Drop Dead Diva s06e03 Episode Script

First Date

See that aspiring model there? That's me Deb until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up, and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Paul.
I used to think everything happened for a reason.
Whoo! Now, I sure hope I was right.
Drop Dead Diva 6x03 - First Date Original air date March 30, 2014 Previously on "Drop Dead Diva" Who are you? I think you already know.
Grayson, it's me.
I'm Deb.
No, I can't face Grayson.
He's furious with me for confiding in you that I'm Deb and not telling him.
Grayson! Grayson! Can I help you? Belinda Scotto.
Owen hired me to help while Kim's on maternity leave.
I want to get to know you, the real you, without secrets.
You already know the real me.
I'm Deb.
Stop! I buried Deb.
Now, would you like to go out with me? Because I'd really like to go out with you.
Yes, very much so.
Oh! What's with the balloons? They're for your date with Grayson.
I want it to be festive.
Again, he just suggested that we get to know each other better.
We haven't picked a time or a place.
Well, then, I think you should make the next move.
After all, you are the one who lied to him.
I didn't lie to him.
I didn't lie to him.
I just omitted the fact that I am Deb.
Sweetie, you need to show Grayson that you are committed to this relationship.
So you are going to ask him to dinner tonight, and I am going to take care of all the details.
That's a fantastic idea.
I'll ask him at work.
Though if you keep going with the balloons, he's gonna think it's a quinceañera instead of a date.
I will cancel the piñata.
I promise sophistication and taste, so you and Grayson can get to know each other, maybe even intimately.
Oh, that may be rushing things.
Is it? I'm serving oysters.
Oh, Belinda.
Hey, I think you're going the wrong way.
- Your office is - Yeah.
No, I'm I'm off to the courthouse.
Liam Matthews is in trouble again.
Liam Matthews? The lead singer of the Black Pedals? Mm-hmm.
I've repped him for years.
And he's trashed another hotel room.
But don't worry.
I'll plead him out.
- I'll be back by noon.
- Take Jane with you.
Take me where? A sample sale? A game-show taping? I feel like it's gonna be a great day.
- Courthouse.
- Oh.
Yeah, I think I'm good.
I got this one solo.
I'm sure she's right.
I'd really like a partner to back you up.
The client is Liam Matthews.
- What?! - Yes.
What?! Oh, my God.
I had his poster above my bed when I was a kid.
I used to kiss him every morning, until I got a paper cut on my tongue.
I'll totally go with you.
I'll even drive.
Uh, okay.
If if that's what Owen wants Yeah, I think that's what he wants.
You know, because our clients deserve thorough representation.
- Oh, Owen.
- Yeah? I just wanted to say thanks again for last night.
I had a really great time.
Uh, sure.
Uh, yeah.
It it was okay.
Just so we're clear Liam Matthews is my client.
So keep your mouth shut and your paws off.
Dale, by demolishing the Adalon Apartments, you'll be displacing dozens of low-income residents.
By tearing down that dump, I'm providing hundreds of upper-middle-class people the opportunity to purchase luxury condos.
I've lived in the Adalon since I was 8.
The city set aside this building years ago - to remain subsidized housing.
- That's true.
But the mayor recently changed his mind and approved my client's condominium conversion.
That's because your client is the single-largest contributor to the mayor's re-election campaign.
We'll be filing an appeal.
We're in full compliance with California's Ellis act, and since the building is being taken off the rental market, my client is permitted to evict the tenants.
Dale, most of my neighbors have lived in the building for decades.
We're like family.
I don't mean to sound callous, but that's not my problem.
Oh, Belinda, thank God you're here.
Listen, I've, uh, reimbursed the hotel 20 grand for the damages.
But the D.
's filed criminal charges.
Hurricane Liam strikes again.
Some things never change.
I'm Jane Bingum.
Belinda works for my firm.
I I'm stepping in while a partner is out on leave.
- Mm.
Well, I manage the band.
- Oh, my God.
And our boy Liam's gonna be charged with felony criminal mischief.
That's at least a year in prison.
Not with me as his lawyer.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Lead counsel coming through.
You look hot.
Get me out of here, okay? Just give me five with the A.
Well, hi.
I'm Jane.
It's really nice to meet you.
- Are you a friend of Belinda's? - Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm a partner at the law firm where she's currently working.
- Oh.
You're her boss? - Yes, I am.
