Ducktales (1987) s01e09 Episode Script


It's a duck-blur Might solve a mystery Or rewrite history DuckTales, ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales D-D-D-danger Watch behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some DuckTales Ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales Ooh-ooh Not ponytails or cottontails no, DuckTales Знаете ли какво обичам повече от златото? Че имам много от него! Кое прави златото толкова ценно, чичо СкрудР? It's very rare.
I can sell a wee bit of gold for a great deal of money.
And, ha-ha-ha, I can play a mean game of checkers with it, too.
- What happened? - What was that? There is one disadvantage to gold.
It's very, very heavy.
We can't get to it.
If it reaches the forest, it'll be a disaster.
Here he comes again! Scrooge McDuck calling Launchpad McQuack.
Come in, Launchpad.
Come in.
Hi, Mr.
What's up? Besides me, that is.
My gold train has been trapped by a rock slide about 100 miles outside of Duckburg.
Get here as fast as you can! Can't see.
I don't know where I'm going.
Well, that's never bothered me before.
Aah! He did it! That Launchpad McQuack must be the best pilot in the world.
Hey, here he comes! He's in his stupid old biplane.
Launchpad, there's no place to land that thing here! Doesn't matter, Mr.
I'm out of gas anyway.
Yeah, there's always a place to land.
- Whew! Well, that's a start.
- It didn't move an inch.
What's that? I was out testing my latest invention when I heard your call for help, Mr.
And a fine-looking helicopter it is, Gyro.
Oh, this helicopter isn't my latest invention.
- The pilot is.
- Gee, a real live robot! Wow, he's fantastic! He sure is.
Watch this.
Armstrong, clear the tracks.
I will clear the tracks.
It would have taken you the rest of your life to move those rocks.
Maybe longer.
Is there anything your robot can't do? Armstrong can do anything you ask him to do, Mr.
Oh, excuse me, sir.
I thought you were in the library.
Wait, your vacuuming would be an interesting test of Armstrong's abilities.
Uh, if you think it's, uh, ahem, proper, sir.
I certainly do.
- Go ahead, Armstrong.
- I will vacuum.
Well, if I'm not needed, sir, I think I'll retire.
No need for extremes, Duckworth.
I'm sure we can find something for you to do around here.
Wow, look at him go! That job usually takes Duckworth all day.
Wow, he opened the automatic garage door just by looking at it! Uncle Scrooge was right.
Armstrong can do anything.
Come on, I have an idea.
Armstrong, clean up our room! I will clean your room.
Hey, I thought you said you were go gonna clean our Gosh! We can't even mess it up that fast! Now that's what I call fast food.
Robots might be all right for housework, but some jobs take courage, derring-do, a sense of adventure.
Well, Armstrong is an excellent pilot.
Oh, I could out-fly him any day.
Say, that's a good idea, Launchpad! A flying contest between you and Armstrong.
Man against machine.
Ooh, ooh, I like it! We'll make it a big event.
We'll invite the press - and potential buyers.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first-ever air race between and robot and human pilot.
The human, in case you couldn't tell is world-famous pilot, adventurer, and derring-doer, Launchpad McQuack! His opponent, soon to be available from McDuck Industries - batteries not included - Armstrong the Robot! Ready? Get set go! Aha! So a robot can make mistakes.
All right, fuse box brain, let's see how you handle the old over-and-under.
Whoa-oh, whoa, whoa! What could have happened to him? The possibilities are infinite.
Nevertheless, it's nearly dinner time, and you have homework to do.
The search parties are doing everything possible.
- Yeah, we might as well go.
- Yeah.
We were all quite worried about you.
I'm afraid you've missed dinner.
I wish I'd have missed that billboard.
McDuck is in his study, and the boys are in their room.
Better let them know you're all right.
If I work around the clock, we can begin mass production in a few weeks.
- Good, good! - Hi, Mr.
- Sorry I let you down.
- Nonsense, my boy.
We've got dozens of orders for Armstrong robots.
Why, that race showed the world what Armstrong can do.
He couldn't have done it without you.
