Ducktales (1987) s02e20 Episode Script

The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!

1 The Legendary Cornelius Coot.
Surrounded by his foes, he drew his storied saber and fought back the marauding Beagle militia.
Coot was like a ghost.
His musket fire came from all directions.
The confused Beagles ran for their lives.
Coot single-handedly saved this very fort.
And that's the story of how he started a little town called anyone? - Duckburg.
- Duckburg - Duckburg - Duckburg Coot stamped himself upon our history in a way few ever will.
We'll see about that.
As a special treat today, Coot's descendant, Della Duck, will skywrite the letter "C" to commemorate him.
Just a "C"? Uncle Scrooge charges by the letter.
I'm parched.
You got any refreshments? Maybe some Pep? In this village we only have traditional victuals: saltwater jerky and raw buttermilk.
Hey, guys, check me out.
I'm churning butter like Cornelius Coot.
Churn, baby, churn! Yeah.
And I'm bored.
This is what's the word? The most horrible place ever? Yes, exactly, thank you.
This capotain isn't even itchy enough to be authentic.
Let's see if we can fly with mom.
Sure, we could go unless we want to uncover the greatest mystery your mom never solved! Whoa, is that? Della's old journal.
She was searching for a top secret family treasure from the non-McDuck side of your family.
The Beagles weren't just after the fort.
They were after the golden armory of Cornelius Coot.
Untold treasure.
Undiscovered history.
Unparalleled adventure.
Della couldn't crack it, but we can.
Not if I get there first.
Life is like A hurricane Here in Duckburg Racecars, lasers Airplanes It's a duck blur Might solve a mystery Or rewrite history Duck Tales, whoo-ooh Every day they're out there Making Duck Tales, whoo-ooh Tales of derring-do Bad and good-luck tales Whoo-ooh D-D-Danger lurks behind you There's a stranger Out to find you What to do? Just grab on To some Duck Tales, whoo-ooh Every day they're out there Making Duck Tales, whoo-ooh Tales of daring bad and good Not pony tales Or cotton tales No, Duck Tales, whoo-ooh DUCKTALES (2017) Season 02 Episode 20 Title: "The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!" Ah, the perfect day.
Just me, the open sky, the Cloudslayer, and Where's my plane? Right here, Miss D.
And there.
And a bit over there.
Don't worry, the Sunchaser has been through way worse than this.
It has? Yeah.
We've been through hundreds, maybe thousands of crashes together.
If this old girl could talk Listen, LP, I need to fly over Fort Duckburg in T-minus three hours.
Don't worry, we can stitch this baby back together in no time.
Just need to find Spinnyboy.
Spinnyboy? There he is.
Webby, most historians consider this stuff to be a myth.
"Coot was a ghost with a golden armory.
" "He was everywhere at once.
" All myths.
Yeah, everyone and their mother went looking for that treasure.
Correction, everyone and your mother.
We've solved some big mysteries before, but this this is the one that could make us legends! Aah! Everyone thinks Coot is some big dang hero, beating up 60 defenseless Beagles.
But we're going to set things right, force the tour guide to give up the goods, and reclaim the treasure of Fort Beagle-burg.
- What? - Ma! Ma! Ya'll forgot me at the junkyard.
I chased you here.
Must not've heard me yelling to slow down, because you rolled the windows up.
Whoa! Big Time, if the Beagle Boys Organization is going reclaim its former glory, we're going to have to go in a different direction.
A non-failure direction.
You're a failure as a criminal, a Beagle and a son.
So, what are you trying to say? You're no longer a member of the gang! Because I'm more of a gang leader, right? Ugh! Come on, boys, let's go grab us a tour guide.
He'll figure it out eventually.
Nothing to see here.
History is a living document.
Archeologists at work here, people.
All right, where do we dig? It says here "Find the truth beneath the legend.
" Hmm.
That's it, I'm digging.
Oh, no.
My delicious gloppy history treat.
Shh, listen.
There's something under here.
"Truth beneath the legend!" That used to be me out there getting slapped by Ma.
Innkeep, another buttermilk for which to drown my sorrows.
- It'll be a minute.
- That's all right.
I's got nowhere to be.
- Whoa! - Whoa! - Whoa! - Whoa! Told you.
Now let's go.
The Coot gold.
The McDuck brats are going to get to it first.
