Drop Dead Diva s06e11 Episode Script


See that aspiring model there? That's me Deb until the day I died.
I thought I'd go straight to heaven, but there was a bit of a mix-up, and I woke up in someone else's body.
So now I'm Jane, a super-busy lawyer with my very own assistant.
I got a new life, a new wardrobe, and the only people who really know what's going on with me are my girlfriend Stacy and my guardian angel, Paul.
I used to think everything happened for a reason.
Whoo! Now, I sure hope I was right.
La, la, la, la-la-la-la Previously on "Drop Dead Diva" Where am I? Grayson, you're in the hospital.
Do you remember what happened? My boyfriend is gonna propose, and I'm not supposed to know about it Congratulations.
Thank you.
Prepare to intubate.
I need 12 French tubes and Grayson.
Charging the 360.
- All clear? - Clear.
Check for pulse.
I'm calling it.
Time of death 5:17 PM.
It's me.
I don't know anyone at that facility.
Jane, it's me.
It's Grayson.
This isn't funny and I'm hanging up.
No! Listen.
I hit "Return" and I'm back.
Like I said a few hours ago, you can't see Ian Holt.
You're not his attorney.
Yeah, I heard you loud and clear, which is why I filed an emergency petition.
Here it is.
Oh, yeah.
Gosh, will you look at that? I am his lawyer.
I'd like to see my client now, please.
Thank you.
Ian's been transferred back to his cell from the infirmary.
- The infirmary? - Mm-hmm.
Guy was executed last night.
Dead a full two minutes, and then his ticker started up again.
Freaked the hell out of the warden.
Can you imagine being dead and then coming back to life? Yeah, I know, it's crazy.
Cold-blooded killer like Ian Holt gets a second chance.
It's not right.
If you ask me, he deserves to die, slow and painful.
I didn't ask you.
I demand to see my client now.
Thank you.
I thought we'd never see each other again.
It's really you.
Isn't it? Yeah.
You know what? The guard thinks I'm just your lawyer, not your girlfriend.
So you pressed the Return button.
I met Fred.
He said he owed you.
He also made it clear that my return is a one-time thing.
All I remember is a flash of light, and suddenly I woke up in the prison infirmary handcuffed to a steel bed.
Your soul entered Ian's body the moment he died.
The moment he was executed.
Jane, I don't even know what this guy did.
I have none of his memories.
I know.
That's how it works.
At first, I didn't know anything about Jane her friends, her family, her Netflix password, nothing.
But I did get her IQ and her legal knowledge, and that's a really good thing, 'cause I'm gonna figure out a way to get you out of here.
Jane, if they tried to execute this body Mm-hmm.
That means he was out of appeals.
Well, I'm gonna talk to Ian's former lawyer.
I will find a way in.
You're amazing.
After what we've been through, a little thing like death row is not gonna keep us apart.
Did you feel that kick? Ba-boom! Wow! The twins were partying all night long.
I had a dream that one became a rockette and the other the rock.
Did Jane already leave this morning? We were supposed to carpool.
Oh, she called.
She's at the prison.
She's meeting with a new client.
We don't have a new client in prison.
- Did she mention a name? - Not that I recall.
I mean, you know Jane.
She's always running from prison to prison passing out her business card.
So, hey, I wanted to run a few wedding ideas by you.
Which roses do you prefer? Cherry Brandy or Freedom? Either.
Either is fine.
Well, I have more pictures if you want to see.
Whichever one you want.
Owen, you're sweating.
It's hot in here, isn't it? Well, I was actually gonna go get a sweater.
So, let's talk about the wedding cake.
I have narrowed it down to two bakeries, and we can meet with them tonight.
I'm I'm not sure what time that I'm I'm gonna be done tonight.
And and in fact, look at the time.
I-I-I got to go.
Owen, are you really okay? Yeah, yeah.
Everything's great.
It's great.
Ha-have a good day.
I love you.
