Drop Dead Diva s06e04 Episode Script

Life & Death

See that aspiring model there? That's me Deb Until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up, and I woke up in someone else's body.
[ Screams .]
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Paul.
I used to think everything happened for a reason.
Whoo! [ Laughs .]
Now, I sure hope I was right.
LA, LA, LA, LA-LA-LA-LA Drop Dead Diva 6x04 - Life & Death Original air date April 6, 2014 I opened up my eyes And I saw the sunlight in a new way Sweetie.
Sweetie! You've been sitting there for like and hour, and you've only done one lip.
[ Laughs .]
I have my first case with Grayson this morning.
I'm pretty sure that is not entirely correct.
Since he found out I'm Deb.
Stace, I have a major perfume crisis.
When I was living with Grayson, I wore "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker sweet apple with a hint of musk.
But now I wear "Beautiful" by Estée Lauder lilac brightened with citrus.
I don't know what scent to spritz.
Close your eyes.
Trust me.
[ Hums .]
[ Bottles hiss .]
Wait, did you just spray me with both perfumes? Yes.
Jane, you are lovely and beautiful.
Why hold back? [ Giggles .]
Mommy's on her way to work, Noah, and she's gonna miss you so much.
[ Cooing .]
Yes, she is.
Uh, skinny soy latte with an extra shot.
Actually, make that two extra shots.
Uh, hold the camera closer to his face, Rose, so I can see his cute little nose.
Yes! Thank you.
Smile for mommy.
Can you smile for mom? Now, you be a good boy for Rose while mommy's at work today, okay? I love you.
[ Laughing .]
I do.
I do.
Yes, I do.
Excuse me! [ Gasps .]
I am so sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you, ma'am.
I I just wanted to know if Will you adopt me? Jane.
This is Seth Coyle.
We've been friends since The 8th grade you met on the basketball team.
How did you know that? I told her about the time you gave me a black eye when you elbowed me on that lay-up.
[ Laughs .]
Yeah, yeah.
He told me about that.
Uh, but he didn't tell me about this case.
My wife, Rachel, she passed away three days ago.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
She had a congenital heart defect, diagnosed last year.
I came to Grayson because I knew that he would understand what I'm going through.
Losing Deb was the worst day of my life.
The thing is, Rachel's dying wish was to be buried in our backyard.
We spent the last year planting a garden together.
But that the sentiment is beautiful.
But the request is unusual.
Rachel's parents own a family plot, and they want her buried there.
They got a court order preventing me from taking Rachel's body from the mortuary.
Well, under California law, the spouse has a right to make burial decisions.
That's right.
But I hope we don't have to get adversarial with your in-laws.
Uh, with your permission, I'd like to set up a meeting.
Of course.
The sooner, the better.
Ryan's been living with five other boys in a group foster home, and he would like to find a permanent family to adopt him.
And he followed you into the coffee shop to ask you if you would be his mother? Ms.
Kaswell seems so sweet and kind with her baby.
Kim? I kind of blurted out the adoption thing.
I know I shouldn't have put you in that position, but well I've been in the system for, like, my whole life, and I want real parents someone like you.
Sweetie, trust me.
I'm in no position to have a second child.
But that doesn't mean we're not gonna help you.
Ryan, do you know what happened to you biological parents? Mom died in prison when I was two, and my dad was killed in Iraq before I was born.
[ Sighs .]
I don't understand why I was never put with a permanent family.
And now I'm 12.
Yeah, it's, uh it's harder for older kids to find parents.
I haven't had an adoptive-parent meeting in three years.
Other kids my age have found homes in that time, but not me.
Yeah, Ryan look, it's unfair.
It's completely unfair.
I I'm just not sure how we can help you.
Nevertheless, we're gonna try.
The doctors say that I don't have much time.
I'm at peace with that, but I want to make sure that my body is buried in our garden.
It's why I'm making this video.
Seth, was that okay? [ Remote clicks .]
As you can see, Rachel was pretty specific with her intentions.