Does she know that? So, tell me what happened.
Was it just a crazy afterparty? Roadies, groupies, mileys? I don't know.
You can tell me attorney/client privilege.
I don't really remember.
I was wasted.
- I must've blacked out.
- Okay.
Good news.
I got the A.
to drop all charges.
In return for just 80 hours of community service cleaning up Santa Monica City Park.
We got a tour starting the end of the week.
It's the best deal we're gonna get.
It's no jail, no record.
Let me see what I can do.
- David, do you have a sec? - Yeah.
I was just wondering.
Are you still on the board of the Spay and Neuter project? Of course.
It's our responsibility to reduce the homeless pet population.
I agree.
As does Liam.
In fact, Liam would be thrilled to shoot a public-service announcement in exchange for dropping all charges.
Two hours, tops.
I love dogs and cats.
I had a gerbil once, but he O.
'd in Berlin.
It was really tragic.
- We have a deal.
- Ah! You rock! Whoo.
Whoo! I just spoke to the city planning commission.
They refuse to hear your appeal for a condo conversion.
I'm sorry.
They won't even let us argue? They claim we lack grounds.
I've never seen so much graffiti on a building.
It's an eyesore, but the previous landlord refused to clean it up.
It's not an eyesore.
It's beautiful.
Look at the colors.
Holy crap! That, right there, the giant dollar bill with the face of a pig instead of Washington it's a Lasky! A what? He's an amazing graffiti artist.
This diatribe against commercialism is obviously his work.
- Must be worth a fortune.
- Seriously? Lasky just painted a black cat holding a shopping bag on a metal grate outside Barneys.
An appraiser from Sotheby's valued it at $700,000.
Whoa! Not that Lasky ever sees a penny of it.
I don't follow.
When your canvas is the side of a building, you don't own your art.
Lasky's never made a dime.
This "Lasky" might be what we need to get into court.
The art preservation act prohibits the destruction of art of recognized quality.
We need to get it authenticated.
Well, Lasky only authenticates his work by putting photos up on his website.
So that one bit of art could really save the building? It's a long shot, but it could at least get us before a judge.
It's not here.
But Lasky only started the website recently, so this could be one of his earlier works.
Set up a meeting with Lasky so we can get him to testify.
No can do.
No one's ever met the man.
It's part of his mystery.
But I bet he's super-hot and wears those really faded jeans that hang real low on his butt that's still muscly from painting.
- Teri.
- Okay.
The best we can do is post a message on his website and hope he gets it in time.
Oh, wow.
You have a lot of fans.
The fans, I love.
The paparazzi, not so much.
- Let's go.
- How do you feel - about being back in jail? - No comment.
Is it true the police found a goat in your hotel room? - No comment.
- Is it true - the hotel banned you for life? - No comment.
How do you feel about being kicked out of the Black Pedals? - No comment.
- Wait.
What did you say to me, you ignorant D-bag? I am the Black Pedals.
No one's gonna kick me out.
- What the hell is this? - You've been served.
It's a notice of termination.
You've been kicked out of the band.
Now do you care to comment? Yeah, you want a comment? No! Back! Back! Neil, look, man.
We both know the Black Pedals are nothing without me.
I'm sorry, Liam, but but unfortunately, you've become a liability for our band.
Our band? This has nothing to do with you, Reesa.
Excuse me.
Are you Neil's lawyer? She's my girlfriend.
Actually, she's a groupie that crawled into bed with Neil and somehow got herself on the payroll.
You're loaded 24/7, you miss rehearsals, and your guitar playing sounds like a cat in heat.
That's crap.
That's utter crap! Okay, okay, okay, okay, you two! Now, you've had your troubles in the past, yes, but the tour is about to start, gentlemen.
So let's just come on let's kiss and make up like we always do.
Please, Neil, cut him some slack.
Belinda, you don't have to beg, okay? Plain and simple, he has no right to kick me out of the band.
I'm afraid he can.
Black Pedals Unlimited is the corporation that technically owns the band.
And pursuant to the corporate bylaws, detrimental behavior is grounds for removal.
That's just standard boilerplate language.
I'm sure, as a lawyer, you're familiar with Petersson and Nielsen and Zander versus Carlos, better known as Cheap Trick, versus their now-fired drummer.
We're pursuing the same course of action to remove Liam.
Well, we are prepared to sue for wrongful termination.