All the performers with the Dance Theatre of Compton are inner-city teenagers.
It's a creative outlet that keeps them away from the gang and drug culture.
I've seen the documentary on your troupe.
What you guys do is incredible.
Thank you.
As you know, the survival of the organization depends on grants and private donations.
Are you here for a donation? Because I'm happy to Oh, no, no.
I need legal help.
This will sound strange.
Empress Katia stole my latest choreographed piece for her new music video.
Uh Empress Katia is a huge pop star who sells out the Staples Center.
I doubt she would steal from you.
I didn't think she would, either, but see for yourself.
I muted the music since she dances to pop music and my kids dance to classical, but check out the moves.
On the left is my troupe, on the right is Empress Katia's new music video "Out of My Bed.
" Sponsored by Angry Girl Cosmetics.
The dances look identical.
She stole my work.
Step for step.
Two months ago, Empress Katia attended a performance.
The kids were so excited.
A superstar was coming to see our little troupe.
I guess she liked what she saw.
I mean, perhaps she was subconsciously inspired by the performance and didn't realize she appropriated your choreography.
Kaswell critics are now accusing me of stealing her moves.
My reputation is on the line, as well as my grants.
We'll sit down with Empress Katia and we'll we'll try to sort it out.
Thank you.
This is what five years of appeals looks like? Yeah.
I got these files from your former lawyer.
Let me guess an overworked public defender.
Now, apparently, through this entire trial, you've maintained your innocence.
All right.
So, what's my story? Well You're Ian Michael Holt, 39 years old.
You were the facilities manager at the Costa Mar Country Club.
In 2009, you were convicted of the murder of the club president, Harry Beckett.
Oh, God.
Motive? You were having an affair with Harry's wife, Cheryl.
He discovered your affair and fired you.
Jane, I'm Grayson.
I know.
But you keep saying "You" like I'm the guy who did these things.
No, it's just the world sees you as Ian.
But I know.
I know it's strange, but the sooner you adjust, the easier it'll get.
How did you adjust? I mean I don't even connect with this body.
None of this feels like me.
I know.
I know.
I still have those moments.
You know, sometimes I look in the mirror and and I see a stranger.
But then I remember that I was given a second chance.
It's all worth it.
Okay, now apparently, in your trial transcript uh, yes, you were so enraged, you beat Harry to death with a 3-iron.
So I'm a violent killer.
Why would Fred put me in this body? It d it doesn't work like that.
It's it's all random.
Listen, although you are now Ian, I need you to think like Grayson and help me go through these files.
All right, we've got to find something to get back in court.
Excuse me.
Uh, here for your dinner order.
Same as last time, you get anything you want.
Wait, wait, wait.
Why are you asking for his last meal? Execution's been rescheduled for midnight tonight.
They ordered a new batch of injections.
Make sure they get it right this time.
Can't talk.
We saw you took on a new client.
Yeah, death-row inmate with a botched execution.
A pro bono death-penalty case can be quite time consuming.
I am defending this client, so help me God, and if you try and stop me - Stop you? - Are you kidding me? Ian Holt is all over the news.
It's exactly the kind of high-profile case this firm should be handling.
You have the full resources of the firm.
I was even gonna offer my help as second chair.
Great, search for any grounds for a stay.
I'd help you out, too, but, uh I have a client meeting.
Is that Empress Katia? It's either her or a really good drag queen.
I got to go.
Who's Empress Katia? We contend that the choreography in your latest video, "Get Out of My Bed," was copied from my client.
Now, all we're asking for is acknowledgement.
I'm honestly flattered.
I am a huge fan.
I do not copy or steal.
I create.
My client's choreography is original.
It was inspired by the joyous dances of street orphans I witnessed on my goodwill trip to Haiti where I built houses and passed out bags of rice.
Wow, you're a regular bono, aren't you? The only reason I attended your little show is because I am a patron of the arts, and I resent being dragged into this office.
I am a very busy woman.
Well, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you.
