Ducktales (1987) s01e25 Episode Script

Pearl of Wisdom

Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes It's a duck blur You might solve a mystery Or rewrite history - DuckTales - Ooh, ooh, ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh, ooh, ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good luck tales - D-d-d-danger - Watch behind you - There's a stranger - Out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some DuckTales Ooh, ooh, ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh, ooh, ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good luck tales Ooh, ooh, ooh Not ponytails or cottontails - No, DuckTales - Ooh, ooh, ooh You know, Yardarm, sharks are my favorite fish.
I kind of got that impression, Sharkey.
They're like us - always on the move, snapping up anything that catches their eye.
And nobody likes 'em - just like us! If this old chart is right, Banana Island should be dead ahead.
Ha ha.
Let's hope it's got something on it worth stealing.
Aha! There it is! Ah, nothing but bananas and coconuts, some islanders, a stone idol, a huge pearl What's this? Why, it's the biggest pearl I've ever seen! That pearl could be the big score I've been looking for my whole life! How are we gonna get at it? All we need is a little help from my disguise kit And I become an islander, too.
I can slip ashore and walk up to that idol like I knew what I was doing.
A plan worthy of a master criminal.
Hoo-ga, hoo-ga, hooga-ga-goo-ga Hoo-ga, hoo-ga, hooga-ga-goo-ga All you have to do is get me near that pearl! My pearl grappler will do the rest.
Hooga-ga-hoo-ga Oo-ga, oo-ga, hooga-ga-goo-ga Goo-ga, goo-ga, hooga-ga-hoo-ga Goo-ga, goo-ga, googa-ga-goo-ga Hoo-ga, hoo-ga, hooga-ga-hoo-ga - Hoo-ga, hoo-ga - Hooga-ga-hoo-ga Goo-ga, goo-ga, hooga-ga-hoo-ga Goo-ga, goo-ga, hooga-ga-hoo-ga Oo-ga, oo-ga, hooga-ga-hoo-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Ooh, wild dance step.
Hoo! Ga-ga-ga, ga-ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga-ga, ga-ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga-ga, ga-ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga-ga, ga-ga-ga Don't stop now.
You distract them, and I'll snatch the pearl.
Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Everybody dance! Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga Hoo! Ga-ga, ga-ga We did it! We did it! This pearl must be worth a fortune! All we need is a buyer.
I know just the fellow.
He can't pass up a good deal, and he never asks questions.
What good is having a fleet of cargo ships if we don't ship any cargo? Ships are for shipping, Mr.
Waddle! So ship out, or shape up! So, shape out or ship up! Oh, uh That wasn't very nice of me to talk to Mr.
Waddle that way.
I'd better call him back and apologize.
That's all right, Uncle Scrooge.
I'll do it.
Why - ha ha ha - thank you, Webby.
Hey, Uncle Scrooge! There's a marble-shooting contest at Duckburg Park today! And we want to enter Huey! He can shoot marbles with his eyes closed! Is it all right, Uncle Scrooge? I don't see why not.
All right! Would you teach me how to shoot marbles? Sure! The first thing a top marble shooter has to do is find his marbles! Yes? Mon-sewer Ratt to see Mr.
Walk this way.
We'll never find our marbles in here.
We couldn't find them if they were basketballs.
There is one way.
Clean up your room.
Clean up our room?! I don't think we have a choice.
- I found one! - Me too! It's a start, but still no sign of the Great Masher.
We've got more than enough marbles, but without the Great Masher Stop and think.
If you were the Great Masher, where would you be? Under the bed! Ah! The Great Masher.
It's awesome.
It's spectacular.
It's the greatest! Ah, you're a shrewd bargainer, Mon-sewer Ratt.
Unh, unh, unh! I knew you couldn't resist ze beauty of such a pearl, Mon-sewer McDuck.
Au revoir! It's worth more than I paid for it.
Ha ha ha ha ha! That's the beauty of it.
Another double whacker! Way to go, Huey! You're as good as ever! When it comes to shooting marbles I'm all thumbs.
Can I try it now? Sure, but you can't be a real marble shooter without a Great Masher.
Ha ha ha ha ha! A hundred thou! Let's get out of here! Uh, I've been doing some research, Sharkey.
I think we just sold the Magical Pearl of Wisdom.
Magical? Get out of here! Says here in Gooseneck's Book of Legends that the Magic Pearl of Banana Island can make you the smartest guy in the world.
That's impossible! He said it was found in a place called Banana Island.
I think I'll go down to the Explorers' Club and find out more about this island.
- Bring the limo around, Duckworth.
- Very good, sir.
Banana Island is probably covered with pearls! Or bananas.
None of my marbles are big enough.
Uncle Scrooge, do you have a Great Masher I can borrow? If I do, darling, it's all yours.
Thanks, Uncle Scrooge! We wait till they leave.
Then we'll have McDuck's money and the Pearl of Wisdom.
McDuck! Duck! - Where you going? - Duckburg Park.
The marble contest starts in 20 minutes! I'd better hurry.
There goes three more of them.
What a great Great Masher! Oh, I'd better leave Uncle Scrooge one of mine in case he wants to do some practicing when he gets home.
That's the last one.
Let's go! But the last one has the pearl! Huh? After her! As you can see, Scrooge, Banana Island is very isolated.