After all we've been through, this is how you want it to end? Neil, don't say anything.
We'll see you in court.
Well, we're officially evicted.
Every tenant found one of these on their doors this morning.
A three-day order to quit the premises.
That is bad.
We've got some good news.
Teri? Your graffiti is officially authenticated.
- Thank you, Lasky.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we've already secured an expert to testify.
Jessica, tell your neighbors not to move out.
Excuse me.
Are you waiting for me? What? Oh, no.
Just filing.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
My mistake.
I've just, uh never seen you file before.
Oh, really? Oh, yeah, it really kind of, like, relaxes me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Actually, yeah, Grayson, I was wondering You said how we should get to know each other better.
Uh, how about tonight? Dinner at at my place, if you're not busy for dinner tonight.
That would be nice.
I'll I'll see you at 7:00.
I'll bring some of that fruity Pinot Grigio you like.
Oh, no.
I mean, that's actually really thoughtful 'cause that's what I used to drink.
But my new taste buds prefer something a little drier.
Chardonnay it is.
Stace, he said yes! Mr.
Andres, as the curator of the Los Angeles Museum of Art, is this art? Cultural expression can exist outside of conventional canons.
Aerosol art migrated into the galleries in the 1980s.
Works by Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat now hang in museums and sell for millions.
- Is it art? - Absolutely.
Nothing further.
Isn't it true that Haring and Basquiat painted on canvases - and not walls of buildings? - Yes, but Could you give us your professional critique of this piece? There's a confidence in the lines, a sincerity in the stroke, and an undulating rhythm to the paint.
All hallmarks of a great artist.
Or any great FEMA worker.
These are markings left by relief workers in New Orleans - following hurricane Katrina.
- Objection.
Andres was shown these photos out of context.
Guess we learned something from your expert.
Just because it's sprayed in paint doesn't make it art.
And with that, we'll break for lunch.
Liam, you were recently kicked out of the band because they claimed your bad behavior put a drain on band finances.
How do you respond? I already reimbursed the band for all the crap that went down due to my regrettable behavior, including the recent incident at the Landmark Hotel.
And has this bad behavior tarnished the image of the Black Pedals? Not at all.
Actually, before I hit the paparazzo, ticket sales for our new tour were in the crapper.
But after I punched that jerk out, ticket sales went through the roof.
No further questions.
The triumph of your recent fisticuffs aside, isn't it true that in the last three months, you've trashed four hotel rooms, urinated from a balcony, appeared in a sex tape, and vomited on an audience member? Mm.
Under any set of facts, that behavior would be cause enough for removal from a corporate board.
Does the plaintiff have anything else to proffer? Yes, we do, Your Honor.
The Black Pedals just signed a year-long contract with Grandalay Productions to sponsor their upcoming tour.
Removing Liam from the band is a "material change," which is prohibited without Grandalay's consent.
So, simply put, the Black Pedals can't tour without Liam.
As of last night, Liam has been replaced with another singer-guitarist whom Grandalay approved.
I have the documents.
You already replaced me?! Order! I'll review the paperwork, but it appears Liam Matthews' termination is valid.
Are you ready with your closing? I am.
But if the judge rules against us, I'm also ready to file a stay, which will halt demolition, so I think we should holy! Whoa.
Kent, is desecrating my courtroom your way of making a point? No, Your Honor.
I I promise I'm just as stunned as you are.
It's I believe your case is going south so you decided to pull some sort of publicity stunt.
Well, it won't work.
It's definitely a Lasky.
It's already been authenticated on the website.
It's actually a Lasky, Your Honor, and we had no Hold on.
You know it's a Lasky? Well, yes, because we You staged this whole thing.
No, I I had nothing to do with this artwork.
Artwork? This is not art, Mr.
It's vandalism.
The chicken is warming, the oysters are chilling, and the wine is breathing.
And Grayson is late.
He's probably stuck in traffic.
Or he's standing me up.
Or he got delayed at the office.
Or he's realizing he doesn't want to date a woman whose soul is in someone else's body.
Well, when you say it like that Whoo! He's here! Okay, lipstick check.
- You're good to go.
- Okay.
Liam? Uh Hi.
After court, my limo never showed up, so I took a cab to the hotel.
Reservation was canceled.
Credit card didn't work, either.
I'm Stacy.
Big fan.
During your 2005 tour, I threw my favorite bra on stage during the encore of "Eye of the Hurricane.