We'll take this up in court.
Hey, Owen.
Uh, I mean, it's nice to meet you, Mr.
Thanks for taking my case.
Of course.
I understand, Ms.
Bingum, you're here to argue for a stay of execution? Yes.
Your honor, the state has already injected our client with a lethal cocktail.
A second injection constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the eighth amendment.
Except Ian Holt was convicted by a jury.
The glitch in the execution does not alter the state's right to carry out the sentence.
I'm sorry, Ms.
Bingum, but you've offered no new facts supporting a stay.
Argue that the death warrant is technically deficient.
Um, your honor.
Uh, the death warrant is required to specify the date, time, and method of execution.
Given that this is a new execution to take place in a new date and time, the law mandates a new death warrant.
That is correct.
It'll take 24 hours to issue a new warrant.
In that case, you bought yourself another day.
Thank you.
How did you know about the death warrant? Uh, he's had a lot of time in jail to read up on the law, right? Yeah, right.
Uh, lots of time.
Listen, we got to get to work.
We've only got 24 hours to save your life.
Your honor, once choreography is memorialized in writing, it's protected by the Copyright Act of 1976.
My client's notebook contains her choreographic notations dated March 1st.
And as you'll see in the video, Nadine's dance is identical to Empress Katia's, therefore satisfying the standard of substantial similarity.
You don't need to show the video.
We will stipulate to the substantial similarity.
Oh, uh Okay.
Uh, here's a photo from "The National Inquisitor" of Empress Katia attending the Dance Theatre of Compton's performance on March 10th, therefore proving the defendant had access to my client's work.
We agree with Ms.
Kaswell's timeline, except she omits one key fact.
Empress Katia registered her dance with the Copyright Office on February 10th a full month before she attended Nadine's performance.
Here are copies of the registration.
Your honor, given the plaintiff's aggressive stance towards my client, we are filing a counterclaim for copyright infringement against Nadine Comer.
We are asking for the maximum statutory damages.
Okay, wait a second.
Empress Katia's video was just released.
There's no way my client could've copied her choreography.
Leaked footage of Empress Katia's rehearsals have been online for weeks, giving your client access prior to her notebook sketches.
Uh, your honor, we can establish a date of creation prior to February 10th.
Nadine's company performed a preview in January.
We all know previews are largely attended by friends and family all biased witnesses.
All right, I've heard enough.
We need a factual hearing to sort this out.
Until then, Nadine's company is enjoined from performing the piece.
Your honor And likewise, Empress Katia must refrain from performing those moves in concert.
We also ask that you instruct Empress Katia to remove her video from the web.
That's going too far.
I think it's just far enough.
We are done for now.
I've been giving this a lot of thought, and our best shot is to get the court to commute your sentence from death to life in prison using a procedural attack.
You were legally dead for two minutes, so trying to execute you again constitutes double jeopardy.
That's clever.
But no.
I'd like you to make a claim of actual innocence.
Ian, Owen's strategy has a much better chance of Of keeping me in here for the rest of my life.
Of keeping you alive.
If we're gonna spend the next 24 hours trying to prove your innocence, I have to ask - Are you innocent? - Yes, I am.
Okay, um, Owen could I have a few minutes with Ian by myself? Okay.
Are you saying this because you didn't kill that man or Ian didn't? Ian didn't do it.
Look, Jane, in all of his appeals, he could've tried procedural attacks.
He didn't.
He always tried to clear his name.
It's just not enough to get you out of here.
And I found this in my cell hidden under the mattress.
Ian wrote a letter to his mother to be delivered after his death.
He swears he's innocent.
Guilty men don't write letters like this to be delivered after they've been executed.
Jane, I'm innocent, and I need you to save my life.
So if you are innocent, I'll have to get back and re-interview everyone who testified at your trial.
Based on the transcripts, I wrote up a list.
Excuse me, Ms.
- Yeah.
- It's time.
It's time for what? I'm here to take Ian Holt to the execution chamber.
