Ducktales (1987) s01e17 Episode Script

Sir Gyro de Gearloose

Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes It's a duck-blur Might solve a mystery Or rewrite history DuckTales, ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales D-D-D-danger Watch behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some DuckTales Ooh-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh-ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good-luck tales Ooh-ooh Not ponytails or cottontails no, DuckTales Ooh-ooh There's no way we're gonna finish the fence in time now that Gyro's painting robot is smashed.
Hey, it was him or me! We're lucky I stopped it before it painted the limo.
I hope Gyro has time to fix it.
He's sure been busy lately.
Looks like we'll have to take a number.
Work, work, work! I've been here since dawn.
Oh, Vacation Van Honk.
A beautiful day for a vacation, huh? Not since your dressing machine went on the fritz, gadget man.
It doesn't dress me.
It dresses itself.
I guess I could come over after I close up and take a look at it.
Just as long as it's fixed by tomorrow morning, or I'll book you on a long, long trip.
Excuse me? Do you think you can fix this? Sure! Let's see what the problem is.
- Ahh - Let's try it now.
Well, gadget man, it looks like you have your work cut out for you.
Gadget man! Gadget man! That's all anyone thinks I am! "Do this, Mr.
Gadget Man, do that, Mr.
Gadget Man!" I'm not a machine! I just fix them! I think maybe we came at a bad time.
Hi, boys.
What can I do for you three? Uh, nothing, Gyro.
We just came by to say hi.
Yeah, hi! Isn't that my automatic painting machine? What, this? Uh, uh, yeah! And, uh, every time we use it, we think of you! He-he! Hm, looks a bit bruised.
But I'm glad at least something of mine is appreciated.
Oh, you know, in another time, in another world, people might have looked up to me.
I might have been someone important, not just a gadget man! Gee, I hope Gyro's feeling better.
I hope he's feeling something! Come on! You OK, Gyro? Wow! Oh, hi, boys.
Come on in.
This ought to do it.
Now to set it for space, time, and destination.
What is that, Gyro? It's a Sometime Tub! What, sometimes it's a tub, and sometimes it's not? Nope, even better.
It's a time machine that can take you not only to the past that was, but to the past that might have been.
I'm going to go to a time where I might have been somebody - a poet, an artist, a knight.
Yes, a knight! Daring and brave! Anything but a gadget man.
Gee! Well, don't forget your tools, Gyro.
More gadgets.
No, I told you.
I don't want to be a gadget man when I get there.
Whoa! I don't think we're in Duckburg anymore.
Look, knights! I, Moorloon, the great wizard, will protect you, mine majesty! Stop, in the name of the king! Aah! This will take care of that human tin can! We gotta do something! Right! Let's get that refugee from the junk heap! Hm.
I have an idea.
Quick, boys.
I thought I saw a bike tire in here.
Beware, varlet! You threaten the king! Not impressed, huh? - Aah! - Bull's-eye, Gyro! What was that strange device? It would make a great conversation piece at the next royal party.
Good show, noble knight.
Knight? Oh, me? Nice helmet.
Oh, and quite a fancy piece of jousting.
I usually hold on to my lance.
Was it jousting or magic? Welcome to Quackelot! - Quackelot? - Wow! Are you King Arthur? Oh, no! He's that other king who lives over there.
Oh, boy, is he dull.
I am King Artie, and I love to party! Ho-ho-ho! Ahem.
Pray tell me your name.
Uh, Gyro.
Or, I mean, Sir Gyro De Gearloose.
Well, Sir Gearloose, I would be honored if you and your squires all accompanied me back to Quackelot for a royal party.
We'd we'd love to.
So, you failed to dispose of my uncle the king again.
There was this skinny knight with a bucket on his head Excuses! I don't want to hear any excuses! Sorry, Lessdred.
I'm tired of always being second best.
Artie has more treasure.
Artie has more parties.
Artie has more brains.
That's true.
Well, I'm not going to let that stop me from taking his throne and his crown and his gold for myself! I have a plan.
- Are you sure this is gonna work? - You'll be the first to know.
This is from King Artie! King Artie says your mother works for scale! King Artie says your father has a soft, white underbelly! That projectile weapon was extraordinary, Sir Gyro.
And so powerful.
Oh, shucks, it was nothing.
You bet it was nothing! You want power? Slack and bake, move and shake, cause this room to roll and quake! Could you keep it down, Moorloon? I'm trying to have a conversation.
Oh, go mingle or something.
They ignore me, the royal magician! That upstart Gearloose! You were telling us about this thing called science.
Could you demonstrate? Well, OK.
Uh, see that knight in armor over there? Wow! How'd you do that? Well, you see, it's called a magnet, but wouldn't you rather talk about knights and jousting and chivalry? No! Ah, this is the life.
It's sort of like one of Uncle Scrooge's barbecues.
Yeah, only I miss being able to roast the weenies over an open fire.
Every king for himself! You're supposed to be a magician, Moorloon.
Do something about that brimstone-spouting beastie before it turns the castle to cinders! Uh, ah, I don't do dragons, Your Majesty.
It's a knight's job.
Me? Well, uh Hey, what's in these? The royal beverage - cider.
Gyro, do you think we could rig up some kind of anti-dragon device? Well, I don't see why not.
On three.
3! That ought to cool him off.
Hooray! Good show.
Just how I would have done it.
But I wonder what got the old flamethrower so heated up.
A lucky invention.
Him and his gadgets! You are incredible! I've never seen a gadget like that.
Oh, there's that word again! Say, you seem to have a real knack for these mechanical things.
Do you think maybe you could whip me up a gadget to crank out crown-shaped party hats? No! No more gadgets! Oh! I hate these gadgets! Work, work, work! I'm a failure! Everyone loves that gadget maker! Why can't I make gadgets, too? I'll show them I'm a noble knight, daring and brave.