If indeed the pearl you describe is the Pearl of Wisdom, you must return to the island to release its magic.
All I do is stand in the surf at sunrise holding the pearl? Yes.
And for a few moments, you'll have the power of infinite wisdom.
With infinite wisdom, I can think of a way to increase my wealth infinitely.
Now, now, Scrooge.
It's only a legend.
You and I are much too civilized to believe in such nonsense.
I'll let you know.
- Good morning, Mrs.
- Good morning, Webbigail.
Hello, Mr.
And Mrs.
Quillbottom! - Why, hello, Webby, dear.
- Have a nice day! - Darling child.
- Not a care in the world.
What are you stopping for? We can't drive in the park.
It's against the law.
Ah, the law's never gonna catch up with us.
If I leave immediately, I can be standing in the surf of Banana Island in three days, a wiser man, and richer.
Bring me my wonderful pearl, Duckworth.
How closely did you examine this pearl, sir? Closer than I examined your references.
Why? Did it occur to you, sir, how much it resembles, ahem, a marble? Aah! It is a marble! It would seem so, sir.
How did a marble Marble? Marble? Marble! Next to the line, Huey "Thunder Thumb" Duck! Go get 'em, Thunder Thumb! Mash 'em, Huey! Yay! All right! The next contestant is Miss Webbigail Vanderquack! Webby? Why, hello there, Webby.
Oh, hi, Officer Burley.
Luckily, I still have my pearl grappler.
Well, grapple that doll, will you, so we can get out of here! Good luck, sweetheart.
Ha ha ha ha.
Thanks, Officer Burley.
Wow, I've never seen a Masher like that! It's Uncle Scrooge's.
He let me borrow it.
One ticket for not keeping off the grass, and one for damaging police property.
- Aah! - Uncle Scrooge! After it! Come back here, you bushy-tailed thief! Those two guys are stealing your Great Masher, Uncle Scrooge! That's not a marble! It's a pearl! - Pearl? - Yes, the Magical Pearl of Wisdom! Duckworth! Faster, Duckworth! Faster! The pedal is to the metal, sir.
Gee, a submarine! That magic pearl could mean the difference between being rich and being richer! I've got to get it back! Then we need a ship with sonar to find that sub underwater! Sonar? Duckworth! Sorry I let them get your magic pearl, Uncle Scrooge.
It wasn't your fault, dear.
Do you think it can really make you smarter, Uncle Scrooge? I don't know, Louie, but I'm smart enough to be very, very interested in being smarter.
There's a ship coming at us fast! It's McDuff's flagship! They're coming into range, Sharkey.
Let's not forget the diabolical laughter.
They've fired a torpedo! Right full rudder! It's too late! It's gonna hit us! Impact in 15 seconds.
Everyone hold on to something! Kids, hold on to me! Where did they go? - I don't know if I can do it! - Sure you can, Huey.
You're the greatest marble shooter in the world.
And the Great Masher never misses.
Here goes! - That was great! - You did it! I knew you could do it, Huey! A moment of silence for the Great Masher.
Its last mash was its greatest.
We'll reach Banana Island tonight.
- We did it! We did it! - Yay! We did it! - We did it, Uncle Scrooge! We really did it! - Ah, you kids never cease to amaze me.
We've lost sonar contact with that sub, Mr.
That's all right.
I think I know where they're going.
You know, Yardarm, ever since I was a little kid, I've been a failure as a crook.
Well, if that Pearl of Wisdom works, things will be different, Sharkey.
I'll be so smart, I'll be pulling crimes of the century every day! They're holding the islanders captive.
Are you certain you don't want more help? The boys and I are used to working together, Captain.
- Less than an hour before sunrise.
- We'll make it.
Be careful, Uncle Scrooge.
It's almost sunrise, Yar Huh? Hey! It's McDuck! Get him, Yardarm! Blow his leaves off! The pearl! Ahh! Whoa-oa-oa-oa! - That's mine! Let go! - Mine! It's mine, you! Give me that! Hurry, Uncle Scrooge! The sun is rising! Why, you! I ought to Huh? Quackaroonie! Wh-what am I doing? If I don't stop stealing, I'm gonna end up in jail.
What are you doing? What am I doing? This pearl belongs to the peaceful people of this beautiful island.
What kind of person would use it for mere profit? That sure doesn't sound like Uncle Scrooge.
It must be that magic wisdom he just got.
True wisdom allows one to not only make the right decisions, but the proper and most fulfilling ones as well.
You will gain from this moment of wisdom throughout your lives.
But for now, let's party! Many times the Pearl of Wisdom has been stolen, and every time it has found its way back to our poor and humble island.
Poor and humble? Well, I can change all that.
You have a thousand times more bananas than your people can eat.
And are we ever tired of eating bananas.
See that ship out there? I own a whole shipping fleet.
I'll buy all your surplus bananas and ship them all over the world.
We'll both profit.
Mmm Mmm Profit? Hmm They will just rot if we don't sell them.
- Is it a deal? - It's a deal.
Now let's really party! Goo-ga, ga-goo-ga - Goo-ga, goo-ga-ga-goo-ga - Hoo-ga, hooga-ha-goo-ga Oo-ga, oo-ga, ooga-ga-goo-ga Hoo-ga, hoo-ga, hooga-ha-goo-ga