What? No, I have a stay.
The stay was lifted.
Judge issued a new death warrant.
What?! No! No! I-I-I need more time! Jane.
It's okay.
You've done all you can do.
It's you.
Of course it's me.
No, look at him.
See? He's he's not Ian.
He's Grayson.
No! Please, you're you're taking the wrong man! Stop! Please! Well, obviously, the dream means that you're worried you won't be able to free Grayson I mean, pshh, Ian in time.
Stacy, I don't I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to argue.
I can't lose him again.
You are the smartest woman I know.
If anyone can help him, it's you.
Look, I don't feel smart right now.
I feel desperate and scared.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
Oh, I-I'm sorry.
How's the wedding coming along? Have you decided on the flowers? Every time I want to discuss anything wedding, Owen just looks upset and runs off to work.
Oh, God, I got to get to the jail.
Um, you know, men are just weird about weddings.
So, be patient with Owen, and I promise you everything will be fine.
- Okay? - Okay.
Not only was I sleeping with my boss' wife, apparently, I hooked up with half the married women at the country club.
Jane, I'm a douche.
I know.
And I know I said for you to think of yourself as Ian, but listen.
Whatever this guy did or didn't do, you have Grayson's soul.
And Grayson is the kindest, most honorable man I've ever known.
You okay? I can't seem to write.
Try your other hand.
I am now left-handed.
Trust me, your body will be full of surprises.
This is odd.
What? Cheryl the victim's wife.
She testified on Ian's behalf in the penalty phase of the trial.
She pleaded with the judge to spare him the death penalty.
So, if Cheryl was openly sympathetic to a man convicted of killing her husband, she might know something that can help us.
You need to talk to her.
I don't know the woman.
Are you kidding me? You know her.
Ian knew her intimately.
She'll figure out I'm not really him.
Trust me, nobody ever figures it out.
And the trick is to control the conversation.
So, defuse their questions with another question, and if you're hard pressed, just change the subject.
Oh, and people always forget their train of thought when you interrupt them with a compliment.
You did all those things to me before I knew you were Deb.
I know.
But now you have to do those things with Cheryl.
Owen! Owen! Stacy.
Hi! How did you know I was here? Oh, easy.
I installed a "Find My Fiancé" app on your phone, which didn't work.
Sent me to Glendale where I met a lovely man named Ohan who's getting married next month.
Anyway, Paul told me where you were.
So, listen, we need to lock down the flowers today, and then we need to discuss the band.
Uh, Stacy, I don't I don't think I'm gonna have time.
Oh, no, no, no.
I just need five minutes.
I was talking with Guido, our florist, and he thinks that if we added more lilies in the church O, are a-are you okay? No.
I feel dizzy.
I've got I got, like, a pressure in my chest.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I'm calling 911.
Oh, breathe.
Just breathe.
I don't understand how Empress Katia can sue me.
Because she registered the copyright to the dance moves, she's the presumptive rights holder, which means that if the judge sides with her, you could pay $100,000 for every time you've performed that dance for a paying audience.
We've performed those moves at least 20 times.
That's $2 million.
I have less than $1,000 in my bank account.
Well, then we better not lose.
"Empress Katia!" "Empress Katia!" "Empress Katia!" - What the hell? - Oh, God.
Long live Empress Katia! They're Empress Katia's little soldiers her super fans.
Hey! It's Nadine Comer and her sleazy lawyer! Hey, get out of my way, freak show! Move! I'm so glad you're back! Oh! Paul! What are you doing in my office? The little soldiers are creeping me out.
They showed up here right after Empress Katia took her video down and replaced it with another one.
Check this out.
I will not tolerate this outrageous assault on my artistic integrity, which was orchestrated by Nadine Comer of the Dance Theatre of Compton and Kim Kaswell of the law firm of Harrison & Parker located in downtown Los Angeles.
- Oh, she's smart.
- And hot.
Her statement was perfectly worded to fall under first amendment protection.
