Ducktales (1987) s01e26 Episode Script

The Curse of Castle McDuck

Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes It's a duck blur You might solve a mystery Or rewrite history - DuckTales - Ooh, ooh, ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh, ooh, ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good luck tales - D-d-d-danger - Watch behind you - There's a stranger - Out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some DuckTales Ooh, ooh, ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Ooh, ooh, ooh Tales of derring-do, bad and good luck tales Ooh, ooh, ooh Not ponytails or cottontails - No, DuckTales - Ooh, ooh, ooh Oh There, there, little one.
Nothing to be afraid of.
Oh! Oh! Ah, bonny Scotland.
I'd forgotten how beautiful it was.
Do you think the house you were born in will still be there, Uncle Scrooge? Ah, I think so.
Nothing changes much in these parts.
Wow, look at that! What is it, Uncle Scrooge? Ah, yes, one of the many great stone circles the ancient Druids built.
Druids? Aye, the Druids were an odd lot.
Very secretive.
Kept to themselves, refusing to join in and accept that famous Scottish hospitality.
They were driven out of Scotland centuries ago.
I cannot believe it! Not a single cab driver would take us to Cottage McDuck.
What ever happened to Scottish hospitality? Welcome, strangers! A neighbor, you say? Aye.
I was born in the cottage on the brae beyond the loch.
The brae beyond the loch? Ha ha! That's a good one! - The old McDuck estate, huh? - Exactly.
I'm Scrooge McDuck, and these are my McDuck? Oh, no! Oh, no! They ran away as soon as you told them your name! Aye.
You'd think he owed me money.
A fine morning to you ladies.
Likewise, I'm sure.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Scrooge McDuck, and these McDuck? Ooh! Ah, Cottage McDuck.
The home where I grew from wee babe to boyhood.
I was but a lad of six when my family left bonny Scotland forever.
Why did they leave, Uncle Scrooge? My parents were poor, simple farmers.
I guess they just wanted to start over somewhere else.
Needles to say, I didn't have the carefree kind of childhood you boys enjoy.
Look at all the toys! Here, now! Careful with those! Quackaroonie! Look at the size of that teddy bear! My old room.
It's just as I remember it.
My piggy bank! My life of thrift began with this very bank.
Built it myself.
It still has money in it! I've forgotten how to open it! Ooh! Forgot about that, too.
Uncle Scrooge, who's this little girl? Why, uh, that's me, Webby.
It's a cute skirt, Uncle Scrooge, but why are you wearing it? That's not a skirt, darling.
It's called a kilt.
Well, whatever you call it, I hope you stayed out of the wind.
Wow, what a creepy castle! Yeah.
Who lives there, Uncle Scrooge? Why, that's just old Castle McDuck.
Castle McDuck? Aye.
It was built by my great-great-grandfather.
But nobody lives there now.
Gee, why not? Well ha ha ha Those big old castles are damp and cold and very expensive to keep up.
And, of course, there's the curse.
Curse? What curse? Oh ha ha ha ha.
It's just a foolish story.
I'm sure my mother made it up merely to keep me from snooping around over there.
But that didn't stop you, did it, Uncle Scrooge? Well ha ha ha My mother could really tell a story.
She said that from the day it was built, Castle McDuck has been haunted by a ghostly hound.
- Ghost? - Hound? Wow! Isn't a hound the same as a dog, Uncle Scrooge? This was more than a dog.
It was a great, glowing beast that only came out at night, and viciously attacked anyone who got near the castle.
Wow! Let's go explore it.
- Yeah! - Yeah! Unless, of course, you're afraid of the doggy, Uncle Scrooge.
Afraid? Me? Why, I've wrestled bears, tamed lions, used alligators as water skis.
That's the spirit, Uncle Scrooge! No silly story's gonna stop us, right, Uncle Scrooge? Well, uh Maybe after lunch.
Ah, yes, I forgot.
The McDucks destroyed the old bridge.
The hound won't cross the river.
Uh, uh, or so the story goes, I've been told.
Ah, we can get across, Uncle Scrooge.
Come on! But, boys, it's getting late, and the I'd better hold your hand, Uncle Scrooge.