My daughter was hyped up on painkillers.
That video doesn't mean anything.
Doug, it was Rachel's idea to make the video.
Do you have her request in writing? Come on.
We asked you here today with the hopes that you would support your daughter's wishes.
And not to mention, under the law, spouses control burial decisions.
That's true, unless the decedent signed away her power of attorney.
What are you talking about? Apparently, Rachel granted her father limited power of attorney.
And he's exercising that power to mandate Rachel is buried in the family plot.
I won't let that happen.
Seth, please.
We just want our family to be together.
I made a promise to your daughter.
We're not changing our minds.
Then, unfortunately, we'll be going to court.
[ Sighs .]
Whatcha looking at, hot buns? Hey.
Last week, on the bus, a guy with a chihuahua sat next to me.
I got licked twice by the guy.
Which is why I'm on Craigslist buying a bicycle.
It's time I get my own wheels.
- What's your budget? - 100 bucks.
Had to give up eating on Wednesdays, but it's totally worth it.
[ Mouse clicking .]
Oh, here's one for $85.
Ohh, "'93 beach cruiser with partially operational bell"? I don't think so.
Maybe I should get a car instead.
[ Mouse clicks .]
Oh, here's a 2011 Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe for 100 bucks.
Rolls are good cars, right? Paul, I think it's a scam.
Nobody's gonna sell you a $450,000 car for 100 bucks.
If it's online, it must be true.
I want to meet the seller, snag this thing up before she sells it to someone else.
Yeah, what's gonna happen is you're gonna go to this woman's house, she's gonna offer you a drink, and then next thing you know, you're gonna wake up with one kidney missing in Mexico.
Well, I've always wanted to visit Mexico, so win-win.
Also, I have two kidneys.
[ Computer beeps .]
Oh, hey! She wants to meet my right now.
Adiós, señorita! [ Knock on glass .]
So, I was thinking about our case.
I think that we should talk to Seth and convince him to drop the suit.
- Why would we do that? - Well, given what happened to me, we both know that a body is just a body.
Rachel's soul is gone, so it shouldn't matter where she's buried.
He promised her.
Grayson Jane, when Deb died when you died I visited your gravesite every day for a month.
You did? I had long, one-sided conversations with you.
Well, you finally got a word in.
It brought me comfort.
The gravesite is where I felt closest to you.
Brought you flowers every Sunday.
Thank you, but I realize it wasn't about you.
It was about me.
It was about healing.
- I understand.
- No, you don't.
- But I do.
- You can't.
[ Sighs .]
You didn't lose me.
I lost you.
Jane, when someone you love dies, everything about that person holds meaning.
For over a year, I I didn't give away your clothes or even your makeup.
I just wanted to feel close to you.
At night, when I'd feel lonely, I would actually go and smell your perfume.
Now, if burying his wife in the backyard gives Seth comfort, we need to support him.
Just let me talk to Seth about Rachel.
Maybe I can persuade him.
I mean, I can help him understand that there's Listen to me.
I forbid you from talking to Seth about this.
Sorry, you "forbid" me? Yes.
I forbid you.
Now, are we done? I got here as quick as I could.
- Grayson was so out of line.
- I know.
How dare he forbid you from talking to someone? What if he forbids you from talking to me? Well I doubt he'd do that.
But, yeah, I agree.
It's outrageous.
You know, when he knew me as as as Deb, he would never talk to me that way.
And when he knew me as Jane, he would never talk to me that way.
And now that he knows the truth about all this, he's acting like a totally different person.
Well, sweetie, the thing is not everyone's as accepting as I am when it comes to metaphysical reveals.
Grayson's still trying to adjust.
You need to let him know that you're supportive of his journey.
Since when did you become Sylvia brown? I've been reading parenting books.
They all have a basic premise.
A child needs to know that you believe in them even when they're acting out.
Same goes with Grayson.
You have to believe in him, even though he's not acting like the perfect child.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, I I [ Inhales deeply .]