Prepare to defend yourself, varlet! Gyro! Are you OK? Oh Quick! Get his helmet off! It won't budge.
Wait a minute.
Try this.
Did I knock the dummy off? Uh no.
Well, I'm not giving up.
This time I'm going to get it right.
Look out, world, here comes Sir Gyro! Yay! I did it! I did it! - I really am a great knight! - Yeah, you really are! Maybe now we can think about going home? Going home? But I'm never going back.
I was born to be a knight.
Take that.
And that.
And that! Uncle Scrooge is probably worried about us by now.
Yeah, but even though Gyro could send us back, we can't go without him.
Nah, we got to stick by our friend! Hey, someone's up.
No more Gearloose, no more gadgets.
Come on, let's see what he's up to.
There he goes.
Onto that drawbridge.
We'd better follow him.
Jump for it! Uh, look, Mr.
Lessdred, I know we've had our little differences in the past.
Like the time you turned me into a cockroach? That was an accident.
I as trying for a newt.
Anyway, ahem, I have a proposition for you.
- Does it involve money? - Well, some.
- And jewels? - A few, but I'll do it! Don't you want to hear about what you do? It's dirty and underhanded, or you wouldn't have come to me.
What else do I need to know? It involves that new knight - Gearloose.
I know a secret entrance to the castle.
We can sneak in and seize that - that gadgeteer! We gotta get out of here and warn Gyro.
Follow me! - Hey, Louie.
- Yeah, Huey? Huey? Hey, Dewey? Dewey? Huey? Uh-oh.
Please, don't take my magic pouch! Ooh! I'm on your side! Nobody's on Lessdred's side, but Lessdred.
But I told you how to get into the castle and capture that Gyro.
Did you think that I cared about that stupid knight? I want the king! The king? I've been such a fool! I should have known! Ta ta! I'm off to capture Quackelot! So the double-crosser's been double-crossed.
I just wanted to get rid of that Gearloose.
I was so jealous of his gadgets! But you don't need gadgets.
You have real magic! So? No one cares.
They take me for granted.
That's why Gyro came here.
He thought he was being taken for granted.
But his gadgets are special! Yeah, and so's your magic.
You really think so? Sure.
Sometimes people just forget.
What's that? Ho-ho! Sounds like a party.
Lessdred! Oh, well.
He'll never get through the castle wall.
Oh, they've discovered the secret entrance! Faster, you louts! Last one in gets a turn on the rack! The time has come to prove I'm a worthy knight! Charge! Stand away from that bridge! Ooh! Come on! I'll give you knaves a noggin-knockin' you won't soon forget.
Well, well, well.
What have we here? You blaggard! Now, is that any way to greet me, Uncle? If you are a blood relative, I long for a transfusion.
That can be arranged.
Throw him in chains! You'll pay for this, Lessdred! Perhaps, but only with the money I've stolen from your treasury.
So, I'm really not such a bad magician after all? Nope, you're a great magician.
You're just a bad inventor.
You can't be great at everything, you know.
Well, that's a relief.
The king! I must rescue mine king! I've betrayed him! Here we go again! Uh, excuse me for interrupting Eh? but if you can release us, we can help you save King Artie.
Yeah, we're great at king-rescuing.
Right, guys? - Ah, yeah, right.
- We're the best.
Zibloog, ziblokz, unlock these locks.
- Wow! - Yay! A simple spell.
I will need my pouch to work anything more complicated.
Well, then let's get your pouch! Oh, Sir Guard? It sure was nice of those guards to lend us their horses.
Now that they're newts, they don't need them anymore.
I knew I'd finally get that spell right.
- We're too late! - Quackelot has fallen! Oh I'd know that groan anywhere.
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I've failed.
I'm no knight.
I'm just just a gadget man.
Oh! But that's just what we need right now - a wonderful gadget man! Huh? Knights are a sovereign a dozen.
They all failed.
We need something special.
Yeah, Gyro! We need a super-duper mechanical marvel that only you can make! Something to save the day! But what can I possibly do against a thousand armored knights? Maybe this will help.
I borrowed it.
Hey, wait a minute.
Maybe there is something we can do.
Of course there is.
With your genius and my magic, we will rescue the king! I was born to be a king.
Purple is my favorite color.
It goes with your complexion.
Now what could that be? It's Moorloon and Sir Gyro.
I can see that, you ironclad idiot! Call out the men! I want to give Sir Gyro a warm welcome.
Uh-oh! It's show time! This will work.
If it doesn't, we'll know real soon.
Loud and rumbling, cold and frightening, make it thunder! With a pinch of lightning.
It's working! You've charged up the giant magnet! My, what magnetic personalities they have.
Come on, let's go get the king! Where's Lessdred? He's feeling very up today.
Ha-ha! Get me down from here! Bravo, royal wizard! Bravo, Sir Gadget Man.
Are you sure you have to go, Sir Gyro? There are so many things you could have done, so many gadgets you could have made.
You don't need me.
You have Moorloon.
He can do whatever you need done.
Everything but the gadgets.
Well, I've got broken toasters and automatic dressing machines at home that need me.
Farewell! - Goodbye! - Bye! Long live Sir Gyro! Long live Sir Gyro! Oh, I'm so glad to be back home.
I love these tools, these machines, these gadgets! Hey, is this clock right? Sure.
I brought us back only an hour after the time we left.
Then Uncle Scrooge won't be worried about us.
You're a genius, Gyro! Excuse me.
Oh, uh, hello.
Uh, I just came by to thank you.
I was a little short yesterday.
Oh, that's OK.
I really think you're the greatest gadget man in the whole world, Gyro.
Why, thank you.
I wouldn't have it any other way.