There's nothing I can do about it.
This was a call to arms.
The little soldiers showed up here because of this message.
Yeah, and they're very loyal to Empress Katia.
They won't leave unless they're forced to.
You know what? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Paul, take off your shirt.
Don't you think, uh, you should buy me dinner first? Do it.
You are going to infiltrate the little soldiers.
Go undercover and find out how Katia stole Nadine's dance moves.
Yes, ma'am.
Empress Katia! Empress Katia! Say it! Empress Katia! I felt pain and a shortness of breath.
Well, your EKG is fine and your troponin levels are normal.
You did not have a heart attack.
That's a huge relief.
Yeah, I believe it was an anxiety attack.
Anxiety? Yeah, is there anything that's adding unusual stress to your life either at work or at home? Um I'm assisting on a death-row case, but I've done that before.
Well, what were you doing when the last attack was triggered? Well, we were just talking about our wedding.
The flowers, the band.
The cake.
I think we just found the stressor.
Bingum, thank you so much for setting up this meeting with Ian.
Well, sure.
You can go now.
Oh, prison policy says I must remain in the room, and absolutely no touching.
But feel free, you know.
Carry on like I'm not even here.
Ian, it's been a lifetime since we've seen each other, but I've thought about you every day.
It's been a while since our last liaison, huh? Liaison? Listen to you and all your fancy new words.
Uh, they they, uh, they have a word-a-day calendar in the prison library, so, uh Oh, I wrote you so many letters.
Why didn't you write me back? Yeah, I uh Wow your perfume is really, really nice.
It's Acqua di Parma.
It's your favorite.
Remember that night in Ojai? Mm-hmm.
You said that I smelled like summertime sex with a hint of lavender.
Wow, you can really smell that lavender.
I know it doesn't mean much, especially now, but I'm really very sorry.
Sorry? Sorry for what? For everything.
You're amazing, you know that? Yeah.
But why why am I so amazing again? Prison hasn't taken away your charm.
To think of all the plans that we had.
My husband gets murdered, and you get arrested for it.
So unfair.
Cheryl do you believe I'm innocent? Of course.
We both know you didn't do it.
I know.
I want to touch you, too.
Want to hold you in my arms and make this all go away.
Is there any way that we could bend the rules and have a little privacy? - No.
- No.
But thank you so much for visiting with my client.
Oh, oh, just a few minutes more.
Actually, I'm exhausted, so Oh, okay, baby.
It really was so good to see you.
Uh, time to go.
Really nice meeting you seeing you again.
- Okay.
- Bye.
What are you grinning about? Are you happy that I had an affair with that over-sexed married woman? Cheryl just said that you both know you didn't do it, and given that she's obsessed with you and hated her husband, I don't think you killed Harry.
I think it's possible she did.
And according to that file, she was at the club the day of the murder.
Oh, yeah.
We have another suspect.
Stace? Sweetie, what's wrong? I'm worried about Owen.
I don't think he wants to marry me.
Well, of course he does.
Jane, he had an anxiety attack and ended up in the hospital.
- Is he okay? - He's fine.
But the doctor says that it was the wedding that triggered it, and I have tried to talk to him, but any time I mention the word "Wedding," he starts hyperventilating.
You know what? You two need to talk to someone.
You know, like a professional.
In therapy? Yeah.
Couple's therapy.
That'll be a great way for you and Owen to, you know, communicate with a neutral third party.
I mean, obviously, something's bothering Owen, and you need to get to the bottom of it before you walk down the aisle.
Okay? Those little soldiers are very forthcoming.
What did you find out? Well, Jamie's mom doesn't like her mohawk, and Ben's upset that he's not allowed to wear his kilt to school.
You know, thank goodness for Empress Katia.
She really understands them.
Paul, about the case.
Well, the little soldiers are really pissed that their leader is once again being targeted by a "Vulture of True Art.
" What does that mean? Pretty sure a vulture of true art is a type of bird that eats dead painters.