I guess I do.
While I appreciate your interest in Ryan, child services is doing everything we can to get him placed.
It's been 10 years.
You haven't found him a family.
Can you please check Ryan's status in the adoption registry? Bear with me a second.
[ Keyboard clacking .]
Ah, here he is.
Oh, that's not right.
Ryan's no longer in our active adoption file.
- What? - How is that possible? Ryan's been transferred to our independent living program, which will give him job training in anticipation of aging out of the system upon turning 18 next year.
He's 12.
The independent living program doesn't start until age 14.
According to Ryan's records, he's 17.
Well, that would explain why he hasn't had any prospective parent meetings.
If you thought he was 17, you would have stopped the matching process three years ago.
We migrated our system three years ago from paper to online.
There must have been a data-entry error.
I don't have parents because of a mistake? We'd like this fixed immediately.
I'll need to get a copy of his birth certificate from Sacramento.
It'll take a few months.
Unless you want us to drag your department to court, we want him back on that adoption list by end of business today.
Ryan is a ward of the state, which means he cannot engage a lawyer without my consent.
And I do not consent.
I just had a baby.
I have hormones coursing through my body, and if you think you can deter me from helping Ryan, well, let's just say I can be a real mother Okay.
Your Honor, we ask that you lift the injunction preventing my client from taking his wife's body from the mortuary.
As her spouse, he controls where she's buried.
Rachel gave her father power of attorney.
Well, true, but in this case, that power of attorney is limited to a life-support directive.
Rachel didn't want extreme measures to be used to extend her life, and knowing how much her husband loved her, didn't want to put him in a compromised position.
Rachel knew there was a family plot, and if she didn't want to be buried in it, she should have told her parents when she was lucid.
I agree.
Your Honor, the burial in a family plot constitutes an offer, and that offer wasn't accepted by Rachel.
So, under the law, why should she be obligated to reject something she wasn't obligated to accept in the first place? Now, that's ridiculous.
A lawyers last resort an insult.
Kent, I am vacating the order.
Your client is granted access to Rachel's body.
And to all those parties that have suffered a loss, I am sorry.
[ Gavel bangs .]
Given that a clerical mistake cost Ryan Hatcher the chance of adoption for the past three years, we ask that you consent to my firm's pro bono representation.
But doesn't the state represent Ryan? Yes, we do, Your Honor.
Like all children in the system, we are his advocate.
Child services is understaffed, underfunded, and makes mistakes.
Why not allow a third party to ease their burden? There have been mistakes, but we've also put a roof over his head.
For which we thank the state, but Ryan wants a family.
We should have him back on the registry by the end of the month, Your Honor.
And then what? He's listed with thousands of other kids, a a needle in a bureaucratic haystack, whereas we will actively seek to find him parents.
Allowing foster children to get their own lawyers would set a dangerous precedent.
And turning a blind eye to free legal help is a perfect example of how this state fails in loco parentis.
- I agree, Ms.
- Thank you.
If you want to represent Ryan, I'm not going to stop you.
[ Gavel bangs .]
You are looking at the proud owner of a Rolls-Royce.
Not right now, Paul.
Kim has me calling everyone I know who's ever even considered adoption.
It's parked in the garage in Jane's spot.
Rolls trumps Porsche.
She'll understand.
You bought a Rolls for $100? I met Wendy, the owner lovely woman.
I gave her the money, she gave me the keys, and signed the title.
I offered to come back later for a Rob Roy in the jacuzz, but she has plans.
This is a real title.
And the owner signed it.
It's legit.
You bought a Rolls for 100 bucks.
Pretty people get all the breaks.
With an open heart and a positive attitude, anything is possible.
- Jane.
- Hold on.
Just need to finish buying this awesome new purse.
Unless, of course, you're going to forbid me from doing that.
I just got off the phone with Seth.
He went to the mortuary to pick up his wife's body.
She's gone.
What do you mean, "she's gone"? His dead wife has been kidnapped.
