DuckTales (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

The Spear of Selene!

1 [THUNDER CRASHES] - [ALL SCREAM] - Oh! [QUACKING] - [THUNDER CRASHES] - [STARTLES] Aw, come on, a little lightning never killed anyone.
Statistically speaking [ALL GASPING] See? Nothin' to worry about! - [CLICKING] - What about that flashing red light? Huh? That's just probably the "everything is fine" light.
Okay, but hypothetically, what if it's the "everything is not fine" light? [GASPS] Oh, no! - [QUACKING] - [SCREAMING] [ROARS] Where are we? According to the JWG, we're off the tip of Greece, and wait.
This can't be right.
- I thought it was a myth.
- What? What is this place? - Ithaquack.
- What?! [ALL GASPING] - It's gorgeous! - Look at that! No.
No, no, no.
We gotta go now! Get this plane in the air! Sorry, Mr.
McD, gotta figure out what this flashing light means.
I always say, better safe than whatever the opposite of safe is.
I do say that.
When have you ever said that?! Hmm.
Might as well take a look around.
[CHEERING] - No! - Everyone stay on the plane! - [CHEERING] - Get back here! - See ya! - Bye-bye! We're here! We did it! Yeah! Wait, why did we do that? - Dewey, this is Ithaquack.
- I'm sorry? Home of legendary Greek artifacts? Oh, Greek What, what, what? - Like the Spear of Selene - Selene! I knew it! My mom's note to Scrooge said she took the Spear of Selene.
If we can find the spear Maybe we'll find out what happened to her and uncover Scrooge's greatest mystery! To the naos! That's Greek for temple.
Okay, stop assuming I know things.
Like, baseline, assume I know nothing.
Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, airplanes It's a duck-blur We might solve a mystery Or rewrite history DuckTales, whoo-ooh Every day they're out there making DuckTales Whoo-ooh Tales of derring-do Bad and good-luck tales Whoo-ooh D-d-danger lurks behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some DuckTales Whoo-ooh Every day they're out there Making DuckTales Whoo-ooh Tales of daring, bad and good Not phony tales or cottontails No, DuckTales! Whoo-ooh! [TROPICAL MUSIC PLAYING] You're in my light! No we have to get back to the plane.
You don't know what's out there.
What could be dangerous about a beautiful Grecian vacation island? Hmm! Ha-ha! Hyah! Ha-ha! Huzzah! Kyah! [LAUGHS] Oh, glorious day! May the fates sing of your return, friend Donald, sailor of the seven seas! Hiya, buddy.
[GASPS] Be these colorful creatures your kin? By Hephaestus's Hammer, half-grown heroes in the making! Um, who are you? Your uncle must've told tale of Storkules! Colossus of Corinth, hero of Heliopolis, and, my proudest accomplishment, best friend to Donald Duck! [IMITATES EXPLOSION] The Storkules of Greek legend is your best friend?! Uh, more like an acquaintance.
Ha-ha! Thine tongue be as quick and mighty as, well, me.
[QUACKING] Donald! Get the boys on board! We can't let him know we're here.
Can't let who know we're here? [THUNDER CRASHES] [POWERFUL VOICE] Scrooge McDuck! You dare defy the will of Zeus? The king of the gods? Get out! So many questions.
Do you control all storms, or just lightning? Does being immortal also make you impervious to pain? Do you cry? [GASPS] You know where I can find a good gyro? [WHISPERS] Always ask the locals.
The myths are real! This place is amazing! It used to be amazing, until Scrooge and his mortal riff-raff showed up and ruined it! - What?! - What?! [WEBBY] "Dear Scrooge, I've taken the Spear of Selene.
I'm sorry.
" We're close to the truth.
I can feel it.
What if my mom explored this very path? What if I'm literally walking in her footsteps right now? [INHALES DEEPLY] I can still smell her feet.
So we know Della took the Spear of Selene and betrayed Mr.
McDuck and Donald.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We don't know she did something bad.
That note can mean lots of things.
"I've taken the Spear of Selene to get cleaned.
" "I'm sorry I spilled soup on it.
" "I've taken the Spear of Selene back to the store.
I'm sorry you already had one.
"Happy Birthday!" Oh! Or "I've taken the Spear of Selene from your money bin", I'm sorry I betrayed your trust.
" Or or probably one of your things.
The only way to know for sure is in the Temple of Heroes! "Of Heroes"? Aha! Pretty good sign my mom wasn't a traitor.
[ZEUS] Ithaquack was the secret vacation spot for gods and heroes.
And I was the god of hospitality.
The King of the Beach! Everyone loved me.
Then Scrooge showed up.
Defeated the unkillable Gorgon.
Found the lost treasure of Troy.
Was really good at building sand castles.
Bah! - Seems pretty fun.
- 'Twas.
No, it twasn't! Scrooge showed up like he was so cool and ruined it! Och, jings.
Leave it to an immortal to whine about the good old days.
So, where is everyone? They all left when you did.
Said they didn't want to party with a "lame god" who couldn't even best a lowly mortal.
There may have also been a year-long lightning storm.
But now that you have returned, Storkules, noble Donald, and his fiery sister Halt! Where is Della? I see.
