Ducktales (1987) s01e60 Episode Script

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. McDuck

- Life is like a hurricane - Here in Duckburg - Race cars, lasers, airplanes - it's a duck-blur - Might solve a mystery - Or rewrite history - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - Every day they're out there making - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - Tales of derring-do Bad and good luck tales - D-d-d-danger - Watch behind you - There's a stranger out to find you - What to do? Just grab on to some - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - Every day they're out there making - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - Tales of derring-do Bad and good luck tales - Ooh-woo-ooh! Not pony tales or cotton tales, no - DuckTales Ooh-woo-ooh! - [bell tolling] [Wind howling] [Whistling Rule Britannia] [Man hissing] [Panting] Yow! [grunts] Oh, no.
It's Jack the Tripper! Help! - [Man] Give me your wallet! - Never, blackguard! Never! - Your watch! - No! - [Policeman blows whistle] - The coppers! Jack the Tripper! He went that way, officer! Follow those feet! It's getting so a fellow can't make a dishonest living anymore.
- [Whistle blows] - [Gasps] [Groans] Save your energy, Chuckie.
Even Jack the Tripper wouldn't hide out in Dr.
Jekyll's old mansion.
Heard you was the one finally arrested old Dr.
Ran through the streets, throwing his money left and right.
Laughing all the while.
I picked up his trail of money.
Wish the Chief Inspector would have let me keep it.
[Both laughing] [Grumbling] There's got to be an easier way.
I wonder "Notice: All articles of this estate have been given up for auction to pay outstanding debts and taxes.
Notheby's, Duckburg.
" Hmm Here's the next item up for auction.
What am I bid for this beautiful old trunk? It's locked and the contents are unknown.
Do I hear $50? If you do, you must be hearing things.
Forty? Surely you'll bid $40? No I won't, and don't call me Shirley.
Sodas are a bargain, Uncle Scrooge.
Only ten cents.
Can we have one? Certainly, lads.
Here's a dime.
One soda? And three straws, right Uncle Scrooge? Of course not.
Four straws.
Right, Uncle Scrooge.
[Man] Anyone? Do I hear $20? Ten dollars for this classic old steamer trunk? Five dollars? Five? - Yoo-hoo! - Sold to Mr.
Gladstone Gander for $5.
What? What a worthless old trunk, and not a penny in your pocket to pay for it.
True, Uncle Scrooge.
Can I borrow five bucks? What? I thought you always trusted the luck to see you through.
I do.
Lucky for me, you're here to lend me five bucks.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, never mind, Uncle Scrooge.
I can handle it after all.
Oh, I don't believe it.
[Man] And now for the items recently received from London.
Here's another old trunk.
Do I hear $100? - One hundred.
- One hundred dollars from the gentleman in the funny hat.
Do I hear 200? Two hundred, anyone? - Two hundred! - $200 from the man in the funnier hat.
- Do I hear three? - Five hundred! $500 from the mysterious gentleman in the not-so-funny hat.
- One thousand dollars! - Oh, boy! One thousand is the bid.
Do I hear two thousand? Going once, going twice sold to the gentleman in the funnier hat for $1,000! Stand back, Gladstone! A thousand dollars for this?! This cape will come in handy if you ever turn into a vampire, Uncle Scrooge.
And maybe this is expensive perfume.
You know, like that Corral Number Five, Mrs.
Beakley wears.
Curses! They found Jekyll's formula.
Oh, no.
That's not perfume.
It's cologne.
Hands off, Gladstone! It may be worthless, but it's mine! It smells like money.
What's happening to you, Uncle Scrooge? Scrooge? Oh, no! Call me Uncle Moneybags, you wee nipper.
[chuckling] Why, you're so cute, you deserve a bigger allowance.
- Here's a couple of thou.
- Wow! Here's some for everybody! Uncle Scrooge! What are you doing? That's our inheritance.
Unhand me, lads.
I'm out of money and that's not funny.
If I don't get more, how can I give it away? Uncle Scrooge! Come back! The stuff in this bottle did something to him.
We gotta find him.
Where's everybody going? He said he needed more money.
So, he'll head straight for his money bin.
Come on! Will somebody tell me what's going on? [Gasps] It's raining money! This is more fun than a barrel of money.
Good idea! Just in time, boys.
Grab a shovel and lend your Uncle Moneybags a hand.
We gotta stop him! Hey! Uncle Moneybags! [Sputtering, groaning] What's going on? I'm throwing this horrible stuff into the nearest river.