Apparently, this is the third time Empress Katia has been accused of stealing someone else's dance moves.
The other two were also choreographers who ran small dance troupes, and one of them, Emily Lutsky, lives in LA.
We need to talk to Emily.
She'll be at the Shade Café in one hour.
She seemed very happy to get my call and very excited to talk to you.
Okay, why didn't you open with that? Hey.
Don't stomp on my style What? It's one of Empress Katia's new songs.
It's very catchy.
Now can I put my shirt back on? If you must.
See, now, this is a fancy country club.
Yeah, my parents belonged to one when I was a kid.
Dress code: blazers.
No jeans, no open-toed shoes.
Well And don't even get me started on the arrears list.
It's the names of all the members that are behind dues posted for everybody to see.
- A Wall of Shame? - Mm-hmm.
- That's humiliating.
- Look.
Cheryl is the ladies club golf champion two years running.
Well, she'd certainly know how to wield a 3-iron.
Can I help you? Hi, we're looking for the club president, Richard Breeman.
- That's me.
- Hello.
You must be the lawyers.
I understand you have some new information on Harry's murder.
Oh, we're investigating a lead.
Harry was the best president in club history.
What can I do for you? We're looking into his wife, Cheryl.
Cheryl left the club three hours before Harry's death, and before you ask, I know this because Cheryl came down to say goodbye to Harry at our weekly poker game right here in this very room.
Did anyone else see her leave? Everyone around the table two lawyers, a CEO, and the lieutenant governor, and they're gonna be here this evening.
So, if you want to come back, you can speak with them.
Cheryl could've reentered the club later that night.
Not without one of these.
Every member uses a key card to get in and out of the club, and the system logs their names and time.
I gave a copy of the log to the police, showing that there was only two people in the middle of the club at the time of the murder Harry and the man who killed him, Ian Holt.
Breeman, someone else could've used Ian's access card.
Except they found the card on Ian when he was arrested.
I'm sorry, but your client is guilty.
My modern dance troupe was performing in North Hollywood when my friends pointed out Empress Katia's latest dance moves.
She was using your choreography? Yeah.
I sued, but she had already copyrighted my steps and countersued me.
Did you have to pay damages? Yeah.
That lady is ruthless.
I don't even dance anymore.
I wait tables to pay off the debt.
Do you have any idea how she stole your work? Well, I've always thought that one of her people attended our preview, - but I couldn't prove anything.
- I'm sorry.
It sounds like she's doing the same thing to your client.
Do you think you can stop her? You know what? Thanks to this conversation, I just might.
I was so sure Cheryl did it.
Why? Because Ian told you he was innocent? Yeah.
Jane, you don't know Ian.
He is a desperate man who sent us on a wild goose chase just hours before he was set to be executed again.
This is why you can't believe everything that comes out of your client's mouth.
- I still believe him.
- Jane No.
Listen to me, I think - Jane! - What? Stop it.
It's over.
Like it or not, Ian Holt is gonna be executed at midnight.
I'm sorry.
So, we were wrong? Cheryl didn't kill Harry.
Yeah, it looks that way, but I'm not giving up.
I know the real killer is somewhere on the key log of the members that were at the club the day of the murder.
We have that document right there, but it's not gonna help you.
- Well - Jane, stop.
Forget it.
If Ian was the killer, there's nothing we can do about it.
I refuse to accept that.
Let's not spend my last hours looking for a unicorn.
We're lucky we have this time together.
Jane, are you hearing me? Richard Breeman told me he was playing poker at the club on the day of the murder.
He's not listed on the electronic key log.
The club shuts off cards 24 hours before a member's name is placed on the arrears list.
How do I know that? I call it a Brain Freeze.
A what? A Brain Freeze.
It happens when a piece of information from the brain's previous owner becomes unlocked.
Listen, if Richard Breeman was about to be placed on the arrears list, his card would've been turned off.
That list is social and economic suicide.