Then we shall embark upon a rousing adventure to honor our fallen compatriot! I don't adventure anymore.
What?! But adventure is the very blood in your veins! Well, we must at least hold a feast to celebrate your return! - [CHEERING] - What?! Father, surely the god of Hospitality would not cast out a crew of weary travelers.
Well, no, I guess not.
Ha ha! It shall be a bacchanal for the ages! - Beach party! - [WHOOPING] [NOISEMAKER TOOTS] [SOFT HARP MUSIC] Mmm! These are the best graves ever! [CRUNCHING] A little salty.
Dip not good enough for you, mortal?! You offend Olympus! Maybe people didn't leave because they liked me, but because they didn't like you.
[WHISTLING NONCHALANTLY] Ha-ha! Perhaps some festive beach games will lighten the mood.
Yes! A contest! Your family versus mine in a series of heroic trials.
Yea, all will know that we are the superior party hounds and return to the island! This is exactly why we stopped vacationing here.
But guys, epic trials! Zeus! Delicious grapes! [THUNDER CRASHING] You're not going anywhere.
- Whoo! - Whoo! - Ah, phooey.
- Ah, phooey.
Careful! According to legend, the artifact in this chamber holds a terrible curse when removed from its pedestal.
Of course! Scrooge must have been cursed by the Spear! "I'm taking the Spear of Selene to de-cursify you.
I'm sorry I probably won't survive.
" She was a her whoa! This place is filled with booby traps.
We have to be careful.
If my mom can make it across, so can I! [CLANK] [WHIMPERING] It's okay.
It's okay.
We only have to do that one more time to get out.
[GASPING] It was all worth it to find the Sword of Selene! Wait, what? This isn't what we're looking for.
Where's the Spear? It's a big temple.
We must have the wrong antechamber.
Then we'll just have to find the right one.
Nothing will stand in our way! [RUMBLING, CRACKLING] [LOW VIBRATION] The curse! Put it back! Put it back! [EXCLAIMS] I love these tunics.
So breezy, so comfortable.
And surprisingly slimming.
Storkules may have brute strength, but he's also an idiot.
You lads can use that to your advantage.
I believe in you all! Okay, son.
If you beat Scrooge's family, I'll be back on top.
Blindly obeyed! And why do you not compete directly against Scrooge? Well, obviously, people would lose respect for me if I were to lower myself to his level.
Never mind that.
To your positions! Whoever claims Aeolus's Bag of Winds first wins.
Understood? Five or six questions - On your mark, get set - [THUNDER CRASHES] [QUACKS] [WIND WHOOSHING] [DONALD CRIES OUT] We're never gonna beat him like this! Too breezy! Too breezy! Idea! Ha ha ha! Well done, nephews of Donald! What ingenuity! From henceforth, you shall be known as Hubert, Tamer of Winds, and Llewelyn, Fighter of Storms! - Awesome! - Please do not say my real name out loud.
Satisfied? Doesn't count! They cheated! Best two out of three! [ROARS] Ha-ha! "Scrooge, I'm taking the Spear of Selene to challenge the gods of Olympus, but will probably be eaten by a sea monster.
I'm sorry.
" That's a possibility.
- [BOTH YELL] - [ROARS] You hideous monster! I will avenge my mother by killing you with the very spear you're sworn to protect! You shall never get the Spear of Poseidon! I'm sorry.
The Spear of who, now? The Spear of Poseidon! Man! We got the wrong chamber again! We're looking for the Spear of Selene.
Oh! Huh.
You're gonna want to go back down the hall, past the Harpy Aviary, third door on your left.
Garden of Selene.
Can't miss it.
Oh, hey, thanks.
Sorry about calling you a hideous monster before.
I'm sure you're very attractive by sea monster standards.
Not really.
Thanks, though.
[BOTH GRUNT] Yahh! Ha-ha! Huzzah! [GRRRR] [HORSE WHINNIES] [DONALD CRIES OUT] - [BOTH] Whoo! - Ha ha! [GROANS] Hmm.
Hmm? Enough! [THUNDER CRASHES] Now comes the ultimate challenge.
Steal the golden fleece from this small child.
This is your ultimate challenge? There's no way we're gonna beat Storkules on this one.
Steal? From a child? But if I were to do such a thing, could I ever truly be called a hero? Donald, I am in need of your wise counsel.
Donald? Donald! Oh! Companion Donald, where are you going? Ah, look.
You're a nice guy, but The most nice guy, for I am Storkules, pure of No, no, no! I'm through with adventure! Someone always gets hurt! But getting hurt is part of the adventure! What would fierce Della say is she could hear you now? Well, she can't! Ahh.
Someone always gets hurt.
[WEBBY GASPS] A perfect 1:125th scale replica of Ithaquack.
And look! There's a tiny chimera on the hillside! It's so adorable I just want to slay it! Focus.
We're so close to solving this.
The truth about my mom.
And one of the greatest mysteries of Clan McDuck.