Yow! [Huey] Nice throw, Uncle Scrooge.
But you missed the river.
Hey, it's the guy from the auction! The one in the not-so-funny hat.
He must've put these banana peels here to trip you, Uncle Scrooge.
- It worked.
- And he got away with your cologne.
Well, it's his problem now and he's welcome to it.
[Groans] Get me home, boys.
I'm not myself today.
Not my money.
No! No! Oh, what a horrible dream.
I couldn't touch my money.
What do you suppose that guy in the hat is going to do with that cologne? Hey, there's an address under this sticker.
I'll feel much better once I run my fingers through some lovely cash.
The smell The mere touch of money makes me makes me makes me feel like giving it away.
[chuckling] "Dr.
Hyde Park, London.
" Here's money! - He's done it again.
- And without the cologne.
[Laughing] Uncle Moneybags is just giving it away! Tackle him.
Right in the middle of the front lawn.
I hope water works as well as the soda did.
Aah! [sputtering, moaning] Ever since I sprayed myself with that cologne, just the touch of money turns me into that fiend.
I have to find a cure.
We found an address on that old trunk, Uncle Scrooge.
It's some place in London.
Then to London we will go.
[Bell tolling] [Both gasping] - Here, take this! - And these! - Jolly good fun, what.
- [Chuckling] Delightful.
[Cackling] I knew Dr.
Jekyll's formula would make robbing people much, much easier.
They just give it away.
Let's take our life savings and toss it out in the street.
[Woman] Oh, let's do! [Man] Don't know why we haven't thought of it before.
According to the police, Dr.
Jekyll was a friendless old hermit that suddenly turned into a money-flinging fool.
Just like you, Uncle Scrooge.
[Clearing throat] Yes.
That cologne was an experiment of some sort.
He was a brilliant scientist.
My only hope is that he also made an antidote.
Don't worry, Uncle Scrooge, if you turn into Uncle Moneybags again, I'm ready.
Only in an emergency, lad.
[Louie] What if there is no antidote, Uncle Scrooge? Then I can never touch money again.
- Oh, no! - [Huey] Oh, yes! [Whooping] Spritz him, Huey.
Quick! That money belongs to me! Would you take a rain check? [Thudding] That guy's hat gets less funny every time we see it.
- [Scrooge chuckling] - [Gasps] Uncle Scrooge! Uh-uh-uh! That's Uncle Moneybags, remember? [Panting] It's no use.
He could be anywhere.
We need help.
Who's the greatest detective in the world? - Of course! - [Both] Shedlock Jones! He's an honorary Junior Woodchuck and he lives right here in London! [Dewey] Would you help us find our uncle, Mr.
Jones? - We came to London to - I'll deduce the rest.
Your uncle, Scrooge McDuck, is searching for an antidote to the Dr.
Jekyll formula which came into his possession when he bought one of Jekyll's old trunks.
The formula was stolen by Jack the Tripper, a common thief preying on Londoners.
Like Tripper's victims, your uncle's changed into a maniac, and is running amok.
- That about cover it? - [Both] Quackaroonie! How did you figure that out? Elementary, my dear Webson, it's in the afternoon newspaper.
Then you'll help us, Mr.
Jones? Sorry, my time is much too valuable to waste on your uncle's little problem.
[All] Little problem?! And common, eh street robbers like Jack the Tripper are unworthy adversaries for Shedlock Jones.
I am in pursuit of the most evil, diabolical criminal of our time.
The infamous Professor Moody Doody.
You shouldn't smoke, Mr.
It's bad for you.
Oh, I don't smoke it.
I'm much too intelligent for that.
But, Mr.
Jones Run along, boys.
I need to think.
I must use my incredible powers of deduction to deduce exactly where Professor Moody Doody is hiding, and what mind-boggling crime he is planning.
World's greatest detective, huh? He doesn't have a clue, does he? I say we take him off our Junior Woodchuck mailing list.
Yeah, but what are we gonna do about Uncle Scrooge? - Chuckie! - What's the ruckus? One of those loony rich blokes is throwing money away in Tralla La Square.
Well, let's get down there before it's all gone, eh? [laughs] I knew something would come up.
I say, Chuckie, there's two of them! - Please take it.
- No, I insist.
You keep it.
- No, you.
- No.
You take it.
- You! - You! [Both grumbling] Whoa! There ought to be a law against treating money this way.
- Right.
Come along, blokes.
- Bloke? I'm not a bloke.
I'm Lord Somebody or other.
Policeman! That one in the funny hat is our uncle.
We can take care of him.