He would've done anything to keep his name off it.
Who controls the list? The club president.
The murder victim.
And that, Dr.
Hubert, is probably where my fear of anthropomorphic animals comes from.
I still can't go to Disney Land.
Thank you for sharing.
But we've been here for 45 minutes, and I'm not hearing anything from Owen.
Owen, you recently had an anxiety attack.
Let's talk about that.
Yes, let's! I don't think Owen wants to marry me.
What?! No, of course I do.
You had an anxiety attack just talking about flowers and cake.
I don't know if we're moving too fast or if I'm doing something wrong.
Owen, have you been married before? No.
Uh, almost.
Broken engagement? Left at the altar.
I went in to see if my bride was okay, and she was kissing another guy, and I had a heart attack.
That's wonderful.
It is? Obviously, Owen's afraid that you're not gonna show up.
Oh! I swear, I will show up.
It's my professional opinion that you two should call off the wedding.
You're a horrible therapist.
Let me finish.
Just go to a courthouse and get a marriage license.
You two are obviously in a loving, committed relationship.
It's not the marriage that's giving Owen anxiety.
It's the wedding.
So, you're saying no to "Here Comes the Bride" and the five-tiered white chocolate tower? Thank you, doctor.
Hey, Boss.
How'd the interview with Emily go? Well, I'm trying to determine if a single patron attended all three performances where Katia allegedly stole the dance moves.
How you gonna do that? I subpoenaed credit-card records from all three performances.
What's a subpoena again? Something that makes me very, very happy.
Oh, like Jell-O.
I love Jell-O.
The same credit card was used at all three venues.
Great, what's the name? The ALM Group.
That's a weird name.
I once knew a girl named Lemonade.
She hated Jell-O.
Paul, The ALM Group is a corporation.
I'm gonna look it up on the Secretary of State website.
You found something, didn't you? Call the clerk.
We're going back to court.
Empress Katia, you say the first time you saw Nadine's show was on March 12th, correct? That's right.
Are you familiar with a company called The ALM Group? No.
Do you know who the registered owner of The ALM Group is? What part of "No" don't you understand the "N" or the "O"? Once again, you're wasting my time.
Okay, maybe you actually do know who the registered owner is.
John Bergman? He's my manager.
Did he purchase a ticket for you to the January preview? Objection.
We've been over this already.
Answer the question.
Like I said, I only saw the show in March.
I have here a receipt for a ticket to the January preview purchased through your manager's company.
Now, at first, I thought he attended the performance, but then I subpoenaed his financial records, and it turns out the cost of this ticket is attributed to your account.
So, I'm gonna ask you again.
Did you attend that concert? If I were at the concert, people would've recognized me.
Unless you weren't wearing any makeup.
Your honor, at this point, I'm requesting the witness remove her makeup.
I won't do that.
She's harassing my client.
Removing cosmetics is not harassment.
Witness will comply.
What if I refuse? I will sentence you for contempt, and you will spend a night in jail.
And the wig.
As you can see, Empress Katia is completely unrecognizable without her signature getup, making it easy for her to slip unnoticed into the preview performance.
So, Katia let me remind you that you're under oath, and for the last time, did you attend that concert? Your honor, I'd like to request a brief recess.
Absolutely not.
Witness will answer the question.
I don't remember.
Young lady, my offer to sentence you for contempt is still on the table.
Maybe I did attend that performance.
I'm busy.
I can't remember everything I do.
And then you publicly attended the March performance as a smokescreen, knowing that you had already copyrighted those dance moves prior to that date.
If you say so.
Oh, I do.
Your honor, we're seeking damages.
What damages? Your client hasn't suffered any loss.
No, but Empress Katia profited from that video under a corporate sponsorship with Angry Girl Cosmetics worth almost $200,000.
Under the Doctrine of Unjust Enrichment, my client should be awarded that money.
Kaswell is correct.
And going forward, my client would be happy to license her choreography at a fair rate so long as the Empress gives credit where credit is due.