Uh, yes, of course.
Careful now.
- Oh! - Uncle Scrooge! Look out, Uncle Scrooge.
What are you worried about, Uncle Scrooge? That howl we heard was probably just a sheepdog or something.
Besides, the ghost hound only comes out at night, right? Aye.
If I remember correctly.
The last time I heard the story, I was just a wee lad, don't forget.
- Whew! - Come on, Uncle Scrooge! We'll have a nice warm fire going in no time! Gee, what a great place to play hide-and-seek! Uh, let's just stick to careful exploration for now, kids.
There's plenty of firewood, Uncle Scrooge.
Look, Uncle Scrooge! Well, I'll be! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! A change of clothes.
So what do you think, kids? All the McDucks used to dress this way.
No wonder dogs kept chasing them.
Who's this, Uncle Scrooge? It's my great-great-grandpa Silas McDuck.
He built this castle.
Tell us about him, Uncle Scrooge! - Come on! - Yeah, we want to hear! The McDucks were very wealthy when Silas came to this valley.
His dream was to build a castle for his large and close-knit family clan.
But with the first shovel full of earth, a strange robed figure called from the shadows at the edge of the woods.
"Be forewarned! Build your castle here, Silas McDuck, and it will be forever cursed!" "Cursed Cursed Cursed Cursed" "Balderdash and hooey," shouted Silas, and continued building Castle McDuck.
Then, at the grand opening celebration, the hound appeared! He came right out of the ground, glowing like molten fire, howling as if to wake the dead! The cursed hound chased the McDucks across the moors.
The family clan split up.
Poor Silas had just enough misfortune left to build Cottage McDuck.
But all his descendants lived in fear of the hound, including me, because of my mother's story.
But you don't believe that story, do you, Uncle Scrooge? Me? No! Not a bit of it is true! Good, 'cause, uh it's getting dark.
Huh?! Oh! Ha ha ha ha! Why, so it is.
Well, kids, we'd better be heading back to the Your top hat, Uncle Scrooge! It went behind the fireplace! There's a secret opening here.
Come on, kids, push! Here she goes.
Keep pushing.
Push it back! Push it back! Run, kids, run! Come on, Uncle Scrooge! You have to get across the river! Where did it go? It-it disappeared! You-you don't suppose it can become invisible, do you? What are you trying to do, scare us? Listen.
There's more to this mystery than a vicious glowing hound.
That's good news.
I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
- Who are they, Uncle Scrooge? - Druids.
I thought the Druids were chased out of Scotland, Uncle Scrooge.
It seems the Druids chased out the McDucks.
Those Druids are nothing but thieves! They chased off the McDucks to steal our property! You ought to charge 'em back rent, Uncle Scrooge.
Stealing my family's property was bad enough, but they robbed me of something even more important to me! Your top hat? My heritage.
My roots.
Well, I aim to get my property back.
- But what about the Druids? - And the hound! I have a plan.
First we'll need some supplies.
Why should we help you, McDuck? 'Twas your family brought that horrible hound upon us.
We dare not venture forth after dark.
He scared me prize lamb off her feed just the other night.
The poor thing hasn't eaten for days.
Look, all we need are a few supplies and all the rope you can spare.
Ha! All the rope in Scotland can't hold a ghost hound! Look, William.
And if you don't eat, you won't grow up to be big and strong like my Uncle Scrooge.
The wee lass has a way with animals.
Well, McDuck, maybe we can help you out after all.
We have plenty of time.
Druids were never seen during the day.
They lived in the hills and forests, and only came out at night.
- Just like the hound! - Exactly.
Now let's set the traps.
- All right! - Let's get 'em! We'll show 'em whose castle this is! All right, let's raise Grandfather's old fishing net over the fireplace.
Easy does it, lads.
Good! Now let's tie it off! Aah! What did you say, Webby? Webby! Where did she go? Uncle Scrooge, where am I? Even she doesn't know where she went.
Webby, can you hear me? It's dark in here, Uncle Scrooge! She must have gone through another secret passageway.
There must be a button or switch somewhere.