Not by the looks of it.
We're holding him till we find a way to cure him.
Just like all the others.
Boys! That may take years! [Chuckles] So go back to Duckburg and give all my money away.
No, I didn't mean that.
Yes I did.
No, I didn't.
I guess there's no point in me saying, "Come along quietly," eh, governor? Boys, you've got to find that antidote.
Save me, lads.
Spend me! [Laughs] Save! Spend! Save! I guess it's pretty obvious what we have to do.
It is? Search Dr.
Jekyll's spooky old mansion again.
That would have been last on my list.
[Huey] The money Uncle Scrooge found is gone.
I just hope the Tripper is gone.
Everything else was for that auction, I guess.
The only thing they didn't take was that goofy painting.
Easy to see why.
OK, so where do we go from here? - Upstairs! - I had to ask.
It's a lot like our own stairway back home.
Only about ten billion times scarier.
Well, what are we waiting for? That antidote might be up there.
Admirable deduction, Webson, but incorrect.
I did, however, find the Tripper's stolen formula up there.
Jones, you decided to help us after all! Of course.
I am a Junior Woodchuck, am I not? [laughs] Besides, while I was thinking, I got to thinking, the Tripper was hiding here, that's how he found out about the auction.
Jekyll's formula, I must get it back.
There's something the auction people and Tripper missed.
You mean besides this goofy painting? To put it simply, yes and no.
That certainly clears things up.
The clue is in the painting.
Study it carefully, boys.
Ask yourself: What's wrong with this picture? - It's ugly? - I see it! In the painting, there's a door by the fireplace.
But there's no door now.
Promising powers of observation, lad.
Jekyll paneled over the original door.
Help me push.
That's it.
Right here.
[All grunting] Hello! What's this? Dr.
Jekyll's journal.
"At last, I have perfected the antidote for my Moneybags potion.
" There is an antidote! This must be it.
"Unfortunately, it came too late for me.
I wanted to improve my personality, to make myself more likable.
But I went too far.
The antidote doesn't work if not used within 48 hours of the Moneybags formula.
" Oh no! Uncle Scrooge was sprayed over 50 hours ago.
Not so.
You're forgetting the six hour time difference between London and Duckburg.
Nevertheless, we haven't a moment to lose.
I knew you'd fall for that one, Shedlock Jones.
- [Shedlock] Kipper! - Jack the Tripper's kippers.
He's getting away with the antidote! Courage, Webson, I believe I know where he's going.
Just as I suspected.
He's gone into Duckingham Palace.
- [All shouting] - [Jack chuckling] This Tripper fellow is a clever chap, not a common thief at all.
He undoubtedly intends to steal the Crown Jewels.
What on Earth is all the commotion? [Gasps] Jack the Tripper! I'll take the Crown Jewels, Your Majesty.
[Coughing violently] What is that horrible stuff? Corral Number Five? Ah! It's the wrong bottle! No matter.
The Crown Jewels! Your masquerade is over, Professor Moody Doody! Professor Moody Doody?! How did you know, Jones? Elementary, my dear Doody.
I'd never waste time looking for a common thief like Jack the Tripper.
So you created him to hide your own identity.
Incredible! A big crook pretending to be a little crook.
I'll take my crown now, Mr.
Sorry, Your Majesty, but it's time for me to make my escape! Gadzooks! Aah! Stop him! May I borrow your soap, Your Majesty? Of course, dear lad.
Cleanliness is next to queenliness.
[Shouting] [Louie] At last the Tripper lives up to his name.
[laughs] Jones, you've done it again.
Found the antidote, saved the Crown Jewels and captured Professor Moody Doody in the bargain.
An altogether satisfying case, Inspector.
But, we must hurry.
By the way, your uncle asked me for something very strange to read.
What? All the mail order catalogues we could find.
[All] Oh, no! Inspector, welcome.
How about a nice new set of golf clubs? My game's a bit rusty, actually.
- A new suit, then? - Size 42.
Any bicycles in there, Uncle Moneybags? Of course.
Come look.
We'll order one for each of you.
Anything else you want, too.
Are you sure we want to do this? This is gonna hurt us more than it hurts him.
[Sputtering] [Groaning] Cancel those orders! Tear them up! He's cured.
- Aye.
McDuck, you're free to go.
- Free.
- Yahoo! - Yay! Free! My favorite word.
We never could've done it without Shedlock Jones.
I am a Junior Woodchuck, am I not? I owe you my thanks, Mr.
Let's keep it at that.
That's our good old Uncle Scrooge!