How the hell do you lose a body? This is totally unacceptable.
No, I will sue you, and I will sue your company.
If you don't find Rachel Coyle by the end of the day, I will make sure that you are out of business by the end of the week.
[ Receiver clicks .]
That was a little harsh.
Well, it's a mortuary, not a dry-cleaners.
They're supposed to handle bodies with dignity and respect.
[ Knock on door .]
I know what happened.
My father-in-law intimidated a staff member at the mortuary into turning over Rachel's body to an undertaker.
An undertaker your in-laws hired? Yes.
When the owner realized the mistake, he went into panic mode, which is why he said he couldn't find her.
Rachel's body has been moved to another mortuary.
So we'll go get her back.
Take a look at this.
Rachel's father convinced the city attorney to intervene in order to prevent the backyard burial of their daughter.
Seth is prohibited from retrieving his wife's body.
We have to get this before a judge.
How's the search for parents going? [ Sighs .]
Well, I've spoken to every private adoption agency in the state, and no one is interested in Ryan.
He's 12.
I know, and adoptive parents want cute little babies.
But anyone who rejects Ryan because of his age is a moron.
Oh, my God.
Noah just rolled over.
Would you look at this face? Have you ever seen anything cuter in your entire life? Yes, Kim, he's the cutest baby ever.
Knock, knock.
I'm here for the maternity-clothes pickup.
Here you go.
Have fun growing into them.
I certainly won't miss that waistline.
Thank you.
Owen, by the scowl on your face, you're either having a bad day or you're colicky.
I've been reading a book on infant body language.
I'm not colicky, but I have had better days.
Kim is having a hard time finding parents to adopt our 12-year-old client.
Oh, I know all about adoption.
I had a puppy a few years ago "Bark Jacobs" that I totally loved.
But Jane moved in, and we all know about her pet allergies.
Actually, we don't all know, and we don't all care.
My point is, nobody wanted Bark Jacobs because he was a big-time drama queen and he liked to eat designer underwear.
So I decided to make a video of Bark Jacobs, showcasing his amazing cuteness.
I posted it on a pet-adoption website.
I chose Renard.
Now Bark Jacobs is the best-groomed schnoodle on the planet, and Renard gives me a 10% discount on my highlights.
Stacy you're a genius.
[ Giggles .]
Have you lost your mind? You want to help Ryan? We're gonna make a video.
I love this idea.
[ Inhales, exhales deeply .]
Your Honor, per the municipal code, it is illegal to bury a person on private property within city limits.
And under that same code, the city attorney can grant permission on a case-by-case basis.
We sent a petition to his office, and it was unfairly denied.
And why was it denied? We're concerned about the spread of disease.
And yet you routinely allow home burial for pets as long as they're buried at least three feet underground.
Dogs and cats are a lot smaller than human beings.
Really? When Rachel passed, she was 90 pounds.
An average Great Dane weighs about 150 pounds.
So are we really saying that a Great Dane has more rights than a human being when it comes to burial options? And not to mention my client would bury his wife in a sealed coffin to prevent any possible ground contamination.
Good point, Ms.
Come on, Your Honor.
They don't have a case here.
You may be right, counselor, but at least there's enough evidence to hold a hearing.
We'll begin immediately.
[ Gavel bangs .]
And I love barbecue chicken, anything "Harry Potter," and the Dodgers.
But if my future family roots for another team, I'm cool.
Especially if there are other kids.
I've always wanted brothers and sisters.
And cut! Hair and makeup? Great take, Ryan, but you went a little off-script with the "brother and sister" part.
It just slipped out.
Well, as a former actress, I totally understand.
So, let's do it again.
And this time, turn on the waterworks.
Whenever I need help crying on cue, I just think of dead baby seals and Paris Hilton's acting career.
Okay, let's forget about the script.
In order for this to work, it has to be real.
Ryan, just tell your story, and the right people will respond.
Try it again.
Okay, here we go.
Take four.
For 10 years, I've wanted real parents.