Keep looking.
Uncle Scrooge! Don't worry, darlin'! I'll find you! Can't figure out how it opens.
We'll go through the fireplace.
Hurry! Uncle Scrooge, can you still hear me? Uncle Scrooge? Oh! This must be the way out.
Gee, this is even scarier than being in the dark.
What if the hound's in there again? I'm ready for him this time.
Glad one of us is.
One two three! No hound.
- Phew! - Whoa! This tunnel certainly doesn't look like it was part of the original castle.
The Druids must have built it.
I wonder where it leads.
We'll soon find out.
There's daylight up ahead.
Webby must have gone outside.
Where are we, Uncle Scrooge? We're in the oak forest behind the castle.
And I thought the castle was spooky.
It's getting dark.
We better find Webby before the hound finds her - or us.
There's still a wee bit of daylight left.
Follow me, lads.
And be careful.
So this is where the Druids live.
They must have built the tunnel so no one could see them entering or leaving the castle.
I wonder where the hound is.
Aah! U-U-U-Uncle Scrooge Not now, Louie.
I'm looking for the hound.
Stop fooling around, boys.
Aah! This way, lads! - Run, run! - Hurry, lads, come! Let's get out of here! Run! Well, at least we know one thing for sure.
It doesn't just come out at night! Stay behind me, boys.
Uh Ha ha ha ha ha.
Here you go, pup.
Now! Let's rest a bit, boys.
That hound sure was hungry, especially for a ghost hound.
The Druids must not feed it enough.
That makes the beast mean.
That makes the Druids mean, if you ask me.
Shh! Listen! Sounds like puppies.
Well, one of them giggles a lot like Webby.
Come on.
Webby, darling! Uncle Scrooge! Ah, darlin', darlin'.
Oh, thank goodness nothing happened to you.
Nothing happened to me? First I fell through the wall and got lost in the dark, then I walked through a scary tunnel and ended up in this spooky woods.
Did you run into any Druids? No, just puppies.
The Druids must train them to chase people away from the castle.
Aye, and they've been doing it since they put that curse on my great-great-grandfather.
I'll show those sneaky Druids they can't fool the McDucks.
At least not for more than 150 years or so.
Come on, kids.
Tonight we are going to teach them to respect other people's property.
- Ready, Dewey? - Ready, Uncle Scrooge.
- Huey? Louie? - All set, Uncle Scrooge.
Now! We missed! Quick, tie the rope around the statue! Aah! Hey! - Hey! - Get us down! Get us down! - Hey! - Get us down! Hey, Druids, over here! An intruder.
Nyah-nyah nyah-nyah-nyah! Get him! After him! - Don't let him escape! - Get him! Now, Webby! Ha ha! Boy, a little bucket of axle grease goes a long way! - Ah ha! We did it! - We did it, Uncle Scrooge! Once again, Castle McDuck is mine.
We showed them, Uncle Scrooge! - The doggie's getting out! - Whoa! Head for the door! - They're stuck! - So are we! Hello there, pup.
Remember me? Get them, hound! Get them, I say! What-what's gotten into you? Just a little Scottish hospitality.
I give up.
Aye, and you'll give up my castle and property as well.
- Your property? - I'm a McDuck! My great-great-grandfather Silas built this castle.
He and his family placed every stone.
Not every stone.
Just look around you.
This was a Druid meeting place long before Silas McDuck came to this valley.
He built his castle right over our stone circle.
He robbed us of our treasured past, our heritage.
Uh, but why would he do such a thing? To save money on building costs.
Ooh! Ha ha ha! Of course, of Saving money kind of runs in the family.
And so does making money.
I think I know a way we can both be satisfied.
A haunted castle makes a great tourist attraction - at least during the daytime.
Yes, and we can hold our ceremonies in peace at night.
How did you make that hound glow in the dark? A very special flea powder.
Well, you won't have to teach doggies to act mean anymore.
See how mean they can pretend to be? My top hat! Why did you take Uncle Scrooge's hat, Mr.
Druid? Give the hound your uncle's scent so it would know who to chase away.
Ha ha! Looks like it was love at first scent!