" Thank you.
Uh, do you think that I could get it back? Okay.
Liam, since you've been terminated, you no longer have access to the band's bank accounts or credit cards.
This is Reesa.
Neil would never do this to me.
I guess, from now on, you're gonna have to live off your savings.
Savings? I don't have any savings.
I spent everything I made.
I'm broke.
Oh, excuse me.
It's Grayson! Hello.
What? Okay.
Yeah, of course.
I'll I'll be right there.
Um, Grayson's in jail.
This is awesome news.
- He didn't stand you up.
- Oh.
I got to go.
You know what? In case Grayson's hungry, I'll just bring this.
Stacy, thank you so much for organizing this beautiful night.
Liam, uh enjoy the oysters.
Sorry I ruined our date.
Well, we've waited this long.
What's one more day, right? Yeah.
Okay, so, you're only in here a day, right? The judge ordered me to sleep off my attitude.
What actually happened? She thinks I told a graffiti artist to tag her courtroom.
She was really pissed.
Well, you know, good art is supposed to make you feel something, right? I guess.
- Wait.
Jane, that's perfect.
- What's perfect? I'm gonna argue that in court tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- It was nothing.
Seriously, I don't even know what I said.
Excuse me.
It's 10:00, and visiting hours are over.
- Thanks again for coming.
- Yeah.
- And for the cake.
- Sure.
Good night, Jane.
Maybe Grayson kissed you on the cheek because he was self-conscious of the guard.
This is the man who once French-kissed me on the jumbotron at Dodger Stadium.
- Oh.
- Morning.
Oh, my God.
You slept with Liam Matthews? No! Not that I couldn't have.
We spent the night eating your dinner.
While he cried on my shoulder about missing Neil.
Listen, I'm really sorry.
I know you two were close.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
I haven't felt this empty since my parents split up.
Interesting that you should mention divorce.
Maybe we're looking at your case the wrong way.
What are you talking about? Okay, there's a legal principle that's kind of like divorce.
It's called Palimony? You can't be serious.
No, I'm quite serious.
Liam and Neil are more than just pals.
Oh, God, even though Perez Hilton claimed they were doing it, they weren't.
No, what I'm saying is they've had a full-on bromance since high school, right? Okay, palimony requires that a couple live together.
They have tour buses, hotel rooms.
In the past 20 years, they have been closer to each other than anyone else in their lives.
So when Neil kicked Liam out of that band, he effectively broke up with him.
It's not a terrible idea.
Well, thank you.
I'll put Neil on the stand, get him to talk about their bro-lationship.
Hold on.
See, palimony's my idea, so Yeah, but have you seen the judge checking out my legs? He'll be more receptive if the idea comes from me, especially since I'm wearing my extra-short skirt.
Oh, dear.
Your Honor, I do not believe I need to present a closing argument.
Why is that? This case is about art, which the fine art institute defines as "the expression of imagination producing works" "to be appreciated for their emotional power.
" Now, your reaction yesterday to this "work" was nothing if not emotional.
That proves Lasky's work is indeed art.
A night in lock-up and that's the best you got? Excuse me.
What the hell are you doing?! Sorry, ma'am.
The mayor sent us.
Some rich art collector just offered the city half a mil for that panel.
I suppose you're jumping up and down inside.
It does appear the mayor just made my case.
- Oh, come on.
- I hate to admit it, but Mr.
Kent's right.
Dale, you are permanently enjoined from destroying the "artwork" adorning your building.
Thank you so much.
My pleasure.
Excuse me, but my client wishes to inform the court that while he will protect the wall with the artwork, he still intends to tear down the rest of the apartment building - and erect his condo tower.
- So noted.
Your Honor, he can't do that.
Of course he can.
He owns the building.
I request an injunction barring demolition until I can Until you can what? Waste more of the court's time? You asked me to protect the art, and it's protected.
But the notices to vacate are enforceable.
Liam and I met in marching band in college.
We got bored with fight songs and just started playing our own stuff.
What were your first gigs? Hole-in-the-wall clubs, uh, school dances, a bar mitzvah.
What did you do with the money you earned? Mostly, we bought beer and hair gel.
Your Honor, this whole line of questioning is irrelevant.
We're making a case for palimony.
- A little latitude? - Mm.
Pooling money shows a financial partnership, not a relationship as defined in Marvin v.
I'm shutting you down, Ms.