[ Voice breaking .]
I I'll do my homework and chores.
I won't get into any trouble.
I I'll work hard in school and get good grades so you can be proud of me.
[ Sobs .]
And I I I know I'm getting kind of old.
But i if you still want to tuck me in at night, that would be that would be cool with me.
And that's a wrap.
Thank you, everyone.
Hey, Ms.
Ryan, good morning.
No one responded to my video, did they? Look in that office over there.
Your video went viral, Ryan.
All those couples want you.
I'm currently reviewing all their applications.
[ Voice breaking .]
I can't believe this.
You got some work to do, kid.
You got to go meet them all and pick the one you want.
Course, I'm gonna have some input.
[ Gasps .]
No tears.
This in an awesome day.
[ Laughs .]
Now, come on.
Let's go find you some parents.
Teri, driving a Rolls-Royce changes your life.
Let me guess you went to all the top clubs and impressed the babes? No.
I can't afford the gas or insurance.
But I slept in it.
I think the leather is made from clouds.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for the guy who bought my Rolls-Royce.
I recently purchased a Rolls.
Perhaps I can help you.
Give me my car back now.
Excuse me, but he bought it fair and square.
I saw the title.
He bought it from my wife.
She sold my baby because she's angry that I won't let her annoying sister move in with us.
Now it all makes sense.
I'm giving you back your 100 bucks.
You're gonna sign back over the title.
Not gonna happen.
Give me my car back or I will make your life a living hell.
No, no, no.
We do not threaten my friend.
Your wife was listed on the title, so she had the legal right to sell it.
Listen to me, young lady [ Laughs .]
Thank you for calling me young.
But have you noticed you're in a law firm? So if you don't scram, I will see you in court, where you will face charges of trespass, stalking, and intimidation.
This isn't over.
[ Laughs .]
You were amazing.
How can I pay you back? Let me have sex in the back seat of your car.
I'm not insured for that.
Your Honor, the Garveys have complied with all of California's requirements to adopt Ryan.
We just need your approval in order for him to start his new life.
Unfortunately, the state is not ready to sign off, Your Honor.
Here we go.
The home study is incomplete.
Child Services can't approve an adoption until a licensed caseworker does an inspection of the Garvey home.
I vetted the Garveys myself, Your Honor.
Richard Garvey is a pediatrician and was named "doctor of the year" at Encino Medical Center.
His wife is a teacher, and their two beautiful children cannot wait to have a new older brother.
How long till a caseworker can issue a new report? Well, with the budget crisis, I don't know.
My guess three months.
I can't overrule their procedures.
- I'm sorry, but - No.
[ Voice breaking .]
No, Your Honor.
I I can't accept this.
Kaswell, are you crying? Ryan has just found his family, and and the state keeps creating roadblocks.
I understand, but As a new mother how can they not feel passionately for this child, and how can the A.
look into this little boy's eyes and not see a child desperate for love and attention? You know what? I agree.
I'm tired of the red tape.
I'm ordering the A.
's office to send Ryan a new birth certificate by the end of business tomorrow.
But, Your Honor, I Just do it.
As for the home study, I can't waive the requirements, but I can permit Ryan to live with the Garveys in the meantime.
When the report is complete, send a copy to my clerk.
Um, Your Honor, when do you expect the order to be filed? By tomorrow afternoon.
At that point, Ryan can move in with his new family.
[ Gavel bangs .]
Are you okay? I mean, do you need some water? Of course I'm fine.
I may be lactating, but I still know how to play a judge.
When the cardiologist diagnosed my wife, she quit her job to reduce her level of stress.
And we decided to plant a garden.
Since your wife passed, where have you slept? Every night, in a hammock in the backyard.
The garden is where I feel closest to her.
The lilac reminds me of her perfume.
The statute prohibiting home burials isn't meant to just protect against ground contamination.
It's also meant to protect property values.
So what would happen to your neighbors' home value if their second story overlooked a gravesite? - Uh - Objection.