I got to tell nobody.
It's Big Time's time to make a name for himself.
Innkeep, make that buttermilk for the road.
Come on, come on.
Hurry up, hurry up! I did it.
I found a photo of what the plane is supposed to look like, so we can piece it together.
Let's start from the corners.
Whoa! Ew, why is everything sticky? I used to use superglue to assemble the plane, but it proved tricky.
Now I use gum.
So you, like, don't know what you're doing at all? When it comes to planes, everyone knows their own way.
Is is that a hamster wheel? Yeah, well, obviously, a gerbil couldn't spin the propeller.
So this is our tomb.
All right! Let's go! Everyone feel around.
Okay, rocky Ooh, stony.
Pebbly Oh! Pointy? Metal? Gold? Nope.
Rusty shovel.
It's an arrow pointing ahead.
We're on the right track.
I'm coming for your treasure, Coot! Ah! This wall here is not a wall.
Coot must have made a decoy wall out of peat moss.
Ingenious! All we have to do is push ever so slightly - and - Whoa! Take that, moss wall.
Hmm, it doesn't taste mossy enough to be moss.
What is that texture? Just relax, Louie, think of all the stuff you're going to buy with the treasure, okay? An Empire Brothers ottoman, a case of imported Pep Supérieur, an emerald-studded hoodie.
Do not laugh in the face of my danger.
I'm not.
Huey's tickling me.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you Webby, turn your phone light on.
- It is on.
- Well, I can't see a thing.
What? Oh, dear.
Help me.
Aww, she's smiling.
Happy plane, happy flight.
Paint's still wet.
I just detailed that.
Because I I don't want you near my plane at all.
Sorry, it's not personal, it's just that you know you're a bad pilot, right? No, no, only in the sense that you crash every time you fly.
Look, maybe with a couple of lessons That's it.
I can be your co-pilot.
What? No.
I should learn from the best, right? How do I say yes without agreeing to this? Yeah! Best teacher ever! Oh, no, don't do that.
Don't get on the plane.
Nice try, Coot, but you'll never break us.
So many legs! Everywhere! I want to go home! Huh? Oh.
Hey, is it me, or does she seem a little more Webby than usual? Yeah, this is starting to feel less like a "fun adventure" thing and more like a "Dangerous obsession that kills us all" thing? Maybe we should head back.
Yeah, this adventure's a bust.
You know, Dewey, we should go.
No sense getting distracted by riding this amazing mine cart.
I'm sorry, mine cart? This is the ultimate! Everybody in! We ride to Coot's gold.
Spiders! Big Time? The Beagles are after the treasure again.
Quit repeating yourself, history, you rascal.
Let's roll.
- Whoa! - Whoa! - Whoa! Okay, lesson one.
You've got your altimeter, tachometer.
Don't forget the point-o-meter.
- The what? - The point-o-meter.
It tells you how many points you've earned.
My high score is 5,000.
That's the airspeed indicator.
You've gone 5,000 miles? Why don't you just stare out the window to make sure we're still in the air? No prob.
Still in the air.
Still in the air.
Still in the air.
Whoo! Hoo! The mine cart chase.
Adventure for the ages.
Ooh Oh.
Why is this stupid seat so loose? So you can talk to the people behind you.
It reassures the passengers when you look into their eyes while you crash.
Yeah, yeah.
Running late.
Get to fort to celebrate ancestor.
Just me, the open sky, and You seem tense.
Just relax.
Turn your mind off.
Just gaze at the clouds.
Nothing matters.
Everything matters! It's six tons of metal in the air that I just had to completely reassemble.
Just sit over there and don't distract me! Still in the air.
Yes! We made it! Oh, man, are we still here? I had this amazing dream that we weren't.
What happened to Big Time? He must have gotten caught in that spider-infested tunnel.
Why are there so many spider tunnels? Huey, look, what is this? A relic? One of Coot's old weapons? Proof of the legendary myths? A old, rusty scythe? Or a marker pointing this way.
Guys, we're almost where your mom's journal entries end.
A few more steps and we'll have made it farther than anyone.
If we solve this, we can be as incredible as she is! Uh, Coot was.
Listen, Webby, I don't think we should Perfect! Don't think.
Let's go! - Webby! - No! Don't! "Cornelius Coot Arms.
" This is it.
The Golden Armory.