Uh, well, hold on.
Now, that's true.
The Marvin standard requires more than a financial partnership.
It also requires an agreement for support.
And we can prove that one exists.
My client entered into no such agreement.
That's where you're wrong.
May I illustrate my point? If you're quick, Ms.
Thank you.
Neil, what was the band's first hit? "Eye of the Hurricane.
" And was that a duet, right? - That's right.
- Yeah.
Your Honor, please instruct the witness - to sing his part of the song.
- Objection.
Counsel is making a mockery of these proceedings.
- I like the song.
- Yeah.
The witness will sing.
Who wrote "Eye of the Hurricane"? Liam and I wrote it together.
Was it about one of your girlfriends? No.
It's about our friendship.
No matter what crap came our way, we'd be there for each other.
Your Honor, the song itself is their contract to provide support.
We ask that you award palimony to Liam Matthews commensurate with his 25-year contribution to the Black Pedals.
It's a clever argument.
But I'm not looking to expand the boundaries of Marvin.
Y y you don't have to ex-extend the law.
The facts Ms.
Bingum, you'll have my final decision tomorrow.
Grayson, you have to see what's on the Internet.
A cat riding a vacuum cleaner is not gonna cheer me up.
Richard Dale is using the original Lasky as a selling point for the new condos.
"Buyers can enjoy a courtyard adorned by a Lasky installation," "the earliest-known piece" "by the world-famous artist and cultural icon.
" "Come live in the birthplace" "of the West Coast graffiti art movement.
" First he wants to tear it down.
Now he's showing it off.
Teri, call the judge.
Get a meeting.
Why did a messenger just deliver Liam's toxicology report - from the night of his arrest? - Because I ordered it.
Excuse me?! Liam was shaking when he was playing the guitar in court.
I want to know what else he is on besides booze.
Who the hell do you think you are?! You know what? Apparently, you're not aware that I'm a partner in this firm! Get back to work.
What is going on? Jane ordered a to a toxicology report, which, if leaked, could damage my client's reputation.
I'm sure Jane had a good reason.
Thank you.
Our palimony argument may not be sufficiently persuasive, okay? However, if we can show that Liam has a drug problem, we can trigger the corporate bylaws, which prevent termination of any member suffering from addiction if they agree to seek help.
Ergo, we get Liam into rehab and Neil cannot fire him.
That sounds reasonable.
Let's look at the results.
There's no trace of drugs or alcohol in Liam's system the night of the arrest.
No, that doesn't even make sense.
He told me that he was wasted.
Any other ideas? Owen, do you have a moment? I was hoping to review a potential new client with you.
- In your office? - Of course.
What are you doing home? Oh.
I just needed to get out of the office.
Did Teri have a bean burrito at lunch again? - What? No.
- What? Oh.
It's Belinda, Kim's replacement.
She's nasty and manipulative.
I can't believe that woman actually makes me miss Kim.
It's like in high school, when we backed Abby Johnson for homecoming queen - over Mindy Lake.
- Mm-hmm.
Then Abby won and it went straight to her head.
Remember when Abby made us all change our hairstyles because she decreed that she was the only one - who could wear the "Rachel"? - Ugh.
But then we had David Starky, who had mono, French-kiss Abby.
She totally missed the game, and we wore the Rachel to the dance.
- You looked awesome, F.
- Thank you.
You know, that's what I need, is a David Starky.
Well, he moved to Chicago and opened a Jiffy Lube franchise.
He offers a 10% discount if you follow him on Facebook.
Are you calling David Starky? Hey, Teri, please call Kim and tell her I would like to have coffee with her as soon as possible.
No, I'm serious.
Are you feeling okay? Coffee with Kim? Kim is my David Starky.
If I can get her to cut her maternity leave short, bye-bye, Belinda.
- But you loathe Kim.
- Yeah.
You couldn't wait for her to have her baby.
Yeah, you know, and we never liked Mindy, until we were stuck with Abby, right? That's true.
I want Kim back.
Well, we haven't had coffee together since ever.
Why? Well, I just wanted to see how you were enjoying your maternity leave.
- Aww.
- Yeah, it must be nice to sit at home and not have to worry about the firm.
You know what? It is.
I never imagined I would enjoy motherhood this much.
I may never come back to Harrison & Parker.
Oh! Can you believe I just said that? Well, that's that's great.
You know, 'cause I was gonna say, you know, the firm is is doing really well without you.
