Ducktales (1987) s01e11 Episode Script

Magica's Shadow War

Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes It's a duck-blur Might solve a mystery Or rewrite history DuckTales, ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales D-d-d-danger! Watch behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab onto some DuckTales Ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales Ooh-ooh Not ponytails or cottontails, no, DuckTales Ooh-ooh Is cold heartedly evil! Is shamelessly treacherous! Is really nifty idea! I have everything I need, no? Black cat claws? Awk! You can scratch them off your list! Howling tornado wind? Awk! Awk! Awk! - Check.
- Red-hot dragon's breath? Awk! Check it yourself! Awk! Awk! Check! Oh, such a beautiful idea.
I'm so glad I think of it.
Aha! Scrooge, you had better be watching out.
This time, Magica has finally found perfect way to be stealing lucky dime! Black as night, a trick of light, and when I count to five Fill with might, for my delight, shadow, come alive! One, two, three, four, five! What is it? Open it! Quick! Let me! Get your hands off.
Watch out! It's from Gyro.
Most thingamabobbers usually are! He says this is a new kind of instant camera he invented.
He hopes we like it.
And if he missed our birthday, he'll make up for at Christmas.
Let me see that! Let me see! I wish our school pictures looked this good.
Hey! How about a little Candid Camera? Great idea! Let's go! La, la, la, la Yoo-hoo! Mrs.
Beakley! We've got a surprise for you! Yes, boys.
What do you? Smile! You're on Woodchuck's Camera! Aah! You think she liked having her picture taken? Sure, she did.
Don't you think she looked excited? Ah! Nothing like a little spring cleaning to start the day off right.
Aah! Time to take drastic measures.
This coin has yellow-waxy buildup.
This should do the trick.
Ah! Nothing in the world smells better than clean money except more clean money! Smile! You're on Woodchuck Camera! Argh! Look what you've done to my beautiful dollar bill! Hightail it out of here, before I We get the idea! Boy, some people around here just aren't photogenic! Maybe I can find someone to do an emergency dye job.
Air Canard Flight 009, cleared for landing, Duckburg Airport.
Lizards tails, bat shrieks, pickled worms.
No fruit.
All seems to be in order.
Next! Oops! My wallet! Oh, please, allow me.
Ugh! It is very sticky floor.
Very bad! Don't forget who is boss here.
I won't be having this kind of behavior from you.
You are nothing but a shade, and you are nothing at all without me! Personality, darling, that's the word I'd use.
This house reeks of breathes with personality! I'm afraid we don't have much for rent at this moment, but this house is a real find! Full of delightful little uh, surprises! The previous owner was very attached to it.
He had quite a ball here.
Oh! I am loving it! Is just what I always wanted.
Is beautiful! Is me! Is true? Er, I mean, you do? Wonderful! I just happen to have all the papers here with me.
Now is time to begin.
No more silly jokes.
I don't give you life to waste time playing pranks.
We have traveled here with only one goal: To steal Scrooge's first dime.
Now, we will rehearse.
This is practice dime.
Not worth ten cents, but take it.
No, No! Is all wrong! You are shadow.
Shadows must grab the shadows! Is good! You learning fast.
Now drop that and come to me.
I said, drop that and come me! Evermore? Sometimes I wonder if I was right to give you life, you little imp! Well, you'll have to do.
This is where Scrooge is keeping lucky dime.
Memorize location.
Understand? And remember, no tricks and no silly jokes.
You have one hour to complete your mission.
After that time, you will lose your strength.
Your shape will grow formless, you will disintegrate and then Poof! Nothing! No more! Nevermore! Awk! Not much to look forward to, huh? So, you had better be succeeding! Now, go! Uncle Scrooge! Look! Yikes! Oh! My precious dime! Aah! It's a shadow thief! After him uh, her uh, it! Block the chimney! Block the chimney! Oh, no you don't! Eek! Aah! - Good catch, Uncle Scrooge! - Yeah! Are you all right, my poor little baby? That shadow reminded me of someone someone sneaky and greedy.
- A friend of yours? - No, an enemy! Magica.
Magica De Spell! That witch will try again.
Everyone to emergency money-protection positions.
You were attacked by a moose in Scrooge's mansion? This is most ridiculous excuse I am ever hearing.
You worthless little tagalong! You stupid piece of air! You couldn't steal the shadow of a lollipop! This is no good at all.
Maybe is something I forgot.
Let's see.
Aha! Here is spell to make shadow more powerful.
Hm? Oh, but this is not good idea.
I am having enough troubles with you as it is.
But this other spell, here.
Now, that is good idea.
But I need some pickled wiggly worms.
I think I am having some in closet.
What you doing? Let me out! Uh-uh! I have been a shadow all my life, but hear me now, I plea! Cut me loose, oh, magic knife - and set this shadow free! What is going on? What are you doing, you shiftless little fiend? I am free of you, now, Mistress Magica! But you are only shadow.
Without me, you are nothing.
Bah! I'm my own person now.
I don't need any blob of flesh to give me strength anymore! Soon, I'll free all the other shadows as well.
We will no longer be mistreated, forced to exist under your very feet.
I will steal Scrooge's dime.
It will be the final ingredient of my master spell.
A spell that will release all the shadows of the world.
And make you people our slaves! Too bad Uncle Scrooge made us give back Gyro's present.
I'd like to get that shadow on Woodchuck Camera.
Yeah! Light! I need more light so she can't sneak by us without being seen! Argh! Cursed lights! Not one single shadow must escape examination! I'm not through yet! I will have my revenge! When I catch my shadow, I will do hundreds of jumping jacks, and she will be exhausted.