Coyle is not a real-estate agent.
The witness will answer the question.
Their home value could go down, I guess.
I'm not sure.
What would happen to the value of your neighbors' home if you erected a 20-foot statue of Santa Claus? Again, the value would go down.
Yet giant Santa Claus are perfectly legal.
Who will take care of the gravesite if you sell your home or when you pass away? I don't plan on selling the house.
And when I die, I want to be buried next to my wife in the garden.
Sounds like you want to turn your backyard into a cemetery.
Are you aware that cemeteries require permits to ensure the proper care of dead bodies? My wife wants to be buried in the backyard, and that is all that matters to me.
I will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.
Coyle, with all due respect, your wife has now been dead for five days.
Do you really think her dead body cares where she's buried? - Objection.
- You're talking about my wife.
- Judge, she said "objection.
" - The objection is sustained.
Your Honor, Mr.
Coyle contends that his wife wants to be buried in the backyard.
He speaks of her in the present tense.
We contend that a dead body has no standing in this courtroom.
I'd like to answer the question.
She wanted to be buried in the backyard.
She wanted to be with me.
I I'm just I'm just trying to to honor her wishes.
Why can't you understand that? Are you really taking me to the Garveys? Yep.
I spoke to your new mom.
She's making you barbecue chicken for dinner.
[ Chuckles .]
We just need the judge's order, and then we can head out.
Excuse me, Ms.
I want you to know that this is nothing personal.
Truth is, I'd like to see you adopted by the Garveys.
What are you talking about? The Sioux Nation saw Ryan's video.
Why do I care about the Sioux? Because Ryan's biological mother is 10% Sioux, meaning the Indian Child Welfare Act controls his adoption.
I'm Sioux? Which gives the tribe rights to his future placement.
The adoption is closed.
The judge got a call from the U.
Attorney's Office.
They represent the Sioux.
Well, he's not gonna sign off on the order because the I.
What does this mean? It means that you're gonna be placed in a group home on Sioux property in South Dakota.
N no way.
I'm going to my new home today! Hold on.
Ryan's biological mother terminated her parental rights.
Shouldn't that terminate the Sioux claim? Under the Baby Veronica Supreme Court decision 2013, a mother can terminate her own rights but not the rights of the tribe.
Well, then I'm gonna fight the U.
Attorney's Office.
I wish you luck.
Ryan, I'm sorry.
For what it's worth, I've got his new birth certificate.
A representative of the tribe will come by and and pick him up tomorrow.
[ Indistinct conversations .]
What is wrong with the universe? Ryan finally finds a loving family, then all of a sudden, a bunch of strangers want to take him to South Dakota? Well, for years, native American orphans were taken from the tribe and given to non-native families.
The law is there to help them preserve their identity as a tribe.
Yes, I understand, but Ryan's mother was only 10% Sioux, and his father had no native-American blood.
What else can you tell me about his father? Why do you ask? A first-degree relation to the father would trump the tribe's rights.
If you want Ryan to go with the Garveys, you need to find a first-degree relative that will consent to that adoption.
Since his father died in the war, the Veteran Affairs Office might have that information.
You need to get their consent before the Sioux representative shows up at the group home tomorrow.
Morning, Sparky.
You're late.
I know.
[ Sighs .]
[ Exhales sharply .]
Yesterday, after work, I noticed a door ding on my car.
The mechanic wants 1,000 bucks to buff it out, which I can't afford.
And since I can't risk another ding, I parked on the outer lot, put orange cones on either side, and it took me a half-hour to walk to work.
Paul, you have to get rid of that car.
I'd sooner part with my right bicep.
Besides I'm gonna need the car to drive me to the other jobs I'm gonna have to take in order to pay for the gas and insurance.
I just got a call from the U.
Attorney's Office.
Tribal representative went by Ryan's group home, and he wasn't there.
Really? Did they look under his bed? Kim, if you have him, that's kidnapping.
How dare you level such an outrageous accusation? You can go to jail.