Oh, my God.
What I'm trying to say is, you should just take as as much time as you need.
Well, I'm I'm glad to hear it.
Oh, there's this new temp lawyer Belinda.
What a doll.
And she is smart as a whip.
Actually, that's one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you.
I think that we should do everything we can to keep her.
Yeah, of course.
I was thinking if you would sign over your parking space to Belinda? She's got a brand-new Tesla.
I got to protect that, right? I guess Owen says it drives like a dream.
She's taken Owen for a drive? Yeah, I mean, I guess they've gotten pretty close.
But you know what? We're all close.
I it is like Owen said, like this firm is is like a family now.
Oh! Just one second.
Hey, Teri, can this wait? I'm telling Kim about Belinda the great.
What? I'm on my way.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
My client just got into a car accident.
Never a dull moment, right? Um, it was it was great to see you.
- I I'm gonna go.
- Okay.
Your Honor, we ask that you declare the Adalon apartment building an historic landmark.
Now it's a landmark? This is nothing but another delay tactic.
city ordinance 22171.
7 grants landmark status to structures associated with important historic events.
And, what, you're claiming that apartment building is the birthplace of George Washington? No.
It's the birthplace of the West Coast graffiti art movement.
You said so yourself.
Check it out.
"Come live in the birthplace" "of the West Coast graffiti art movement.
" That's just advertising.
Dale, your own words have left me no choice.
I am granting Mr.
Kent's petition.
The building shall be declared an historic landmark.
The notices of eviction are hereby revoked.
God, Liam.
Are you all right? Oh, yeah, just a little bruised.
You should see the light post.
Guess I had too much to drink.
Yeah, uh, come on.
Liam, what is really going on here? Living the life.
I know you were sober when you trashed that hotel suite.
Listen, I I'm your lawyer.
You can tell me anything.
I lied about blacking out.
- I lied about driving drunk.
- Why? I haven't done drugs in years.
But I think my old days are caught up to me.
I got the shakes.
I can't remember anything.
My body's giving out.
I guess you'd rather have your fans believe you're an out-of-control partyer than an over-the-hill burnout.
- Damn right.
- Yeah.
But it's getting worse.
I don't know what to do.
- Hello, doctor.
- Oh.
Uh, could you give us a moment? No, no.
She can stay.
Okay, well, I just reviewed your electronic medical records.
If you take your medication, accidents like today can be avoided.
What medication? Oh, for your Parkinson's.
I don't have Parkinson's.
What are you talking about? Uh well, according to your records, a doctor examined you on January 11th.
The band gets a physical before we go on tour, for insurance.
Well, the doctor found conclusive evidence of early-onset Parkinson's disease.
Nobody told me I was sick.
I swear.
You're displaying numerous symptoms.
I'm sure you've noticed.
Oh, my God.
Liam, I'm so sorry.
Okay, look, the sooner we get you on the proper medication, the sooner we can get your symptoms under control.
Excuse me.
Liam, the doctor who examined you for the physical has he ever examined you before? No, I he was new.
Who hired him? Reesa.
Why would she keep this from me? I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
The original hard copy of Liam's physical exam it's got to be here somewhere.
How does someone get diagnosed with a disease and not know about it? Reesa clearly wanted him out of the band.
She must have concealed the diagnosis from him.
- Why? - My theory? Without knowing he had Parkinson's, Liam received no treatment, right? Well, eventually he displayed enough unexplained symptoms that Neil had no choice but to kick him out of the band.
So, Neil assumed that he was being self-destructive, but he was really just sick.
Wait a minute.
You said that Liam's physical exams were for the insurance carrier, right? Yeah, the exams are required before every tour.
So, even if Liam didn't know about the Parkinson's, the insurance company would have.
Well, yeah, the band manager would have informed the carrier.
Unless he didn't.
I need to get back to court.
As the Black Pedals' manager, your job is to handle tour logistics.
- That's right.
- And you also provide the insurance carrier with the results of required physicals, correct? Yeah.
Why are you asking me all these questions? Last year, the doctor examined all band members and he submitted a report to you and you, in turn, submitted a report to the insurance carrier, right? Well, in this report, the doctor diagnosed Liam Matthews with early-onset Parkinson's disease.
However, the report that you submitted to the insurance company contains no mention of that diagnosis.
- Why is that? - I have no idea.
Really? Well well, 'cause I know.