- Treasure.
- Adventure.
Historical accuracy.
We've uncovered the legend.
Proven we're worthy.
We did what nobody else could do.
We found Ugh! Corn? What? No, no, no, no.
Maybe the treasure is beneath the corn.
Or maybe there's a further riddle and you have to find the gold inside the corn, or? It's a blueprint.
Coot's very own system for storing corn.
Those weren't mine carts, they were corn carts.
And those markers we found along the way were just farm tools.
So Coot was just a boring, non-adventuring farmer? And his treasure was dirty, smelly corn? Worst treasure hunt ever.
Sorry, Webby, it's over.
Let's go home.
No, no, no, no! I know there's more to this.
It's It's Coot's final test.
If it's not real, then how did he save the fort? How did he stop the Beagles? And how are you going to get out of this alive? Yeah! Oh.
Coots, Ducks, McDucks.
You make yourselves out to be heroes, but you're all frauds and cheats.
So we followed that idiot Big Time while he followed you.
We'll never tell you the secret of Coot's loot.
The treasure's corn.
It's in there.
- Knock yourself out.
- Yeah, exactly.
There's absolutely no gold.
No gold whatsoever.
No, there really isn't.
Yes, there is.
Nab her already.
Ain't one of you fools bad enough to be a Beagle? Whoo! Let's see how she skywrites.
What's going on? Must be the hose you repaired in the smoke pump.
What? I usually just block it a little with gum so that the smoke can still vent.
Aw, but what do I know? I can't see.
We're going to crash! Crash? I'm on it.
You madman! We almost died.
But we didn't.
- Della! - Kids? The Beagle Boys! Did you just become the hero of this adventure BY accident? Leave it to Mom to make the lamest adventure ever awesome.
Go, Mom! I thought you were at the fort.
Webby led us down here and Wait, where is she? You guys stay here and stay safe.
I'll find her.
We are never going to get out of here.
You got that right.
Ick! Spiders! Big Time? Nope.
Made a name for myself, Ma.
I'm Bug Time now.
There's got to be treasure here, or a clue, or something.
- Oh, easy, Webby.
- No, stop! I can do it myself! Whoa.
My old journal.
Webby, what's going on here? I've gone on some adventures, but look at everything you did by the time you were my age.
I could never stack up to the legend of you.
But maybe if I could solve the one mystery you couldn't, the Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot.
Except that it's just corn.
Corn! I dragged the boys all the way down here to find corn.
I I accomplished corn.
I'm an imposter.
Just like Coot.
He was no hero, and I'm no Della Duck.
But you did accomplish something.
You made it farther than anyone else has.
You don't have to be me.
You just have to be Webby.
And you have your own way of doing things that is unique and special.
You don't have to prove yourself to anyone and Oh, boy, I should really apologize to Launchpad.
"Coot was like a ghost.
"He was everywhere and nowhere.
His musket fire came from all directions.
" - What? - This was Coot's armory.
He turned his corn into popcorn and convinced the Beagles that he was an entire army.
He beat them using his wits.
Wow, I guess he was a hero in his own way.
Keep them away! Ah! Big Time, you moron, have you lost your dern-blasted mind? You see how she talks to me, Tarantu-Ma? But I got no need to impress her.
She can watch as we grab the loot.
We're going to succeed where the Beagle Boys failed.
Nobody can stop the Buggle Boys.
It's Coot's ghost army back to get us all.
Whoa! The myths are true.
- Get to the plane.
- What is that? The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot! Go! - Ah! - Quit your bellyaching and hold your breath.
Whoa! We can't back up.
There's no way out, unless we Launchpad, do your thing.
Nibbles, give me a boost.
Everyone, relax.
We're about to crash.
That actually is comforting.
Fine, you're back in the gang.
Oh, really, Ma? Ah, don't get mushy.
Blech! I got old popcorn stuck in my teeth.
Don't worry, Ma.
Them's just spider eggs.
And as we burst out of that mountain heroically, I knew my name would go down in history.
Dewford "Turbo" Coot.
And Coot used the farm tools as arrows to point the way.
Come get your commemorative Coot popcorn, here.
It's buttery and historical.
Get it before it's lost to time.
Coot's buttery pop.
Well, you finally got to solve the mystery of Cornelius Coot's Golden Armory.
We did.
Needs less spiders.