Ducktales (1987) s01e10 Episode Script

Robot Robbers

Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes It's a duck-blur Might solve a mystery Or rewrite history DuckTales, ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales D-d-d-danger Watch behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab onto some DuckTales Ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales Ooh-ooh Not pony tales or cotton tales, no, DuckTales Ooh-ooh I just love looking through the business section.
My name's on every page.
"McDuck assets top two hundred bijillion.
" Delightful.
"McDuck stock reaches all-time high.
" Wonderful.
"McDuck loses construction bid to Flintheart Glomgold"Aah! What? Glomgold says he can complete the new banking complex in six weeks.
That's impossible.
Even if I cut every corner, I couldn't finish that project for years.
Perhaps that is why you didn't get the job, sir.
I'm going to find out what Glomgold's up to.
To begin construction of the new Duckburg bank complex, the Mayor will dig the first shovelful.
Hey! You, there.
You can't sell apples, here.
Oh, but, good sir.
Each apple only brings me two cents profit.
Profit? Hm, give me 50 percent of your profits, and toss in a free apple and you can stay.
but so is that apple.
I say if others can make you money, let 'em.
The Duckburg bank complex will house the world's second largest money vault.
Now to introduce the building contractor who won the bid for this project, Mr.
Flintheart Glomgold.
With pictures of the plans, robbin' this bank complex will be a snap.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ahem, I got this job because I promised to do it far faster and much cheaper than Scrooge McDuck could do it.
A lot of people would like to know about my little secret, especially Scrooge McDuck.
Well, my little secret isn't so little.
Yeow! Well, if it isn't yesterday's news.
Let me introduce the machines that will put McDuck Construction out of business.
Hello there, Mr.
How do you like my newest invention? Tha-tha that voice.
- It's me, Mr.
- Gyro! I thought I told you never to build another robot.
You told me never to build another robot for you, Mr.
McDuck, so I built these for Mr.
But, Gyro, the last robot you invented almost took over the world.
Not to worry, Mr.
McDuck, I've made great improvements.
The last robot had a computer for a brain.
In this model, I'm the brain.
I'm not sure that's an improvement.
The improvement is that my robots are going to make me a fortune.
- Gyro, start the foundation.
- Let's go, boys.
Hm, those robots give me an idea.
I tell you, Glomgold, building these robots was a mistake.
Who are you trying to fool? Passing up the chance to build them was the mistake, and you made it.
You're going soft, Scrooge, old boy.
You've been on top so long, you've become too careful, afraid to take chances.
And, as they say: "You snooze, you lose.
" Let me show you our cement-pouring procedure.
I'm not going to stand still for this, Glom Well, Scrooge, you'll have to stand still for this.
Quick-drying cement.
Gyro, break the old stiff out of this, will you? Sure thing, Mr.
With these robots, I'll get all the construction jobs you used to get.
Why, it'll be like taking candy from a baby.
Come to think of it, I haven't done that in a while, either.
It it's Launchpad! - What is he doing here? - Advertising.
He's going to circle my construction site all day.
Whoa, whoa! Say, Mr.
Glomgold, are you payin' me by the hour or by the circle? Neither.
You're fired.
Gee, Mr.
McDee, even you never fired me that fast.
Is it true? Has being on top made me too careful - made me afraid to take chances? Say, Mr.
McDee, could you give me a lift home? Very well, Launchpad.
Only, don't ask to do the driving.
I'll wait until dark.
I'm a night person anyway.
Quitting time, men.
You need a Ph.
in gizmos just to get this thing goin'.
Bah! I'll just drive it by the seat of my dress.
Aha! Nothing to it! Yikes! The robot's running by itself and so am I! - We gotta get outta here.
- Yeah! - We gotta get outta here! - Yeah.
We gotta get outta here and into Scrooge's Money Bin.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! - I only got one question, Bankjob.
- Yeah? - How we gonna get out of here? - How should I what? Let's get outta here! Don't be afraid, boys, it's your loving mother.
Ma? It's Ma! We got work to do! You boys know what to do.
The contraption walked right through the side of the building.
- Just like that! Whoa! - Let's get out of here! The long arm of the law is no match for the big foot of the Ma.
Come on, kids, let's go paint the town.
- What color we gonna use? - Any color we want.
Oh, boy.
A "light" snack.
Quit clowning around, Burger.
What do you think this is, a cartoon show? Come on, Ma, let's rip open Scrooge's money bin.
You promised.
All in good time, Babyface.
First, I want to do a little window shopping.
You're surrounded, you can't escape.
Get your hands up.
Hey, what are we afraid of, boys? Yeah, the bigger are, the smaller they are.
Come on, let's see who can catch the most coppers.
- Good idea.
- Fire, men, Fire.
Ooh, that tickles.
Aah! Hokey cow! The robots are out of control! I've got to tell Mr.
I knew building those robots was a mistake.
I was right.
Glomgold was wrong.
Heh-heh, guess you showed him, eh, Mr.
McDee? If those robots get to my money bin, I'll be ruined.