So, do we look in the tiny houses, or? [LOUD CLANK] [WHIRRING] [RUMBLING] [BOTH GASP] [BOTH] The Garden of Selene! What's it say? That Della Duck was a hero who died nobly trying to protect her family? "Whomsoever claims the prize inside shall find great riches, but incur the terrible wrath of the gods.
" [GASPS] It all checks out! Della stole the spear, angered the gods, and brought their wrath down upon her innocent family, which explains why Mr.
McDuck and Donald didn't want to land here.
Ha! That can't be true.
My mom would never do that to her family.
[STONE MOVING] I guess we'll find out for sure in the garden.
Let's go! No.
- What are you doing?! The door is closing! - We're not going in.
But all the answers we've been searching for are in there! I don't care! My mom was a hero! If I do not steal the fleece, Father shall be incensed.
But if I steal from a small, innocent child, how can I ever face myself again? Just grab it already!!! - I got it! - Louie! What? I'm also a little kid.
It's fine.
- [SINGS HAUNTING MELODY] - Plug your ears! No good ever came from a creepy child singing! [CONTINUES SINGING] Oh! The child is actually a mind-controlling siren! Did I not mention that? Storkules, finish them! [SIREN CONTINUES SINGING] Uh-oh! - Ahh! - Aah! Please! The answers are right through there! - You can't stop me now! - Don't have to.
Just have to hold you off until the door closes! You wouldn't! I'll save you, tiny chimera! No! My fists betray my heart! Father! Stop this madness! Mm-hmm? [GRUNTS] [ALL CRY OUT] Just lay off, man! It's not my fault I best you at pretty much everything I do! Not helping! Let me through, you no-good - [CRACKLES] - Aaaah! Never aaah! Adventure ow! Again! Aaah! - [HUEY/LOUIE] Help! - What?! [STAMMERING] I must apologize in advance for crushing your tiny bodies.
I want you to know that as my best friend Donald's family, I consider you my second-tier best friends.
Farewell! [DONALD] Hey, you big palooka! Nobody gets hurt today! [BOTH GRUNTING] Aaah! - Ha! - Aaah! Ha-ha! Whoa! Dodge! [QUACKING] I'm gonna get my hands on you! - [QUACKING] - [GRUNTING] We're so close to the truth! Why won't you let us find it?! Because what if my mom was a bad person? - Okay.
- What? This is one mystery we don't have to solve.
[BOTH GRUNT] I need to know the truth Whatever it is.
[BOTH] Aaah! Ha! Gotcha! Heeeey, you're not Della.
You know Della? Where is she? Please tell me she wasn't an evil family betrayer and spear stealer! Who are you, anyway? Dewey, that's Selene, the goddess of the moon.
Hi, I'm Webby.
I heard Scrooge and his family were on the island, so I wrote a super-spooky prophecy on the door to lure my friend Della.
It usually does the trick.
So, where's the Spear of Selene, Selene? - What spear? - The one Della took from your garden.
You mean the Sphere of Selene? Why does no one get what I'm saying?! The Spear of Selene! I've never had a spear.
Do you mean the Sword of Selene? That's down the hall No! The Spear of Selene! The one my mom took! The one that's our only clue to finding her! Ah, your Della's kid! I shoulda realized You're just like her.
I'm sorry.
I haven't seen her in years, and I don't know what the Spear of Selene is.
So we're back to "she stole Scrooge's spear and betrayed the family" then.
- Great.
- What? No way! She loved her family more than anything in the world.
Della wasn't just a good person, she was the greatest.
And she made everyone around her better.
Maybe the spear isn't an artifact.
Maybe it's something else! Your mom did love a good mystery.
It's not a spear, but it is a treasure even Della never found.
Don't give up, young duck.
Your mother never did.
- [QUACKING] - Know that I regret this most bitterly.
Seems like old times, eh, lad? - [SIREN SINGING] - Yeah! - We gotta stop the singing! - I'm on it.
[SINGING IN ANCIENT LANGUAGE] What a magical voice! Do you have any idea how much money I could make on a voice like yours? Zeus just wants to use you.
I want to use you to make us both rich.
What do you say? [LOW, GRUFF VOICE] You've got a deal.
[BOTH GRUNTING] Huh? Donald! You have saved me! Oh-ho-ho! Come here.
Don't hug the enemy! What are you doing?! They're best friends.
Acquaintances! Perhaps we've been letting our pride get in the way for decades and it's our families who suffer.
What do you say? Peace? Does beating me really mean that much to you? Yes, absolutely.
Oh, fine.
One final challenge.
Winner gets all the glory.
Oh, I oh, I cannae believe I choked on the last round.
Yes! I win! In your face, McDuck! I win, say it out loud I win, you love it, yeah, go, I win! [THUNDER CRASHING] You may think you're done with adventure, but it will never be done with you.
You're a hero, whether you want to be or not.
I do not.
But thanks, friend Storkules.
He called me his friend! He said it back! Ha ha! This is the most glorious day of my entire life! There you two are.
Right, let's get back to the plane before he comes up with another cockamamie contest.
Thanks for pushing me back there.
I promise I'll never stop until we find the truth.
With this sphere as my witness, I Ohh, no! - No!!! - [THUNDER CRASHING] The wrath of the gods! We should go now.
I think I found the problem.