I was trying to buy us some time.
I just got off the phone with Tessa Hillman, Ryan's paternal aunt.
That's a first-degree relative.
She'll be here in 20 minutes.
Thank you for coming over.
Please, take a seat.
Is everything okay? Oh, yeah, yeah.
I, uh I just wanted to talk to you about what happened on the stand.
The city attorney was combative.
I agree.
Uh, but I just have to ask if part of the reason you broke down is because, on some level you know he's right? Rachel is is gone, and, perhaps, where she's gonna be buried has more to do with you than her.
You don't have to answer that.
I appreciate your concern, but I will continue to honor Rachel's dying wish.
If you're trying to get me to change my mind, you can forget it.
How dare you call our client into your office without me? We talked about this.
And you forbid me.
Yes, I did.
Who are you mad at right now Jane or Deb? What? Are you mad at Jane, who's a partner here, for calling in a client without an associate's permission, or are you mad at Deb, someone who looked to you to make all the smart decisions? In which case, I can see why you'd be upset because Deb never challenged you.
Deb also never went to law school, yet here she is calling the shots.
I'm trying to help a grieving man move on with his life.
There's nothing wrong with that.
We are not here to be his shrink or to advise him on how to grieve.
Have you ever considered that Seth might want to date again one day? And is his future girlfriend really gonna want his wife's dead body buried in the backyard? It is not healthy.
Jane, you know I keep a photo of Deb in my office, right? Yes.
Even when I was dating other women, I never took it down.
I'm sure it wasn't "healthy," but if anyone told me to put it away, I'd have told them to go to hell.
I'm sorry to let you down, but my brother is definitely not this boy's father.
Nice try.
His name is listed on Ryan's birth certificate.
Look, we're not after child support if that's what you're worried about.
He wasn't in the country when Ryan was conceived.
He was stationed in Germany for two years.
Are you sure? Yes.
Look, I recognize the boy's mother's name.
Cindy Hatcher lived in our apartment complex.
She was close with my brother, but he's not the father.
If you don't believe me, check with the Veterans' Board.
Tessa, any chance you may remember who Cindy was dating when she got pregnant? Um pretty sure it was a guy named Eddie Davis.
My mom knows his mom.
I can probably get you his contact info, if that would help.
Yeah, it would, actually.
Thank you.
That is a gorgeous photo.
And no one should ever tell you to take it down.
I don't plan to.
[ Inhales deeply .]
Uh, Grayson, I shouldn't have spoken to our client without consulting you.
You are lead council, and I'm sorry.
You know, you were right about the way I see you.
When we're together, sometimes I see Deb, and I turn into the guy I was then.
Other times, I see Jane, the brilliant lawyer I developed feelings for.
It's messing with my head.
Yeah, we have a a lot to figure out.
[ Chuckles .]
But, lucky for us, we're not in a rush.
- That's true.
- Mm.
But the woman I loved died suddenly in a car crash, and if I learned anything from that, it's that we need to make every minute count.
How do we do that make every minute count? God only knows.
[ Chuckles .]
Say that again? "God only knows"? Yeah.
Yeah, "God only knows.
" I know that look.
We're back on the case, aren't we? I think I know how Seth can win.
God? No, religion.
I'm gonna go look into something.
Can we finish this conversation later? Sure.
What are you doing? Paul, I asked Howard to come here so that you could give him the keys to the Rolls.
Why would I do that? That car's changed my life.
You're not sleeping.
You're not working.
You're not eating.
You're not working.
You're obsessed, Paul.
Hand over the keys or find another job.
I can't go back to riding that bus.
Please, give me more credit than that.
Howard? Oh.
That bike is incredible.
It doesn't need gas, you don't need insurance, and you can park it anywhere.
Ah! Sign over the title and Howard will give you the bike.
Thank you.
For the first time in 48 hours, I feel like I can exhale.
[ Sighs .]
Let it all out.
And now go get the car keys.
Let me get this straight, Ms.