Oh, yeah.
I guess he showed you.
Come on.
We have to find out why those robots went wild.
Come in, Gyro, do you read me? Bah, I can never find that birdbrain when I need him.
There they are, Mr.
Gee, rush hour traffic's gonna be a mess tonight.
Land a few blocks away, Launchpad.
Maybe we can sneak up on them.
Will dee, Mr.
Can't hear what they're saying.
We have to get closer without being seen.
This way, Mr.
Yeow! Good thinking, Launchpad.
Come on, Ma, when are we gonna tear apart Scrooge's money bin? Soon as your mother finishes her shopping, Babyface.
I should have guessed.
Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys.
I don't believe it.
It's Flintheart Glomgold.
Take that, you robot robber.
Yeow! Ouch! Hey, nobody can kick our mom around and get away with it! Let's teach this punk a lesson, Bankjob.
I know, let's play a little hockey.
Yeow! Babyface Beagle crosses the double-yellow line.
He passes to Bankjob.
To Burger.
Back to Bankjob.
It's a long pass to a wide-open Burger.
Slap shot! Score! All right! We're number one! We're number one! Yeah.
I was getting tired of being treated like number two.
A fine mess this is, Glomgold.
What do you intend to do about it, eh? Give up hockey.
Say, Mr.
McDee, Gyro's last robot blew its fuses when it got wet, remember? Of course.
All we have to do is find a way to lure them into the Duckburg reservoir.
And we can do it with your helicopter.
Come on, Flintheart.
I don't like it any better than you do, but just this once, we must work together.
All right, all right, Scrooge.
Let's get it over with.
Good! Now timing is very important.
Ready? Now.
Na-na-na-na, na! Na-na-na-na, na! - Huh? - Hey! Nobody makes fun of our Ma! Come on now, let's get 'em! Boys, wait! Come back! Come here, you chickens.
Hey! - It's a trap! - Help! Ma! My boys! I gotta save 'em.
Ha-ha! What do you have to say about that, Glomgold? All I can say is what's the name of your insurance company, McDuck? What? You expect me to pay for those robots? - I do.
- Will not.
- Will too.
- Will not.
Will too! - Excuse me, Mr.
McDee, it's Gyro.
- Hm.
Better late than never.
Tell him we didn't need his help after all.
We still might.
He says these robots are waterproof.
Waterproof? Yeow! You've made fools out of the Beagle Boys for the last time, Scrooge McDuck.
- Yeah, we'll take over from here.
- Get 'em.
- We made it! Now what? - We pick up Gyro.
He's the robot expert around here.
I hope you're satisfied, Gyro.
Your robots are destroying my money bin.
- That's good.
- Good? Yes, the harder they work, the more energy they use.
Eventually, they'll need to recharge their batteries.
When they do, we'll be waiting for 'em.
Ha-ha! Time for the grand opening.
Gee, I must be losin' my touch.
Ow! We need some vault tenderizer.
Here's the problem.
Your batteries are running low.
Follow me, boys.
I've channeled all the power in Duckburg into those switches.
Hopefully it will be enough to overload the robots and Poof! Blow their fuses.
Well, we better get "poofing," 'cause here they come! A little "juice" will pick you boys right up.
We must wait until all four of them are recharging.
- Mm, I feel stronger, already.
- Here, Burger, I'm full.
Thanks, Ma.
We can't wait any longer.
I can't let go! Whoa! Boys! My darling boys! Are you all right? We're OK, Ma.
But we might glow in the dark for a while.
You boys will have to ride with me.
- We only got three of them.
- Let's get outta here.
- Scrooge, again.
- Get 'em, Ma! How long before that robot runs out of gas, again? Not for 24 hours.
Too bad, 'cause we're gonna run out of gas in about 24 seconds give or take half a minute.
Launchpad, can you make it to Flintheart's construction headquarters? We'll find out soon, Mr.
- Look, the loading bay doors aren't open.
- That's no problem.
Heh-heh, you do have a certain style, Flintheart.
- There they are.
- The party's over, Scrooge McDuck.
Now, Flintheart.
- What is that stuff, Ma? - Quick-drying cement.
Ugh! I can't move.
We got them, Flintheart, we got them! - It's every Beagle for himself! - No, boys, wait! Hey, I thought this was quick-drying cement.
Yeow! Was that quick enough for you? Sorry, boys, gotta run.
Promised to visit your Uncle Bobo in South America.
Bye! With Ma, family always comes first.
Family? What are we? You! You're under arrest.
Well, Flintheart, working together wasn't so bad, was it? Lucky for you, my robots weren't damaged.
Uh, sorry, Mr.
Glomgold, but the mayor ordered me to have your robots dismantled, permanently.
What? Here's the bill for the damages your robots did to the city.
I have to rebuild half the city and I can't use my robots.
McDuck Construction Company will be glad to do it for you.
- How much will that cost? - How much ya got? Scrooge McDuck, you're a low-down, ruthless rat.
What can I say, Flintheart? You bring out the best in me.