Is that acceptable? Good.
Then we're done here.
Richard Breeman, the current president of the Costa Mar Country Club had motive, means, and opportunity to kill Harry Beckett.
What are you talking about? I was just going through Richard's financials.
At the time of the murder, he was flat broke.
Well, how does that make him a killer? Richard was desperate.
He was days away from closing a deal to purchase a shopping mall with a fellow club member, and it would've gone south If he was put on the wall of arrears.
And Harry was the only one who knew Richard's true financial predicament.
In fact, Harry had cut off Richard's key card the day of the murder, which is why we did not know that Richard was in the club.
You still haven't proved that he did it.
The prosecution's case rested on the fact that only Ian and the victim were in the club.
At the very least, we have enough evidence to extend Ian's stay of execution.
We're never gonna find a judge willing to stop an execution on such short notice.
Forget the judge.
I have a better idea.
Take two.
Hello, gentlemen.
Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt your game.
- Can I help you? - Mm-hmm.
We're here about the murder of your former president.
All of these men can confirm that Cheryl was not here when Harry was killed.
No, I know.
You're right.
And Cheryl did not kill Harry.
You did.
Are you out of your mind? No.
No, I don't think so.
And to be honest, I'm not here to speak to you.
I am here to confer with the dealer, lieutenant governor.
Sir, these documents show on the day of Harry Beckett's murder, Harry was about to put Richard on the arrears list.
In fact, Richard's key card had already been deactivated.
However, Richard never appeared on the Wall of Shame because Harry's head was smashed in with a 3-iron.
That same night, probably after Harry was murdered, Richard's card was reactivated.
I wonder who did that.
It's all in the file, which is why I need the lieutenant governor to call his boss and get a stay of execution for Ian Holt pending a full investigation.
If you keep bad-mouthing me in front of my colleagues, I'm gonna Your accusations go to motive, but nothing connects Richard to the actual crime.
You're right.
We never had physical proof until just now.
Whoa, what the hell are you doing? Thank you.
Oh, I'm collecting evidence.
See, I think the prints on that glass will match an unknown print on the murder weapon.
Think before you say anything.
If Ian is executed and we prove that you killed Harry, you'll be guilty of two murders.
Bill, I'm gonna need to hire your law firm.
Here's your retainer.
I'll get the governor on the line.
Honey, are you here? Stacy? - Gotcha.
- Oh! Wha? Feel secure now? W-what is this? Listen I want a wedding with flowers and a harpist and white doves released as we say our vows.
I will stay handcuffed to you if that's what it takes to convince you that I'm not going anywhere.
No, no.
You don't have to do that.
It's your wedding, too, and I want it to be perfect, and it won't be if you're feeling anxious.
You're amazing, you know that? I do, actually.
I really do.
But I'm serious about the handcuffs.
If you feel anxiety at all that I won't show up, all you need to do is look at your wrist.
Thank you.
You know there is something I've always wanted to do with handcuffs.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
Good thing I'm free all night.
I never thought I'd see this place again.
You know, it's your home now.
I mean, you don't want to go back to your old digs.
You need to start a new life.
How about some champaign? To celebrate the afterlife.
Coming right up.
One thing I don't understand about my case.
Mm-hmm? According to the file, the cops never found any prints on the murder weapon.
Yes, and I knew that.
But Richard didn't know that.
Which is why he got all panicky and lawyered up.
Which was enough to get the cops to launch a full investigation.
So, faced with aggravated murder, Richard cut a deal for I literally owe you my life.
Well, I love you.
Ian Holt.
And I love you Jane Bingum.
Um, before we get started, we should get some wine.
Sweetheart, you're pregnant.
I know, which is why I bought a vegan, non-alcoholic white-wine beverage.
All the pregnant celebrities are drinking it.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
- Tell you what.
- Mm-hmm? I'll go get it.
- Oh.
- Oh.
And I'll be with you every step of the way.
Come here.

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