huh? Yeah.
Hey, what do you say we go out to dinner to celebrate? You know, my treat.
[ Sighs .]
I'm exhausted.
- Thank you, though.
- Yeah.
Have a good night, Jane.
You too.
Yo, boss! Congrats on your win.
Thank you.
You've been busy.
I heard about you and Kim and the baby carriage.
News travels fast.
Hey, I'm confused.
I thought you were supposed to be watching me.
You're jealous.
Look, Jane, the only reason that I'm an intern here is so that I can be around in case you need me.
And the only way I get to keep my internship is by impressing Kim.
But if there is anything you need, I'm here for you.
In fact, how about you and me, we'll go get some drinks you can tell me all about your day? Paul.
Rain check? Hey, you're home.
I am.
Oh, that wine looks good.
I had a long day.
Hey, can you sit down for a minute? We need to talk.
Uh, yeah, sure.
Is everything all right? I have some big news.
I've chosen my sperm donor.
Well, that's wonderful! I found a guy who is kind, stable, ambitious, intelligent, funny, and attractive.
So you're telling me you met George Clooney? [ Both laugh .]
I need to be serious.
Who is it? It's [ Sighs .]
Uh, what? I want to ask Owen to be my child's biological father.
Owen? As in my Owen? I mean, you said that I would know it when I see it, and I see it with Owen.

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