Then, I won't go anywhere fun for a week, and she'll be bored.
Bored, bored, bored! What am I saying? I am going crazy! I have to get out of here! Ugh! If only I could get some help! Poe, come here! Go find someone to get me out of here, quack! Er quick! Eek! We got her! - Sure did! - That'll teach her! Yeah, but did you see her eyes? She looks different.
A lot scarier than before.
You're right.
Let's go and tell Uncle Scrooge.
Get help, awk.
Awk! Scrooge McDuck! Awk! He's a victim of Shadow too! He will help.
Awk! Awk! Magica needs help! Come quick! - It's Magica's raven! - Awk! Magica is trapped! Only she can rid you of Shadow! Evermore! Awk! Uncle Scrooge! We chased the shadow away, but she doesn't look the same.
Yeah! Her eyes glow in the dark, like that tie we gave you for Christmas.
Like I said! Awk! Shadow took over! Locked Magica in a closet! Awk, awk! Free her! Awk! Free that that witch? Never! It serves her right! She can stay locked in till doomsday, and it will be just ducky with me! But if she gets rid of that shadow We can't keep all these lights on forever.
Think of the electric bill.
You have a point.
OK, let's go.
Awk! Follow Poe, follow Poe! They tricked me, but I will show them.
Soon, all the shadows of Duckburg will be under my control.
- Wow! Look at that! - Quackarooni! Here! Awk! The closet! Scrooge? This is the best you could do? Awk? So, you thought your silly shadow play could get my dime! Never! Let us not waste time.
Is rogue shadow on the loose.
Only I know the magic to stop it.
Or else it will plague you for the rest of your cheap little life.
So, hurry up.
Do your spell! For this, I need major ingredient in formula your dime! My first dime! Never! Never! Uh, gee, Uncle Scrooge, maybe you should.
Can't you see it's another trick of hers? She probably wasn't really a prisoner in the first place! Duckworth, stay here and keep an eye on her.
Everyone else, follow me.
We'll get rid of this shadow my way.
This is absolutely foolproof.
I've had Launchpad link all the stadium's lights to this switch.
Now, I'm going to put my dime in the center here as bait.
When the shadow comes to take it, I'll press the switch.
And kablam! That shadow will be blasted into moonbeams! Gone forever! - It's a magic shadow, Uncle Scrooge.
- Yeah, what if it doesn't work? Maybe you should have listened to Magica.
Rubbish! I made my fortune being smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies, and that includes shadows of toughies! My plan can't fail.
Now, let's go! Oh, no! The circuits must be overloaded! Oh, no! That witch got my dime! I've got to stop her! All of her! Wait! Uncle Scrooge! Come, back! You dumb duck! You played right into my hands - all 20 of them! You thieving shadow! Give me back what's mine! You've got no right! Na-na-na-na-na-na! Na-na-na-na-na-na! We've got to do something.
But what? What's going on? I don't understand! I hate being kept in the dark.
- The dark! - That's it! Gotcha! What? Who turned off the lights? See? They're not as strong when the lights are out.
He got the dime! Rise, my lovelies, and shadow box that bozo! I have the dime! Let's get out of here! After them! Bring me the dime of Scrooge McDuck! - I think we lost them.
- I don't think so, Uncle Scrooge.
They've been pretty good at shadowing us.
Very funny! Phew! That was close! My money bin is airtight! Come on! We'll be safe in there.
Gee, I've put on weight.
She's found us! Aah! Quick! Run! Hurry up! Well, it seems that due to a small miscalculation of mine Well, my plan didn't quite work out, so, well, we Come on, come on, spit it out! All right, I'm sorry.
There, I've said it.
Now, can we work out something to get rid of these blasted shadows? Well, if I can reverse spell and force Shadow into being a normal, old, everyday shadow, then all the other shadows will disappear as well.
We must act fast, or shadows will be taking over whole city! To work the right spell, I need dime.
Without it, spell won't work.
I knew it.
Of all the dirty, rotten tricks! I'll never Oh, yes, you will! Well, OK, then.
But don't get attached to it.
I'm not letting it out of my sight for a single minute! Oh, boo-hoo-hoo! - We give up! - Yes! We are lost! We are doomed! Defeated! And canned, like duck soup! Don't over do it! We're just acting, remember? Yeah! I was! We can't take this running and hiding anymore! You might just as well come and get us and my lucky dime, too! Come to me, shadows! And don't be afraid, I am your master! It's time you obeyed! Ah! There you are, following me as usual.
Miss me? Like I am missing a hole in the head.
That spell won't work on me, Magica.
I've lived my whole life in your shadow, but I'm my own master now.
And free to pursue my own evil interests.
Poppycock! There's only room in this world for one Magica De Spell! Thank goodness! Black as night, trick of light.
Is time you did retire! Disappear into the night, shadow of mine, expire! Now! Smile! You're on Woodchuck Camera! Good work, darlings! Hey! Those creepy shadows have all gone bye-bye! Hooray! You see, Mrs.
Beakley? You never know when one of Gyro's thingamabobbers may come in handy! You're right, boys.
From now on, Gyro can send you as many thingamabobbers as he likes.
With that light bouncing off my shiny money, no shadow could survive! Now, I'd like my beloved dime back, please! You trusting little fool! Now that I am having lucky dime in hot little hand, I am never letting go.
Aah! Ha-ha! Poor Magica! She's still afraid of her own shadow.