See, you didn't want the insurance company to know that Liam was sick because that would have affected the premiums that you'd have to pay, not to mention this diagnosis would have put the tour in jeopardy.
Well, that's crazy.
And I could sue you for slander, miss.
You also made Neil and Reesa both think that Liam was out of control so that they would allow you to replace him and the tour could continue on as planned.
Isn't that right? I'm not saying another word without my attorney here.
- How about that? - I trusted you, man.
I trusted you with my life, and you you lied to my face.
By the way, by withholding medical information, you prevented Liam from getting help to slow down the progress of his illness, which is why the D.
's office is now in the process of filing charges against you for felony reckless endangerment.
Your Honor Liam's back in the band.
The Black Pedals don't exist without him.
I couldn't agree more.
Case dismissed.
I'm so sorry, man.
We had no idea.
Trevor's been telling lies, and I I was stupid enough to believe them.
Can you forgive me? It's okay.
You thought you were protecting Neil.
I get that.
Moving on, okay? We got a lot of work to do.
Our tour starts in five days.
Oh, man, I don't give a crap about the tour.
Right now, we take care of you.
We're gonna fight this, man.
I swear to God.
I tell you what let's fight it tomorrow, okay? - Right now, I want to celebrate.
- Celebrate? Band's back together.
Thanks for everything.
You're welcome.
The tenants wanted to thank you for saving our building, so we took up a collection.
- It's not much, but - That's not necessary.
- I took the case pro bono.
- Please.
I insist.
Thank you so much for everything.
No way.
Teri! Teri.
Where's the fire? It's a Lasky! And he signed his name.
He's never signed his name before.
Lasky's not a he.
It's Jessica.
That's why the painting was on the side of the building.
- It's where she grew up.
- Lasky is a lady? My arty friends are gonna freak out! You know you can't tell anyone attorney/client privilege.
I say we sell it.
I mean, with the signature, it's got to be worth a fortune.
I'll split it with you 60/40.
All right, 50/50, but only because I'm in a good mood.
We're not gonna sell it.
Please tell me you're not gonna cash it.
I'm gonna frame it.
But for tonight, put it in the firm safe.
You bet.
What? - What's this? - I won my case.
Good! You want to grab a drink across the street, celebrate? I'm back.
Yes, you are.
I thought you weren't coming back for another month.
Yeah, well, my nanny hates it when I hover.
Hey, Grayson, if you're not busy, do you mind helping me load some things back into my office? I, uh I bought a new coffee table.
I have a bunch of file boxes in the back of my car which is in my parking spot.
- I'll get started.
- Thank you.
So, it looks like someone wasn't so happy being home all day.
Well, judging by how glad you are to see me, it looks like someone wasn't so pleased with my replacement.
Welcome back, Kim.
Don't even think about hugging me.
Never crossed my mind.
Great job on Liam's case.
Oh, thanks.
Yeah, thanks for your help.
- Sure.
- Did you see that Kim is back? - Yeah, it's great, right? - Uh-huh.
Got the Harrison & Parker band back together.
Listen, I I know that you liked Belinda.
So I'm sure you're not happy that she's leaving.
After seeing the way that she talked to you, I realized she was not a good fit for Harrison & Parker or for me.
Well, then dingdong, the witch is dead.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, my God.
Using ice cream instead of soy milk and chocolate sauce instead of kale makes my smoothies taste so much better.
Yeah, that's called a milkshake.
Well, my baby is making me crave milkshakes.
Who am I to say no? Okay, so, what's wrong? You've hardly said two words since you got home, and you just turned the page on prince George without commenting on his adorable, little hat.
I know.
I was just I was just thinking about Grayson.
I asked him out for a drink tonight, and instead, he is helping Kim move back into her office.
That's because he's a really nice guy.
Or he's looking for excuses not to be with me.
But you know what? I have to accept that Grayson might just want to be friends.
You got Stacy.
Hold on.
It's Grayson.
I'm gonna go make another one of these.
Baby wants mint chip.
Hello? Hey.
I just finished up with Kim.
Yeah, that was really nice of you.
And I wanted to say I've been thinking about you.
Really? 'Cause I can't stop thinking about you.
Um, I mean, um Sorry.
That just kind of came out really fast.
It's fine.
It's cute.
Anyways, I, uh, guess I just wanted to say good night, Jane.
Good night, Grayson.

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