You deserve a little vacation.
Make it a big vacation.
Now, where were we? Wow! It must be great to have a computer for a brain! You did all our homework in five minutes! You're the best friend a kid could ever have.
Yeah! He's great! I am Armstrong.
I am your friend.
I got ya! Tuck-in time, boys.
- Oh, boy! - Hey, great! Hi, Uncle Scrooge! Armstrong, take care of it, will you? Tuck-in time, boys.
Make sure they brush their teeth before you tuck them in.
They will brush their teeth.
Hey, what is this? There's only one marshmallow in my hot chocolate.
Mine too! It's Armstrong's idea.
He's found dozens of ways to run the mansion more efficiently.
But one marshmallow! Uncle Scrooge, come on! Now, now, boys.
Armstrong knows what he's doing.
In fact, I'm going to see what he can do for my business first thing in the morning.
Good night, Mr.
Good morning, Mr.
Before you begin work, I have a little announcement to make.
Huh? Oh.
Must be way past closing time.
Wonder how much one day of Armstrong's help has improved my profits.
I'm being robbed! Aha, Armstrong.
Working late.
Good, but how did you get the combination to my vault? Simple computation of multiple variables.
Well, I guess there's nothing you can't do.
But I prefer to count my money myself.
Wha! What are you doing? Counting money.
Counting my money.
Now, now, Armstrong Gyro wouldn't like this.
I don't like this either.
Aah! Trapped! I am Armstrong.
I am your friend.
- Oh, Gyro? - Hi, Mr.
McDuck! Why, Mr.
McDuck, is something wrong? Why, what ever gave you that idea? He's linked up with communication satellites and electric power stations.
He operates anything powered by electricity using his own remote control.
No tin-plated battery-operated dictator is going to stop me! Nothing can stop him! Where's Uncle Scrooge? He's always the first at breakfast.
Most unusual.
He didn't sleep in his bed last night.
It's not like him not to call.
Let's ask Armstrong to find him! The robot isn't here, either.
Ah, they both must be at Gyro's.
Hello, Gyro, is Uncle Scrooge there? No, and I don't expect to see him.
I have work to do.
Now leave me alone and don't come over here! Meddlers! If I was human, I might find this amusing.
I knew they would give me trouble.
I will give them trouble.
But Gyro would never talk to one of us like that! You're right.
We better get over there.
What's wrong with that thing? - If we timed it just right - We could go in the window.
They will fail.
Hey, look out! They're running by themselves! Somebody's doing it by remote control.
Hey, what are we afraid of? They're only toys! Yeah, you're right.
That should slow 'em down.
Who do you think is behind it? Who do you know who has remote control powers? You know, like flying model airplanes and opening automatic garage doors.
Armstrong! And he said he was our friend! Come on! When did Gyro install these fences and cameras? Oh, no! It is useless to resist.
Look what he did to our bikes! Now you've really made me mad! Aah! Let's get out of here! We need help! Yeah, but who'd be crazy enough to face that robot? Launchpad! Launchpad! Hey, little buddies.
- Launchpad - Where you going? Going away for a while - to think.
You can't do that! Armstrong's gone haywire! You have to help us! We think he's holding Gyro and Uncle Scrooge captive! So, the metal miracle got his wires crossed, eh? They're at Gyro's barn! He's built electric fences all around it.
Complete with laser beams! We'll have to fly in, but I'm afraid my chopper is a wreck.
Just as well.
Armstrong can control anything with electronics in it.
There's no fancy electronics in my joy rider.
Just up and down.
Come on! Hey, something's not right here.
Aah! Great flying, Launchpad! Ahem, it takes years of practice to learn that maneuver.
Better let me go first, little buddies.
Yikes! Oh, no! He did it! Launchpad did it! I owe you an apology, Launchpad.
You won when it really counted.
Oh, boy! Two marshmallows again! Why no marshmallows in my hot chocolate? Uh, ahem.
It's inefficient, sir.
Efficiency has its place, but not in my hot chocolate! - Yeah! - You said it, Uncle Scrooge! Oh, very, very good, sir.