Your client is starting his own church at his home? That's right.
The Church of Everlasting Love, dedicated to the memory of Rachel Coyle, his wife.
And, under city law, as a church, he has a right to set aside land as a cemetery.
His home is located in a residential zone.
It cannot be a church.
When a religious institution is first formed, they are permitted to congregate in a private home.
There's precedent for the cemetery, and we filed the paperwork this morning.
We are not contending that the church subscribes to any particular religious sect.
Rather, the church will be a place of contemplation.
And it will include a small plot for church members and recently deceased relatives of church members.
Clever, Ms.
Bingum, but under the law, a church requires a pastor and congregants.
Other than your client, I don't see any.
Actually, my client is the pastor, and as far as congregants go, um Pastor Coyle, I'd like to become the first to join your church.
Yeah, I'd like to join your church, too.
[ Chuckling .]
They're making a mockery of the law.
I tend to agree.
May I speak, Your Honor? Of course, "Pastor.
" Doug, Briana I loved your daughter more than words can express.
The church and the garden will be a tribute to her, a sanctuary in the city where friends and family can visit and mourn the loss of the most beautiful woman that I've ever known.
[ Sniffles .]
Her dying wish is my living vow.
As pastor I will keep her memory alive.
I know I'm asking a lot but would you consider joining me in honoring your daughter? Yes, I will.
Of course I will.
And my husband will join, as well.
The city attorney is instructed to recognize "The Church of Everlasting Love," where Ms.
Coyle shall be interred.
[ Gavel bangs .]
So, you're saying this is my son? We believe so.
You were dating Cindy Hatcher in May of 2002? Yes.
Well, the blood type is consistent, and, accordingly, we'll order a DNA test.
That's not necessary.
What do you mean? I broke up with Cindy.
Two weeks later, she called and said that she was pregnant.
I didn't believe her.
Never heard from her again.
Sir, we just need you to sign an affidavit of paternity and then sign off on the adoption so Ryan can go to his new family instead of living in a group home.
Sure, that that's not a problem.
Is that him? Yes.
But I haven't told Ryan about you yet.
If if you can just sign the document, then we'll be on our way.
I'd, um I I'd like to meet him first.
[ Sighs .]
Ryan, I'd like to introduce you to someone.
Are you taking me away? What? No.
No, Ryan, this man isn't from the government.
Ryan, I'm I'm not really sure how to say this, but, um I'm your father.
My father's dead.
Sweetie, there was a mistake on your birth certificate.
This is for real.
I asked him to come here because, if he signs a release form, then the Garveys can officially adopt you, and you won't have to move to South Dakota.
Kaswell said the Garveys are terrific people.
They have a beach house.
You'll have a brother and a sister.
Yeah, they're really great.
Well, I guess I'll go sign that paper now.
That's it? You sign the paper, and you just go away? It's what I asked him to do.
It's what you want, right? Yeah.
Nice to meet you.
[ Voice breaking .]
I live in a small apartment.
I like apartments.
I don't know much about kids.
I I don't know much about parents.
I work security at the mall during the day.
I'm in school during the day.
I'm in seventh grade.
C can you be home at night? I I shouldn't be alone.
Yeah, I think I can do that.
Kaswell, I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to sign that document.
I'm glad to hear it.
[ Sniffles .]
Beautiful night.
It sure is.
You were magnificent in court.
Well, I was just doing my job.
You know Grayson, what you said about Deb before not having a law degree You're right.
I I did know more about color palettes than politics.
You know, briefs were just just another word for underwear.
[ Both chuckle .]
But all of that's changed.
Whether you want to believe it or not I respected you as Deb, and I respect you as Jane, just in different ways.
I know.
Before, in my office, when I said I wanted to figure out a way to make every moment count Mm-hmm? I figured out a way.
[ Chuckles .]
Are you gonna share it with me? Yeah.
A mirror on the shelf 'Cause I hope we will never have to take back What we said in the night I hope that I will always have all eyes on you
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